Thursday, November 26, 2015

President Serves It Up To Vets

The President was joined by wife Michelle and daughters Malia and Sasha as they visited the Friendship Place homeless center in Washington DC (main)

The entire  "First family" serving up chow.

What a beautiful photo, posed of course.

Notice what I noticed?   No whites anywhere, blacks only.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

A Good Laugh Every Now And Then

This almost  made me spill my coffee....

What a hoot!

Friday, November 20, 2015

Timing... It's A Matter Of Timing

Allah's boys intend to turn the White House into a parking lot:

My question is: Will they attack when Obama is home, or will they wait until he's out golfing?

When these loonies attack will finally give us the answer as to whether Obama is a Muslim - and their ally - or not.

Always something to be learned. Just gotta look for what.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Leftist Logic

And the bleat goes on....

Thanks once again to Ex-army

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

OK, But How Fast Can She Move?

Pictured here is Britain's newest entry into the anti-terrorist effort.

It's your once typical 90 pound Ninja Warrior Princess now all decked out in ultra SWAT regalia, no doubt intended to impress us all with her fierce looks and scary artillery,  and with the usual ski mask hiding her identity.

Take a look:

Wow. How long did it take to get dressed?

Keep in mind that bullets weigh a lot, and it looks like she's carrying five high-capacity magazines for the rifle, and more for the Glock.. I'll bet she's carrying at least half her body weight in guns and ammo. There's body armor under that snazzy gung-ho military style outfit, adding another twenty or so pounds. Then there's the helmet, the boots, the Kevlar reinforced gloves, the com gear. It all adds up.

Not considered a part of her vital equipment is a no-doubt needed cooling system, because all that crap is really good insulation, running that body temperature through the roof. And getting into a real firefight can get ultra hot and sweaty real quick.

But none of that is what worries me.  This Seal Team/Ranger wannbe can play soldier dress-up all day long and arm-wrestle the guys, chew tobacco, whatever, just as long as she doesn't get let loose anywhere near our local streets.


Because armed women with shoot-to-kill authority have been shown to be insanely trigger-happy. Their superior survivalist instincts (much batter then mens) means they almost always shoot first and ask questions later. That makes them very dangerous to life and limb.

Add that to the fact that her lightweight frame is burdened down by one hell of a lot of equipment slowing her down. This means she will feel even more vulnerable in a situation where speed is everything for survival and will make her even more trigger happy.

Don't blame me. Women have been engineered the way they are for thousands of years. They have been designed with the necessary equipment to have babies and be mothers, not what you see above. Men have been designed to do  that sort of stuff.

Am I anti-female? Of course not. Been happily married for almost a half-century to a marvelous women, wife and mother. But I believe this PC nonsense about  everybody being equal, with identical capabilities, is pure crap.

Yes, there are without doubt a few females out there as tough as any man that could physically handle the job.  You've no doubt seen one or two. But let's not get silly and send out women who are just not capable of handling their share of the load.

Risky business, this, giving Barbie assault weapons and letting her run loose. But with today's crop of girly-men and sniveling metro males, maybe a few tough females is what we need.

But it still worries me.,,  potentially way too many bullets flying around in situations that a good negotiator could have defused without unnecessary violence.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

The Naked Truth

I'm unable to find a translation of the text in the photo, but 
I'm pretty sure it isn't wishing us a good day.

Peter Grant just posted this:

 'Islamic State cannot be defeated with kindness. It's time to kill or be killed.'
The gunmen of Isil cannot – and will not – be defeated through talking, persuasion or understanding. There are no compromises to be offered.

There is, quite simply, nothing to negotiate.

The cold, hard facts are these: the Islamists hate us and their aim is to kill us.

They hate our way of life, our values, our culture, our civilisation. There is nothing we can do to appease them or persuade them to stop their killing spree – whether that murder takes places in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon or on the streets of Paris.

There is nothing we can do – whether it is changing our foreign policy by withdrawing troops or warplanes from the Middle East or ending the Israel-Palestine conflict or anything else – that will make them change their minds.

This will not change the minds of Islamists. They still want to kill us

The terrorists and their willingness and ability to use violence against us will only be defeated by one thing: our own willingness and ability to use violence against them.

