Saturday, May 29, 2010


Turn your stomach time:

A 17-year-old high school student from Haddon Township admitted in family court Thursday that he defecated in a classmate's soda during an auto-shop class.

Sometimes you just gotta wonder...

We have over six billion people on this planet, and when one that's almost an adult does this sort of thing, are they really worth keeping around?

This idiot is already set in his ways and is going to be problematic to society - an over-the-edge troublemaker - his entire life.

Is he worth it?

One could easily conclude that this moron will not be one to offer society any measurable benefits while stumbling through life, using up resources and contributing to the huge pile of growing waste worldwide.

When will we draw the line on such animalistic behaviour? At seven billion? Eight billion? Twenty billion? There will come a time when population pressure will change all the rules... All of them.

Just askin'...

A Different Point Of View

Jose Pacheco Wrote to the Prescott, Arizona Daily courier and said:

'Why do you betray your people?', someone recently asked me. Just because we are of the same color does not make us a common people.

Since the day I was born, I have been an American. Who I am, what I have, and what I have done with my life, I owe it all to this country I call home: America.

Mexico has never been there for its people, and even less for an American like me.

Mexico has never protected me from any foreign or domestic enemies. It has never taken care of me in times of need; it has never paid my hospital bills, never given me a job, has never given me an education and has not allowed me to collect welfare. It has not even given me a mere meal.

But Mexico has given to me the burden of supporting its people, and has made me tolerate its drug dealers, its human traffickers and criminals. We have had to endure many violations committed on us. We have had our national security violated by all who come here illegally; we have also seen murders, rapes, assault, theft and many more crimes committed. Some will say they don't do any of those crimes, that they are a good, honest hard working people. Coming here illegally is not a good way to immigrate; it is not an honest way. While many do not commit any federal crimes, they do take from us, by leaching off of our welfare system, overcrowding our hospitals, and depleting our school system of money that belongs to our children while not paying a cent into the American system.

He said a lot more. Go check it out.

He sounds a lot like the Mexicans we lived with for four decades in Santa Fe, before the "La Raza" and the "Brown Berets" kind of rabid anti-Americanism took root.

Those idiots really need to read what Jose has written.

Monday, May 24, 2010

What A Waste

The Fast Slide down:

A Beverly Hills judge on Monday ordered actress Lindsay Lohan to wear an alcohol monitoring bracelet and submit to random drug testing after she failed to appear for a court date last week.

Lohan, 23, landed in hot water last Thursday after she missed a court date to address allegations that she had violated the terms of her probation from a 2007 drunk driving case by skipping alcohol education classes.

Too bad. She had been one of my favorite child actresses based on her performance in "The Parent Trap".

Looks like her movie job in Texas is down the drain also, considering that if she leaves California, she is no longer available for random drug testing. That's defying a court order.

23 years old, and already shot to hell. Will she ever amount to anything again?

Time will tell. But probably not. It takes real character - not Hollywood style pretend character - to pull yourself back up by your bootstraps.

Lawful Authority

Massachusetts's governor Deval Patrick said that even "on my worst day, when I’m most frustrated about folks who seem to rooting for failure," he doesn't face anything like the opposition faced by the president.

Said Patrick:

It seems like child’s play compared to what is going on in Washington, where it is almost at the level of sedition, it feels to like me.

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines sedition as "incitement of resistance to or insurrection against lawful authority."

Well now. Seems to me that Obama should prove himself to be a "lawful authority", instead of spending millions keeping his records hidden, any of which could show him to be an illegal president and thusly not any kind of "lawful authority".

First things first Patrick... Show us proof in writing and records that Obama is what he claims be be in supposition and oration.

Then you can spout your mouth off about sedition. One must also keep in mind that Deval Patrick is a black man and... A close friend of Obama's.

