Thursday, October 30, 2008

Somali Justice

Civilization? No, the dark ages are returning:
THOUSANDS of people gathered to witness 50 Somali men stone a woman to death after an Islamic court found her guilty of adultery, witnesses say.

Aisho Ibrahim Dhuhulow, who had been found guilty of extra-marital intercourse by a court in the southern port of Kismayo, was buried in the ground up to her neck while the men pelted her head with rocks today, the witnesses said.

"Our sister Aisho asked the Islamic Sharia court in Kismayo to be charged and punished for the crime she committed," local Islamist leader Sheikh Hayakallah told the crowd.
For our own sake, I hope that none of the people involved turn out to be more of Obama's "lost" relatives.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Even And Balanced Reactions

Police are investigating the discovery of an effigy of Democratic presidential candidate Barak Obama dangling from a tree this morning at the University of Kentucky campus in Lexington.

Said University president Lee Todd:
I am personally offended and deeply embarrassed by this disgusting episode. This is not reasonable political expression; it is just malicious. And it is unacceptable.
He further said that those found responsible will be "subject to the full force of university, state, and federal rules and regulations."

Well of course! Crucify the guilty!

However, the effigy of Republican Vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin found dangling from a house rafter in Hollywood was claimed to be nothing more than Halloween-related fun.

Just good clean fun folks.

While some local residents are outraged, others, including display creator Chad Michael Morrissette, are defending it, calling it Halloween-related fun.

Said Palin hangman Chad Michael Morrissette:
"It should be seen as art, and it should be seen as, within the month of October, it is Halloween. It is time to be scary. It is time to be spooky," he told the CBS-TV affiliate in Los Angeles.
The outrageous double standard demonstrated here is what's really spooky.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Getting Ready

Americans have cut back on buying cars, furniture and clothes in a tough economy, but there's one consumer item that's still enjoying healthy sales: guns. Purchases of firearms and ammunition have risen 8 to 10 percent this year, according to state and federal data.

Getting ready for sure... But for what?

Sunday, October 26, 2008


Possibly our next "president".

If so, try to imagine how many times this photo is going to be reproduced world-wide, and the admiration and respect - yes, even fear - that it will generate amongst our enemies.

Notice how Obama radiates authority and power in this photo, how the thought "great leader" just leaps into your mind as you gaze upon it, particularly with the garbage cans on the background. No American flag, or capitol building, or any of that sort of nonsense... but the real symbol of our inner cities... garbage cans.

No doubt, a real "man of the people".

I Have A gun! I Have A gun!

The Young Conservatives of Texas branch at the Houston-area Lone Star College-Tomball has been censored and threatened with campus-wide de-recognition for passing out a humorous pamphlet with gun jokes at a campus fair.

The pamphlet contained ten gun safety tips including one that cautioned: No matter how excited you are about buying your first gun, do not run around yelling "I have a gun! I have a gun!"

Said college General Counsel Brian Nelson:
The mention of firearms and weapons on colleges campuses – and in specific LSCS – Tomball – brings fear and concern to students, faculty and staff – which translates into a 'material interference with the operation of the school or the rights of others.
Is this guy joking? The mere mention of a gun sends the faculty and staff into a panic? And interferes with the operation of the entire school?

What "rights of others" is this fear-filled milksop talking about? Is there a right somewhere that guarantees none of us will ever be exposed to conversations involving guns?

This... from a Houston, Texas college. As a Texas resident, I encourage other Texas residents to not send their kids to this college... it's staff and faculty appears to fall way short of being responsible adults - capable of emotional balance - when anything less than happy thoughts are mentioned around them.

Sam Houston must be rolling in his grave.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Vegas And Atlantic City In Panic Mode

Oil prices keep plunging:
VIENNA (Reuters) - An emergency OPEC meeting on Friday reached swift agreement to chop production by 1.5 million barrels per day (bpd) in an effort to halt a deep oil price slide.
You know what this means?

All those oil rich Emirs, Princes and Sheiks may no longer have the money to make those many gambling trips to their favorite casino and make those million-dollar-a-hand bets all night long.

Americans just don't seem to realize their oil money was actually supporting American casinos, American jobs... and blond American bunnie casinoites.

If this slide in oil prices continues, we'll be seeing an upswing in unemployment benefits being claimed by casino dealers eveywhere.

Casino dealer Lindsey Roeper (above) poses in the Playboy Club's bunny outfit. Headed for the unemployment line?

What a shame.

Can't get much badder than that. I mean, whatever else could poor little Lindsey do for a living? In Las Vegas?

Of Course Your Vote Counts

The Politicians in New York brazenly ignore the law:
The New York City Council voted, 29 to 22, on Thursday afternoon to extend term limits, allowing Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg to seek re-election next year and undoing the result of two voter referendums that had imposed a limit of two four-year terms.
This City council is about as out-of-control as any Council can get:
Of the City Council’s 51 members, 35 would have been barred by term limits from seeking re-election next year. On Thursday, 23 of those members voted in favor of extending term limits, and 12 voted against.
To hell with the voters... They're a herd of ignorant and unintelligent nobodies anyway.

It's a really good indication of what would happen if we voted nationally to impose term limits on Congress. They would simply change the laws as they see fit, using the same tired old excuse as the New York City council:
Supporters of the bill said the dire economic situation confronting the city — and the possibility of multibillion-dollar budget shortfalls — demanded continuity of leadership. They said term limits deprived voters of the opportunity to return dedicated politicians to office.
No mention of how the present dedicated leadership is responsible for those upcoming multibillion-dollar budget shortfalls.

