Saturday, April 30, 2011

Tax The Rich

Let them pay off the debt.

That's what we hear everywhere.

OK, how much money do they have? According to Forbes , the top 1,210 Billionaires in 2011 have a combined wealth of $4.5 trillion.

How much is the national debt? Over $14.3 trillion. We could confiscate every penny they have, apply it to the national debt, and not be able to pay off a third of it.

But, there's even a larger problem than that: The richest man in the world, Carlos Slim HelĂș ($74 billion) is a Mexican National. In fact, of the top ten richest, only four are Americans. Try to tax those foreign billionaires to pay off the American debt. Good luck with that.

Most of the rich in the world are not Americans. So who to tax? And how much? Take 100% of Bill Gates money? It's just a very small drop in a very large bucket.

We could tax every American citizen 100% of their income for an entire year ($12.53 trillion) and still not be able to pay off the national debt.

Our real problem is not who to tax, or how much, it's the insane spending Washington does.

What we must do is stop the lunatic spenders in Washington... By whatever means necessary.

Friday, April 29, 2011

The Last Hurrah

1,533 posts.

Most of them railing uselessly against the growing tide of the foul-mouthed, the uncivilized and ignorant, the endless waves of uneducated illegals who hate us far more than anyone realizes, the witless and unthinking who revel in their belief that America's days are over, against the Progressives, the Socialists, the Marxists and the Communists now in positions of leadership and control.

The tidal wave that is is socialism in America cannot be stopped. It is already here and swamping everything we know. So, rather than standing on the beach yelling at the waves, it's time to head for the hills as it were, and sit it out.

It's time to adapt to the new realities that surround us. Forget the way it was, that's over.

The world is changing and so must we. I realized this today as I watched the "Royal Wedding". Countess millions of spectators and viewers in England and America were all agog over this event, but I did not see in it the future of England, what I saw was the last hurrah of a once great nation.

I'll bet real money that there was not one Muslim, not one black panther, not one latino in that crowd in front of Buckingham Palace awaiting the couples "first kiss".

Nero fiddled while Rome burned.

The future King and Queen of England kissed while England burned.

And the Americans? Well by golly, they felt really good about it.

And like - you know - feeling good is more important than anything.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Afghan Officer Kills Nine Americans

With friends like this, who needs enemies?:

KABUL, Afghanistan – Eight American troops and a U.S. contractor died Wednesday after an Afghan military pilot opened fire during a meeting at Kabul airport —

Get our troops out. Now.

These Americans were not killed on the battlefield, or in a firefight, or in an attack on one of our bases. They were killed at the Kabul airport, a place where they most probably were unarmed, for certain the contractor was unarmed.

The airport! I am so sick of this madness I could puke. How much longer will we just be stupid sheep?

All we are doing over there is making more and more lifelong enemies.

According to Bush the Lessor, we went there to get Osama Bin Laden. We didn't get him. When Osama got out, we should have also... Ten years ago.

Get out troops out. Now.

We've been there for ten years, killing Afghan men, women and children. We have bombed their homes, their businesses, their cities, none of which had a thing to do with getting Bin Laden. Bin Laden has been gone since the assault on Tora Bora, almost ten years ago.

Those people will hate us till the end of time, and deservedly so.

And while we are at it, get our troops out of every other country they are in. No more of this "world police" insanity for us. No more protecting countries that vote against us in the UN. No more "empire building". No more of this "democracy" garbage the neocoms are so fond of stuffing up our keisters. No more of our money to anybody.

Get out of everywhere. Stay out. Let the rest of the world sink or swim on it's own merits. Why in hell should we be responsible for how the rest of the world acts?

If someone hurts us, strike back with everything we have, destroy them, their infrastructure, their ability to make war... And then leave.

And don't rebuild anything.

Birth Certificate

Obama releases his birth certificate.

So what?

It has never been an issue of where Obama was born. The key issue has always been where his father was born.

Article 2, section 1 of the Constitution states, "No person except a natural born citizen, or a citizen of the United States at the time of the adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the office of president; neither shall any person be eligible who shall not attained to the age of thirty-five years, and been fourteen years a resident within the United States."

Natural born citizen. OK, what's that?