Is he being objective? Give me a break. That old saw about "birds of a feather flock together" applies to more than just birds.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Get A Rope

EDMONDS, Wash. – The KING 5 Investigators have learned that an illegal immigrant. Jose Lopez Madrigals, who is accused of raping a woman in Edmonds Sunday has been deported nine times.

Madrigal's arrest and immigration record includes a staggering number of contacts with law enforcement since 1989. That's the year he was convicted of theft using a firearm in California.

He was deported a couple of times after that. Then in 1999, he was arrested for drug sales in both San Diego and San Francisco. Records show that he was deported three times that year between April and August.

He was arrested for drugs again in Stockton, Calif. in 2000. In 2002, he pleaded to third degree sexual assault in Denver. Later that year, he was deported again. And in 2003, records show he was deported three more times.

OK... You mindless nimrods who think having 12-20 million illegals in our country with thousands more slipping across our borders everyday is fine and dandy... go ahead and tell us all how this dirtbag animal is really just misunderstood, or just looking for work, or whatever idiotic excuses you fool yourselves with 24/7.

Yes, yes... Those bottom-feeding politicians want votes, no matter the long-term consequences. Scumbag business owners want cheap labor, actually nothing more than a reliable slave force.

So be it. But let them pay for the consequences. Not us. And definitely not this woman who got raped in a dumpster.

And for Jose Lopez Madrigals? The illegal alien law-breaking, gun-wielding, drug dealing rapist? Deported nine times? Hang the son-of-a-bitch and be done with him.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Arrogance Gone Wild

These two poster examples of arrogance gone wild are hosting a state dinner in the east room for El Presidente Mexicano.

It's a totally private little gig. They will allow for only one reporter to take a look at the dinner set-up for a few minutes and then out the door.

It's a taxpayer paid house.
It's a taxpayer paid dinner.
It's a taxpayer paid everything.

And these two narcissistic self-anointed elites are shutting out everybody except for their hand-picked collection of Progressives, Socialists, Marxists and Communists.

I can assure you that - at this private little get together - Obama will be making an under-the-table deal with the Mexican that will betray all the citizens or Arizona, the Citizens of Texas, California, Nevada, Colorado... actually every American citizen.

This deal will be illegal, unlawful and unconstitutional, but Obama will demand that Congress approve it all. And it will demand more taxes from every American.

I recommend a national recall vote of this man.It is way past time we were rid of this festering boil on the fabric of America.

He is not an American. He does not represent America. He is the biggest liar to ever gain the White house. He is betraying America.

And he is trying to destroy America.

Nullify every action he has instigated as president, every bill he has signed, every appointee he has made. Examine those he has placed around him in positions of power and influence for treasonous conduct and if they are found guilty, hang them. That's what other nations do with traitors.

Recall him and deport him to his real native land, Kenya(his wife says so) or Indonesia, whichever will take him, but get him to hell out of here.

Lights Out

Arizona is threatening to stop sending electrical power to places like Los Angeles if those cities continue to threaten Arizona'a economy.


About the only thing left is an out-and-out declaration of war.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Bill Gates: Done Gone Round The Bend?

More money than brains department:

Bill Gates want to "whiten" the clouds in an effort to reflect more sunshine... To reduce global warming.

Some scientists believe increasing the whiteness, or albedo, of clouds could increase their ability to reflect more sunlight back into space and reduce global warming.

Some scientists?

Name them. Show us their credentials. Let's see their educational background. Let's see some evidence that clouds can actually be made whiter before we leap over the cliff.

Opponents of this hilarious stunt say this Bill Gates-backed geo-engineering project to whiten clouds and reduce global warming is "risky".

No kidding. One must assume that any attempt to manage the weather will contain a host of unintended consequences, considering our vast lack or understanding as to how the weather really works.

One thing we do know:

Earth already has it's own built-in temperature controlling mechanism.

How it works:

Increased solar radiation, or sunshine generated heat on the ocean surface, raises the water temperature and generates more cloud cover. Check out the next hurricane for conformation.

-1) More ocean surface heat = more clouds.