It was actually done for the good of the people...
Both sides argued that their position was in the best interests of the people.
You betcha.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Aha! I See It Clearly Now!

The Gallup poll says that early voters are split evenly, 50-50. that's probably the truest indication so far on how the election really will go.

A split. Lawsuits everywhere. Recounts, followed by more recounts. Days will pass, weeks will pass.

January 21st will come around, and it still won't be settled. No replacement for Bush.

So, Bush will declare the election a "mistrial" sort of thing, and just stay in office.

Nobody will have a clue what to do.

Hail - or is it Hiel - Bush!

Hawaii... Or Kenya?

Obama's place of birth keeps popping up in the blogosphere. Was he really born in Kenya instead of Hawaii?
We have been shown a Hawaiian birth certificate showing Obama was born in Hawaii. But is it real?

Simple test - take a look at other Hawaiian birth certificates of the day - see if they are the same form as the one we've been shown for Obama.

Governments have the habit of changing official forms on a regular basis, so if someone wanted to fake a birth certificate, the only available blank form would be the one in use today. Little details like that have tripped up not-so-bright forgers in the past.

It's takes little imagination to see how a Hawaiian government worker - one in an area where he/she could get their hands on a blank birth certificate form - would do it for say... a couple thousand bucks.

It's a little detail that could settle the issue quickly.

The Obama Technique

In Pittsburgh, a mugger robbed a 20 year old woman named Ashley Todd at an ATM machine. When he noted a McCain bumper sticker on her vehicle, he flew into a rage, punched her, kicked her and carved a B into her face.

Carved a "B" into her face with a knife.

Remember when Obama told a group of his followers to "get in their faces"?

Here's a preview of what's coming.

UPDATE: She has just admitted this to be a scam. How proud her parents must be about now.

Thursday, October 23, 2008


Ever heard of the SSAVC?

Then it's time you did.

The South Shore African Village Collaborative (SSAVC) was very much a part of the Afrocentric "rites of passage movement," a fringe education crusade of the 1990s. SSAVC schools featured "African-Centered" curricula built around "rites of passage" ceremonies inspired by the puberty rites found in many African societies.

It's something that has Obama's fingerprints all over it.

If there is any truth to this, then it would seem - according to the records - that America is about to elect a black secessionist as it's president.

A Short History Of Paper Money

Said Voltaire (1694-1778):
"Paper money eventually returns to its intrinsic value - zero.
Here is a pretty good article on paper money and what you really should know about it.

Thanks to Vox for pointing to it.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Bush Doctrine, Now The "Iran Doctrine"?

You've heard about the "Bush Doctrine"? Where you attack an enemy before it can attack you? Bush's brilliant solution to preventing war?

Well now, where will that sort of conduct eventually lead us all to?

Israel has always utilized this sort of "Pearl Harbor" approach to any of its adversaries attempting to build a nuclear reactor: One of those modern, 21st century electrical power generating sort of things.

Bush apparently adopted this Jewish approach to neighborly problem solving with his suspicions about those non-existent WMD's in Iraq. Doesn't matter that he was wrong about the WMD's -sorry about all that destruction, all those deaths, and those trillions of dollars squandered - it's the doctrine that's important.

Well, guess what now?
Senior Tehran officials are recommending a preemptive strike against Israel to prevent an Israeli attack on Iran's nuclear reactors, a senior Islamic Republic official told foreign diplomats two weeks ago in London.
Now Iran is adopting the Israeli invented "preemptive strike" approach to keep rowdy neighbors in line. For the Israelis, it would be a classic case of "What goes around, comes around".

The irony of it all is that America's appetite for oil has provided Iran with the cash needed to build a military with which they can now seriously consider preemptive strikes on Israel.

What a marvelous world it's going to be when every nation with an army follows suit.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Bush Legacy Begins

If San Franciscans vote yes on their Proposition R on Nov. 4, their new sewer plant will be named after George W. Bush.

San Francisco's Oceanside Water Pollution Control Plant may soon become the George W. Bush Sewage Plant.

What could be more appropriate? Both are full of the same thing.

But It's not About Race

Ex-Secretary of State Republician Colin Powell has endorsed Democrat Barak Obama for president. Apparently, it's about Palin. Said Powell:
I don’t believe [Palin] is ready to be president of the United States.
In another lu-lu of a statement Powell said:
It isn’t easy for me to disappoint Senator McCain as I have this morning.
Powell further said he would not campaign for Obama because of his admiration for McCain’s long record of service in the military and in Congress.

Just what does he think his endorsement for Obama is, other than a huge campaign boost?

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Michelle Obama And Her Racist Point Of View

Michelle Obama just told API:
"African Press International is supposed to support Africans and the African-American view. It is strange that API has chosen to support the racists against my husband.
Typical Obotic comment... If you disagree with the lightbringer, you're a racist.

I think it's past time for Michelle to tell us all exactly what this "African-American view really is. Because it's starting to sound racist as hell.

And we need to hear this before she gets into the White House.

Jesse Jackson And His Anti-Semitic Truth

Jesse Jackson just uttered a total truth about Obama and his "Change":
The most important change would occur in the Middle East, where "decades of putting Israel's interests first" would end.

Jackson believes that, although "Zionists who have controlled American policy for decades" remain strong, they'll lose a great deal of their clout when Barack Obama enters the White House.
True, true.

The other half of this "To hell with Israel" coin is that Obama indeed will get us out of Iraq, because he will need the military in Africa when he starts his totally predictable meddling there.

