Monday, March 31, 2008

How Stupid Can We Get? And Stay?

Thinking about that mile-high monument to excess(next post below) has started me wondering how long we are - as a nation - going to stay stupid.

We Americans have given the Israelis billions and billions in financial and military aid over the decades so they could play king of the Middle East sandbox and kick out the Arabs. Now we're giving billions and billions of dollars to the Arabs for insanely overpriced oil so they can keep playing in the same sandbox.

Without us, Israel has nothing. No national treasure, no national assets. No large industries. Not enough of anything to even support themselves. They are trying to exist in the damn desert, a place loaded with sand and rock, but little else, and they would not survive without our endless buckets of money, our fighters, our tanks, our military prowess, and mostly, our nuclear umbrella.

Same with the Johnny-come-lately Arabs, who were originally backed by the Russians, but the Russians got smart and bailed out. Except for the oil, they got nothing but miles and miles of sand and rock also, oil which we originally found and developed in the first place. If they weren't charging us ten times the price for it, they wouldn't be building mile-high monuments to conspicuous consumption and excess, they'd be right back to herding sheep across the desert, riding camels and living in tents as they have for thousands of years.

It's our national wealth, our fortunes, that has allowed them to keep their little dance going. We have been the bottomless pocket for decades, the superpower bully. And now we are financing and supporting BOTH SIDES.

Is that stupid, or what?

How much longer to we put up with this? How much more of our resources, money and blood do we hand over to these two endlessly warring antagonists?

A some point it all has to stop. Let's hope we have a little something left when we finally do put our foot down.

A pox on both their houses. They have ridden on our backs long enough.

A Mile-High Playtoy

Plans for a mile-high tower in the Saudi Arabian desert have been unveiled by the billionaire owner of London's Savoy Hotel, Prince al-Walid bin Talal.

At 5,250ft, the £5billion project, masterminded by two British engineering consultancies, will be twice as high as its nearest rivals, skyscrapers under construction in Dubai and Kuwait, and almost seven times as high as the Canary Wharf tower in London's Docklands.

Care to guess what money that oil-rich towel-headed putz will be using to build this monstrous freak of a building?

Righto... American oil dollars. Dollars ripped out of our pockets by a man who certainly must be one of the world's foremost thieves.

Screw invading Iran.. they got nothing. If Bush wants to invade another Arab State, invade Saudi Arabia, take the oil - all of it - and get our money back.

And when we leave, level everything. Leave those desert nomads nothing but tents and camels, they were made for each other.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Shiela Jackson Lee Feels The Heat

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee booed at Democratic convention...
March 29th, 2008. Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee's speech at a local Democratic senatorial district convention in Houston Saturday was booed by the crowd, many of whom are in her district. Her speech was interrupted a couple of times as the crowd voiced its displeasure with her backing Hillary Clinton over Barack Obama.
Shiela is a black woman, her district is predominately black. A few short months ago, it would be unheard of for her constituency to actually boo her.

But now - now - she supports a white candidate, not the black candidate, and out come the boos.

And the bimbos and bobbleheads are all trying to tell us it isn't about race.

Let's take a quick look at the underlying racial forces at work here in America.

The Mexicans are trying to take over the American southwest by invasion and occupation by millions of illegals, and are succeeding.

The blacks are trying to take over by taking over the government. Washington D.C., where all those bureaucracies are, is now over 80% black.

And the whites are sitting on their thumbs, thinking it would somehow be "unfair" to actually do anything to keep their homeland, while they lose ground every day to those who would take it all.

Both the blacks and the Mexicans in America are raising large families, increasing their presence and numbers everywhere, ensuring the survival of their races and lifestyles.

Whites? Not even enough progeny to replace themselves. But they are enjoying the hedonistic lifestyle of a pleasure-seeking generation, enjoying the benefits of the hard work and labor of those who came before them.

There are - of course - exceptions to these trends in every racial subset, but too few... too few.

In reality, all the Mexicans and blacks have to do is bide their time for one more generation, and it's all over.

And then they can fight each other over the spoils, but there won't be many bones to pick over... the European bankers will have stolen it all.

Friday, March 28, 2008

What Nonsense

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said yesterday that the United States still has trouble dealing with race because of a national "birth defect" that denied black Americans the opportunities given to whites at the country's very founding.

Well, it wasn't a "birth defect". That is just plain racist and inflaming rhetoric. Slavery was a common practice in those days, and not just in America, but even in Africa, where blacks enslaved blacks, where blacks raided other black communities to capture more blacks to sell to the slave traders.

Blacks are not pure and innocent on this issue. American blacks owned black slaves.

I have no problems with America's past slavery. It was stopped, and stopped a long time ago. I have no problem with slavery in ancient Rome either, and I'll bet today's Italians don't lose a second of sleep over their ancestors slavery practices.

If slavery was an American practice today, I could understand all the fuss, but it isn't. I have never known any American that owned a slave, neither have you. I have never met a black who was a slave, neither have you.

The only people that keep bringing up this issue are blacks. The only reason blacks keep bringing it up is to gain unearned advantage.

So Obama makes a big speech on the subject, and now Rice chimes in, no doubt stirring up even more of the nurtured resentment and hatred found in American blacks everywhere, helped along by that(former) Reverend of Obama's, a race-baiter if ever there was one.

Whites, except for those with a compulsive need to feel guilt about something, have gone past this issue. It's way past time for today's blacks, who are not and have never been a slave, or ever known a slave, blacks who have college degrees, fine homes and cars, $100,000 plus jobs - things many white Americans do not have - to get over it and shut the hell up.

To have to listen to the likes of Condoleezza Rice - educated, powerful, privileged - make those kinds of remarks is disgusting.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

And You Think Hillary "Mis-spoke"?

This little jewel from Jerome R. Corsi over at WorldNetDaily:
In his autobiographical book "Dreams from My Father," Barack Obama paints a heroic picture of his father as having emerged from a poor Kenyan village, where he was nothing more than a simple goat herder, to become a Harvard-educated economist, destined to return to Africa to fulfill his promise.

Unfortunately, the reality is much bleaker than the tale Obama tells in his book.

In truth, Barack Obama senior, Obama's father, was a polygamist who had already abandoned one wife and child in Africa when he met Obama's mother in Hawaii.

After being educated at Harvard, Obama senior returned to Africa, abandoning Obama and his mother, to live the life of a chronic alcoholic who ultimately killed himself in his second drink-induced car accident, while driving drunk on the streets of Nairobi.
So... We cannot believe things that Obama claims to be the unvarnished truth either.

Keep in mind that Obama's grandmother was the person he says raised him, which makes one think that perhaps his own mother abandoned him also.

What else is he lying about?

I think the Democrats better find out before they try to crown him king of the hill.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Honoring Mr. Wrong

While the nation tries to absorb the racial rants from Obama's pastor Jeremiah Wright, here in Dallas they're planing to honor the guy. Some local college or other wants to honor him as a true American hero.

Somehow, I think blacks are drawing a line in the sand with this insult, this up-front slap in the face.

Of all their available choices on how to respond to this raving lunatic, this is probably one of the worst possible.

Turning up the heat on a pot that's about to boil over is just plain stupid.