-2) More clouds = more reflected sunlight.

-3) More reflected sunlight = less energy reaches the surface.

Temperature goes down.

-4) Less energy reaching the surface = fewer clouds.

-5) Lower temperature, fewer clouds = more sunshine.

Temperature goes back up.

-6) Cycle repeats.

With roughly 80% of earth covered with water, this cycle has successfully regulated the earth's temperature to within a few degrees for millions and millions of years. None of this "runaway greenhouse effect" nonsense.

If the surface temperature of the oceans increase due to manmade causes (Sunshine being reflected back downwards due to increased C02), the increased solar radiation on the surface will increase the cloud cover... With identical results as far as temperature is concerned. There will be more clouds of course, generating more rain worldwide.

But this water - in the form of rain - comes from the ocean in the first place, so don't be looking for raising sea levels because of it. Look for more food crops and greenbelts.

Actual, provable climate records show that the earth has gone thru numerous up/down temperature cycles, not caused by manmade C02, but by combinations of variations in the suns energy output, interacting with variations in earth's orbit and inclination.

At worst, we will see more vigorous weather patterns, reminding us all we shouldn't build in flood plains, on river banks or sandy beaches.

But, being humans, we're stubborn and generally slow on the uptake, so look for more flooding and whining about how unfair it all is.

Clouds are always white on top, already reflecting the maximum solar radiation they are capable of. Somebody should tell Bill Gates that clouds are only dark on their bottoms.

His attempt to make clouds whiter will affect nothing but his bank balance.

Oh yes, the Arctic ice...

Increased temperature will melt more of the ice. Not all of it, just some of it. Remember there is no Arctic landmass, all the ice up there is floating on the water, and 90% of that is underwater.

The volume of space taken up by the underwater part of the ice is greater then the volume of water it displaces. You may have been taught in grade school that when ice freezes, it expands. Check out the next engine block that cracked open when it's cooling water froze and had no antifreeze in it.

Should the Arctic ice all melt, the volume its displaces underwater will decrease, so the ocean levels will actually go down.

The huge Ross ice shelf in Antarctica? It's afloat also. Should it break loose and melt, the ocean level will again go down.

So we have a lot of sea level reduction effects going on. Will we have seaports around the world becoming high and dry?

No, because the ice mass on the Antarctic continent will partially melt, adding more water to the ocean, counterbalancing the sea level drop created by the Arctic.

Kinda neat how it all works out.

Friday, May 14, 2010

The NYC "Real Time Crime Center"...LOL

What a freaking joke... A Real Time Crime Center.

The officers who handled the Times Square bomb scare received a big "thank you" from the Commander-in-Chief on Thursday evening. President Barack Obama's visit came as local lawmakers said the White House is Slashing New York's terror-fighting budget. Many wondered if the visit was ill-timed. But the NYPD seemed generally touched by the gesture.

A "big thank you". For what?

They did not prevent anything sitting on their butts in their "Real Time Crime Center". The only thing that saved them from being totally exposed as useless was the fact that the bomber was an incompetent idiot. New Yorkers need to wake up to the fact they are on their own, that all these agencies and departments and centers are just places for political relatives to find employment, that police can only respond after something has happened.

The only real time response during all this was from the T-shirt vendor who called in the burning and smoking SUV. Did his call go to the "Real Time Crime Center"? Hah.

"The NYPD seemed generally touched by the gesture".

Probably more surprised than "touched".

If they had any balls, any honesty in their souls, they would have told the Kenyan the true facts of the matter... That they missed the boat, prevented nothing, and will most likely be AWOL for the next bombing attempt. Why? Because it's not their job.

It's not the job of the police to intercept or prevent attacks like these. Ever heard of the FBI? Or the CIA? Stopping bombers is their job, and where the hell were they during all this?

Where were they on 9-11? Where were they during the earlier successful attack on the Trade Center? Where were they when Oklahoma City was bombed? The reality is that for all the money they spent, all the talking they did, all the liberties they suppressed... They prevented none of these disastrous attacks.

