Wednesday, September 30, 2009

But It Wasn't Rape Rape

Polanski and his 13-year-old not rape-rape victim

Whoopi Goldberg must have a pretty odd idea about what rape is, or - like Obama - she just leaps to completely wrong conclusions without a shred of fact. Said Whoopi about the Roman Polanski rape case:
I know it wasn't rape-rape. I think it was something else, but I don't believe it was rape-rape.
She further apologizes for his oral, anal and vaginal assault on a 13-year-old by saying:
He pled guilty to having sex with a minor and he went to jail, and when they let him out [on bail] he said 'You know what, this guy's [the judge] going to give me 100 years in jail. I'm not staying'. And that's why he left.
Oh hell yes... that explains everything. Like he wasn't a fugitive running from the law or anything illegal like that... He just "left".

Whoopi's logic: Since he didn't grab the little girl out of a schoolyard, take her to an abandoned quarry or some such place and commit oral, anal and vaginal sexual assault on her, leaving her naked, bleeding and half dead, it must not be rape rape.

What he did do was invite her to his home for a photo shoot, plied her with champagne and quaaludes, and then forced oral, anal and vaginal sex on the girl.

Of course he fled. In those days, a child rapist sent to jail would not live long. In those days, even convicted criminals had some scruples... Apparently more than Whoopi has today. Her mindset is a result of the modern thought process where everything is relative.

But if he is sent to jail to serve his term now, he'll be in good company... Lots of pedophiles and child molesters just like him.

Give the guy a bit a slack for being a gentleman during the rape... He ask the girl if she was "on the pill". Can't have another 13-year-old mother running around, can we?

Yes, yes... His victim - now in her mid-forties and getting some facetime - forgives him. Does that change anything for Polanski?

Not in my book... He's a convicted child rapist that hasn't served his time.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

It Just Gets Better And Better

Says the Washington Times:
Kevin Jennings, the radical homosexual activist who founded one of the biggest organizations in the nation to promote "gay" activities in public schools, needs to "come clean".
A teacher was told by a 15-year-old high school sophomore that he was having homosexual sex with an 'older man.' At the very least, statutory rape occurred.

Kevin Jennings was the teacher that the 15-year-old reported the homosexual incident to.

Fox News reported that the teacher (Kevin Jennings) violated a state law requiring that he report the abuse:
In this one case in which Mr. Jennings had a real chance to protect a young boy from a sexual predator, he not only failed to do what the law required but actually encouraged the relationship.
OK... Just another dubious incident where one of those homosexuals comes down on the side of his own personal sexual habits.

So what's the big deal here?

The Times editorial board said:
That former teacher, Kevin Jennings, is President Obama's 'safe school czar.' ... Clearly, the process for vetting White House employees has broken down,"
Oh Hell yes... The "Safe School" Czar.

Here's Kevin Jones... Obama's "Safe School" Czar. At least your teen aged daughter should be safe... He apparantly doesn't do girls.

Feel confident, you parents of teenage boys, this guy will do his duty as the "Safe Schools" Czar... by promoting all those "gay" activities in your public school.

Want to learn how to completely destroy a nation? Just keep watching this administration. They haven't missed a beat yet.

Friday, September 25, 2009


The FBI says it foiled a bomb plot by providing fake bomb materials to a suspected terrorist.

Really? The very first newcasts we had on this incident here in Dallas was that this guy had actually built a real bomb, delivered it into the basement of a 60-story building and tried to detonate it with a cell phone. But because of his lack of skill in creating the electronic circuitry to act as a detonator, he failed.

Now, all we hear is this stuff about the FBI and their "fake bomb", that agents let him build this "fake bomb", deliver it into this 60-story building, try to detonate it, and THEN they arrested him.

The story has changed.

Where is the truth?

Did Dallas dodge a bullet because this guy couldn't wire up his bomb correctly? Or did the FBI actually let him go through with the whole operation using their fake bomb material... Before stopping him?

Just think of what would have happened of this guy had been aware of the FBI's activity and had outmaneuvered them? And used real bomb material instead of the stuff "provided" by the FBI?

Are we to conclude that nobody -NOBODY - can outsmart a few FBI agents?

Maybe next time the FBI should stop a bomber before he delivers his bomb into the basement of a 60-story downtown Dallas building and pushes the button. Maybe next time the FBI shouldn't assume they know everything there is to know... Because they don't.

Maybe we were lucky as hell this time.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Some Change Maybe The Rest Of Us Can Believe In

Obama's cancellation of the Czech and Polish missile deployments brought a chorus of criticism from the rat neocons to include Bomb Bomb McCain, the crowd of lunatics that want war at any cost. This crowd of spittle-dribbling saber rattlers has not been right in more than 8 years.

