Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wildly Successful

Al Qaeda's second in command Ayman Al-Zawahiri has surfaced again, this time threatening more attacks against the U.S. and the West.

A lesson in strategy here...

Osama said early on his goal was to destroy America's economy, the engine that supports all our incursions into foreign nations. After his attack on the Twin Towers, the results have been successful beyond his wildest imagination.

That attack resulted in hundreds of billions wasted on massive new layers of supposed enhanced security, huge new bureaucracies and thousands of freedom-robbing new laws. The spending and the bureaucracy continues to grow, the laws get more onerous by the day, and all Al-Qaeda needs to do is send some stumblebum idiot over every now and again to botch a gasoline bombing attempt - right past all this massive and incredibly expensive new security we have - to keep us forever in a state of national panic and fear.

And the occasional threat, as stated above. Al-Qaeda has learned that a nation full of creampuffs who will give up everything to be "safe", will respond to another vocal threat just like Pavlov's dogs did to a ringing dinner bell.

The latest message, which cost Al-Qaeda no money and no lives, will have the same effect here as before. Billions more dollars thrown down the rabbit hole on more of that supposed security, and more of our freedoms lost.

Osama's real goal, but far better than he ever dreamed of.

Amazing what a few dozen foreign malcontents - with nothing more than a video camera - can do to a nation led and controlled by gutless cowards.

Will there ever be another attack as horrible as the 911 attack?


Al-Qaeda knows that such an attack could easily result in the United States finally taking the gloves off and literally wiping them from the face of the earth.

So, expect a few more stumblebum amateurs, sacrificial lambs as it were, and the occasional new threat from Al-Qaeda's leaders.

That's all its taking to destroy us, along with the insane policies of a government that has no clue.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

The End Of The Track Is Just Ahead

From Neithercorp Press - 07/18/2010,(thanks to DC):


In the financial life of every culture built upon faulty monetary policy, there are points at which the thin thread of economic faith; the thread that ties the entire failing system together, the thread made tangible by the hopes (and sometimes ignorance) of the general populace, finally snaps. From Ancient Rome, to Weimar Germany, to Argentina, to modern day America, no society fueled by unsustainable debt and fiat inflation can duck the ‘Fiscal Reaper’ for very long. The U.S. alone has survived since the early 1970’s (after Nixon removed the last vestiges of the gold standard) on nothing but questionable credit practices and baseless optimism, but there is a limit to the power of fantasy. This is a fact that most mainstream financial analysts and some in the American public refuse to grasp. Mere belief in the enduring nature of the marketplace is not enough; the fundamentals must also support that belief.

Today, we face an atmosphere in which the fundamentals are fiercely opposed to the publicly promoted perception of the economy, and it is moments in history like this that present a clear primer for total collapse. Financial disaster is bad enough when it is at least partially anticipated. When the masses are caught completely unaware and unprepared in the midst of misguided conviction, this leads to the worst kind of tragedy: the ironic and Shakespearian kind. To avoid this brand of tragedy is one of the primary reasons why we in the Liberty Movement do what we do. We may not be able to stop the current crisis from developing, but we can create awareness, and through this we can lessen the cultural shock, and thereby lessen the impact.

Mainstream economists crowed about the “invincible” rise of globalism and the unstoppable U.S. financial juggernaut for years while more level headed and intelligent men tried to warn the public of danger. The initial derivatives collapse in 2007 / 2008 should have put all of these pathetic establishment cheerleaders to shame, not to mention out of work. Yet three years later, amazingly, we are asked, even expected, to continue to look to such sad and useless people for predictions on market stability that always turn out absolutely inaccurate, and advice on savings and investment that they are not equipped to give.