70 Campuses?

INDIANAPOLIS Evan Strange, a Butler University student who also works on the school's newspaper, The Butler Collegian, said he had asked Chelsea Clinton at her appearance Tuesday at the school for her opinion "on the criticism of her mother that how she handled the Lewinsky scandal might be a sign of weakness and she might not be a strong enough candidate to be president."

Said Little Miss Miffet:
Wow, you're the first person actually that's ever asked me that question in the, I don't know maybe, 70 college campuses I've now been to, and I do not think that is any of your business.
Wow. It took 70 campuses for somebody to ask that?

Cripes, I would have asked that as the first question at the first campus.

I see no reason whatever to softball the questions to Chelsea because she's like on the short side of approaching thirty, experienced every privilege on the planet, has voluntarily entered the fray, so if she can't handle the heat, kick her off the boat.

American Passports Outsourced

Can you believe this:
The United States has outsourced the manufacturing of its electronic passports to overseas companies — including one in Thailand that was victimized by Chinese espionage — raising concerns that cost savings are being put ahead of national security, an investigation by The Washington Times has found.

The Government Printing Office's decision to export the work has proved lucrative, allowing the agency to book more than $100 million in recent profits by charging the State Department more money for blank passports than it actually costs to make them, according to interviews with federal officials and documents obtained by The(Washington) Times.
What does the GPO plan to do with $100 million in profit? Turn it back in to the treasury?

The real questions are: Just how much does a passport cost to manufacture if the GPO has reaped $100 million in profit by outsourcing? How much is the GPO charging the government (and us taxpayers) for one lousy passport?

It's gotten so bad in Washington that one branch of the Federal government is screwing another branch of the same government.

This whole thing stinks to high heaven.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Bush And His 4,000 Dead

Bush just spoke about the 4,000 Americans that have died in his war. He said they did not die in vain, but that they died to lay the foundations for generations of peace.

How so? Between Bush and his possible Republican replacement, McCain, we have been absolutely guaranteed generations of war.

It was George W. Bush's personal hatred of Saddam that led to his invasion and occupation of Iraq, not his "War on Terror", not the search for Osama bin Laden, and for certain he did not order the invasion of Iraq to lay the foundation for generations of peace.

Except for the few Americans who died in Afghanistan when we were actually after Osama, the rest have truly "died in vain", because we will leave Iraq, just as we left Viet Nam, and the enemy - just like in Viet Nam - will have won.

Rumbling Over The Horizon

Can you hear that growing rumbling over the horizon? Getting closer and closer every minute?

No, it's not the Langoliers, it's much worse.

It's the growing threat of a national truck shutdown.

It wouldn't really be a strike or a walkout, it would be a point in time when the majority of truckers quit going to work because they can't buy enough fuel to get the job done.

With diesel zooming over up $4.00/gallon and with no end in sight, truckers - just like everybody else - are finding it harder and harder to make ends meet.

True... company-owned fleets of trucks would be able to keep rolling, but they are a small minority of the trucks on the road today. They would have no chance to keep things coming. Things like food.

Everything in this nation is trucked - at one point or another - to it's destination, and if truckers can't afford fuel and end up parking their trucks, nothing will get delivered.

The gasoline you put in your car is trucked in. If the trucks stop rolling, the available gasoline at your local stations will disappear in a flash.

You are worried about the high cost of gasoline? You could carpool if things really got tough, or take the bus, ride a bicycle, or even walk.

You can't carpool a truckload of fresh veggies, or ship a truckload load of meat on the local bus.

Try to imagine thirty days - or longer - in America without trucks.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Just Buy An Island

We how have the world's first 'gigayacht': A $100m+ luxury yacht with its own garden, pool and tennis court.

Can't help but wonder how top-heavy - and unseaworthy - all that dirt makes this thing.

One half-respectable wave and that "park" - grass, palm trees, gazebo and all - is in Davy Jone's locker. I can't imagine the owner taking this ultimate in expensive toys out into the open sea.

Crime Prevention

Maybe another 200 or so might help?
200 surveillance cameras at the Van Dyke houses in Brooklyn fail to stop a rape.

Once again a rapist was caught on videotape, and once again cops failed to see him, police sources said Thursday.

A 19-year-old woman was raped at knife point inside the Van Dyke houses in Brooklyn early Thursday - a housing complex with more than 200 cameras supposedly monitored around the clock by the NYPD.
When will people finally understand that cops, cameras, laws, courts - all that stuff - cannot prevent a crime?

Police don't protect, they don't serve. They can only react to a crime that has been committed or one in the process of being committed. In either case, they do not prevent crime.

The 19-year-old was dragged into an elevator at around 4 AM and then raped at knife point. Even if the NYPD was actually watching the monitors of those 200 cameras, they could not have prevented the rape. If there had been 1,000 cameras, the results would have been the same.

One may wonder what a 19-year-old was doing at 4 AM to make herself a target. Perhaps on the way to work, or even coming home from a late shift.

No matter... If she had been trained in the use of a firearm and had been carrying, she could have prevented this crime all by herself, no cameras, no cops, no assistance from the "protect and serve" crowd. They couldn't prevent her rape, and guess what? They won't be there to help you when some Cro-Magnon semi-human animal comes at you with a knife.

Train yourself. Arm yourself. Protect yourself. Nobody else will.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Hey Gore... Pay Attention!

This from "The Australian":
CATASTROPHIC predictions of global warming usually conjure with the notion of a tipping point, a point of no return.

Last Monday - on ABC Radio National, of all places - there was a tipping point of a different kind in the debate on climate change. It was a remarkable interview involving the co-host of Counterpoint, Michael Duffy and Jennifer Marohasy, a biologist and senior fellow of Melbourne-based think tank the Institute of Public Affairs. Anyone in public life who takes a position on the greenhouse gas hypothesis will ignore it at their peril.
Duffy asked Marohasy: "Is the Earth still warming?"

She replied: "No, actually, there has been cooling, if you take 1998 as your point of reference. If you take 2002 as your point of reference, then temperatures have plateaued. This is certainly not what you'd expect if carbon dioxide is driving temperature because carbon dioxide levels have been increasing but temperatures have actually been coming down over the last 10 years."
Well now. Temperatures have been coming down for ten years. I suppose that bit of news won't surprise too many folks in Montana.

The 2nd Amendment

Washington watchers tell us the the United States Supreme Court is preparing to conclude that Washington D. C. 's handgun ban is illegal and unconstitutional, while at the same time re-affirming the private citizen's right to keep and bear arms as guaranteed by our Constitution. Well, shout and cheer!

But , it will also declare the government's right to certain rules and restrictions on gun ownership, use, buying, selling, transportation and carrying, things not mentioned anywhere in the Constitution.

Of course, this means government at all levels will ultimately abuse this "right". Your local city council, your very red-necked Sheriff, your female Mayor, all will be legally able to - at the stroke of a pen - gin up all manner of roadblocks to your gun ownership, to your buying and storing ammunition, to your getting a hunting license, you name it.

Nothing will change. Government at all levels will continue to increase the pressure being brought to bear against gun owners and gun shop dealers. It will get worse.

Gun shop dealers will find so many new restrictions and increased paperwork to the point they will toss in the towel, even though owning a gun shop will still be legal.

Gun owners will discover that buying ammunition to be such a hassle of paperwork and associated government investigation that eventually they will own nothing more than a collection of expensive wood-and-metal clubs.