These anti-ballistic deployments were portrayed as a potential defense system against possible Iranian ballistic missiles. Nobody ever believed this preposterous rational.

The claim made by Bush the Younger and his war-loving neocons that a few missiles in Poland would protect Europe from Iran's missiles was ludicrous to begin with. Look at a world map. It has became apparent it was just a US neocon policy – shilling for Israel to create tension over Iran. Apparently Obama does not intend to have America continue to fight Israel's private little war.

The Afghan/Pakistan wars are rapidly spinning out of control, and it will be interesting to learn how long Obama will resist the military's pleas/demands for more war.

Will Obama follow orders from subordinates or will he give them?

Obama - In his U. N. speech - discussed reining in the Israelites and their sixty-year-war of extermination against the Palestinians. This part of his speech has received next to nothing when it comes to coverage in America's Jewish controlled media.

Can we expect more rational change like this from the Marxist in the White House? Only time will tell.

Talk about zero coverage... I am told that Qaddafi - Lybia's dictator - said in his U.N. speech:
"Thank Allah that the United States finally has a Muslim president".*
If I were a Israeli Jew - particularly one living in one of those new houses built in Palestinian territory - I'd be losing sleep over these developments.... Lots of it.

*This comment was from a translation put up live on the TV screen during Qaddafi's U.N. speech, and has received absolute zero coverage in any American media outlet to date.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Time To Make Some Lemonade

A woman who seemed far too qualified applied for a job in a Florida lemon grove.

The foreman frowned and asked, "Have you had any experience actually picking lemons?"

"Well, as a matter of fact, I have," she replied.

"I've been divorced 3 times, I've owned 2 Plymouths, and I voted for Obama!"

Thanks to WND Joke of the day

More Snake Oil

Mr. Obama has been instisting that illegals will not receive any health care.

But, dig this:
President Obama said this week that his health care plan won't cover illegal immigrants, but argued that's all the more reason to legalize them and ensure they eventually do get coverage.
Oh. So he's telling the truth about health care and illegals... He intends to legalize them all first.

Viola! No illegals in the health care system.

Just another 20 million or so brand new "Americans".

It's the administrations new "make an American" kit:

-1) Get one large melting pot.
-2) Add one illegal, any variety
-3) Stir in a pinch of money and a  generous dash of corruption.
-3) Half-bake at room temperature.

Eureka! One brand-new Amerian!  Register this new citizen to vote immediately.

Take to welfare office, unemployment office, State assistance office and to any other  city, county, state or federal health and human welfare office known in your area. Then drop off at nearest emergency room.

Pat your politically correct liberal self on the back for a civic job well done.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


A white kid gets attacked for sitting down next to a black kid on a school bus.

Amazing how far we have come... From the days when a black had to sit in the back of the bus, to today, where a white can't sit anywhere on the bus.

We all want to ignore the seething hatred that so many blacks today hold for the white race. We want to ignore places like Watts, or Detroit, or south Dallas, where black-on-white hatred has been growing for decades, places where if a white man is caught there, he may never be heard from again.

Many of us want to believe that most blacks are like Colin Powell - educated, reasonable, civilized - that most blacks are not like the ones that tried to burn down and loot Los Angeles, or like the ones wandering our streets in huge gangs  armed with everything from zipguns to Uzis, or like the ones that beat up outnumbered whites that want a seat on the bus.

Many of us want to ignore the hatred that has been created and encouraged by black men making a career out of race-baiting: Men like Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton,  Louis Farrakan.  The racial chasm these men have helped create carries a heavy price tag, one all of us will have to pay.

What are you going to say to those black kids who beat up this white kid just because he wanted a seat on the bus? Are you going to conclude that it was just a small and isolated incident ,  unfortunate, but not worth the worry? Are you going to make more excuses... Like they were disadvantaged, or didn't have a basketball court, or that Daddy was never around?

Or are you going to pay attention to the writing in the wall?

Monday, September 14, 2009

So How Many Were There?

Crowd estimates of the Washington marchers on 9-12 range from a low of 40 to 60,000, to a high of 1.4 to 1.6 million.

The low estimate, offered by the politically sold-out Washington police, is amusingly ridiculous. The high estimate is also a pie-in-the-sky number.

It's all quite disgusting. Nobody will even tell us how many were actually there, plus or minus, say, 5 percent. But I know they can.

They just won't be truthful or honest. Not the White house, not that lapdog clown of a press secretary, not the media, not the police, not the Pelosi/Reid-style Marxists infesting the Congress.

In truth, the number of marchers does not matter. They will not change a thing.

This White House - including its nest of unvetted vipers - are ignoring anybody and everybody that disagrees with them.