I suppose we should not be surprised by the continued lifespan of MSM parrots and puppets. They may not be helpful to the average American, but they are very helpful to international banks and the globalist companies that pay their salaries. They distract and confuse us. They comfort when they should caution, and contradict when they should pay heed. Our financial house is burning from the bottom floor up, and they assure us that the warm orange glow is just the dawning of a new and beautiful day. We are told to “look to the future”, a return to normalcy is “just around the corner”. Never would they dare to weigh the cold hard factors of the present, or the ruse would be up. Whether they are aware of it or not the lies media pundits perpetuate set the stage for even greater upheaval, to the detriment of most, and the benefit of only a handful.

In this article, as we have in so many others, we will examine those lies, as well as the truths they are meant to hide. The most important truth of all being, that not only are we not in the middle of a recovery, but that the final phase of the economic meltdown is about to commence…

Go read the article if you believe we can learn from history. And then start getting prepared. This won't happen overnight. There is still some time left for the forewarned.

It's not an easy read, what with all the references you have to check out, but it's past time you took the time and effort to get informed.

Otherwise, just keep on keeping on with whatever it is you are doing, and when it all hits, don't whine, take it like a man.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Trying To Re-ignite Another War

North Korea inflamed tensions over the deadly sinking of a South Korean warship by threatening the United States and South Korea on Friday with a "physical response" if they carry out naval maneuvers this weekend. The U.S. refused to back down.

Makes sense.

It looks like the typical United States citizen is fed up with and just about finished supporting our military/industrial complex incursion into Iraq and Afghanistan, so it's time to put Korea on the front burner once again.

Over in that part of the world where women are supposed to be silent and go do the housework, Obama sends bigmouthed Hillary to go stomping through the tulips. She is tossing veiled threats around like candy, dishing out exactly the kind of insults those boys will start wars over.

One must wonder why we couldn't get it on with Pakistan, where Osama is being protected by the people and the government. Maybe it's because they have nukes... And no compunctions about using them.

So, I guess it's back to Korea.

Unlike Viet Nam, we haven't totally lost there yet.

If you think I'm kidding, you haven't been paying any attention at all.

$604,000 Water Bill

Us taxpayers forked over $604,000 for bottled water for those putzes in Congress last year. And that's not all, just read about some of the rest of the crap we pay for so these overpaid jackasses can stuff their mouths.

$604,000 for bottled water.

At the salaries these thieves are paid, let them buy their own freaking water, or drink the chemically-laden junk coming out of Washington's public water supply system.

And if they want a damned Quizno's sandwich(they ate over $160,000 worth of them on our tab), they can buy it themselves, or go hungry.

What a bunch of cheap, chiseling deadbeat crooks.

Hi Ho Silver, Or, A Word To The Wise

The Obama Administration's new requirement that demands a paper trail for any transaction over $600 has the nation up in arms over the massive paper load and extra time, manpower and expense these new rules are going to require.

Consider. Why in the world would the government have a need to know if you bought a $1,000 garden tractor, or a pair of earrimgs for your GF, or a new suit from The Men's Warehouse, or anything else you wanted sporting a price tag over $600?

The answer is, they don't. For the most part, the government doesn't give a damn what you spend your money on, so long as you keep spending.

Ahhh, but then there's gold. Real wealth. Real wealth that survives and maintains its value through thick or thin, through whatever financial disasters a stupidly run government can come up with.

So, this new law is actually intended to keep track of gold sales. Now, when anybody buys as little as one ounce of gold, there will be paperwork recording the transaction and sent to Uncle Sam.


Today we Americans are allowed to buy or sell our gold as we see fit, but there was a time when this was not so.

During the Great Depression era, Roosevelt - by presidential executive order - ordered all Americans to turn in their gold. If they did not, there was a fine of $10,000 and up to ten years in jail. Roosevelt had all manner of fine-sounding reasons for his criminal confiscation of private property, from it was an "emergency", to it's "good" for all of us.

It took another administration and another Congress to reverse this unconstitutional and criminal act.