. . .

Isil and its death cult stablemates will never be defeated until we get to grips with the concept that this has nothing to do with anything except the fact that we exist. It is that, and that alone, which offends them and which they seek to destroy.

So, unless we are all happy to sign up to radical Islam right now, with every heretic and infidel executed on sight, every man forced to take up arms, every woman enslaved, every homosexual stoned to death and every nine-year-old girl at risk of rape, in a terrifying return to the Dark Ages, we have a choice to make.

That choice is stark: kill or be killed. So which one is it going to be?

The above from

All our precious snowflakes and their enablers had best wake up to the fact we are in a war in which the enemy is dedicated to total attrition, a war in which we are to be eliminated, converted or killed.

They tell us that EVERY day. They show us that they mean it. They have powerful allies in our own White House.

How dumb must one be to not see what's happening?

Monday, November 16, 2015

Just Like Us - Or Vice Versa - Right?

German photographer Mario Gerth, 38, spent seven years photographing tribal societies in Africa, including the Ethiopian Muris tribe where women have some of their bottom teeth removed so they can wear elaborate lip plates as a sign of beauty.

These are not photos taken 100 or 200 years ago. These are 
photos taken in the last seven years, in the 21st century

They remove their bottom teeth so they can wear lip plates. They live in grass and mud shacks. Even with constant exposure to our Western Civilization and all its technical and physical advances, these people continue to remain immersed in a civilization that atrophied in the Middle Ages. It's a path they have freely chosen.

Keep reminding yourself these are photos taken this century.

I am told they are no different than us, that if they had the same opportunities  and schooling we had, we wouldn't be able to tell the difference. Maybe so. Are we to assume that the above females are just dressed up in native costumes to celebrate something or other?

No, those lip plates are not pretend dress-up. Those missing bottom teeth were not removed for a one or two day celebration.

Just what are we supposed to conclude when people who are - without doubt - fully aware of our Western Civilization, reject it for their own version of existence?

Maybe we can conclude that they are not like us at all. Perhaps they don't want to be "Westernized".  Maybe they enjoy their lives, their culture and their traditions just the way they are.

If so, maybe we should stop trying to remake them into black versions of us, that we shouldn't plop them into the middle of Westernized America and then expect them to be in business suits and  Chevy SUV's next week.  A few perhaps, but a very few.

Leave them where they are, leave their culture alone. But DO NOT expect me to change my culture, my traditions, or my country to placate any of them should they come here. I don't want our women prancing around with huge flapping lip plates.  I have no interest whatever in living in a mud or grass shack.

So. Am I an evil white male intent on destroying everything in sight? Another on of those evil white males planning to enslave every minority on earth? Hardly.  I'm not even Jewish. I am a white male that wants to preserve what my forefathers before me created. If that makes me evil in your eyes, too damned bad.

Accordingly, I  take great offence at the relatives of the above now living in America who want to destroy what we have built, who spit on our culture and traditions, who mouth hatred for all things white and who riot, burn and pillage at every opportunity, proclaiming that the death of the white race is at hand.

It is not.

Abraham Lincoln told us what to do. He told us we should return the slaves to their nations of origin. But we ignored him and fought a war against each other instead. Don't believe that? Then you have no clue as to what  true history is, only the propagandized version.

Too bad. As Dr. Carson just said: "Your'e not using your frontal lobes."

Of course, it's your choice not to. This is still America, where you can choose to be as ignorant as you wish.

But there are severe consequences for being teeth-grittingly ignorant. 

As Ayn Rand said:

We can ignore reality, but we cannot ignore the consequences of ignoring reality."

And history has shown us that "Diversity+Proximity = war".

The fast approaching war of civilizations is a consequence of ignoring reality. Wait for it. If your'e smart, you'll also prepare for it.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Blacks Now Demanding Segregation

Black "students" at the University of Missouri are now demanding that white people stay out of their "black only healing space". 
What ever is a minority-loving feminist progressive to do now?

Sometimes reality sucks.