Don't even try to talk about how they claim to have prevented horrible attacks in the past and how they are making us all safer, but just can't tell us because of "national security". Their demonstrable track record is littered with the bodies of thousands of dead Americans. Compared to that, their claims of success are a comedy club joke.

And the NYC Real Time Crime Center?

Just more of the same old same old.


In defense of the FBI and CIA, Their jobs have been made almost impossible because of this federal governments longtime political and military interference in the affairs of foreign nations, the present conduct of two illegal wars causing the outright murder of hundreds of thousands of innocent citizens in their own countries, the creation and support of petty dictators in countries that would now rejoice to see us all dead.

All this has created for us enemies worldwide who now hate us without reservation and will try to kill us - and our children - for generations to come. The endless interference and aggression by this federal government is not - nor has it ever been - to promote democracy. That is one of the biggest lies ever foisted on the American public.

We ordinary Americans are going to pay an incredible price for the excesses of our elected representatives in Washington. Physically, financially, economically... Any way you want to imagine.

Consider: There is nothing in this world like a Predator drone strike wiping out a wedding party - where does not matter - to make eternal enemies.

But that's another story.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Kagan: Another GLBT Not Yet Out Of The Closest?

Discussion of Kagan's sexuality can be found easily via a Google search. Here's one comment from a recent NYT thread:
Why are people pretending that Elena Kagan is not a lesbian. She’s not out but that does not change her sexual orientation. She has a female partner. This is an open secret at Harvard Law School among students and faculty. I cannot speak for the broader legal community yet, but I’d have to believe her professional colleagues know as much or more than the students and professors she works with. The real irony would be if she did not get the nomination because she is not open, when the conventional wisdom has always been she has tiptoed through life in the closet for the very sake of winning a confirmation.

Why should this be of any concern?

Because her demonstrated connections with the LGBT crowd is worrisome. The LGBT bunch are - without a doubt - anti-traditional family, anti traditional marriage, and hostile to heterosexuals as a matter of course. The more diplomatic ones hide this animosity well, but only when necessary. As a rule, they are fanatical in their efforts to gain advantage for their lifestyle over the rest of us... Using the courts, the schools and the media.

Having a known GLBT type on the Supreme Court can only mean more skewed decisions that favor GLBT-style sexual behaviour and more assaults on the traditional American family and it's values.

No way can that work out well.

It's not difficult to understand:

The traditional family and traditional marriage are under heavy attack from all directions. At some point we will have to start defending these concepts vigorously or watch our way of life collapse and disappear.

"Terrible Cuts"

May 11 (Bloomberg):

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger will seek “terrible cuts” to eliminate an $18.6 billion budget deficit facing the most-populous U.S. state through June 2011, his spokesman said.

Schwarzenegger, 62, who will introduce his revised budget plans on May 14, has said he won’t seek tax increases to bolster California’s finances.

Two things come to mind...

1- It is too little and too late
2- The California legislature, made up mostly of Progressives like Nancy Pelosi, Barbara Boxer and Diane Feinstein, will never allow deep and meaningful cuts, drastic cuts that would hurt, but possibly save the State.

Accordingly, the financial collapse of California is near.

Once the Welfare and food stamps stop in places like the Barrios and Watts, there will be riots beyond anything seen before.

Anybody with half a brain will do well to move out.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A Reminder... One Trillion Plus

Obama and Congress want to print and spend trillions of dollars like you and I spend twenty-dollar bills.

A trillion dollars... A trillion anything... is unimaginable by any of us.

For example:

Can you imagine even a million of anything? Of course not.

But seconds... we all understand seconds.


A million seconds = 11 1/2 days.
A billion seconds = 32 years... pretty big jump.

We should all live for around 2 1/2 billion seconds.

Now for the BIG jump:

A trillion seconds - 32,000 years.