When asked to define natural born citizen, John Bingham, the author of the 14th amendment which extended the bill of rights to former slaves, stated, "Any human born to parents who are US citizens and are under no other jurisdiction or authority." The Naturalization Act of 1790, also passed by this congress, declared "And the children of citizens of the US shall be considered as natural born, provided that the right of citizenship shall not descend to persons whose fathers have never been a resident of the US." Neither of these definitions, one from US law, mentions birthplace, only the parents' citizenship.

Barack Obama has proudly and publicly stated that his father was a citizen of Kenya. This fact alone makes Obama ineligible to be president.

No birth certificate is needed as proof. It doesn't matter at all where Obama was born. His father's non-citizenship is all the law requires. He was ineligible from the beginning, meaning he is not the president and can be removed from office without any impeachment or trial, it requires only a ruling by the SCOTUS.

Why is this restriction imposed only on the president? Because, above all others in office, the president must be the least likely to have any allegiances or alliances with foreign nations or groups.

-1) The Constitution requires that only a natural born citizen can be president.

-2) A natural born citizen is one whose parents were both citizens of the United States.

-3) Obama's father was not a citizen of the United States.

-4) If the Supreme Court decides to do it's clearly defined Constitutinal duty, they will remove Obama from office. If they don't, he stays in.

-5) End of story.

Friday, April 22, 2011

More Good News

The combination of rising gasoline prices and the steepest increase in the cost of food in a generation is threatening to push the US economy into a recession, according to Craig Johnson, president of Customer Growth Partners.

With gas prices now standing at about $3.90 a gallon, energy costs have now passed 6 percent of spending—a level that Johnson says is a "tipping point" for consumers.

Talk about not seeing the forest for the trees... This dude goes on:

"Energy is not quite as essential as food and water, but is a necessity in today's economy, and when gasoline costs more than bottled water—like now—then it takes a huge bite out of disposable spending," he said, in a research note.

Everything we buy and use is brought to us by trucks that use gas or even more expensive diesel. Where I come from, gas and diesel are called "energy". So gasoline and diesel are not only "a necessity in today's economy", they are essential to our survival. They are the very method by which we get our food and water.

How many items in your local grocery store will still be available to purchase if the delivery trucks stop delivering? How many miles will you be able to drive with the gasoline left in your tank when your local gas stations run dry?

Keep in mind it is Obama's plan to make our energy costs skyrocket. He told us so. He intends to force us out of our present forms of transportation by making fuel too expensive to buy. The major problem with that is that there are no available alternatives for us today, other than that Chevy "Volt" that costs $40,000+, a car now catching on fire, a car being manufactured by the same people who install the wrong steering wheels that then fall off. And they've manufactured only around 30,000 of them. Hmmm, we have about 60 million gasoline and diesel vehicles that will need replacing. That means were just a few short of enough.... By about 59 million or so.

And how will Obama make fuel too expensive? Simple. No new exploration or drilling. No new refineries(in the United States), but in places like Cartagena, Columbia.

True, six new permits have been issued. So what? New regulations are making it impossible to drill, even with a "permit".

How about massive new taxes and regulations levied against our energy companies? Obama's Cap and Trade program has been stalled, but his regulatory Czars are proceeding full speed ahead with the plan by using regulatory edict rather than law.

Even if you could afford one of those new all-electric Chevy fireballs, there won't be enough electricity to keep it running. You won't be able to buy gas for your ordinary car, so welcome to bicycle world, sucker.

Wake up... Obama and his greenie buddies intend to shut down our present coal-fired plants and not build any new ones, and no new nuke plants either. Oil fired plants? Have you not been watching the price of oil lately?

Phase out our coal-fired plants, let the present nukes expire at the end of their productive life and build no new ones, no oil-fired plants, no natural gas fired plants. Maybe wood-burning plants?

Have you stopped to consider how long it takes to build a major electrical generating plant, regardless of energy source? Not months, but years, longer with the environmentalists fighting you every step of the way. Today - right now - the environmentalists are fighting the construction of wind and solar facilities and their associated equipment tooth and nail. They want none of it. Their opposition is adding years to the completion date of these projects.

Wind and solar? There is no way possible to build enough of either to replace our present electrical plants in the next decade of the following one. Period. End of story.

Bottom line? If Obama and his cohorts get their way, you won't have enough electricity to keep going, not for your house, not for your car. None of us will. Brownouts and enforced blackouts are in our future.

The reason is simple. Obama and his fellow conspirators want to do all this stuff today - now - not ten or twenty years down the road, when we have constructed enough alternative energy sources to replace what we are using today. So get ready for a life with huge shortages in electricity.

