Saturday, December 13, 2008

Playboy being "Born Again"?

Playboy's Mexican issue has a cover featuring model Maria Florencia Onori posing in a white cloth, standing next to a stained glass window

Its headline reads in Spanish: "We adore you, Mary."

Headlines everywhere are screaming about the "nude virgin Mary".

I ask you... does this model look nude? She's showing far less skin that the average woman on the street in downtown America... or just about any woman in Hollywood.

Any Frederick's of Hollywood store display in any American mall makes this gal look overdressed. Even the Sears catalog has pages and pages of models showing more skin than Maria does here.

Yes, it is suggestive of a religious theme and intended to yank the chain of the easily offended religionist. In that, it did it's job beyond expectations.

So just how many churches or good Christan homes will this Mexican edition of Playboy end up in? It is the Mexican edition, and if you watch any Mexican TV channel you'll soon discover that the Mexicans love to parade scantily clad women about, the more the merrier, the sexier the better.

Storm in a teacup sort of thing.

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craftycorner said...

Israel has been described as a 'tempest in a tea cup' too.