They say we're in debt(the national debt clock) around 12 trillion 932 billion(as of a few seconds ago).

12 trillion seconds = 384,000 years.

And our unfunded liabilities? Over 100 trillion.

100 trillion seconds = 3,200,000 years.

If you made one dollar/second, sixty dollars/minute, or 3,600 dollars/hour, it would take you 3,200,000 years to pay of the debt.

$28,800 a day, or $144,000 a week.

You would be debt free in only 3,200,000 years, assuming - of course - that that crazy Kenyan and our insane Congress do not spend another single penny.... Ever.

And maybe you still think that the lunatics in Washington are not stark, raving mad? That they haven't destroyed this nation?

Look at the numbers again.

Sunday, May 09, 2010

The Approaching Brick Wall

A what point does the federal debt overwhelm us?

"Nobody knows when you bump up against the limit, but you know when it happens it will really hurt," said fiscal watchdog Maya MacGuineas of the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget.

Right and wrong in one sentence...

It's not a "limit" we are approaching, something you reach and then continue to push against, but a brick wall that when you reach it, well, you know what happens... wreckage everywhere.

Truly ungood news:

In the wake of the financial crisis and recession, Moody's Investors Service has brought new transparency to its sovereign ratings analysis — so much so that 2018 lights up as the year the U.S. could be in line for a downgrade if Congressional Budget Office projections hold.

The But under more adverse scenarios than the CBO considered, including higher interest rates, Moody's projects that debt service could hit 22.4% of revenue by 2013.

So now you have some real dates to get your head around, a time when you need to be prepared and ready for some dark days and terrifying nights.

Be an ant, not a grasshopper. This is no time for reckless abandon.

Information Now A "Distraction"

Obama bemoans the free flow of information:

With iPods and iPads and Xboxes and PlayStations, -- none of which I know how to work -- information becomes a distraction, a diversion, a form of entertainment, rather than a tool of empowerment, rather than the means of emancipation.

Obama lamented Sunday that in the iPad and Xbox era, information had become a diversion that was imposing new strains on democracy.

A tool of empowerment being used to impose new strains on Democracy.


That's the free flow of information - good, bad or indifferent - he's talking about, one of our most basic rights, the freedom of speech.

Based on his track record, he definitely doesn't like any kind of news, gossip, rumor or information that questions or disagrees with his grand scheme of a transformed America... with him on the top of the heap, of course.

Look for attacks from all possible directions against us for voicing our opinions. This anti-Constitutional pretender to the throne intends - no doubt - to shut down any and all dissent... anything he and his inner circle of Communists, Marxists, Socialists and Progressives do not like.

Look for it... It's coming, and the first place he will strangle is the Internet.

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Late To The Party... Again

The NYC bottle bomber almost slipped the net, and - predictably - the government blames somebody else:

(the)Obama administration says Emirates Airlines Dropped the Ball.

Additionally, the 9/11 Commission Vice-Chair Says U.S. Govt Is Dropping the Ball.

That's just the tip of the finger-pointing, because the reality is that the bomber succeeded in his efforts to plant a bomb, but luckily, the bomb did not explode.

The government, at all levels, with all it's snoops, cameras, informers, manpower, satellites and who knows what else, did not have a clue this guy was planting a bomb until a T-shirt vendor turned him in.

The government foiled nothing. The government, with all its billions in assets and fancy ultra hi-tech equipment, failed, just as they did on 9-11. They foiled nothing, they prevented nothing.

All the government is doing now is blowing smoke in an attempt to make us believe they actually had a hand in preventing this attack. Truth is, the attack was successfully carried out, totally undetected except by a T-shirt vendor. Same with the underpants bomber. Both attacks were successful, only the detonators failed.

A sobering lesson here... When an individual decides to take action, government can only react. If a group of individuals, dedicated to their cause and thus immune to infiltration, takes action, the results are identical.

The government will always be late to the party. The way it operates guarantees this. Only on TV does the likes of Jack Bower save the day.