A license to buy. A license to own. A license to carry. A license to use. A license to buy ammo. A license to have dangerous explosive material in your possession(ammo, gunpowder). All needing increasingly expensive renewal each and every year.

All in the name of public safety.

So this Supreme Court review of our 2nd amendment rights is nothing but a sham, a dog-and-pony show designed to legalize all the anti-gun rules we now have throughout America.. and the coming new ones.

Total Freaking Insanity

I Just was watching a pizza shop owner, being interviewed on CNN, complaining about how a 50 pound sack of flour has doubled in cost this last month to $37.00/sack.

Why? Because of the huge American demand for ethanol - which is made from corn - American farmers have switched from growing wheat to growing corn. Don't blame the farmers... they're just trying to make a buck.

At the same time, OPEC is continuing to raise the cost of oil, which raises the cost of fuel, which raises the cost of transportation on everything we buy... food, clothes, gas, heating oil... everything.

Meanwhile, 60% of our wheat is being exported because the weakening dollar makes our wheat cheaper to foreigners than anybody elses wheat. As the dollar continues to weaken due to the insane fed policies of creating mountains of cash out of nothing to "save" our economy, our wheat gets cheaper and cheaper to all the foreign buyers and more expensive to us, so we have less wheat available to produce our food.

Everything made from flour is going up-up-up in price because of this. Your grocery bill is going to double real soon.
Here is the insane part.

A gallon of ethanol takes 1.4 times the amount of energy to produce than it delivers.

When you burn up a gallon of ethanol, you have contributed to more than double the energy usage and pollution of normal gasoline. When you use a gallon of ethanol, you have already used up the equivalent amount of energy in 1.4 gallons of gasoline, which means more energy consumption and more pollution using ethanol, not less.

That is just plain insane.

What the hell is wrong with Americans that they buy into this insanity? What the hell is wrong with our federal government to sanction and allow such insanity?

One other little new item today... Venezuela's America hating Hugo Chavez just announced he intends to get the price of oil up to $200.00/barrel, and the Israel/America hating Arabs said sure, why not?

So, in the near future, when you buy that $6.00/gallon gas and that $5.00/loaf of bread, keep in mind our ethanol programs that have promoted and forced down our throats by those freaking, insane environmentalists, who are actually increasing pollution and costs because of their warped and poorly thought-out ideas.

Also keep in mind as prices go through the roof and your money goes to hell, that's it's our Congress that has made the laws that made this all possible... our greedy, bought-out and completely crooked Congress.

Oh yes... since our farmers are now planting much less corn, the cost of corn is going through the roof also, which simply means that the cost of ethanol will skyrocket... higher than petroleum-based gasoline.

Isn't that wonderful?

Friday, March 21, 2008

A New Surge

No, not in Iraq, but in the stock market.

This surge has been predicted, and estimated to last about two weeks after the end of this massive federal effort to shore up well, everything, with billions and billions of discount or free dollars.

It's during this two-week period of desperate optimism that you will have the last change to get out before the bottom disappears.

Maybe yes, maybe no.

I supposes it will depend on just long long the money lenders will be able to use governments to protect their paper assets.

Going to be interesting either way.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

University Of California V. Baake

Ever heard of that? The Supreme Court Decision in 1978 concerning the case of the University of California V. Baake?

It was a Supreme Court decision that made it legal for the government to discriminate against whites on the basis of their race.

Digest that. Roll in around in your mind... a Supreme Court decision that made it legal for the government - at all levels - to discriminate against whites on the basis of their race.

As Ann Coulter says:
Consequently, any white person 30 years old or younger has lived, since the day he was born, in an America where it is legal to discriminate against white people. In many cases it's not just legal, but mandatory, for example, in education, in hiring and in Academy Award nominations.
Like her or not, you really need to go read what she has to say.

Have you ever wondered why Washington DC is 80% black? Why there are so many blacks in government positions? Now you know.

If you are white, your government has been treating you less than equal for 30 years, legally treating blacks as better than you. For thirty years, any situation where black confronted white, blacks been given the benefit of the doubt, given the edge, and have ended up with the favorable decision. This by government mandate.

And the blacks are bitching? For thirty years they have had a legal edge against whites, a government enforced advantage, and what have they done with it?

So now we have a presidental candidate, the progeny of a white woman from Kansas and a black man from Africa, who ended up having to be raised by his white grandmother, telling us it's not about race.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Bush Speaks On Iraq

Bush just finished his speech on the fifth anniversary of his war.

He was lavish in his praise about how our troops have performed their duties in a war that has lasted longer than World War Two. No one can argue that.

He was resolute in his intention to chase down terrorists wherever they choose to make a stand. Yay... wave the flag.

He forget to mention a couple of things...

How he lied about WMD's, his original stated reason for invading Iraq, and how Saddam was only days away from attacking America with those non-existent WMD's.

Remember that? Saddam was only days away from attacking America. History has proved otherwise.

OK, he knocked off Saddam and found no stockpiles of WMD's to attack America with. So why are we still there after five years?

He also neglected to mention that in five years of fighting his "warn tear", Osama Bin Laden is still foot loose and fancy free in Pakistan, a supposed ally.

He told us that - if we pull back - the terrorists in Iraq will regain all their lost ground. If that's the case, what the hell have we accomplished?

He says that anywhere we pull out of, the terrorists will regain control, and in the same breath, tells us the surge is working.

Apparently, the surge will continue to work only if we continue to surge... Forever, one must assume. This must be true, since his anointed replacement McCain talks of a one-hundred-year occupation of Iraq.

As usual, his live audience was a hand-picked friendly one. The man is terrified to face a real American audience.

His speech contained nothing new, nothing different. It only showed us - again - that he has set for himself an impossible task, to prove how he was right all along, and that he has no concern whatever as to the cost in American lives and treasure.

His strategy: Lavishly praise the troops before sending them off to die: Consider the money spent as nothing more than paper, sort of like he considers the Constitution.

Keep in mind that this man, George W. Bush, has forced America into it's longest and costliest war - an undeclared war - against a nation and people that had done us no harm. A "pre-emptive strike" Bush called it, the words and actions of a coward. He did not lead us into this war, he ordered it from the safety of the Oval Office.

We need to be rid of this lunatic sooner, rather than later. He has been an unmitigated disaster for America. Who knows what other grievous misfortunes he will cause before his time is up?

Iraq... Six Years Of War

We have started our sixth year of war in Iraq, and people across America are now being asked if they think what we gained is worth the price we have paid.

What have we gained with five years of war in Iraq? What has happened that makes a trillion-dollar expenditure and 4,000 American dead worth it?

Saddam is dead. His two boys are dead.

Did we get the perpetrators and planners of 9-11? Did we capture or kill Osama? Have we eliminated the world-wide terrorist threat?

No, no, and no.

When you add the dead from the 911 attack to our military dead, Osama is responsible for the deaths of over 8,000 Americans, and the total just keeps rising.

Has Bush's war in Iraq put a stop to this? No.
Has Bush's war in Iraq succeeded in Capturing Osama? No.
Has Bush's war in Iraq defeated the Taliban in Afghanistan? No.
Has Bush's war in Iraq defeated Al Quaeda? No.

