Sunday, May 02, 2010

Chicken Little: Alive and Well in NYC


Times Square was shut down on Saturday night after police officers found a suspicious package in the back seat of a car that was on fire.

Well, at least it was smoking:

An SUV found parked on 45th Street Saturday evening was loaded with explosives, smoking and moments from blowing up when an alert t-shirt vendor noticed something wasn't right and alerted a mounted police officer.

Inside the vehicle they found three propane tanks, consumer-grade fireworks, two full five-gallon gasoline containers, two clocks, some electrical wire, and a metal gun locker

It occurs to me that you can find that stuff in just about any pickup truck parked at our local Wal-Mart.

Three propane tanks: Full or empty? five-gallon bottles? Or those little pressurized containers (technically tanks) used on camp stoves? Around here they would be for the barbecue grill. Wal-Mart always has a rack of them for sale. Generally, anything considered to be a propane "tank" around here will be holding more than 100 gallons of the stuff, and it would be impossible to haul three of them in a small SUV. Were they really propane tanks? Any photos of those tanks?

Two full five-gallon gasoline containers. Were they full of gas? Water? Hot air? Everybody jumps to the conclusion that - being gasoline containers - They must have been full of gasoline. But the cops didn't say that... They just said the containers were "full". Were they really "gasoline" containers? Any photos of these containers?

Consumer-grade fireworks? What the hell is that? Stuff so small you kid can't get hurt with them, party poppers, etc.Were there any photos of these "Consumer-grade" fireworks?

Two clocks? Terrorist material? Most cars I know of has a least one or two clocks somewhere in or around the dashboard.

Some electrical wire. Wow, that IS stretching the point. My car has about a mile of the stuff in it. Were there photos of a coil or bundle of wire that could be used to wire up well, anything?

Firefighters, emergency service officers and the bomb squad responded and the bomb squad confirmed that the suspicious vehicle did indeed contain an explosive device.

Like maybe a gas tank? Or a lady finger fire cracker? Perhaps a camp stove propane bottle? Those are all "explosive devices".

Reading what was actually found in the vehicle without all the terrorist fear-mongering could bring one to the conclusion that the SUV had been involved in transporting backyard barbecue material from a kids party.

Moments from blowing up. Sure. Sounds like a bit of fear-mongering and cage-rattling by a reporter intent on name-making.

"Police officers found a suspicious package". To me, that's just babble. Typical police consider a restaurant package of sugar found in a vehicle as a "suspicious package", maybe full of cocaine or even - shudder - Anthrax!

Of course, police are expected to be paranoid and suspicious 24-7.

But the rest of us need to take a calmer look at the facts. If this SUV did indeed have a homemade "bomb" in it, it had to be the most amateur attempt on record, not something Osama's boys would abandon in the middle of a New York street intersection. More like the efforts of some typically stupid college kids who believed themselves to be soon-to-be-famous world renowned radicals.

Or a few idiots who found a SUV with the keys in it... And decided it was practical joke time.

Don't get me wrong here, it may have been a genuine "terrorist" attack. But if that's the best they can do nowadays, we are way too worried over way too little.

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Ted Amadeus said...

Since it happened in uberleftist Jew York, I'm concerned about leftist spin and media sensationalism as well.
Having lived through the 1970s & '80s, I'm well acquainted with the reality media is no longer a watch dog of big government, but a lapdog!