Expect the government to claim they have prevented "countless" attacks in the past. Be suspicious when they offer no proof because of a myriad of reasons, national security, classified information, need to know, etc.

Bumbling incompetence has always been covered up and buried by such tactics. Expect no less in the future.

As I've said before, we will not see the next serious attack coming. Our intel infrastructure is far too dependent on satellites, computers and 8-to-5 desk-bound analysts to ever get ahead of a real attack.

I think we'll be learning this the hard way.

It's That Up/Down Syndrome

Bloomberg and the dismal realities:

More than $1.1 trillion was wiped from global stocks yesterday amid concern that rescues similar to Greece’s 110 billion-euro ($143 billion) package will be needed in Spain and Portugal.

Stocks sank around the globe, erasing the 2010 gain for the MSCI World Index, and the euro weakened to a 14-month low on concern Europe’s debt crisis is worsening as protests in Greece turned deadly.

That's the problem with upswings, they are always followed by that other constant, the downswing.

Question is... Will this downward slide be halted by more worldwide financial shenanigans, or is this the big one?

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Mucho Bovine Excreta

Oh har-de-har-har:

New York officials say they could stop attacks like the attempted Times Square car bomb by expanding a controversial surveillance system so sensitive that it will pick up even suspicious behavior.

Bull patoooie. More cameras, even super sensitive ones, will just allow for more camera angles of any given event, but they won't prevent anything. That's total B.S.

London has thousands and thousands of cameras everywhere, and not a single one of them helped to prevent the subway bombing. But they all got really good pictures.

"Suspicious behaviour"? That means every erratic-driving cabbie in NYC will get the nod and the (twenty minutes later) SWAT response. New Yorkers will just love it.

This is just another grab at more power and more control by government... Using fear as a lever.

So That's what It's Called...

Bilateral Gynecomastia.

Otherwise referred to as huge breasts.

29-year-old Julia Manihuari's chest grew to a gigantic N cup seven years ago. Said Julia:

It was awful. If I tried to get up I would faint because my breasts were so heavy.

The woman, who lives in northern Peru, was finally helped when local media paid for her trip to the nearest town for medical help.

They had to cut 35 pounds of flesh away, reducing her breast size to a 34B cup.

35 pounds. Incredible.

Bomber Update

It now seems that the SUV left on a New York street was indeed a homemade attempt to blow something up, cobbled together by an apparently set-up putz that received some sort of laughable training from somewhere in Pakistan.

Like the Christmas shoe bomber, he had gathered enough expoldable stuff to actually make a bang, but his detonating technique was dismally short of being effective.

I watched a video of the NYPD bomb squad removing those three propane tanks. They were similar to the below one shown:

This is the kind we Americans buy by the millions to use with outdoor barbecue grills.

From Wikiopedia:

Propane is used as fuel in cooking on many barbecues, portable stoves and in motor vehicles. The ubiquitous 4.73-gallon (20 lb.) steel container is often dubbed a "barbecue tank" (used in making a Hank drum). Propane remains a popular choice for barbecues and portable stoves because its low boiling point of −42 °C (−43.6 °F) makes it vaporize as soon as it is released from its pressurized container. Therefore, no carburetor or other vaporizing device is required; a simple metering nozzle suffices. Propane powers some locomotives, buses, forklifts, taxis and ice resurfacing machines and is used for heat and cooking in recreational vehicles and campers.

So... It's readily available just about everywhere and this doofus had no trouble getting his hands on three of these "barbecue tanks" for his "explosive" devices.

Beyond that though, his attempt a bomb-making became laughable.

Along with the Christmas underpants dude, his attempt at terror indicates he was encouraged to do the deed by a group of foreign America-hating uneducated idiots who couldn't assemble a working garden rake.

If this "attack" is now typical of today's kind of terror attempt, we have indeed cut the head off the snake of international terrorism.