So exactly what has Bush's war in Iraq accomplished? Saddam and his boys are gone. That's it. Well, not really, Bush's war in Iraq has crippled our economy, wasted our military, turned the world against us, and destroyed America's stature and reputation.

Bush's war in Iraq had no real, provable justification. None. His outright lie about Saddam's WMD's has been proven to be just that: A huge lie. But to pay for Bush's big lie we have spent upwards of a trillion dollars, lost 4,000 American soldiers, and are starting our sixth year of occupation.

Oh yes... there was that oil situation that Bush's oil buddies wanted handled. Now we are paying four dollars a gallon for gas. Bush really handled that well... not for us citizens... But for his oil buddies.

Makes you start to realize that the only good solution for Bush and his vice-president is indeed impeachment and prison.

One other thing: Almost 70% of us now say that Bush's war was not worth the price we have - and are - paying. That simply means that 70% of us are NOT going to vote for Mr. hundred-year-war McCain.

So whoever gets the Democratic nomination is our next president.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Kill God

Whoa... here is a bit of light being shed over the flak caused by Obama's twenty-year pastor:
Barack Obama's suddenly radioactive pastor, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, has defended himself against charges of anti-Americanism and racism by referring to his foundational philosophy, the "black liberation theology" of scholars such as James Cone, who regard Jesus Christ as a "black messiah" and blacks as "the chosen people" who will only accept a god who assists their aim of destroying the "white enemy."

"If God is not for us and against white people," writes Cone, "then he is a murderer, and we had better kill him. The task of black theology is to kill gods who do not belong to the black community."
This "black liberation theology", which intends to kill any God not anti-white, is what Obama has been listening to for twenty years.

And now we hear that there are thousands of black churches in America preaching the same message.

Let me point out something you may not have considered about this race problem America has.

White America, from top to bottom, has been forced for decades by federal law to confront their racism and overcome it. This massive experiment in social engineering by Washington has been backed up by heavy fines and prison sentences.

But blacks have not been required, or even asked, to confront their own ingrained racism. Many blacks believe that racism is something that can only be practised by whites. Some believe that their open hatred for all whites is justified due to America's past experience with slavery.

Reverend Wright's virulent anti-white and anti-America tirade is exposing many white Americans - for the first time - to the realities of how deep the racial divide really is...And how much black-on-white hatred there is out there.

What the hell is wrong with those people? We have a college educated black man running for president of the United States! Tell me how that would be possible without massive support from white America.

No, it's not guilt. There have been no black slaves in America for over one hundred and forty years. Not one single white American has owned or mistreated a black slave for almost eight generations.

How many of you whites out there wake up in the morning thinking about how you're going to abuse and mistreat some unfortunate black?

My thought is, not many. But there may be many blacks who wake up in the morning with the desire to kill whitey... and his God.

This is the message that is ingrained in the "black liberation theology" preached by Obama's pastor. Racism, in it's deadliest of manifestations, is far from settled in America. The reality of this evil is just starting to re-surface, and this time it's not whites feeding the beast, it's the blacks.

Obama's Speech

I just listened to Obama's speech on race and his ex-reverend.

It was a great speech, given by a masterful orator, and no doubt gave many listeners that old tingle up the spine they love so much.

He talked of the future, of a perfect union, of the great possibilities America has. He talked of blacks, and whites, and Latinos, and Asians all working toward a better future.

But there was an undercurrent he could not hide. A belief he must hold that blacks are still being discriminated against, being treated unfairly, not getting the breaks that whites get. He blames white America for this.

But he misses the point. He does not see that the great majority of average whites are also being discriminated against in exactly the same way average blacks are.

The powerful, the rich, the elite, the privileged of America discriminate against us all, race makes no difference. They are destroying the American dream not only for blacks, but for whites also. Obama and his black brothers and sisters are stuck on the idea that only blacks are suffering, and that indeed makes it a racial issue.

His ex-reverend does speak the truth - as seen through a black man's eyes - and his Trinity church and others just like it are so massively popular with blacks exactly because of that.

Obama has attended this Church and listened to this reverend for twenty years, so of course he agrees with what the man preaches.

I contend that Obama as president represents "payback" for most blacks, and the undercurrent of Obama's speech today reflected that sad fact.

The possibility that blacks will start demanding of a president Obama all manner of special privilege - because of "America's Racist history" - along with Obama trying to right all those past wrongs, using presidential edict if nothing else, and creating a firestorm of racial animosity, is real.

Keep in mind that Obama used the example of a black man and a white woman (Ashley) joining forces against the system(the white man's system) as the only way to change.

That's pretty scary.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Bear Sterns Insider Trading

So just when did the insiders at Bear Sterns start dumping their stock?

Mostly in December* of last year.

On 12/28/07, Paul A. Novelly sold 50,000 shares,
value 4.34 million dollars, at $86.78/share

On 12/26/07, Tese Vincent Salvatore sold 716 shares,
value 62,929.24 dollars, at $87.89/share

On 12/21/07, Michael S. Solender sold 2,087 shares,
value 185,763.88 dollars, at $89.01/share

On 12/21/07, Jeffery M. Farber sold 2,443 shares,
value 217,451.44 dollars, at $89.01/share

On 12/21/07, Alan C. Greenburg sold 99,293 shares,
value 8.84 million dollars, at $89.01/share

On 12/21/07, Jeffery Mayer sold 102,408 shares,
value 9.12 million dollars, at $89.01/share

On 12/21/07, Michael Minikes sold 25,927 shares,
value 2.31 million dollars, at $89.01/share

On 12/21/07, Samuel L. Molinaro jr. sold 27,726 shares,
value 2.47 million dollars, at $89.01/share

On 12/21/07, Alan D. Schwartz (Bear CEO) sold 67,900 shares,
value 6.04 million dollars, at $89.01/share

On 12/21/07, James E. Cayne sold 172,621 shares,
value 15.36 million dollars, at $89.01/share

On 12/05/07, Carl David Glickman sold 3,427 shares,
value 317,066.03 dollars, at $92.52/share

December 21, 2007, was quite a busy day for them, wasn't it?

*source: MSN Money

Data providers: Thomson Financial, Reuters, ComStock.

Greenspan Pointing The Finger

And now comes Greenspan. Says he:
The current crisis rocking the markets and global economy could turn out to be the worst since World War II.

The current financial crisis in the US is likely to be judged in retrospect as the most wrenching since the end of the Second World War.
So What's the big leader in this financial meltdown? They're all having a great time blaming it on the "sub-prime" mortgage market and those low-class scum that can't seem to pay their bills - otherwise known as ordinary working-class Americans - but the real culprit is ARM's, Adjustable Rate Mortgages that recently ramped up their interest rates. Those low-class scum were able to handle their payments up till then.

Remember the term "usury"?

usu-ry 1 archaic: INTEREST. 2 the lending of money with an interest charge for its use. 3 an unconscionable or exorbitant rate or amount of interest; specif : interest in excess of a legal rate charged to a borrower for the use of money.

OK. What you may not realize is that in this country, anything in excess of 11% interest used to be illegal. It was the Mafia that charged 20%, a rate that would double your payback.

But, but, but - you say - my credit card charges 24%! And the loan company charges up to 40%! How can that be?