To see what that's going to be like, go find your electrical circuit breaker box and turn off all of your electricity for the next 24 hours. If you think you're a toughie, turn it all off for 72 hours.

No lights, no TV, no computer, no video games.

No heating or air-conditioning, no freezer, no refrigerator. Even if you have a gas-fired central heating system, it needs electricity to operate, so it won't run either.

No hot water for showers. If you have one of those new fancy aerobic sewer systems - instead of the old reliable septic tank - it won't run either, so you won't be able to flush your toilets.

None of your fans will run.

You will be in the dark, nothing to do but sit, freezing or sweating your butt off depending on season, and all your food in your refrigerator will rot away.

Welcome to Afghanistan, welcome to the 16th century.

See how much fun that's going to be.

Then - maybe - you will start to understand what the consequences are from what this president intends to do... and is presently doing.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

NASA Has Thieves. So What Else Is New?

I'm not surprised:

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. - In June, NASA’s space shuttle program will take its last flight. The Action News I-Team has uncovered some problems NASA is facing on the ground.

NASA reports obtained by the I-Team show $479,108 dollars worth of high-tech equipment simply vanished at Kennedy Space Center in 2010.

When I was working at the SSCL (Superconducting Supercollider) in Texas, they discovered an employee with a huge amount of SSCL property in his garage.

This guy was either so arrogant or so stupid that he didn't consider it necessary to stash the loot in a storage shed somewhere, he kept in his garage. Even after having been discovered, the man was allowed to remain on the job while the "investigation" proceeded.(laugh here)

He was there until the collider project was cancelled by Congress.

During that time, he was provided full pay and benefits, although he was not allowed to perform any work, only to remain at his desk under the watchful eye of SSCL security. He mostly read books, listened to music and news, and played cards... for eight hours a day. But he was severly punished: Nobody would go to lunch with him.(Cry here)

You see... He was black, and the SSCL folks had no desire whatsoever to stir up the black caucus hornets nest in Washington by appearing to be anything less than totally, completely 100% fair while handling this case involving what the black caucus would without question instantly believe to be the racist persecution of a victimized minority.

You see... Any action or activity that could even remotely damage the SSCL's chances for more federal money was absolutely forbidden. Not that it mattered in the long run, they still got cancelled.

NASA - I'm quite certain - has barely scratched the surface of internal theft. I'm also quite certain that little if any real action will take place over all the losses.

Same kind of situation arose at LANL (Los Alamos National Laboratory) when I was working at the Meson Physics Facility Accelerator Division. Another minority, this time a Mexican.

So it's not anything new to discover huge amounts of thievery at government facilities.... It's gone on forever, and generally never prosecuted successfully because of the minority minefield.

But what the hell.. It's only taxpayer money... and all the stuff was used.

And besides, literally everyone walked away with U.S. Government pens and pencils in their shirt pockets and briefcases, and nobody got excited over that either.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Obama Loves Us

Said Obama recently, "I love Texas".

To which my response is:

What have we been doing wrong?

True, there is a diminishing crowd of Progressives/Socialists/Radicals/Marxists/Communists and brainwashed college students we all refer to as "Obots" presently residing in Texas, but is my understanding that most of them will soon be facing the consequences of their actions, the reality of what is happening, the results of Obama's quest to "transform" America.

Rumors are it will be ugly.

All joking aside, Obama loves Texas about as much as any Texan loves a rattlesnake bite.

And for the majority of Texans, the feeling is mutual.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Common Sense Not Required

Sad, but not surprising:

NEW HAVEN — A Yale University student from Massachusetts died in an accident Tuesday night at the Sterling Chemistry Laboratory, Yale officials said Wednesday.

Michele Dufault’s hair got caught in a lathe, a piece of machinery that spins very quickly, and it pulled her in, sources said. The state medical examiner’s office reported that Dufault died from accidental asphyxia by neck compression.

You take a young girl with little or no real experience around power machinery, no real operating instructions other than perhaps how to turn it off and on, no classes on safety procedures, and let her loose alone on something like a shop lathe in the middle of the night(she was found at around 2 AM), and these results are - as I said - sad, but not surprising.

Take even a small electric hand drill and have the bit twist itself into your clothing. The result is frightening and unnerving.