But be cautious... Very smart, dedicated and well financed people are still out to do us in. Sending over an idiot with an unworkable plan every now and again may be just the ticket to get our guard down, to get us laughing at their pitiful attempts, at their stupidity. Smoke and mirrors, smoke and mirrors.

Just as in 9-11, we will probably never see the serious guys coming.

Sunday, May 02, 2010

Chicken Little: Alive and Well in NYC


Times Square was shut down on Saturday night after police officers found a suspicious package in the back seat of a car that was on fire.

Well, at least it was smoking:

An SUV found parked on 45th Street Saturday evening was loaded with explosives, smoking and moments from blowing up when an alert t-shirt vendor noticed something wasn't right and alerted a mounted police officer.

Inside the vehicle they found three propane tanks, consumer-grade fireworks, two full five-gallon gasoline containers, two clocks, some electrical wire, and a metal gun locker

It occurs to me that you can find that stuff in just about any pickup truck parked at our local Wal-Mart.

Three propane tanks: Full or empty? five-gallon bottles? Or those little pressurized containers (technically tanks) used on camp stoves? Around here they would be for the barbecue grill. Wal-Mart always has a rack of them for sale. Generally, anything considered to be a propane "tank" around here will be holding more than 100 gallons of the stuff, and it would be impossible to haul three of them in a small SUV. Were they really propane tanks? Any photos of those tanks?

Two full five-gallon gasoline containers. Were they full of gas? Water? Hot air? Everybody jumps to the conclusion that - being gasoline containers - They must have been full of gasoline. But the cops didn't say that... They just said the containers were "full". Were they really "gasoline" containers? Any photos of these containers?

Consumer-grade fireworks? What the hell is that? Stuff so small you kid can't get hurt with them, party poppers, etc.Were there any photos of these "Consumer-grade" fireworks?

Two clocks? Terrorist material? Most cars I know of has a least one or two clocks somewhere in or around the dashboard.

Some electrical wire. Wow, that IS stretching the point. My car has about a mile of the stuff in it. Were there photos of a coil or bundle of wire that could be used to wire up well, anything?

Firefighters, emergency service officers and the bomb squad responded and the bomb squad confirmed that the suspicious vehicle did indeed contain an explosive device.

Like maybe a gas tank? Or a lady finger fire cracker? Perhaps a camp stove propane bottle? Those are all "explosive devices".

Reading what was actually found in the vehicle without all the terrorist fear-mongering could bring one to the conclusion that the SUV had been involved in transporting backyard barbecue material from a kids party.

Moments from blowing up. Sure. Sounds like a bit of fear-mongering and cage-rattling by a reporter intent on name-making.

"Police officers found a suspicious package". To me, that's just babble. Typical police consider a restaurant package of sugar found in a vehicle as a "suspicious package", maybe full of cocaine or even - shudder - Anthrax!

Of course, police are expected to be paranoid and suspicious 24-7.

But the rest of us need to take a calmer look at the facts. If this SUV did indeed have a homemade "bomb" in it, it had to be the most amateur attempt on record, not something Osama's boys would abandon in the middle of a New York street intersection. More like the efforts of some typically stupid college kids who believed themselves to be soon-to-be-famous world renowned radicals.

Or a few idiots who found a SUV with the keys in it... And decided it was practical joke time.

Don't get me wrong here, it may have been a genuine "terrorist" attack. But if that's the best they can do nowadays, we are way too worried over way too little.

Saturday, May 01, 2010

Wooden Motorcycles

I was watching Pawn Stars on the TV and a guy brought in a life sized wooden Harley motorcycle that he wanted a lot of money for and claimed it to be the only known one in the world.

So, I got curious, and started looking for other wooden motorcycles.

Didn't take long to find one... Or many.

Turns out they're made in Thailand, and this particular one is for sale for 15,000 Baht ($471.00)

Plus shipping, no doubt.

Whatever under the sun you want, somebody, somewhere, has got it for sale.