They are like weeds in your garden.You have to rip them out by the roots, or they'll take over.

And this particular batch of weeds is doing exactly that.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Something For you Photoshop Fans

Here are copies of two documents apparently prepared by Democrats to certify Barack Obama as their nominee for president in 2008 that suggest House Speaker Nancy Pelosi knew there was an unresolved issue with his eligibility under the U.S. Constitution.

This top one contains the words "legally qualified to serve under the provisions of the United States Constitution".

The bottom document is the one actually filed with every state of the Union by the DNC (Democratic National Committee) as required by law. This is easily checkable. The words, "legally qualified to serve under the provisions of the United States Constitution" have been removed. That's the scary part. Nancy Pelosi - in fact - did sign a distributed DNC certification form that had critical and required wording removed. How does she explain this?

Both contain Nancy Pelosi's signature, which is slightly different on each document. That's expected: Nobody signs their name exactly the same way every time.

The real possibility that Two DNC Certifications exist, both signed, dated and notarized by the same individuals on the same day, could mean that a very real conspiracy to commit election fraud was under way, and since it took until six months after the election to uncover it, the conspiracy had been indeed successful. The lower document, if real, may be harder to prove.

Wild stuff... If provable.

But nonetheless... The distributed document from the DNC had the required wording "legally qualified to serve under the provisions of the United States Constitution" removed. This is undeniable.

That - by itself - is damning.


Be careful if you click on many of these numerous web articles about the tea party march on Washington.

I clicked on one in which my virus protection program immediately flashed a warning that the article had "numerous viruses" and not to open it.

Disgusting, but not surprising. The Obots - and their ilk - may hard at work, spreading viruses that can trash your computer if you want to go read something unfavorable about their "lightbringer".

Take A Close Look

This is a photo of the crowd in Washington protesting Obama's Health Care plan.

It's well over a million people.

Remember the million-man march? Mostly Washington-based blacks, protesting for more government favors and money, and not nearly a million... As they had hoped.

This crowd was all tax-payers. Helluva difference.

Friday, September 11, 2009

And Now This...

How's this for a different point of view:
America" never was a single nation. There is absolutely no reference in the Constitution to the US as a nation because the framers removed all such references, stating that they were NOT forming a nation. The US is a UNION of sovereign states.

The Pledge of Allegiance is the tool that has been used to destroy state sovereignty... "one nation, under god, with liberty and justice for all".
Sobering. I can think of no place in the Constitution that declares us as a "nation".

Your Last Chance To Get Out

Insiders are bailing like rats from a sinking ship:
The stock market has mounted an historic rally since it hit a low in March. The S&P 500 is up 55%, as U.S. job losses have slowed and credit markets have stabilized.

But against that improving backdrop, one indicator has turned distinctly bearish: Corporate officers and directors have been selling shares at a pace last seen just before the onset of the subprime malaise two years ago.
No matter what they try to cover over this bit of news with, it is the beginning of the big slide.

The looters know it... And you should also.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Instant Justice

But was it a learning experience?

A 15-year-old punk, wandering around the streets of Brooklyn at 1:30 AM, carrying a loaded and cocked (no pun intended) gun in his pants, shot himself in his penis.

Think this throwback will learn anything from it all?

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

OK, Something Different...

Picked up this train of thought in several articles that are winding their way through the blogospere:

In case things get a little tougher during the next few months, folks In LOUISIANA, TEXAS, OKLAHOMA & ARKANSAS have options.

Maybe you don't know it, but LOUISIANA, TEXAS, OKLAHOMA & ARKANSAS have a legal right to secede from the Union. (Reference the Texas/Louisiana-American Annexation Treaty of 1848.)

Here is what could happen:

If Barack Hussein Obama succeeds in creating his dream of a socialist nation, then TEXAS, LOUISIANA, ARKANSAS and OKLAHOMA could announce that they are pulling out and creating their own Republic. All legally, of course.

What would this new Republic have to ensure its survival?

1. It refines over 90% of the gasoline in the United States.

2. The four states have 65% of the defense industry.

3. Oil - It can supply all the oil that it will need for the next 300 years.

4. Natural Gas - again, it will have all it needs for centuries.

5. Computer Industry - The new republic would a leader in producing computer chips and communications equipment - companies like Texas Instruments, Dell Computer, EDS, Raytheon, National Semiconductor, Motorola, Intel, AMD, Nortel, Alcatel, etc., all exist within this new Republic. The list goes on and on.

6. Medical Care - Some of the finest research centers for cancer research, burn centers and the top trauma units in the world would be located in the new Republic.

7. The new Republic would be totally self-sufficient in beef, poultry, hogs, and several types of grain, fruit and vegetables. And let's not forget seafood from the Gulf.