Realize the reason we were snookered into invading Iraq was to eliminate Saddam and his real threat to Israel. It had nothing to do with terrorism. Bush the Lessor made it an easy sell for the Jews because of his personal animosity against Saddam.

Boo And Go Home

Nationalism trumps crudity:
Any football match in France before which the country's national anthem is booed will now be "immediately stopped", French Sports Minister Roselyne Bachelot said Wednesday after meeting with President Nicolas Sarkozy.
They sure as hell better do exactly that or turn in their "I'm a politician" badge. Don't cave to the utterly expected riot and chair-tossing gala that such a cancellation will generate, and at the next game, just as soon as some displaced Neanderthal starts booing, he'll get clocked by fans who paid to actually see the game.

No big deal, it's usually the booers that start the riot at the end of the game anyway. Being the crude bottom-crawlers that they are, the rest of us won't miss them at all when they get singled out and tossed.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

You Think?

Who would have guessed:
Across the country, authorities are becoming concerned that the nation's financial woes could turn increasingly violent, and they are urging people to get help. In some places, mental-health hot lines are jammed, counseling services are in high demand and domestic-violence shelters are full.
The "experts" are starting to worry that violence may spread as this financial disaster starts hitting ordinary people across the country. Suicides they don't worry about... someone who just killed themself can't put a bullet in the head of some worthless, thieving CEO.

We are all witness to the greatest crime in history, where thieving bankers, bought-out politicians, robber barons in business, crooked Wall Street Moguls, and greedy plunderers throughout our entire financial system have caused millions of people to lose everything. Millions more ordinary folks are losing their jobs, their homes, their savings, their retirement funds, even the cash they have left to buy food with.

The real bottom is coming: Hyper-inflation will soon hit like a category 10 hurricane. Realize that the government has shot its last arrow, it's quiver is now empty. The only thing left it can do is to print money, truckloads of it, and it will. That means inflation... the likes of which we have never seen before. You will be able to watch helplessly as the money you may have stashed spirals down to a value of zilch.

And where is all the gold? Private organizations like the IMF, a so-called International organization - but in fact a privately owned corporation - has been steadily buying up tons and tons of it, over 3,200 tons so far. I wonder whose money they have been using to buy all that gold, and I wonder who really owns it.

You and I? We'll be getting Federal Reserve notes to see us through... lucky us.

The day approaches when no nation on the planet will lend us another dime: That no country on earth will accept any more of our fresh-off-the-press federal reserve monopoly money. That's when we will finally see the bottom coming.

Are we to blame? Partially, we have been brainwashed into buying, buying, buying... we are the worlds largest consumer nation.

Go to your nearest Shopping Mall - take a pen and pad with you - and start writing down the items sold in that mall that no one needs... and won't ever need. Take a lunch, you'll be there a LONG time. Watch in amazement as conditioned buyers wander around like little robots, filling shopping carts and bags full of stuff they don't need and can't possibly justify the purchase of, and then watch in greater amazement as they pull out the plastic and CHARGE it, since the great majority of them have no cash, no savings, and no sense. Those days are almost over - for several decades - perhaps permanently.

As a nation, we have been out of money for a long time. Our government has been borrowing literally trillions of dollars from around the world to stay afloat. American consumers are in the same boat... they are buried in debt. We have no cash money left, our credit is being suspended worldwide. We have nothing left to turn to except the monopoly money the fed will start printing in truckload quantities. There is no way out that won't be disastrous.

So, there will be violence. As desperate people everywhere try to get food, keep shelter, and stay warm this winter. Retail outlets of all kinds will need armed guards to keep from being totally looted. We may see federal troops on our streets, and soon. Just as Nancy Pelosi and John Reed threatened, we may see Martial Law.

This is a "worst case" scenario... but this is a "worst case" disaster.

You don't agree? Well, be patient, one of us will be proven right any day now.

This crisis is still quite young. We haven't even finished page one of chapter one, and Ir's a thick book. It covers much more than just our economic woes.

This very minute we are deciding whether we should have a young, inexperienced, but smooth-talking president, who will start shoveling endless amounts of our newly printed dollars into places like Zimbabwe, Kenya, Mozambique, Ethiopia and other African nations where their black leaders have destroyed everything. Yes, yes, he will get our troops out of Iraq... and send them straight to Africa.

Or a worn-out war horse with the worst advisers on the planet as our president, who will continue our present policy of allowing - and helping - Israel to continue it's great quest for Armageddon.

Want to invest in something? Invest in Smith & Wesson or Remington. Or Glock... Glock is good.

Fun days... they are a-comin'.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Your View? Not During My Watch

Since John McCain is now running the worst presidential campaign in history, I give the election to Obama.

So get ready for it, a president who will suppress any opposing view, using whatever means necessary, legal or otherwise. He and his followers are already doing it.

That would be Obama and his legion of thugs I'm talking about.
Obama supporters who found the campuses congenial and Mr. Obama himself, who has chosen to live all his adult life in university communities, seem to find it entirely natural to suppress speech they don't like and seem utterly oblivious to claims this violates the letter and spirit of the First Amendment.

In this campaign, we have seen the coming of the Obama thugocracy, suppressing free speech, and we may see its flourishing in the four or eight years ahead.
So shut up already, before you get that knock on the door some dark(no pun intended) and stormy - as in SS storm troopers - night.

Where's The Money?

Banks around the entire world are failing, and governments everywhere are bailing them out. Why are they failing? Because they have no money. They are all over-leveraged.