Simple. When the credit card companies went nuts a few years ago and sent their credit cards to anybody with a heartbeat, they found themselves losing their asses to defaulted accounts. So, they went whining to Congress, saying the usury laws needed to be changed or eliminated, so they could charge more interest to the cardholders that actually paid their bills(the real losers in this drama), rather than have those foolish card companies pay the piper for their stupid policies and decisions.

You guessed it... Congress lifted that 11% usury ban and gave the credit card companies free rein... and the loan companies... and the mortgage companies.

It wasn't hard to do... Congress was already loaded with Senators and Representatives who held big business up as their lord and masters, members who had been bought off with campaign money, perks, sex, offshore bank accounts, Swiss numbered bank accounts... you name it.

Did Congress protect your interests? Hell no, they gave up the farm to the money lenders. Now those same money lenders, awash with greed, find themselves sinking fast, because Joe Public is defaulting on all his bills with those incredible interest rates.

Criminally outrageous interest rates, along with the massive loss of decent jobs - and endless greed - is what was brought the four horsemen to our doorsteps.

Who is responsible for these outrageous interest rates? CONGRESS.
Who is responsible for outsourcing our jobs and industries? CONGRESS.

The president only signs the bills CONGRESS sends him. The president can only do what CONGRESS has authorized.

So if you're looking for the real culprit in this mess, look no further than our very own bought and sold Congress of the United States.

Don't ever forget... It is the Congress who passes all the laws.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Two Dollars A Share

From the Wall Street Journal:
Bear Stearns Cos. reached an agreement to sell itself to J.P. Morgan Chase & Co....

The deal calls for J.P. Morgan to pay $2 a share in a stock-swap transaction, with J.P. Morgan Chase exchanging 0.05473 share of its common stock for each Bear Stearns share. Both companies' boards have approved the transaction, which values Bear Stearns at just $236 million based on the number of shares outstanding as of Feb. 16. At Friday's close, Bear Stearns's stock-market value was about $3.54 billion.
Translation: If you owned a chunk of Bear Stearns stock, you just got totally hammered.

But not to worry, that's the way it's always worked, and if you were an insider, you were warned well in advance. If not, too freaking bad, loser.

The Falls Gobble Up Another Victim

Well, ex-governor Spitzer of New york, in his speedy boat with it's all-hooker crew, has zoomed on by Bob's Landing and shot over the falls. A neat story with a great ending, but we will never hear it all.

Like one New Yorker said on TV, "Why do we keep electing these dirt bags into office?"

He - like all New Yorkers - needs to take a long look at Sptizer's replacement. The new Governor of New york is blind, can't read a damn thing.

Imagine a politician that can't read or write, and if he can write, can't read what he wrote.

So how is he going to know for certain what the hell he is signing into law as Governor? His 100% trustworthy, non-political and unbribable aides will tell him what he's signing.

Hell yes.

New York needs a new election for Governor... and soon, real soon.

Unless - of course - it's a real life case of the blind leading the blind.

Just What I Need... More Scary News

Our retirement checks go straight to our bank. That's good, because no one can steal them from our mailbox. Then we use our bank's debit card for all our normal purchases, like food.

Now I read that if things keep going the way they are, retail outlets may not allow debit or credit cards to be used in their stores, because many of our banks - bleeding profusely from their self-inflicted wounds - may not be able to honor them.

Reading between the lines forces one to realize that personal check's won't be worth a damn either.

That leaves the bank's ATM machines, where we normally can withdraw cash.... by using our debit card. Whooops.... the bank has stopped honoring debit cards?

What then?

A Federally Protected Minority Does His Thing

This from SKY TALK, the Star-Telegram's airline, travel, and aerospace blog:

A 21-year-old Harris County woman filed a $200,000 lawsuit against American Airlines alleging employees on a flight to Los Angeles from Dallas/Fort Worth Airport failed to protect her while she slept from another passenger who masturbated to her and ejaculated in her hair, according to a lawsuit she filed last week in Tarrant County.
Hot damn, fly those friendly skies.

After awakening and discovering what had happened, she tried to get some assistance from the flight crew, but no luck.
The woman began to cry and tried to get the attention of a flight attendant, but was unsuccessful, the suit states. Finally a passenger in the row in front of the woman comforted her and verified the semen in her hair, the suit states.
Welcome to our bright, new world, brought to you by a federal government that has allowed homosexuals, lesbians, pedophiles, cross-dressers, whore mongers, adulterers, trans-genders and all the rest of the sexually warped scumbags in our nation to make the rules.

I can just imagine his court-appointed or ACLU lawyer claiming that he was only "relieving himself" due to the strain he was experiencing caused by this woman, who, because of her dress, actions, general build, her suggestive make-up, or her partially prone position in the seat while she was sleeping over-excited innocent little him.

After all, a woman -sleeping - implies a bedroom, which implies sex, which makes any otherwise normal dude want to lubricate her hair... right?

Personally, I think I would have thrown the sick bastard off the airplane... while still at altitude. The world would not miss him.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Anybody Know The Answer?

I'm trying to figure this one out...

I have a monthly mortgage payment on our house, a 30-year fixed rate mortgage.

However, what with the continuing loss of value on the dollar, the appraised value of the house will keep going up to match this loss of dollar value. I can easily see the house being re-appraised - soon - at 2 or 3 times it's purchase price. Naturally, property taxes will increase accordingly, those taxes being the very reason it will soon be re-appraised.

Sounds good to some people. They believe they are actually making money in such a situation, which they are not. If I sell my $100,000 house for $300,000, a new house(same size, same real value) will cost that $300,000 and more, when the cost is adjusted for the increase in everything, including realtor fees, closing costs, etc.

Sooner or later, the mortgage company will realize that the dollars I'm paying my payments with are not worth the paper they are printed on, and will want to "adjust" the payments to reflect this new reality.

Will they be able to do that? Will the government allow them to that?

Since I am on a fixed retirement income which does not increase to match the increasing decline of the dollar, the answer to that question will determine whether I keep this place, or bail before I get hammered.

What The Hell Did They Expect?

The below post(Holy Moly, Batman) outlines the coming financial disaster we must all face soon. We will all be asking, "how did this happen?".

It's really simple.

For decades, Americans had good paying jobs, a powerful industrial base to support them. It was an industrial base that took many years of effort to build. The primary bread winner made enough money to support the entire family, allowing the spouse to stay at home and raise the kids. The concept of latch-key kids did not exist.

And then Congress and the White House started allowing mega-corporations to move our industries off shore to cheap labor countries.

More profit man, more profit. Something that cost a dollar to build in the U.S. could be built in India for ten cents, but could still be sold in the U.S. for the same old price. Profit, lots of it. And to help support those massive profits, congress and the White House created NAFTA, GAT, all those other "free-trade" agreements that eliminated tariffs, opened our borders wide to unfettered trade, and guaranteed the destruction of whatever industrial base we had left.

Want proof? Go to any American retail outlet and try to find a product made in America. Even our food and medicine is starting to come from unregulated and polluted sources in China and elsewhere.

So we lost our industrial base. Even an idiot could understand that when those industries disappeared those good jobs would disappear also, those good paying jobs Americans had, jobs that supported a lifestyle that allowed home ownership, HD TV's, SUV's, the whole banana.

But but but... Bush/Clinton/Bush were creating millions of NEW jobs to replace those lost jobs!

