Sunday, March 23, 2014

Flight 370

For days now we have been bombarded by news of an American satellite, then a Chinese satellite and now a French satellite, all having spotted "debris" in the south Indian Ocean measuring something like 40 by 80 feet.

But nobody can tell what it is.

What complete and total bullsh*t.

America has satellites that can read automobile license plates from orbit. America has satellites that can pinpoint the location of anything on the planet's surface to within a few inches. Search aircraft and vessels have equipment that can lead them to a position on the surface to within inches of an object that a satellite has pinpointed.  Maybe someone will try to tell us we don't have satellites over that part of the planet. Hogwash.

We are told nobody can identify this debris, or that no one can fly a search aircraft directly to the place where this stuff is, whose location can be updated in realtime by the minute. We are told that this stretch of ocean is the most violent and dangerous on earth, that bad weather lives there 24/7, that weather conditions and bad seas make searching almost impossible. Well nuts. We have aircraft designed to fly into the center of hurricanes day in and day out without problems from the weather.

To sum it up, all of what we have heard so far is classic cover-up babble.

So. What's the real story? All the governments involved know exactly what this debris really is and are refusing to release any true information.

And another thing... the ability to fly below the radar - particularly above the flat surface of the ocean, is strictly a fantasy writers concept. There are no mountains to fly behind, no canyons to fly in, just open water. There has been ground-hugging radars for decades, radars that operate on frequencies that allow their beams to literally follow the curvature of the earth.  Don't believe for a second that flight 370 was not continuously tracked by one or more radars in an area where tensions are always at extreme levels, and where everybody is watching everybody else.

Whatever happened to flight 370 is something we - most l;likely - will never hear the truth about.

One other possibility: That the various government personnel involved in all this are so incompetent and ignorant of todays technical capabilities that they really don't have a clue. But I don't subscribe to that idea, more than one clueless halfwit like our vice-president -  in any government - is almost beyond comprehension.

Isn't it?