Simply put, they have no cash reserves - no cash on hand - to conduct their daily business with. A relatively small percentage of their depositors withdraw their money - for whatever reason - and the bank fails.

This is happening everywhere, and governments that have no cash reserves themselves - are borrowing money to give to the banks that have no money.

So what the hell has happened to our money? Do the Arabs(petro dollars) have it all? Do the Chinese(Wal-Mart and others like them) have it all?

Just what has happened to us that we find ourselves in this cashless mess?

The banks don't have the money. The governments don't have the money. The mortgage companies don't have the money. We average citizens sure as hell don't have the money.

So who does? And how did they get it all?

One thing for certain: All - and I mean ALL - the politicians are avoiding this question like the plague. They surely know the unspoken answers, and are deathly afraid of us discovering the truth, for should we learn of their culpability in this disaster, all those pampered and privledged political careers would be over in a instant.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Race Question

The subject of race in this presidential election is surfacing, and, like it or not, the question of race is a major factor.

If you look around the world, race is the predominant factor in any major national government.

China has Chinese leaders.

Japan has Japanese leaders.

India has Indian leaders.

Even Indian reservations in America have Indian leaders.

Now try to imagine the Chinese electing an African or an Arab as their leader.

In 1968, The Kerner Commission stated:
... that we were living in two Americas -- one black and one white. When we examine the TV shows we all watch, those in the top 10 for whites are vastly different than those for blacks. Musical tastes vary, so do cultural norms.
It's hard to see where much of that has changed.

But politically, here in America, where we have been taught that we are a nation of immigrants, individuals of all races have held - and are holding high office - everywhere in the nation. The only exception to this has been the office of the President of the United States.

History has demonstrated that the leader of a nation defines that nation, and that includes that leaders ethnicity. A leader identifies a nation to the rest of the world. Blacks in America understand this, many whites do not.

So the ultimate question this presidential race asks of America is... do we want our president to identify this country to the world as a "White" nation, or as a "Black" nation?

There is no third option: Color blindness exists only in Utopia.

That's why so many whites are resisting the idea of a black man as president... the thought stirs up fears about losing their country to a minority, unable to act as America goes "black".

That's why blacks are so energized by this election. They see it as winning this nation for themselves. After all those years of slavery and mistreatment, they win the big prize. They become "The Man".

You have to ask yourself what the hell Whoopie Goldberg was really saying when she asked John McCain on "The view", should she worry about "becoming a slave again?"

Does it make sense? No, but that's the way the majority of humans - of all races - react.

Blacks have never identified with a white president, not even Bill Clinton. Conversely, whites will never identify with a black one, not even Barak Obama. Many whites may tolerate or even accept a black president, some even enthusiastically supporting him in his campaign, but very few will identify with him.

Barak Obama apparently represents Africa. He identifies himself as an "African" American. Exactly what is an "African" American? An African living in America? An American with African citizenry? An uncommitted fence sitter with dual citizenship?

Me? I'm just an American, born in Florida. I'm not an African-American, or a Mexican-American, or a Jewish-American, or an Indian-American... I'm just American. If asked about my race - a separate issue - I'm white.

But Barak? He does not call himself an American, or a black American. He's an "African" American, a man bragging about his "roots" and family - his emotional ties - in Kenya. That worries many.

Imagine what a zoo this race would be if we had a "Mexican" American also running for president, with "roots" and family - along with emotional ties - in Mexico.

Agree or disagree, like it or not, race is the huge undercurrent in this election. It will determine how the rest of the world will view America in the future. And that matters, even to those who just don't care.

Race and Politics, New york Times
Commentary: Race, Faith and Politics

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Bush Tosses his "Hail Mary" Pass...

... And he's hoping some other country or two will manage to grab the ball for him and run with it.

Bush, ever the simpleton, said to a gathering of G8 bigwigs:
In an interconnected world, no nation will gain by driving down the fortunes of another. We are in this together. We will come through it together," Bush said. "There have been moments of crisis in the past when powerful nations turned their energies against each other or sought to wall themselves off from the world. This time is different.
The man is beyond hope. He's the man who took a nation with a healthy surplus and booming economy and drove it into financial collapse. He is the man who has spent money like a drunken sailor for eight years, borrowing billions from other nations to support his wild spending spree.He is the one man who has kept the world on edge for eight long years with his insane Bush doctrine, the idea of preemptive military strikes on anybody he suspected of whatever he wanted to suspect them of. He paid no attention to our allies, he paid no attention to Wall Street, no attention to the Bankers, no attention to Congress, and no attention to us. He did what he wanted, Constitutional or not, legal or not.

More than any person on earth, Bush is the man responsible for all this mess.

And now he wants the rest of the world to bail him out?

Don't hold your breath. He's a laughing stock, a lame duck, a man who took his advice from the worst of the worst. Not one world leader has a smidgen of respect for him. He has treated world leaders like dirt for eight years, and now he begs them to save his ass.

What they will all do is breathe a giant sigh of relief when this shoot-from-the-hip Lone Ranger cowboy no longer has access to the nuclear football... and so will we all.

So Who Needs A Security Clearance Anyway?

Apparently not Barak Obama.

Here's what one letter writer discussed in a note to WND:
If I applied for a position with the federal government requiring any type of security clearance, my history would be scrupulously investigated by the FBI. Every relationship I had in my past would be examined for any hint of anti-Americanism. With Barack Obama's questionable past relationships with the likes of anti-Americans such as William Ayres, Rev. Wright and Louis Farrakhan, there would be no question of denied security clearance. How, then, can Obama even be considered for the highest security job in the United States of America?
In my working days, I had several positions that required some pretty heavy-duty security clearances.