Yeah, right. Low paying, dead-end jobs that only illegal aliens could live on... illegal aliens that had no mortgages, no car payments, no credit cards, none of the debt load us Americans had accumulated.

None of us(with our massive debt loads) could afford to work any of those low-paying, dead-end Bush/Clinton/Bush jobs since they wouldn't even begin to cover the monthly mortgage payment. Accordingly, all these "new" jobs were filled by millions of illegals pouring across our borders.

As a result, many, many Americans started using their credit cards to make it from month-to month, you know, until they could get that "better job", which never materialized, because the government had given them all away. You know how long that lasted... until those cards maxed out. Then, guess what? The mortgage companies started offering incredible re-fi's, Where you could borrow way over the value of your home. Millions and millions of home owners took the bait.

Flush with this extra money, homeowners paid of their credit cards, bought that new flat screen TV and that SUV for momma, all manner of shiny new stuff. After all, we are all bombarded endlessly by ads that urge us to buy buy buy.

When that new money vanished, it was back to the credit cards. Now those cards are mostly maxed out again. But no re-fi bailout this time... that's already been done.

Default time. Not for just a few, but millions and millions of homeowners. Millions and millions of Americans, maxed out, deep in debt, no decent job, no way out.

This financial house of cards - built on unsustainable credit and insane governmental trade policies - has to collapse.

And it is doing exactly that.

Holy Moly, Batman

The Bear Sterns disaster was just barely averted, and now Lehamn Brothers is the next domino:
The swap spreads on Lehman Brothers rocketed to 465 yesterday, mirroring the moves in Bear Stearns debt days before. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac - the venerable agencies created by Roosevelt that underpin 60 percent of the $11 trillion mortgage market - had a heart attack on Monday. Their bonds were in free-fall, threatening to set off another cascade of bank writedowns.

These are not sub-prime outfits. They sit at the apex of the US mortgage credit industry. Hence the dramatic move by the Fed this week to offer a $200bn lifeline, agreeing to accept Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac issues as collateral.

The 'monoline' bond insurers - MBIA, Ambac, and others - that guarantee most of the $2,600bn market for US municipal bonds have seen their shares collapse by 90 percent since the Autumn.
Cripes... anybody who still thinks the stock market is near it's bottom, or that it's "resistance" level will prevent further downturns, has been asleep at the wheel.

Is it just a U.S. problem?
We are now experiencing the first truly major crisis of financial globalisation," said the Swiss central bank governor Philipp Hildebrand this week.

"Never before have banks seen such destruction of their balance sheets in such a short time. Moreover, there are signs that the problems are spreading. The risk premiums on commercial property, consumer credit and corporate loans have risen sharply," he said.

Debt levels have been much higher than in the Roaring Twenties; the new-fangled tools of structured credit are more opaque: the $415 trillion nexus of derivative contracts is untested. Nobody knows for sure if the counter-parties are able to deliver on vast IOUs, or whether the construct is built on sand.
New-fangled. Opaque. Untested. Built on sand.

Our hair-raising roller coaster ride is about over... It's becoming a downhill slide into hell.

If you have any cash(like in federal reserve notes) stashed away, be prepared to watch it devalue into scrap as the federal government - in a last-ditch effort to avoid our looming global financial disaster - throws literally trillions of paper dollars at the problem.

Bush has just told us to "be patient". That's one of our two relatively non-violent options. Our other option was shown to us by - of all people - Jesus of Nazareth. He threw the money lenders out of the temple.

The third option? We get to use up all our stockpiles of ammunition.

Friday, March 14, 2008

What Planet Is This Guy From?

President Bush gave a speech to the The Economic Club of New York in an effort to calm our jitters over the economy.

Who in the hell is the Economic Club of New York? A bunch of fatcats in three piece suits heavy invested in oil, the stock market and defence contracts worried abut theri profit margin?

Why doesn't this idiot president come out to any local Wal-Mart and try to assure the shoppers there? The ones spending a week's paycheck nowadays for a tank of gas because of his idiot decisions? Because he'd be stoned, that's why, just like prostitutes in biblical times.

Says Jennifer Loven, AP writer, writer of the highlighted article:
The president spoke as evidence of an ailing economy piled up. The dollar fell, oil and gold hit record highs, the economy is shedding jobs, retail sales saw a big drop and the effects of a severe credit squeeze linger.
Like I've said before, he just can't be so stupid to believe what's he's saying. The sellout traitor is just trying to last until his term expires without getting impeached or tried for treason.

Raw Hatred

Joseph Cannon over at Cannonfire has posted a video of Obama's preacher at the church Obama has attended for twenty years.

If you have the least inclination to vote for Obama, you need to go view the video of his "mentor".

It is my view that this filth-spewing America-hating black-nationalist Jeremiah Wright should be tossed out of the country or thrown in jail for preaching the violent overthrow of everything American. Far more than some imagined terrorist, this man is a real threat to us all, and is right here in our midst, wildly stirring the racial pot, publicly screaming for our destruction.

And keep in mind that this hate-filled lunatic has had Obama's ear for years.

Talk About Pandering...

Stomach turning, that's what it was...

I was just flipping through the channels and spotted John McCain talking, so I stopped to hear what he was saying.

He was saying something about how hard it was to do the Lord's work in the city of Satan. He was no doubt referring to Washington, D.C., where he has spent years and years "working", and now wants to be the chief Satanist-in-Charge.

It was instantly disgusting. He was most likely talking to some inane gaggle of religionists who loved that sort of talk, since they burst in the expected idiotic applause at his remarks.

Pandering at it's best.

From Websters Seventh New collegiate dictionary:

pan-der: to act as a pander; esp : to provide gratification for others desires.
pan-der-er 1 : someone who caters to or exploits the weaknesses of others.

From Bob's Landing book of notes and explanations:

John Mc-Cain1: a pandering presidential candidate esp : an over-the-hill murderous warmonger talking to a group of stated pro-life(except for soldiers, let 'em die) but incredibly naive Christians definitely 2 : a man who has sold his soul to be the big boss with the nuclear football before he dies.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Bush Returns To Oz

President George W. Bush spoke before the National Republican Congressional Committee recently and actually said:
I don't know about you, but I'm excited about the year 2008. I intend to finish strong, with my head held high. And I intend to work to see to it that we keep the White House and elect John Boehner Speaker of the House of Representatives."
Somebody needs to tell him it's all over for the Republicans... He destroyed them. His kicking the corpse only agitates the maggots feasting on the remains.

The White House is lost, the House House is lost, the Republicans are in total disarray, and the only hero they got going for them is Don John Quixote.

Bush is going to need to hold his head high... If he intends to keep his mouth and nose above all the crap his eight years of president has created.

Somebody also ought to tell him to shut the hell up... Everytime he opens his mouth the Republicans lose more votes.

************THE REPUBLICAN FRONTRUNNER************

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

They're Kidding, Right?

This broad is worth $5,000.00 an hour... for sex?

Maybe $100.00 a night would be more like it.

Nah... not even that. It would take a few drinks first.

Bill Gates... Blindered, With Tunnel Vision

US high-tech companies are being forced to outsource more jobs overseas because of outdated restrictions on immigration, Microsoft chairman Bill Gates told Congress Wednesday. Said Gates:
Congress's failure to pass high-skilled immigration reform has exacerbated an already grave situation.

