Sunday, December 15, 2013

A Requested Flare

Galt-in-the-box asked if I was still kicking.

Well, yes, but many things have happened that has kept me completely away from blogging.

Haven't kept up much with the news because right now I've had just about all I can handle.

Wife had cervical cancer(diagnosed Mar 17), then a massive stroke(April 19), then two fractured vetabra while in rehab, where she is still today, able to move only one arm.

Then, I got bit by a brown recluse spider, then contacted a UTI had landed me in the hospital for three days, then caught it a second time. The medicines for all this was so bad it made me constantly sick, so I had to take nausea pills before each dose of medicine.

I had been spending at least 6-8 hours every day with her, making sure her clothes were laundered (I laundered them myself), made certain she ate at least two solid meals a day, and making certain the aides did their job properly when it came to diaper changes and showers. I had to stop the visits when I contacted the infections. This coming Monday I will be tested to see that I am healed. I can then start the visits again.

My computer got wiped out by a nasty Trojan and still isn't fixed, so I'm using wife's computer, which has none of my programs on it.

But what the hell. My problems pale in comparison to my wife's troubles If she were in as good a shape as I am today, we would both be happy - and fortunate - beyond reason.

Wife did beat the cancer, but is still fighting the stroke. As of now, it is not very hopeful she will recover very much.

So... this Christmas she will spend in a Medicaid rest home, seemingly slipping by the day, with little hope of ever coming home.

She was a good woman and a fantastic wife.

She deserves a better end than this.