I remember one incident like it happened yesterday.

I was working at PMR, the Pacific Missile Range, when one fine day I was called into the bosses office and told to report to the Pt. Mugu security office. When I got there, the security "officer" asked me about a girl I was going with. Once I acknowledged I was dating the girl, he told me to stop... period. I replied it was none of his damned business who I was dating. He told me, fine, just keep dating her, but we'll have to yank your security clearance.

That - of course - meant losing my job also. In the missile business, no security clearance = no job. There were lots of pretty, datable girls in southern California - probably still are - so I agreed to stop dating this one. Then I asked why they were doing this sort of thing.

Turns out this gal went to a huge party in Los Angeles - pretty girls do get invited to such things - and a couple of anti-war style activists were there also. That was enough for the security boys. Did she have any connection whatever with them? They had no idea, but it just didn't matter. What was her background? She was a waitress - a damn good one - at one of Ventura's finest steakhouses, met a lot of people, got invited to a lot of parties, even occasionally dated a guy like me. Yessir... A real Mata Hari.

I guess if I had been running for a high office I could have kept dating this gal.

The Anger Grows

McCain ran into some very angry citizens in a recent campaign stop.

As America nears the time to choose between an Israeli-controlled worn out warhorse and a sleezy Chicago politician for its next "leader", the anger grows.

Maybe the stock market is not the only thing that will see the lid come off in the next few days.

People have been saying "enough is enough".

This time, they may actually mean it.

Did I Hear That Right?

The White House on Friday dismissed suggestions that U.S. markets would be suspended so international financial rules could be rewritten amid the turmoil that has gripped markets worldwide.

Said White House spokesman Tony Fratto:
There are absolutely no plans or discussions to interfere with the functioning of markets in the United States.

The interference by this White House in U. S. Markets has been huge, unparallelled in history, and devastating. Almost 3 trillion taxpayer dollars has been tossed into the twin sink holes known as Wall Street and the banking industry - to no effect - while we all watch disaster unfold on a daily basis.

What Tony Fratto should have said was:
There are absolutely no NEW plans or discussions to interfere with the functioning of markets in the United States.
He could have easily added:
We have run out of ideas, even bad ones. And if the truth be known, we had zero good ideas to begin with. The only way we could make things worse is to call an air strike down on Wall Street, and as far as the average 401-k style investor goes, that may be the best idea so far.
He didn't say that, but if he were an honest man, that's what he would have said.

Forget anything Fratto says... he is the mouthpiece of a fool.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Gold? Who The Hell Buys Gold Anymore?

The IMF, for one. The IMF - International Monetary Fund - has amassed 3,217 tons of gold.

So who - or what - is the IMF?

The IMF describes itself as "an organization of 185 countries working to foster global monetary cooperation, secure financial stability, facilitate international trade, promote high employment and sustainable economic growth, and reduce poverty". With the exception of North Korea, Cuba, Andorra, Monaco, Liechtenstein, Tuvalu, and Nauru, all UN member states participate directly in the IMF. Most are represented by other member states on a 24-member Executive Board but all member countries belong to the IMF's Board of Governors.

And do we know anybody on this "Board of Governors?

Secretary of the Treasury Paulson is our governor, and Fed chairman Bernanke is our "alternate" governor.

Surprise, surprise.

OK, a group of "governors", working to foster global monetary cooperation. Where do you suppose they got enough money to buy 3,217 tons of gold? Why in the world would they even want gold? These are the very people to have been pushing paper money - backed by nothing - on us for decades.

Working to "reduce poverty".

One thing for damn sure, they have been fantastically successful in reducing their own poverty... even if it's not with their own money.

Rats are showing up everywhere lately.

Seems that the same greedy bunch of characters are popping up from behind the scenes just about everywhere in this financial meltdown.

We are going to need a lot of rope.

Bureaucracy Gone Mad

Ever seen a saguaro cactus? They can grow as high as fifty feet and weigh several tons.

The saguaro cactus is unique to the Sonoran Desert, which covers 120,000 square miles of Arizona, California and the northern Mexican states of Baja California and Sonora. In that 120,000 square miles of desert there are most likely more than 1,200,000 cacti, assuming only ten plants per square mile.

Lately, it seems a few people with more money than sense want one in their yard, and they are buying them from providers who may have possibly dug up a few in the American Sonoran desert.

So now comes along the United States National Park service, which wants to insert microchips into the saguaro cactus in Arizona's and California's portion of the Sonoran desert.

Last year, 17 saguaros were dug up and stashed for transportation. The culprits were later caught. In other cases, three to five plants have been taken at a time, with the thieves escaping.
Lord save us all... a few dozen plants were stolen last year!

The chips are cheap, but the detector wands are not. And how much time, money and manpower will it take to inject chips into all the United States precious saguaro?

Then... we will have National Park Service "agents" spreading out across America, swooping down on any nursery that sells cactus, waving their wands about to see if an implanted microchip will twitter.

How many agents? How many wands? How much manpower devoted to tracking down a few stolen cactus?

So they find one... then what? Arrest everybody in the nursery? Arrest anybody buying a cactus? Jail the nursery manager? What laws will these people have broken, and who made those laws up?

We have gone totally nuts when we allow a few misguided disciples of Gaia from the United States Park Service to spend our tax dollars on insanely stupid stunts like this.

We have a lot more things to worry about than a few stolen cactus.

Enough is enough.


Four more Years Of Bush Policies?