More than 150 people gathered to remember the young woman, recalling her "warm and welcoming smile and brilliant, curious intellect". Seems that perhaps brilliant intellect is not enough to keep one alive if there is no common sense involved. Common sense would have warned this girl that leaning into a spinning lathe with extremely long and loose hair was a formula for disaster.

Yale President Richard C. Levin, in a statement issued Wednesday evening, called the incident “a true tragedy,” and said he is initiating a “thorough review of the safety policies and practices of laboratories, machine shops, and other facilities with power equipment that is accessed and operated by undergraduates.”

No kidding. This was far more than just “a true tragedy”. It was an accident waiting to happen. I worked in several different government laboratories and facilities (LANL, SSCL, PMR, WSMR) where these college types were in close proximity to dangerous equipment. It was my experience that most of those brilliant intellectuals with all those high IQ's couldn't find their ass with both hands when it comes to operating power equipment. Most of them shouldn't even be allowed near a hammer.

And allowing one of them - particularly a long-haired school girl - near a operating lathe alone should be considered as criminal negligence.

This incident graphically demonstrates how an intellectual can fool themselves into thinking and believing that - because they are smart - they can do anything that all those lesser humans out there in flyover country can do.


I may seem a bit harsh here. It was a horrible way to die. But sooner or later it must be realized by everyone that these Harvard/Yale types may be smart as hell and unbeatable in some areas, but in many others they can't be trusted to be better, smarter, faster... Because they are not.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Obama And Me... We Agree

The president misses "being anonymous".

"I just miss - I miss being anonymous," he said at a meeting in the White House. "I miss Saturday morning, rolling out of bed, not shaving, getting into my car with my girls, driving to the supermarket, squeezing the fruit, getting my car washed, taking walks. I can't take a walk.

I miss his being anonymous also. Things were a lot better when he was.

And as far as his taking a walk, I sincerely hope that the next election provides him the opportunity to do exactly that... To take a walk.

Better yet, take a hike.

Friday, April 08, 2011

According To Plan

We are all alarmed at the rising gasoline prices which continue to go up and up and up.

Buy why are we surprised?

Obama told us all that according to his plan, energy costs would necessarily skyrocket.

His plan? Raise the cost of gasoline and diesel so high we can't afford to drive our cars anywhere, ever. He wants us all to trade in our gas guzzlers for those $40,000+ electric vehicles that will -unfortunately - have to use electricity from coal-fired plants to run. How many of you have done the numbers to see how many new coal-fired plants it would take to replace the oil we use today in our trucks and automobiles? We would have to double the number of coal-fired plants to keep up with the energy demand.... Just for starters.

If you think that Obama appointed EPA administrator Lisa P. Jackson will allow us to build new coal-fired plants in the numbers required, you're crazy. Even if Obama were to allow the EPA to issue permits to build all those coal-fired plants, it would take many billions of dollars and decades to build them. Meanwhile, we would walk everywhere.

Oh, you say, solar and wind farms will provide all the electricity we need. Get a grip. It has been calculated that it would take a solar farm 100 miles square (10,000 square miles), to replace our coal-fired plants. At the present cost of solar panels, there is not enough money in the entire world to buy 10,000 square miles of solar panels(and the required support structure and power lines), and even if there was, it would take decades to manufacture them.

Want a small scale example of solar? Check this out. 2.5 million solar panels on 3,500 acres, generating 400MW, enough to power the homes in Fresno, California. Not the businesses, not the factories, not the downtown offices... Just the homes. One city, and this 3,500 acre unit would produce power only in the daytime. What would they do at night? And what happens when a hailstorm destroys who knows how many solar cells? They are very fragile.

Imagine the cost to clean 3,500 acres of solar cells. Yes, they have to be cleaned regularly or they lose efficiency.

As for wind power, it's an even gloomier picture. The only thing free and/or inexpensive about wind power is the wind. Everything else is incredibly expensive, far worse than solar.

Bottom line? There is never going to be enough electricity to let everyone replace his present automobile with one of Obama's fantasy green machines, which really won't be green at all. So most of us will have to take public transportation that at present does not exist.

Ah yes... Public transportation. One thing the United States does NOT have, is an efficient public transportation system. It would - once again - take many billions of dollars and decades to create one that could replace the private automobile nationwide. You can bet real money that huge sections of the United States would be without transportation other than horse and carriage... and bicycles.

Progress dude, progress.

So what is Obama doing to realize his green machine fantasy? To get us out of our "gas guzzlers"?

