Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Obama Loves Us

Said Obama recently, "I love Texas".

To which my response is:

What have we been doing wrong?

True, there is a diminishing crowd of Progressives/Socialists/Radicals/Marxists/Communists and brainwashed college students we all refer to as "Obots" presently residing in Texas, but is my understanding that most of them will soon be facing the consequences of their actions, the reality of what is happening, the results of Obama's quest to "transform" America.

Rumors are it will be ugly.

All joking aside, Obama loves Texas about as much as any Texan loves a rattlesnake bite.

And for the majority of Texans, the feeling is mutual.


Ted Amadeus said...

Wipe your mouth Barry, you still got some bits of bullshit around the corners.

Bob said...


Are we hearing from one fo the above listed?

Bob said...


That didn't come out right and I hit "send" before reading.