From Cannonfire:
The Democratic leadership marches in lock-(or is that goose-?)step with the Bush administration, while John McCain offers all-too-occasional blurts of true opposition. Yet McCain is routinely derided as "Bush II." Should we not reserve that title for Barack Obama? At the very least, they could share that mantle...
Startlingly true. It is the Democrats in congress that forced through the Bush/Paulson bailout, and all the other "fixes" the Bush administration wanted.

VOTE OBAMA! Get four more years of Bush economics!

Thursday, October 09, 2008

The Wall Street Two-Step

Today the Dow closed at 8579.

Last year on this very day, the stock market hit it's highest ever, a bit over 14,000. Now, it's down over a third.

But I've seen it all before. Anybody my age or near my age has also.

The stock market dive of Oct. 19, 1987 was the largest one-day slump in history, the Dow losing 22.6% of it s value. This sort of disgusting performance has happened before: In the 70's, the 80's, the 90's, and now today.

This latest slide has - so far - eliminated over 33% of the Dow's value, much more than anyone could have anticipated, and it may not be over yet.

I'm beginning to think that millions of Americans, who have for years been automatically "investing" - every payday - in their retirement funds, have watched this very predictable Wall Street Tango decimate their retirement funds for the last time. They may have quit buying stocks.

They may be abandoning the stock market, and if people start shutting down these payday 401-k style infusions of billions of dollars every payday, the market will continue downward.

Of course, a few - with very good timing and a lot of luck - will retire with a wad of cash. BUT, a huge number of baby boomers are retiring right now, and just look at what has happened to them. They have had the financial rug yanked right out from under them.

Millions of baby boomers retiring, starting to withdraw those billions of dollars supposedly waiting for them.

But... we have just been told that the money is not there, that these huge firms are bankrupt.

Well, if you engineer a collapse of the entire system, no one will have any money, on paper or otherwise - to draw on.

Problem solved.

But where dd all that money go?

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Richard Fuld, Wall Street Pirate

Out-and-out robbery of the highest order:
THE head of failed bank Lehman Brothers was grilled over a reported $US500 million in pay and millions paid in bonuses days before the company imploded.

Richard S. Fuld Jr yesterday became the first Wall St titan to face the wrath of a congressional panel investigating the causes of America's financial meltdown.

Congress heard that less than a week before Lehman became the United States' largest ever bankruptcy, the company was still funnelling millions to departing executives as "golden handshakes".

The bonuses were being paid out at the same time the company was pleading for the US Treasury to give it a taxpayer-funded lifeline.
"Face the wrath". What a joke. He didn't even get his hand slapped.
"I was probably the single largest individual shareholder," said Fuld, who still holds about 10 million—now worthless—shares in the firm. "I do not expect you to feel sorry for me. My point is, the system worked."
Yeah, right. He's stuck with 10 million "worthless shares, but but also 500 million very real dollars. and he's just one of the executives at Lehman who got fabulously rich at our expense... in just one Wall Street firm.

A small group of incredibly greedy thieves have stolen billions from the Wall Street companies they were supposed to lead.

Who are these men? Where do they come from? Do they have - as a group - a recognizable ethnicity or nationality? Do they belong to a secretive organization like the Masons? Just how have they managed to get into positions where they could pull off this national robbery? Who has helped them? Who has covered for them?

What should we - as a nation - do to these greatest of thieves?

You need to answer that question, because the government is going to let them walk away.

Oh yes, some will be fined, some will spend a year or two in that plush federal prison designed for the fabulously rich, but they all will still walk away, rich beyond our imagination, while we pay the bill for the bailout Congress passed - a double whammy for us all - to save the very institutions these men destroyed.

Monday, October 06, 2008

Scary... Just Plain Scary

Obama's modern version of the WW2 Nazi youth squads.

Change is a-comin' alright...

But nobody has promised that it will be welcome change.

No Clue, No Plan, Except Robbery

Our lobbyist-controlled, bought-out Congress and this clueless lame-duck president of ours, charging forth with the conviction that they MUST DO SOMETHING, just tried their standard solution to any problem that surfaces in or around Washington.

They tossed money at at.

More money than you and I could ever possibly imagine.

It isn't working, and no wonder.

In the eight-hundred and fifty plus billion-dollar bill they just passed, they provided hundreds of billions for personal projects and pork, but not one word on how to address the financial crisis we face, other than to give Paulson seven hundred billion tax dollars to buy junk with. At least that's what they hope he'll do with it.

The stock market - presently in free fall - has forced Bush the Idiot to just go on TV and tell us all to be calm, theses things take awhile, and that they need time to develop a plan.

They need time to develop a plan.


To put the icing on this cake, The administration(Bush and his controllers) is expected to announce shortly that a:
35-year-old former Goldman Sachs executive, Neel Kashkari, is to head the government's rescue effort.

Take a minute to absorb that... A Goldman-Sachs team member. The Secretary of the treasury, Henry M. Paulson Jr, was, until recently, the former Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Goldman Sachs. Paulson, if you recall, is the man who created this entire bailout scheme to begin with, and Bush is appointing one of his Goldman-Sach buddies to head the rescue effort. What a quaint way to describe the greatest robbery in history... A "rescue effort".

They truly believe we are too stupid to tie our own shoelaces, or they now believe they can do whatever they want because we are powerless to stop them. If that's true, get ready for the end.

This is nothing less than the greatest robbery in the history of the world, legalized and forced down our throats by the very people we sent to Washington to represent us, to protect our interests, to guard against this sort of vicious white-collar crime.