8. Five of the ten largest cities in the United States and thirty two of the 100 largest cities in the United States would be located in this new Republic, and it would have have more land than California, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Massachusetts, Maryland, Rhode Island and Vermont combined.

9 Trade: Five of the ten largest ports in the United States would be located in this new Republic.

10.In case of a foreign invasion, the new Republic would have the combined National Guard and Air National Guard of the four States, plus a bunch of existing military bases. Additionally, they could easily raise a huge army of armed civilians in twenty-four hours, since it already exists.

Now to the rest of the folks wanting to live in a United States under President-For-Life Obama:

Since you won't have the refineries to get gas for your cars, only President Obama will be able to drive around in his big 9 mpg SUV. The rest of the United States will have to walk or ride bikes. Or you could buy gas from Iran and Venezuela for twenty dollars a gallon.

You won't have any natural gas to heat your homes, but since Al Gore has predicted global warming, you will not need the gas as long as you survive the 2000 years it will take to get enough heat from Global Warming.

One thing for certain: If Obama, along with his Communist, Marxist and Socialist buddies like Bill Ayers, Ron Bloom, Paul Volcker, Carol Browner, Van Jones, Cass R. Sunstein, John Holdren and many other big names in the American Marxist movement... Do actually succeed in replacing the Constitution with their personal version of government, things will start happening across the country that will make the Watts riots look positively mild.

Wow. That's a real mouthful of what ifs and could be's... Let's hope things aren't that bad. But you need to know that it's out there... Gathering steam.

Monday, September 07, 2009

Here It Is....

People across the nation are asking , "Where's the birth Certificate?"

Here it is:

(left click to enlarge)

Thursday, September 03, 2009

35 Million Now On Food Stamps

Up 22%.

June was the seventh straight month in which food stamp rolls set a record. The average benefit in June was $133.12 per person.

Now move along... Nothing to see here.

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Give Me Your Children

President Obama is going to make a nationwide speech to children in classrooms across America on Sept. 8, 2009.

You must read this.

Obama is following in the footsteps of Hitler, step-for-step. Do not be shocked if we soon learn of an "Obama Youth Corps", identical to Hitler's Youth Corps.

This is beyond scary. This is Horrible. A United States President is trying to brainwash and control the youth of America, with the willing assistance of schools and school teachers nationwide, along with the communist-infiltrated NEA.

If you have children in school, you are being betrayed by those who claim to be their educators. They are stealing your children and your nation.

News of this has gone viral, exploding across the country with amazing speed.

As a result, you can guarantee that Obama's little talk to the kiddies will be innocent as can be, as American as apple pie. But what we'll have to watch is all those socialist, Marxist and communist teachers and their insidious follow-up projects.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Call It What It Is... Insurance

I'm getting tired listening to all this babble about Health Care Reform.

It's not Health Care we're talking about, it's Health Insurance.

Our health care system is the best in the world. That's not the problem... Never has been.

It's who has to pay for your personal health costs, that's the real issue.

Who pays for your house insurance? You do.
Who pays for your renter's insurance? You do.
Who pays for your automobile insurance? You do.
Who pays for your RV insurance? You do.
Who pays for your boat insurance? you do.
Who pays for your extended warranties on all your toys, on all your appliances? You do.
Who pays for your flight insurance. You do.

Getting the idea?

Now why should the taxpayer pay for your health insurance?

Why should your employer pay for your health insurance?

When you get a job, your new employer does not pick up the tab for your house or renter's insurance, your automobile insurance, or your liability insurance, unless you're looking at a million-dollar-a-year position.

Imagine if your present employer did cover all those insurance costs. The cost of each of them would be as prohibitive as your present health insurance.

The idea that employers should pay for your health insurance arose from the practice of some employers that used health insurance as an incentive to go work for them. But it got out of control. Employees started believing health insurance was a right. Well then, why not have your employer pay all the rest of your insurance costs? Because it would drive them out of business, that's why. Health insurance costs alone has driven many employers out of business already.

If every person that wanted health insurance had to pay for it, you would see the cost of health care drop like a brick.

People buying their own health insurance would start doing what they are not doing today... Finding out what those hospitals and doctors are really charging, and then shopping for the best price.

Think you would pay $20.00 for an aspirin in the hospital if the money was coming out of your own pocket? Particularly if they wanted to give you one every six hours?

It's not about health care reform at all. It's all about who will be picking up the tab for your next doctors visit.

Get Rid Of Them

Playing computer games and watching baseball during a budget debate?

Whoever voted these slackers into the Senate are not getting their moneys worth. For damn sure America isn't.

Toss 'em out and replace them.


This is in the Connecticut Senate, not the United States Senate. My mistake, sorry.