No doubt the guaranteed intense navel-gazing by these snowflakes will conclude that there just hasn't been enough "white guilt"  yet (for stuff none of us ever did), that these poor abused victims - who just happen to be enjoying the best of what America has to offer* -  have a God-given right to punish whites even more... by demanding the return of segregation. Smooth move there...

*free college, affirmative action, hiring preference, food stamps, welfare, housing assistance, free cell phones, etc., etc., etc.,

Oops, these minority-loving feminist progressive snowflakes don't believe in God.
One may possibly wonder what those unfortunate black victims need "healing" from.  Maybe it's from sore throats cased by all all the screaming they did  while demanding the Dean, another one of those evil white males rumored to have said something racist,  step down. What he was supposed to have said is uncertain, but so what? He's white, he's male, butcher the bastard.
As Fred Reed recently posted:
It warms the heart of a curmudgeon: As I suppose we all have heard by now,  black semi-pro football players at the University (sic) of Missouri have forced white officials to resign because of “White Privilege.” This Privilege is a great upsettance to them.
White Privilege is real, of course. It is a combination of high genetic intelligence, studiousness, a tendency toward intellectual exploration, the capacity to organize, sustained hard work, and conscientiousness. There is a reason why whites design Mars landers and black athletes do not.
To make this point clearly (See? It is my tendency toward intellectual exploration), let us consider the following questions:
How many of the black athletes, or black radicals at Missouri, or anywhere, have any business being at a university? How many have IQs below ninety? How many are way below? How many are studying real subjects, such as chemistry, languages, philosophy, literature, or history—as distinct from subjects for the enfeebled, Black Studies, Sociology, Education, and Breathing for Credit?

Friday, November 13, 2015

Maddog Muslims On Killing Spree in Paris

As of this hour, 60 are reported dead and a hostage situation is presently ongoing.

Perhaps now, the French will realize they are under attack by members of a conflicting civilization and toss them all out, but as the above toon suggests, maybe not.

7:30 PM Dallas time. Over 160 confirmed dead.  Maybe it's time to lob a few nukes at Mecca. That's where all this starts.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

The Social Justice Warrior, or SJW, A Definition

No, they're already here.

Social justice warriors believe in an extreme left-wing ideology that combines feminism, progressivism, and political correctness into a totalitarian system that attempts to censor speech and promote fringe lifestyles while actively discriminating against men, particularly white men. They are the internet activist arm of Western progressivism that acts as a vigilante group to ensure compliance and homogeny of far left thought.
The true definition of SJW is up for debate, but most generally it has become a catch-all term that describes feminists and liberals who actively try to solve the perceived social injustices of modern society by organizing in online communities to disseminate propaganda, censor speech, and punish individuals by getting them terminated from their employment. They have also been successful at positioning themselves in the upper echelons of universities, media organizations, and tech companies.
Using a “privilege” hierarchy, SJW’s calculate the worth of a human being based on perceived injustices or wrongs that group has suffered since the time of ancestral man, using selective and narrow interpretations of history. SJW’s elevate groups that they believe have received the least amount of “privilege” in the past, and then use internet activism in the form of mobs and community purges to target those who are determined to have greater amounts of privilege. The idea of privilege is so essential to SJW ideology that a common debate tactic they use is to say “check your privilege,” which roughly translates to, “you must immediately halt or change your speech because your ancestors may or may not have done bad things to women or minority races.”
Their ultimate goal is to silence all speech that they don’t like and which they find offensive while also punishing the speech offender by removing his source of income and influence. As they grow in power, the acceptable range of speech that would trigger an SJW witch hunt is becoming more narrow, and those who are high up on the privilege hierarchy (white men) have to speak through a careful filter if they don’t want to be subject to an SJW attack.
This definition is by Roosh, and is quite accurate. 
Remember this photo from my post of August 3, 2113? Of course not, So I'm posting it again.

She's still around, her and her equally offend-able and always upset pals. You can find them in  media, corporate offices and especially on college campuses. 
If you need some advice in handling these deadly vipers, go get Beale's book "SJW's Always Lie". It's on Kindle and Amazon and many other places. Learn to defend yourself when - when, not if - they attack you.
It just may save you and  your job.