Totaling up the money already tossed away by giving it to the thieves on Wall Street, this president, this fool in the White house, and this bought-out Congress have flung away almost two and a half trillion dollars, our money, yours and mine, NONE of it going to help anybody on main street.

This incredible and completely incomprehensible sum of money is vanishing into the pockets and bank accounts of the very monsters that engineered this disaster, and our federal government is just giving it to them, no checks and balances, no controls, no oversight.

Maybe you still think that these despicable cretins in this out-of-control federal government do not deserve to be taken out and - at the very least - be horse whipped in the public square? Or tarred and feathered, and then rode out of town on a rail?

Wake up and smell the Washington stench spreading all around you.

Saturday, October 04, 2008


This L.A. Deputy Sheriff, a man with a good record and no history of any spousal or family abuse, a man reported to "adore" his four children, snapped when he discovered his wife was preparing to leave him for a salesman who worked in the same leasing office as her.

This should be a warning to the looters, pillagers and thieves in Washington that very ordinary and normally law-abiding people - even officers of the law - can suddenly explode when they are pushed too far... and then Katie bar the door - there are no more rules - just consequences.

Spelunkers All... And Worse

We shouldn't call it the "House" any more, we should call it the "Cave". Enough Representatives caved on this bailout to qualify the place for a name change.

"Caved" may be the wrong term... They voted against a smaller bill and then approved a bill $150,000,000,000 more costly. "Whores" may be more accurate... they were going down and knew it, they just held out for more money.

***The real Mustang Ranch" Employee Group Picture****

And McCain? So much for all his "maverick" babble. He toed the line just like the rest of the Senate prostitutes - actually pimps - because they just sold us all to the rapists of Wall Street.He has destroyed any chance he may have had at the presidency.

How about Sarah Palin, the only reformer in the bunch? I suspect she's beginning to feel great remorse at having jumped in bed (A truly appropriate metaphor) with McCain. Her association with him has badly damaged her reputation.

Congratulations to George Bush who has now solidified his legacy as being the biggest idiot to become president in American history. He's feeling all warm and fuzzy now that the upcoming collapse has just been put off long enough for him to get out of office and out of Washington... alive. Never forget his great 2.5 Trillion dollar production:

Remember, somewhere in Texas, a village is missing it's idiot.

And President Obama? The moron who thinks we have 57 or 58 states? The roof will cave in on him about a nanosecond after he swears in, to - incredibly - end up looking far worse than Bush ever dreamed of. But what the hell... our future all-new White house idiot thinks he'll be able to talk his way out of it.

We got some crazy times just ahead of us... get ready.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

A True Professional

Gwen Ifill shone as the moderator in tonight's debate. Whatever I may have thought of her earlier, none of it surfaced. Of the three principals in this debate, Gwen was the hands-down winner.

Both Biden and Palin did just fine, and I suspect that Joe Biden likes and respects Sarah Palin too much to throw any serious mud at her, and vice-versa.

Sarah took the obligatory pot shots at Obama, and Joe took the obligatory pot shots at McCain. All in all, an interesting 90 minutes that changed little to nothing.

I suspect this Wall Street debacle and it's fall out will affect the election far more than this dabate ever could.

"I'm Gonna Ask The Hard Questions"

So says debate moderator, Gwen Ifill. OK, she's going to ask the hard questions of both candidates.

But watch out for the oldest trick in the book:

Ask the person you want to lose the debate the hard questions first. That way, while they pause, stutter, or stumble over a "hard" answer, the one you want to win then has to time to build and massage a better sounding answer.

Watch for it.

And while you're at it, remember that this black woman has grandly declared this to be "The Age Of Obama". She may be a totally biased black supporter of a black presidental candidate, but if you don't like the set-up - and it is a set-up - you're racist.

This is yet another example of what all American whites must expect if Obama wins the White House.

I Finally Get It... Or Not

After listening to all manner of explanation's on how this second massive bailout is good or bad, necessary or not, what it will or will not do, I finally understand the mechanism behind it all.


Congress made a bunch of new laws in the 1990's that our first "black president" Bill Clinton wanted, to loosen up the regulations that controlled banks and how they loaned money for mortgages, laws that would allow uneducated, lowpaid, totally unqualified and irresponsible dead-end job kinds of people to buy fancy new homes, laws that allowed ARM's with hidden killer interest clauses a bit too complicated for the potential borrower to understand, zero down payments, no verification of the borrowers ability to pay back the loan, no checking of the facts - or lack of - on the borrower's mortgage application form, such as job, salary, credit or criminal history... You know, the stuff we had to provide.

Under these new laws, the banks made a bunch of really, really bad loans for mortgages we like to refer to as "sub-prime" mortgages. They made literally millions of these SPM's because they knew they would be able to sell these soon-to-be "toxic" mortgages to places like Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, mortgage "giants" like Bear sterns, Lehman Brothers and AIG, institutions that have been described as "to big to fail". Interesting thing about all this... Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were required to buy these worthless pieces of paper by order of Congress, while those institutions "too big to fail" jumped in willingly to "cash in" on the supposed bonanza. Greed and avarice will cause the strangest things to happen.

Inevitably, these thousands and thousands - and thousands - of totally unqualified mostly minority borrowers got behind on their payments, some from day one, and found themselves foreclosed on and booted out. In the real world, the vast majority of them would not have ever qualified for a home loan -and they knew it - so it was more like a few months of free rent.