As a result, many US firms, including Microsoft, have been forced to locate staff in countries that welcome skilled foreign workers to do work that could otherwise have been done in the United States, if it were not for our counterproductive immigration policies.
Gates is way off. By looking only at his own unique problems at Microsoft he ends up misplacing the blame.

His difficulty in finding skilled workers is not the result of a failed immigration policy. His difficulties arise from the decades-old failure of our public school system, a system that today is saturated with liberals, socialists, homosexuals and lesbians - all disguised as educators - who have concentrated their efforts on the political or lifestyle brainwashing of our children, rather than providing a real and useful education.

Even our colleges today are pumping out pitifully inadequate idiots, not at all prepared with a genuine "advanced" education, but sent out clutching only a piece of paper declaring their supposed "intelligence".

Result? Hardly any graduates from American schools and colleges with enough real education to land a decent job with people like Bill Gates, employers who require much more than a high self-esteem and immense ego as job qualifications.

If Gates wants to blame Congress, then he should blame Congress for it's complete and total failure to clean up the incredible mess at our public schools.

$80,000 ?

They are telling us that NY Governor Spitzer has spent $80,000 - that they know of - on prostitutes.

What the hell was/is wrong with his wife? Frigid? Worn out? Lesbian? Inadequate? Too many headaches? None of the above?

Maybe he is just a sex addict with lots of money to support his habit. Or was it that power/sex thing so many our of leaders - secular and religious - get hung up on?

Give me $80,000 to spend with wild abandon. I've have an all-concrete driveway, a six-foot fence around all my property, and a decent sized workshop in the back, lighted, heated, cooled, complete with john. I'd buy a few pounds of 999 silver to stuff the safety deposit box with, and blow whatever was left at a nearby Casino.

$80,000 on prostitutes. What a I-D-I-O-T.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Hmmmm... Think About It

I was just thinking about Bush and his passion to attack Iran. It's obvious he does not give a damn what the rest of America - or the rest of the world for that matter - thinks... he's the god damned president and he's going to do whatever he wants... and there's nobody to stop him.

Well, right now he's protected at any time by probably 20,000 or so federal troops and agents. that's gotta make the guy feel pretty invincible.

But, in just a few months, he's going to be just another citizen wandering around Crawford, Texas, with maybe two or three soon-to-retire agents to protect him, along with two hundred million pissed-off Americans wanting to have a heart-to-heart with him.

One must wonder if he's given that any thought at all.

I gotta think he has.. and that gives a bit of credulity to the idea that a military emergency(as declared by Bush) could cancel the elections.

America may be closer to it's demise than any of us realize.

More War, Baby, MORE WAR

The only American general(actually four-star Admiral) against invading Iran is out:
PENTAGON (AP) - Admiral William Fallon's resignation as U.S. military commander in the Middle East follows an article in Esquire magazine describing him as a lone voice against taking military action against Iran over its nuclear program.

But Defense Secretary Robert Gates says it would be "ridiculous" to suggest that Fallon's resignation signals that the United States is planning to go to war with Iran.
It's amazing how these guys - like Gates - can lie so easily. Bush and everybody in his administration is planing for war with Iran.

If there is anything that Bush intends to do before he leaves office, it's attack Iran. Everything he is doing now is a precursor to that. Forget what's he's saying... we know he's a bald-faced liar.

And Gates? What the hell.. the Commander-in-Chief is lying his ass off, so why not Gates? He'll always be able to blame Bush when things go to hell.

N0, It's Not About Race

Listening to those pompous TV pundits is amusing. First, they tell us that around 91% of black Americans are voting for Obama, then tell us that it's not about race, and proceed to discuss the race aspect of this election endlessly.

Of course it's about race. Blacks have a chance to get one of their "people" in charge of everything, and they are totally energized over the idea. If Obama was not black, you would not see this massive black turnout, so it is all about race.

I still am quite worried that Obama - if elected president - will be so divisive that he will be the catalyst for a second American Civil War.

But whose side will the Mexicans be on?

Should Have Guessed This

NY Gov. Switzer is on the way down and out, political career finished, no federal judgeship for him.

During his eight years as NY Attorney General he went after the thieves, crooks, conmen and pondscum lurking around Wall Street and the stock exchange, taking down many a crook, scaring many more, and making enemies of them all.

So the day after Switzer is hung out to dry, the stock market goes up 400 points.

So it's back to business as usual on the street. Makes me think that maybe - just maybe - Switzer was set up.

And you still think it's not rigged?

Seems To Me...

Seems to me that it's OK for eight years as president to turn a man's hair snowy white - and it usually does - but for a guy like McCain to be white-haired before his first day in office seems totally wrong somehow.

If the job makes a young man old, what the hell is it going to do to somebody who's an old man already?

Monday, March 10, 2008

For That Kind Of money...

Wow. Bob's landing is an exciting place today! New york Governor Spitzer Just zoomed past in a speedboat with a high priced hooker on board. He's headed for those falls around the bend way faster than the SS Hillary or the SS Barak.

Seems the governer was caught in yet another FBI wire-tapping event.

Rumor has it the hooker was one of those Washington super-dupers with a price tag of $5,500.00/hour. For that sort of money, you'd think that a guarantee of NO wiretapping by anybody at anytime would be a part of the deal.

What's the world coming to when an honest politician can't trust a 5,500 dollar/hr hooker?

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Waterboarding Allowed

President Bush vetoed legislation that would ban the CIA from using harsh interrogation methods such as waterboarding to break suspected terrorists because it would end practices that have prevented attacks. Said United States President, the honorable George Walker Bush:
The bill Congress sent me would take away one of the most valuable tools in the war on terror. So today I vetoed it.
Well, I for one, am relieved. Here, on the river of no return, banning any kind of potential watersport would be so unsportsmanlike.

Now, we should create an official sport out of waterboarding, complete with Olympic competitions, to be scored by just how fast your black-ops team can make a participant(must be involuntary) talk.

From Where?

DRUDGE's main headline this morning:
Back from where? Did he disappear recently?

And what's the big deal over a "Wyoming victory? ROFL...

To be claiming a front page headline "victory" in a place like that suggests - to me - rummaging through the dumpster for the last bit of scraps, even if it is a pretty dumpster.

Yessir... here at Bob's little river landing, we're watching two rubber rafts, the SS Hillary and the SS Barak flash by, full of screaming and yelling freeboarders throwing rocks at each other, closely followed by some old coot with a cannon mounted on the bow of his little boat taking pot shots at both of them.

They're all so busy attacking each other that none of them hear the thunder of those huge falls lurking just around the bend.

It's a fierce amount of noise and bedlam for this little part of the river.

But it'll be much quieter soon.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

No Point At All

Reading back through my postings has made me realize that paying attention to all the crap going on and trying to point it out is just a waste of time, doesn't do any good, and won't change a thing.

Whatever is going on is being done by people who are in control of everything already, and that's not going to change. We are all on board for the ride, like it or not.

What to do depends on the kind of ride we're on. If it's like a roller coaster, we're all strapped in and have no options whatever, except maybe to upchuck and splatter on the riders in the seats behind us, something eerily similar to what I have been doing with this blog.

Or maybe it's like a merry-go-round, all of us endlessly traveling in pointless little circles on whatever artificial mount we chose, having our little ups and downs in the process, while those in charge keep the speed at just the point where we won't panic or get upset, playing happy music to keep us smiling.