Obama, or whoever takes his place, will do exactly the same thing Roosevelt did... Demand we turn in our gold - real wealth - and exchange it for whatever paper currency the Fed may be issuing at the time, paper backed by nothing and representing zero wealth, but exclusively controlled by institutions and groups mostly unknown by the average citizen. Roosevelt and the Progressives could not allow Americans to possess real wealth, such possession took the total control of finances away from a central authority and put it in the hands of individuals. You cannot redistribute what you cannot control.

Obama is going down the exact same path, a plan for total control outlined by Progressives in the 20's and 30's and being forced on us today. The Progressives long-held dream is total control of everything by a central authority... In this case, the federal government, which they presently control. Americans must not be allowed to have access to a source of real wealth, independent of - and untouchable by - any controlling agency or group.

So, when the president(Obama or the next one) issues an executive order demanding the turning in of all privately held gold, the government will already know where it all is.

That brings us to silver, the other precious metal. Historically, gold was worth around twenty times more than silver, meaning it took much less space to hold and store real wealth using gold, making gold the obvious choice for individuals wise enough to protect their assets from the obvious perils of paper currencies.

This very moment gold is trading for $1,203/oz. and silver for $18.28/oz., not the historical ratio of twenty-to-one, but closer to a ratio of sixty-six-to-one. Should silver return to it's historical ratio of value to gold, it will rise to a value of around $60.00/oz.

The true value of silver has been intentionally suppressed because of it's extreme value to all manner of industrial processes that need the metal, particularly in this electronic age. However, last year annual silver demand exceeded the annual supply for the first time in history. Up went the price... silver has recently doubled in value.

What could cause the value of silver to explode? The process is already happening. First, track gold transactions to know where it is being held, and then confiscate it by presidential executive order.

Can't happen? It already has happened... At the hands of the Progressive president Roosevelt, and now we have Progressive president Obama following in Roosevelt's footsteps.

This new requirement to create a paper trail of gold transactions will create a surge in the silver market when folks who have the desire to protect their assets with real wealth (and at the same time wish to remain under the governmental radar), switch to silver.

Watch the price of silver go up and up.

Once it becomes apparent that Obama is going to call in all privately held gold, the silver rush will begin in earnest.

Watch the price of silver - to coin a phrase - necessarily skyrocket.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Very Apt

"The Old Jarhead" has this posted:

This is going around the net. Good satire. Alas, no author to credit.

I do not like this Uncle Sam,
I do not like his health care scam.
I do not like these dirty crooks,
or how they lie and cook the books.
I do not like when Congress steals,
I do not like their secret deals.
I do not like this speaker Nan,
I do not like this 'YES WE CAN'.
I do not like this spending spree,
I'm smart, I know that nothing's free,
I do not like your smug replies,
when I complain about your lies.
I do not like this kind of hope.
I do not like it. nope, nope, nope!

Couldn't agreee more.

Monday, July 12, 2010

No More Air-Conditioning?

Can you believe it? Just read this crap:

Saying goodbye to A.C. means saying hello to the world. With more people spending more time outdoors -- particularly in the late afternoon and evening, when temperatures fall more quickly outside than they do inside -- neighborhoods see a boom in spontaneous summertime socializing.

Rather than cowering alone in chilly home-entertainment rooms, neighbors get to know one another. Because there are more people outside, streets in high-crime areas become safer. As a result of all this, a strange thing happens: Deaths from heat decline. Elderly people no longer die alone inside sweltering apartments, too afraid to venture outside for help and too isolated to be noticed. Instead, people look out for one another during heat waves, checking in on their most vulnerable neighbors.

You get a bunch of people sweating their balls off in a heat wave and what you get is not all that idiocy quoted above, but a bunch of people with very short tempers and short fuses ready to bring the hammer down at a seconds notice.

Gad... the stuff PollyAnna wrote above is as idealistic as one could ever imagine, but based on reality? Not a chance.

Come down here, you babbling idiot, where the temperature - right now - is 99 and the humidity is 85. Let's see how long you last outside communing with Mother Nature.