He is trying - for the third time - to eliminate tax breaks for oil companies. Now, who do you suppose will those tax increases be passed on to? Men from Mars?

He has placed a ban on our drilling and pumping for more oil, something we have plenty of. We have billions and billions of barrels of oil in our shale oil deposits. Obama, and this soldout Congress, will not let us develop this resource.

He actually went on national TV and encouraged revolution in the Middle East nations, particularly the ones with all the oil. Result? Higher oil prices. Unintended consequence? Not a chance.

He has gone to Brazil and given them two billion of our tax dollars to help them drill for oil where he is not allowing us to drill, so we can be "one of their best customers". Total nonsense. We won't be able to afford Brazilian oil.

The man is not acting sanely. He has surrounded himself with progressives, radicals and communists, all of whom wish to see the destruction of America, and he is working hand-in-hand with them.

Obama and his inner circle of "advisers" are right on schedule with their nefarious plans. These people, for all their high IQ's and expensive college educations, are the stupidest people to ever walk on the face of the earth.

Bottom line: Obama is quite satisfied with the progress they have made to date. Do not look to this administration to do anything other than what it is doing now.

Most of all, do not look for relief from these rising fuel prices.

Atilla The hun, Ghengis Khan, Hitler... In the end, they will have done less to harm society than this crowd of radicals in the White House. And don't forget George Soros... he is funding them all.

Perhaps now is a good time to remind you what former Weatherground member Bernadine Dorn - wife of Bill Ayers, the man who participated in the bombings of New York City Police Department headquarters in 1970, the United States Capitol building in 1971, and the Pentagon in 1972, both close friends of Obama - once said about those citizens who would not adapt to the new order... "It will be necessary to kill them."perhaps as many as 25 million". Keep in mind that the Holocaust killed only 6.5 million.

These are the kind of people running this government today. They hate us, they hate our country, they hate our representative form of government. They hate free enterprise. They hate you.

Now they are in charge and are succeeding with all their plans, supported and aided by a nest of progressives and socialists in Congress.

Don't whine and cry when the hammer falls. We are the ones who put them all into office legally and lawfully, and if we continue to be lawful and legal, in office is where they will all remain.

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

The $2,500 Happy Meal Toy

Da gumment noze bes:

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – San Francisco’s already done it, and now New York may follow suit. New York City Councilman Leroy Comrie thinks the city should consider a ban on “Happy Meals” and similar fast food promotions aimed at kids unless those meals meet certain nutritional standards.

Nutritional standards, like 500 calories or less. How many calories are in a Happy Meal anyway?

According to McDonald's, a Happy Meal with Chicken McNuggets varies from 390 to 500 calories.

A happy Meal with hamburger varies from 450 to 590 calories, and a Happy Meal with cheeseburger varies from 500 form 640.

So, the biggest calorie culprit McDonald's has to offer in a Happy Meal is 140 calories over this Councilman's limit.

How many calories does a average child need daily? According to the American Heart Association , children aged 4-8 need 1200 to 1400 calories a day, children aged 9-13 need 1600 to 1800 calories daily, above the age of 14 need 1800 to 2200.

Even for the youngest kids, two Happy Meals a day are no big deal, for the 9 year old kids, three a day won't hurt.

Sez the councilman:

It comes as no surprise that these ads and meals are also targeted in low income and minority neighborhoods that are already at risk for childhood obesity.

Ok, if that's true, how many low income minority families can afford two or three Happy Meals a day... per kid? Not very many it seems to me.

As usual for his ilk, this councilman cannot resist the chance to insert racism into the conversation. Same old song, same old dance.

After studying the articles from McDonald's and the American Heart Association, I conclude that the McDonald Happy Meal with Chicken McNuggets(390-500 calories) should - in all fairness - be removed from this councilman's hit list since they already comply to his demands.

To be honest, my conclusion is that this councilman should be tossed out of office. He's an idiot that can't understand hard things to learn... like numbers. Even if he can add and divide, he's playing the blame game to the hilt... Blaming the big evil corporation for the failure of irresponsible parents to control what their kids eat.

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Wish I could Do That

The federal government spent over eight times it's income in March.

$1.0528 trillion in spending for March equaled 8.2 times the $128.179 in net federal tax revenue for the month.

The lion’s share of this federal spending went to redeem Treasury securities that had matured during the month—most of which were short-term Treasury bills that have terms of one year or less.

