Tuesday, September 15, 2015

You Get One Guess

Which of the below uniformed officers is the "Affirmative Action" hire?

Of course, the Progs and feminists will assure you  that both are totally equal in capability and reliability in a real-life potentially deadly situation.

Where is this?  The Morristown, Tennessee PD.

Monday, September 07, 2015

First A Muslim, And Now A Socialist

My, my, what's a good old girl from Arkansas to do?

Foot stomping may be next.

I mean, all she wants to do is be president because, well, she deserves it! Just ask her.

Her first march towards this goal - once repeatedly termed as inevitable -  got tripped up by an upstart nobody that hates America and all things white. And now her second "inevitable" march to this lofty goal is being torpedoed by an old, worn out Socialist who thinks money grows on trees.

To add the absolute insult on top of all this injury, Donald Trump just beat her out in a recent poll.

That's gotta hurt.