Golf Instead Of Chess

In golf, basically one hits a ball and then watches where it lands. The art of hitting that ball and making it go where you want has filled volumes, and the inability to do that skillfully has tormented millions since day one of the game.

On the opposite end of the scale is chess. Chess is definitely not a game where one takes a swing to see what happens, it's a game of strategy, intelligence and logic. In chess, moving a piece just because a clock is ticking - and then waiting for some sort of response - is a sure-fire way to lose.

That's why Obama plays golf. And that's why the Obama administration keeps stumbling into one minefield after another. Obama and the gaggle of Progressives surrounding him are running the government like it's just another golf game. They think the chess game is over.

The six-month moratorium of drilling in the gulf is just one example. The problems facing Obama and his cohorts because of this knee-jerk reaction continue to mount and take time away from other fires that need attention. Conventional thinking opines that had they thought it through, they would have realized a 30-day moratorium was sufficient for the stated purpose, to review the drilling procedures presently in place.

But... Conventional thinking cannot work here. Everything this administration does has dual purpose - The publicly stated one - and the true purpose... To advance the Progressive agenda, to "transform" America into something it was never intended to be.

The people surrounding Obama are not stupid. They may be dead wrong, but not stupid. The moratorium was not for review, but a maneuver to leverage the possibilities for passage of the upcoming Cap and Trade bill.

The reality that we will lose all the drilling rigs in the gulf today because of this moratorium is of no consequence to these people. It helps to serve their goal of green everything: Oil, gas and coal nothing.

Now comes the Attorney General(another empty suit) swinging at his ball, the lawsuits against Arizona. Had the administration looked just the teeniest bit ahead, they would have realized what a "toxic" hot potato this would become, as it has.

BOSTON — In a private meeting with White House officials this weekend, Democratic governors voiced deep anxiety about the Obama administration’s suit against Arizona’s new immigration law, worrying that it could cost a vulnerable Democratic Party in the fall elections.

Well, DUH.

“Universally the governors are saying, ‘We’ve got to talk about jobs,’ ” Gov. Phil Bredesen of Tennessee, a Democrat, said in an interview. “And all of a sudden we have immigration going on.”

He added, “It is such a toxic subject, such an important time for Democrats.”

Nice job there, Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. Keep your eye on the ball... not the chessboard.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

God Save Us From These Fools

I can't stand any more:

Attorney General Eric Holder, just days after filing a federal lawsuit against Arizona's immigration law, on Sunday floated the possibility of filing another suit on racial profiling grounds.

Eric Holder has got to be way up there on the list of idiots who look intelligent, sound intelligent, wear nice clothes and all that civilized stuff... but are still complete idiots.

It's the same with Obama... A fine looking and fine sounding empty suit. His knee-jerk reaction to the first rupture in over 60,000 wells by stopping all the drilling in the golf has resulted in the first of many drilling rigs to sail off. This administrations total lack of foresight will result in us losing all those gulf drilling rigs, and like so many of our jobs that have sailed away, will never come back. The problems we will face due to oil stortages in our future because of this idiocy cannot be measured, but every predictor on the planet indicates nothing but bad, bad things.

WASHINGTON — Diamond Offshore announced Friday that its Ocean Endeavor drilling rig will leave the Gulf of Mexico and move to Egyptian waters immediately — making it the first to abandon the United States in the wake of the BP oil spill and a ban on deep-water drilling.

The stupidity of this administration has reached the point I can hardly stand to hear the next ulcer-generating stunt these supposedly intellectually enlightened buffoons come up with.

This "transformation of America" Obama has bragged so long and hard on is nothing less than a national trainwreck, but those intellectual idiots he has surrounded himself with - all those progressives - can't see the forest for the tress, can't tell between a hole in the ground and their rearends. They think they are taking over everything and creating a totally organized and structured fairyland world of peace, light and rainbows, when in fact they are destroying the very system that gave them the opportunity be be the blindered, witless Pollyannas they truly are.