The Congress, the banks, the mortgage giants, all those subprime borrowers, were scamming us. They knew it, we didn't. We weren't even aware of it, other than the fact that the new home construction industry was booming and that all those new homes seemed to be pretty fancy upscale places we drove by and admired, but couldn't possibly afford. I found myself wondering, in a world where good jobs were vanishing, factories and industries were being shipped overseas lock, stock and barrel, a world where millions of illegals were taking jobs away from Americans and working for less... Who were all the folks prospering so much they could afford these very upscale and elite homes? Turns out it was the subprime mortgage crowd.

Life being what it is, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and those "too big to fail" giants eventually "discovered" that those thousands and thousands - and thousands - of subprime mortgages had turned into worthless toilet paper. So the Fed gave them a few hundred billion - actually almost 900 billion - dollars to make up for their bad business decisions and take all that now worthless junk paper off their hands. How nice of them to do that.

So why wasn't everybody happy?

Well, the stock market, a place full of faint-hearted and nervous Nellies had been doing their "The sky is falling" routine, and Congress hadn't done a thing to "save" the economy, an absolute no-no in an election year. Also George Bush, most witless president of the century, wanted a nice feather in his cap - the legacy thing don't you know - to offset the dismal results his toxic, incredibly expensive and illegal war, which had kept his limited attention span completely off the stunts happening in the mortgage market.

So, George and his buddy Paulson over at the treasury concocted up a bill with a "really big number" and sent it off to Congress. That "really big number" turned out to be $700,000,000,000. They wanted to.., Well, we don't really know what they wanted to do with it - they won't tell us - they just wanted lots and lots of money to buy up stuff and save the banks, who were not issuing credit or lending money anymore.

So, now they want to confiscate $700,000,000,000.00 (seven hundred billion dollars) more of our money to give to the banks, so the banks can start loaning our confiscated money back to us.

But wait... didn't the banks sell all that worthless paper to the above mentioned already bailed out giants that were "to big to fail? Why do the banks need any money? They are not holding any of that bad paper, they sold it off.

If the institutions who bought all that worthless paper have already been given close to a trillion dollars to stay afloat, why the need for seven hundred billion more? Sounds like bank blackmail to me, the "We won't loan out any money until we get our share of the loot" kind of blackmail.

Guess I haven't figured it all out, other then the part that we're going to have to pay for it all, compliments of - once again - our our totally compromised Congress.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Disgust Reaches An All-New High

I just listened to Senate Majority Leader Reid on CNN. He was telling us how many items had been added to this bailout bill, items that were supposed to benefit us all.

It was disgusting to watch, disgusting to listen to, disgusting to digest.

The bailout promoters and Senate leaders are adding numerous little pork bills that - under normal circumstances - wouldn't stand a chance in hell of getting passed, in a blatant attempt to bribe enough Senators to pass this bailout bill.

Every Senator has a few bills that are stupid, wasteful or even illegal, bills that they introduce to satisfy some small group of campaign donors back home, bills they know the Senate will reject out of hand, but they can go back and show those donors how they tried to get whatever it was passed.

Well, the Senate leaders have attached many, many of these disgusting little rip-off proposals to the bailout bill in order to buy the votes they need to steal 700 billion dollars of our money.

This 700 billion dollar bailout is rapidly approaching the trillion dollar mark... with all these expensive little add-ons being tossed in.

That's why my disgust has just reached all-new levels.

The Senate Bailout Vote

Now the Senate wants to try to slip this bailout past us. This "new" Senate plan still has a 700 billion dollar giveaway to Wall street, but now... (drum roll) it has all-new features to protect you and me!

For instance... they will increase the FDIC insurance coverage of your bank account money to $250,000! WOW! My 200 hundred bucks in the bank will be more than TWICE as safe!

More... It will provide a $5,000 TAX CREDIT so I can go buy my own health insurance! Or maybe my very own solar energy system! Maybe even my very own politician! Nah... $5,000 isn't nearly enough money to buy a politician.

Small print part... you have to owe the damned $5,000 before you get any credit for it, and just how many retirees like me pay $5,000/year in taxes?

What a scam. The sonsabitches refuse to give up... They'll just keep voting and voting until they finally get our money... Or we get them first.

I vote we get them first. Less than a month to election time. Vote out of office each and every one of the greedy bought-and-paid-for sleezeballs that votes for the bailout.

Send a real message to Washington.

The VP Debate Moderator

A woman from the Public Broadcasting Service program "Washington Week", Gwen Ifill, will be the VP debate moderator Thursday night. Gwen has written a book called "The Breakthrough," in which she argues the "black political structure" of the civil rights movement is giving way to men and women who have benefited from the struggles over racial equality.

Her book is about Barack Obama and other "emerging young African American politicians" who are "forging a bold new path to political power. The book focuses on four people, one of them being Barack Obama. She has said:
They are changing our politics and changing our nation.
Just how is Barak Obama and his fellow blacks changing our nation? No one seems to want to tell us any details about this black powered "change". Is this change good for all Americans, or is it racially selective?

Said Ms. Ifill:
I will make my own decisions about what questions to ask, adding "the big questions matter."
In my view, this woman, who has been a long-standing advocate of black power, cannot be unbiased in a presidential race where the first black man in American history is running for that highest office, and should not be moderating this debate. I will not be a bit surprised if some of this moderators questions will attempt to make Sarah Palin look like a racist, backwoods cracker, not directly - of course - but by insinuation.

There is a huge disconnect between what the candidates talk about and what Obama's supporter's talk about. Both McCain and Obama talk on the usual political subjects, but Obama's supporters all talk of gaining power. One must ask... For what purpose do they desire this power?

Watch the debate. See if I'm right or wrong.