If it's like a ride down some wild river, then we all have a chance at one time or another to pull over to the first available bank and get the hell off before reaching the ever-present falls. From that point of view, we can watch everybody else on their wild ride, screaming, yelling, hanging on, white-knuckled in wild-eyed fear and panic, some falling out and drowning - or suddenly jumping off - only to be smashed into oblivion against the hidden rocks. Many will just mindlessly drift over the falls, maddenly frustrating what with their vacuous, empty smiles, never having figured out whats happening to them. However, from our new vantage point on the bank, we can cheer them on or laugh uproariously - or ignore them completely - depending only on how we feel at the moment.

Me? I tried the roller coaster, too little control of whatever it is I can control, and the merry-go-round? Just too boring, like in a giant corporate office hive.

It's been the wild river ride for me, and I think I have pulled myself out on a little piece of river bank, but instead of cheering or laughing, I've been throwing rocks at the passersby.

Silly me... that attracts unwanted attention. So I think I'll just sit back and watch the show. Instead of tossing some of those endlessly available rocks, I'll use them to build me a wall, or maybe a ledge up the canyon side for when the water rises, which it inevitably does.

Friday, March 07, 2008

Snow Jobs

This morning we awoke to a blanket of snow, a normal occurrence when we lived in Colorado Springs, but a somewhat unusual event for Terrell, Texas.

Just what we need, another snow job.

As I watch and listen to the socialist, the communist and the slavering war dog as they vie for the American presidency, and...

Watch as our jobs and industries continue to drain away to foreign nations...

Watch as the fed keeps printing more and more of those almost worthless federal reserve notes...

Watch as our banks and lending institutions continue their wholesale plunder of the housing industry...

Watch as millions and millions of Mexicans continue the unchallenged invasion of our nation with the full intent of annexation...

Watch as OPEC quite openly continues to increase it's use of oil as it's primary weapon against the supporters of the Zionists with their goals of permanence and statehood...

Watch as the cost of food and utilities continue their stratospheric climb...

Watch as our insane federal and state governments continue to spend us into ruin...

Watch as the Euro and it's hidden backers continue a vicious attack against our currency...

Watch as our schools disintegrate into cesspools of ignorance...

Watch as our national infrastructure crumbles into decay...

Watch in dismay as a sitting president and a bought-and-sold Congress continue to anger and alienate the entire non-Judeo/Christian world with these continuing attempts at Empire...

I begin to fully realize how those few hundred sons-of-bitches we have sent to Washington have delivered the biggest snow job in history on us average American taxpayers, with the full and avid support of our totally controlled media, people desperately trying to convince us that things are really OK, when even Helen Keller* would have known better.

*For many of our public school attendees, Helen Keller was born deaf and blind, stayed that way all her life, but she wasn't stupid.

Even now we see ga-ga idiots break into tears when Obama(the media generated apparition) opens his mouth to spout more inane but fine-sounding banalities. The democrats are choosing between a socialist and a communist to lead this nation into further - and perhaps final - ruin, and the newly self-destructed Republican party has chosen endless war as it's national goal by choosing a modern - but overage - version of Attila the Hun as their chosen one.

And now Bush the Lessor announces that he is "disappointed" in the "loss of U. S. job payrolls" in America. Do you ever wonder if this "Skull and Bones" reject can connect the dots?

Of course he can... it's all part of the plan, part of the master "snow job" we are victims of. So this somewhat unexpected snow in Terrell is no big deal by comparison.

At least it will melt away with little or no damage, a small consolation, I suppose.

And perhaps - just perhaps - this all new Mex-America these hidden Masters of the Universe are creating will settle down and start acting like a normal member of this world's collection of nations. But... maybe not. History has repeatedly shown us that the lust for power and wealth has no bounds, no brakes, and no end.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Scary Picture

Two mostly unsane saber-rattling out-of-touch war dogs enjoying the prospect of continued war, that hundred-year Iraqi war McCain has been gleefully ruminating over, with endless continuing profits for their corporate masters.

That old coot on the left? He just may be the one trying to answer that White House phone call at 3:00AM some unfortunate day...

Ring ring...

"Hello? What? Who is this? Huh? Say that again? Who? What? Huh? Where? The war room? Where's that? Doing what? Huh? Who's that? Where? Huh? Call me back later."


You get the idea.

Dollar Sinking Fast

... In a sea of oil.

More good news:
FRANKFURT, Germany (AP) -- The dollar's plunge continued unabated Thursday, striking record lows after the European Central Bank kept its benchmark rate on hold and the U.S. released another batch of dour economic reports.

The euro fetched a record $1.5370 in European morning trading before falling back to $1.5360. The European currency closed at $1.5262 Wednesday.
They are tying the huge increase in oil costs to the declining dollar, but that just isn't all of it.

As you have no doubt heard, OPEC - even now - is considering cutting back production, showing little or no inclination to raise production to meet demand.

There's plenty of oil worldwide, but the major suppliers are gleefully gouging Western and European customers everywhere for the sake of profits beyond imagination - except, of course - in their own countries. Arabs are charging themselves something like fifty cents/gallon, even less in places like Dubai.

Bush, that oil drenched pretend president, could easily issue orders to double America's oil production to counteract OPEC's continuing attacks against our economy, but that would cause a loss of income to the oil cartels... Bush buddies all.

Also, the Arabs have finally fully realized just how powerful oil is as a weapon against those who support their enemy Israel. They also realize that the American media will not mention this - ever - instead putting all the blame on the declining dollar. I imagine that as long as the West continues to support Israel and it's long-term occupation of the Middle East, the Arabs will continue to shove it to us with increasing oil prices, a comment you will never hear on our Jewish controlled media.

Go ahead... just ask me if I think we should never produce oil from ANWAR because a few dozen wandering reindeer might be inconvenienced, or some permafrost in the middle of nowhere will get a few automobile ruts in it, or that we should pay ten dollars/gallon plus for gas so the Jews can keep their UN generated State, created from land and property seized from the Arabs in 1948.

Monday, March 03, 2008

Who To Vote For?

At this point in the election process, I've got this much figured out:

I would vote for Obama over McCain, because Obama says he will bring our troops back home quickly, compared to McCain's idea that a one-hundred-year occupation of Iraq is just fine and dandy.

I would vote for Clinton over Obama, because Clinton is much less Socialistic than Obama, who is so socialistic he is borderline Communist, just another Fidel Castro, both of whom love to make long and fine-sounding speeches.

I would vote for Huckabe over Clinton, because he at least wants to secure our borders and clean up this illegal mess, while Clinton is 100% pro-illegals.

But, I wouldn't vote for Huckabe because he is another one of those people who thinks he is going to be doing God's work as president, just like Bush the Lessor claimed. And another Bush we really can't afford to suffer.

I wouldn't vote for independent Ralph Nader. He's just another Pat Polson, a comedy candidate.

Voting for Ron Paul would be just like voting for Ross Perot back when, just a futile gesture nobody would pay any attention to.

Our choices range from bad to really bad to unbelievably bad. What a deal.

So, it seems I will have to write in none of the above, and see how well that settles. and if I can't write in a name, to hell with all of them... I'll just wait for the takeover and then skip the country.

After all, an open border works both ways.