As I've said before, I'm an agnostic, but asking whatever Gods there may be to save us may not be such a bad idea, since it seems we are not going to put a stop to these unbelievable clowns ourselves.

Thursday, July 08, 2010

"Kill Some Crackers..."

"... And some of their babies too."

Cracker = white people.

Remember those two black Panthers, all dressed up in para-military costumes, armed with nightsticks in front of that voting location, intimidating voters?

Go here and watch the video. Don't start about it's just a rightwing blog, or a conservative nutjob site, or whatever excuses you've been using to ignore what's happening.

Just watch the video.

The racist lunatic in the video doing all the hate-spewing is the short guy in the voter intimidation case.

As an aside, those two black thugs had been convicted of voter intimidation and were facing sentencing when black president Obama's black Attorney General stepped in and dismissed the charges and threw out the case against those two black panthers... After conviction, and awaiting sentencing for voter intimidation.

Notice any sort of pattern there? You'd better... In an extended version of that video, he said "You crackers are going to be ruled by blacks."


It really doesn't matter a whit whether or not you just love blacks and are constantly crying about all those past injustices their ancestors suffered, if you're white - even a compassionate and caring, victim-supporting white - they hate YOU. And want to kill YOU. And for good measure, kill your babies also (if you have any).

What a great leap forward for race relations these guys represent.

Well there, fellow crackers, what to do about some racist lunatics running around threatening to kill white Americans and their babies? Possibly consider them as home-grown terrorists?

How about that, Homeland Security? We've got madmen in the streets of America promoting the deaths of Americans and their babies.

Could that possibly be a threat to national security?

Of course not. These men are obviously oppressed victims of slavery, cannot possibly be racist, and were only kidding - blowing off a little steam - when they were videotaped demanding the deaths of crackers and their babies.

I wouldn't recommend that kind of mouthy outburst in places like Dallas. Way too many folks here would consider that as an in-your-face direct death threat to their children, and respond with deadly force.

Remember that shooter in the Texas Tower some years ago, the one that started shooting college students? It was ordinary citizens driving by that stopped, pulled out their hunting rifles from their vehicles, and put a stop to his rampage. Those ordinary citizens kept him pinned down with accurate rifle fire until the cops could get to him.

There's a real serious message in there for those who promote violence against the innocent, especially babies.

If these blatantly racist Black Panthers and their white-hating buddies really want a "let's kill some crackers" confrontation, all they need to do is keep pushing. They will most certainly get what they want, but those unintended consequences - as usual - will be awesome.

Don't forget to bring popcorn... And keep your head down.

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

So Long, Internet...(Updated)

... And freedom of speech.

It's all over, except for the moaning, the wailing, and the sad song singing:

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is blocking certain websites from the federal agency's computers, including halting access by staffers to any Internet pages that contain a "controversial opinion," according to an internal email obtained by CBS News.

Universal enforcement of this will follow quickly on the heels of this action by TSA. It is a test run to feel out the opposition, a testing of the waters to see how quickly - and harshly - content control over the internet - and all other forms of communication - can be established and enforced.

There will be little or no opposition, other than a few voices wailing in the wilderness.

The courts will not stop this. The federal government certainly will not stop this. The State, Country and City governments will not stop this. Those people will welcome this silencing of opposition with open arms and great celebration.

Oh yes, a few lawyers will go through the motions... To make us all feel someone is standing up for our rights, but don't kid yourself.

The only way to put a stop to this is to physically remove these people from the positions of power they now hold.

Sadly, it took a lot more for our founders to accomplish this than just being aware of the injustices and voicing their opinions.

I have no illusions that most of today's Americans will care or try to prevent this, since they have no knowledge or understanding of what they are losing, or have lost already.

Watching all this happen is almost like being in a Titanic lifeboat. I can see what's happening with great clarity. But the Titanic survivors, as they watched the ship slip beneath the waves, had no clue as to why. They did not know that the ships Captain, a pompous elitist who felt himself above the laws of man and nature, had ignored repeated warnings and by doing so, sealed the ship's fate.