Treasury securities. T-bills. Those are what the fed sells to pay for the spending it has no money for. It's called "borrowing". They borrow money(a loan) from China or Japan or George Soros, in this case for one year, print up some T-bills as collateral, blow the dough, and then pay off the loan - plus interest - in twelve months.

We borrow real money using valueless paper as security. But when we have to buy that junk back, we have to buy them back with real money... Which they get by selling more paper.

So far, that strategy has resulted in a fourteen trillion dollar national debt. We can all now see how what that's working out.

Eight times income. Jeez... No bank on earth would let me do that for a one year loan, month after month after month.

Maybe if I started printing valueless B-bills(Bob bills) and sold them to the Chinese? After all,"we" are the government, and "I" am a part of "we", so it ought to be legal. Right?

OK, then explain to me why you think it's just fine for the feds to do the same thing.

Monday, April 04, 2011

An Apocalyptic View

Think I'm a rabid doomer and gloomer? How about this:
The US Dollar's inflationary death spiral continues. We've now taken out the 2010 low leaving only two more lines of support before we're in completely uncharted territory.

At its current rate of collapse, the US Dollar will do this within the next 3-4 months. This means the greenback will break into a new all-time lows by 2H11, which will precipitate the coming inflationary collapse.

It's pretty much a straight line down to the very bottom should that happen:

If the dollar collapses:

Food and fuel costs literally skyrocket. You won't be able to buy either when your paper money is worth less than your toilet paper.

Fuel costs explode nationwide. That shouldn't severely affect those of you who have stashed away a few drums of petrol, at least for awhile. Where it will get you is the inescapable fact that nationwide trucking will cease. If diesel or gasoline costs rise to he point that truckers cannot afford to fill their tanks, it's disaster. No trucks running, no deliveries. No food, no gas, nothing.

You have stashed away gold and silver for an emergency. Big deal. The Hope diamond won't buy you food or fuel that hasn't been delivered anywhere for a hundred miles in any direction.

Now maybe you aren't the kind that is able to accept the reality that will settle in, but understand this: The grocery stores and the gas stations will have nothing but empty shelves and tanks. The warehouses and storage facilities in your area will be taken over by heavily armed gangs who won't give a damn if you - or your family - are starving.

There are plenty of people out there that will kill you over a can on beans, so if you've been stashing food also, better hope nobody knows.

Think the cops or the government will be there to defend you? Or any of those bureaucrats in all those government offices? Not a chance. Try to imagine your Mayor or Police Chief sticking around to face a street full of starving and desperate people. Hah - they will have vanished like the morning mist - and just as quietly, into safe zones and shelters your tax dollars have built, protected by those very cops you thought would be there to help you. Only in Hollywood movies do the authorities think of anyone other than themselves.

You will be on your own, so good luck.

Best to hope that this coming financial collapse doesn't happen overnight. Hope that it is stretched out over a period of months - even years - Most of us will be able to cope with that. We can't fight off a tsunami, but we can cope with slowly rising water.

Hope. Yessir. That's Obama's big answer.

Saturday, April 02, 2011

Dumb and Dumber... All the Way To Crazy

These people must be loons:

KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) — Anger over the burning of the Muslim holy book at a Florida church fueled a second day of deadly violence half a world away in Afghanistan, where demonstrators set cars and shops ablaze Saturday in a riot that killed nine protesters, officials said.

They kill nine of their own while protesting a non-event a half world away.

They burn a bible... big deal, no Americans die. Some rabble-rouser in the U. S. burns a Koran, they go nuts in Afghanistan.

Every time I start thinking that these buffoons may be at least marginally civilized, they go do something like this.

Maybe the world should burn a Koran a day until these nutjobs get over their ludicrous hyper-sensitivity about it. To kill nine of their own people over an issue they cannot possibly have any control over is just plain dumb. No, just plain crazy.

Worth The Money?

A man previously convicted of aggravated criminal sexual assault and theft will be going back to prison:

A homeless convict was ordered held without bail Tuesday for allegedly beating and sodomizing a Schiller Park man with a tree branch in Grant Park.

Cortez Foster is accused of beating the 65-year-old victim so bad late Friday, he remains intubated at Northwestern Memorial Hospital with severe head trauma, eye and nose fractures and brain swelling, Assistant Cook County State’s Attorney Morgan Creppel said.

