Thursday, December 11, 2008

Will Blago Take The Hit Alone?

The feds have the Illinois governor firmly by the family jewels. All indications are he's going down... and out. The feds, The state AG, the state Legislature, the state population in general, want him gone, not later, but now.

Good old light-giving snowwhite-pure president-elect Barack Hussein has publicly called for Blago's resignation, and stated that neither he nor any member of his staff ever, ever talked to Blago about the ongoing senate seat auction, even though one of his senior staff members had stated such conversations had indeed taken place. Today the Obama staff is claiming that statement to be "misspoken". Interesting how an inconvenient truth turns out to be a misspoken statement.

All this just about kills any chance that Blago will ever get his wish to run for president in 2016. Politically, this man is dead meat.

So up pops the question: Will Blago take the fall alone? Particularly since Obama has just thrown him under the bus?

Take a close look at the man. Does he look - or act - like a martyr? Or does he act like a man who will take as many of his cohorts with him when he goes?

Does he even have the small measure of self-respect and moral courage shown by Nixon, who resigned when threatened with impleachment over Watergate? Don't think so... He's more like Bill Clinton.

More popcorn please.

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