We have another pompous elitist at the helm today. But this self-absorbed would-be king believes he is greater than any challenge, wiser than any sage. In reality what we have is a court jester who has mounted the throne, one who believes his opinions and views of everything are the right ones, and that all who disagree are wrong.

Just like those many dead who believed in the great ship and trusted it's Captain, we are all about to find out the real cost of ignorance and complacency.

The lookout has been yelling and screaming, but nobody is listening.


After an uproar from conservative bloggers and free-speech activists, the Transportation Security Administration late Tuesday
rescinded a new policy that would have prevented employees from accessing websites with "controversial opinions" on TSA computers at work.

Congratuations to all you bloggers and free-speech activists... You have some muscle after all.

Sunday, July 04, 2010

Petraeus Into The Breach

Didn't see his white horse tho:

He landed in Kabul on Friday after his appointment was confirmed by the U.S. Senate and the U.S. House of Representatives approved $33 billion in funding for a troop surge he hopes will turn the tide of the war.

The surge will bring to 150,000 the number of foreign troops in Afghanistan just as a new strategy takes root. It entails tackling the Taliban in their strongholds while relying on the government to simultaneously improve local governance and development.

I am perplexed over his "new" strategy of tackling the Taliban in their strongholds.

The Taliban are Afghanistan citizens. Their stronghold is Afghanistan. They are the same armed Afghanistan citizens that fought the Russian occupation for ten years, finally chasing them out.

The only Afghan citizens that are friendly to today's occupiers are the ones without the ability to shoot back, or the ones that we are paying handsomely to be "friendly".

If you believe otherwise, you need to find some new news sources.

I am beginning to believe that the U.S. strategy in Afghanistan is to just outlast the Russian stay, so we can brag about how we did better than them.

Who can seriously believe that the United States would take longer to "pacify" Iraq than it did to win World War II? And that a backwater 12th century holdout like Afghanistan could stop us for nine plus years?

Our troops - as usual - have done magnificently... Considering the fact they are not allowed to fight effectively or allowed to win.

It's the military-industrial complex Eisenhower warned us about:

War is profitable for the uber-rich, who keep the drums of war sounding and the general public totally ignorant.

Who amongst us actually believes that a single sub-sonic B-1 bomber should cost over a billion dollars? Or that a "troop surge" in Afghanistan should cost 33 billion dollars?

We already have the troops. They already have their weapons. They are already being paid, quartered, fed and trained. It matters not whether they are in Afghanistan or Boloxi, Mississippi. So the 33 billion is for travel costs?

It all reeks of greed, graft and corruption.

It would be a smart thing for us to find out where all those taxpayer dollars really go.

Friday, July 02, 2010

Totally Freaking Out Of Control

The White House on Friday released the salaries of its staff members ranging from its lowest-level employees to chief of staff Rahm Emanuel.

Emanuel, press secretary Roberts Gibbs, senior adviser David Axelrod and senior adviser Valerie Jarrett make the top salary amount of $172,200 per year. Three staffers have their salaries listed as $0.

Obama has a total of 468 staffers to keep him and his wife in what must be the finest lap of luxury that ever existed.

In total, the White House pays its staff $38,796,307/year.

At the present rate, it will cost us taxpayers over $150,000,000 for Obama's speech writers, advisers, cooks, bedmakers, shoeshiners and guards during his four-year romp in our White House.

This is just plain nuts. My wife says it's just plain outright theft.

Those lunatics in Washington have gone totally over the cliff.

But you know what? The next president won't be any better, or different, unless we totally clean house, from top to bottom.

That KKK dude Byrd was in the Senate for over FIFTY years, a man who filibustered the Civil Rights Bill, a man who hated blacks with an intensity most of us cannot comprehend. And that idiot Obama - at Byrd's eulogy - claimed the man to be his "friend".

Try and tell me most Americans - including this president - aren't just plain stupid.