The victim has found wearing only a sock and shirt, so maybe a bit of Grant Park hanky-panky was being negotiated but the deal went sour, or the attacker ripped off the man's clothes before attacking with the tree branch.

But that's not the point here, the point is that the taxpayer is going to be supporting this repeat criminal once again, and for quite a period of time.

Is he worth the money it will cost to keep him sheltered, fed, alive and well? We are told that it costs (on average) something like $90,000/year to keep a criminal in prison.

If the law-abiding taxpayer is forced to fork over that sort of money, is it not reasonable to expect some sort of positive return for all that cash?

This guy, Cortez Foster, is a poster child for wasted money and effort, money tossed straight down the drain.

Seems to me that - after a criminal demonstrates he is not redeemable and will not provide any useful or valuable input to society in general (an obligation we all have) - that it becomes reasonable to write them off, not send them off.

It's not just the matter of cost to keep these animals caged, although nationwide that cost is huge, but the reality that no matter how much is invested in attempting to reform the vast majority of these losers, they will still commit more crime, each time more violent, more inhumane.

At some point we must say "enough", and put these subhuman animals down, just as we would a rabid dog. No more of this touchy-feely guilt trip that contends that if we spent enough time, enough money, and enough effort to reform these repeat offenders , they would magically return to society as reborn law-abiding citizens.

At least the Arabs recognize how big the problem is, that finger-wagging and fine-sounding talks from psychiatrists hardly ever do the job, so they chop off your hand on the first offense as a real warning, and if you keep up your nasty ways, off goes your head. No long prison term at the taxpayers expense.

So maybe - in the final analysis - it does come down to the cost. No nation on earth can afford to have a huge prison population of losers that - given the chance - will only do worse and worse things.

The population of planet earth is approaching seven billion human beings. The percentage of those who just will not abide by society's guidelines - so we can all get along(barely) without killing each other - are of no use to anybody.

Why keep them around? And what for?

Thousands of good men have died in Bush's wars. The world continues to turn without them. The few criminals that may be recoverable by use of our present "penitent" philosophy that would be otherwise lost can easily be considered as - What did Bush and Cheney like to call it? - collateral damage.

So... Is Cortez Foster worth the money to lock him away for another decade or two? At some point soon, we will all have to decide if we can really afford to invest the money and time needed to make ourselves feel good over coddling unrepentant criminals.

Harsh? Yes, but a line has to be drawn somewhere. What we're doing now is not working.

Friday, April 01, 2011

Our Wealth... Their pockets

Bernanke: champion of foreign banks:

U. S. Federal Reserve Chairman Ben S. Bernanke’s two-year fight to shield crisis-squeezed banks from the stigma of revealing their public loans protected a lender to local governments in Belgium, a Japanese fishing-cooperative financier and a company part-owned by the Central Bank of Libya.

I know it's useless to ask - How much more do we tolerate from that nest of thieving scum at the fed before we have had enough?

When will all those folks in flyover country finally realize that the fed is privately owned, privately run, is totally unconstitutional and has been robbing us blind for almost a hundred years?

Look at your paper money, Take a bill out of your wallet and see what it's says on it: FEDERAL RESERVE NOTE. It's not a U.S. treasury bill. It's not legal money. It's a piece of paper - a promissory note backed by nothing - that has been issued by a private corporation controlled by foreigners.

The first trillion-dollar bailout was created by Bush the Stutterer, America's great warrior for worldwide democracy. Most of it has now gone to the banks, most of them foreign banks.

I'm sure we all are more worried about saving foreign banks than we are about saving American jobs and businesses, and have been more than satisfied that Presidents Bush, Clinton, Bush and Obama have been leaders in the effort to give all our good jobs and businesses to foreigners who only needed a chance that they could not provide for themselves, but had to be provided by the ordinary once- employed and tax-paying American citizen.

We are so kind and generous - at least the liberals and progressives in Washington are - to give given away all those good jobs and money.

And to prove we are still a kind and generous nation, we want to give most of our jobs that are left to those unfortunate outsiders that some have so cruelly labeled as "illegal aliens".

Because Virginia, nobody is an illegal in a One-world borderless society. And it you won't work for the same wages some backwoods illiterate will, I guess you're the one that will have to suffer... Until you rid yourself of that horrid selfishness. But you'd better keep paying all those taxes, or we will take everything you own, fine the living hell out of you and toss you into prison.

Have a nice day.