Saturday, December 29, 2007

A Comparison

Robert Bartos over at Shrapnel has some interesting comparisons between Bush and Putin:
Remember Putin has been effectively in power since 1999. He has a 70 per cent approval rate by the Russian people. In that time he has paid off a 200 billion national debt; has insured an economic growth at roughly 7 per cent per year; began major rebuilding of his armed forces[budget 70 billion]; and kept his country out of war. The Russian ruble has increased in value and stabilized on the world currency market. Putin has strengthened his political party...

Contrast that to GW Bush's less than 30 per cent approval rate by the American people. Bush has created trillions of dollars of national debt; created two wars; after strategic warning, stood by as his country was attacked on 9/11; watched as US ground forces became stressed; he is losing the wars he started, unable to disengage. The US dollar continues to dive to the lowest historical level. GW Bush wrecked the Republican Party. Under these comparisons, Russian corruption appears more productive for its citizens than the US variety for Americans.

What Else Are They doing With Our money?

To protect and serve:
Robin Garrison, an off-duty 42-year-old firefighter, was walking in Berliner Park in Columbus, Ohio, in May when he saw a woman sunbathing topless under a tree.

He approached her and they started talking and getting comfortable, the woman smiling and resting her foot on his shoulder at one point.

Eventually, she asked to see Garrison's penis; he unzipped his pants and complied.

Seconds later, undercover police officers pulled up in a van and arrested Garrison; he was later charged with public indecency, a misdemeanor.

While topless sunbathing is legal in the city's parks, exposing more than that is against the law.
A police "officer", topless in a public park, convincing some poor old schmuck to flash his package.

This is law enforcement?

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Not Unexpected

This from the NYT:
American consumers, uneasy about the economy and unimpressed by the merchandise in stores, delivered the bleak holiday shopping season retailers had expected, if not feared, according to one early but influential projection.

Spending between Thanksgiving and Christmas rose just 3.6 percent over last year, the weakest performance in at least four years, according to MasterCard Advisors, a division of the credit card company. By comparison, sales grew 6.6 percent in 2006, and 8 percent in 2005.
"Unimpressed by the merchandise".

A few days ago, we went to the local Mall to see what was available for gifts. We found - for the most part - three kinds of merchandise:

1)- Cheap, poor quality junk that could only impress a two-year-old,

2)- Expensive, poor quality junk trying to get sold using a "big" name brand, and

3)- Expensive, but useless crap that nobody would find any purpose for.

And guess what? Just about everything had a "made in china" label on it.

"Unimpressed by the merchandise".

We are starting to learn that just because it looks all new and shiny, it doesn't mean that it will last out the week. And that is most of China's products available to us in a nutshell... pretty and shiny, but made of inferior everything. I am positive China can -and does- make high-quality products... we just don't get any of them. We get all the junk.

Americans are starting to realize that - no matter how inexpensive or costly or pretty - crap is still crap - and not worth dragging into your home, or any of your friends.

We ended up buying food stuffs for everybody on the gift list. Things like Hickory Farms, Harry and David, gift items from the See's candy Kiosk, places like that.

Everybody loved it. Lesson learned:

Give yummy holiday food items designed for the season. You'll be heroes. And your family and friends won't have the chore of tossing out all that cheap and possibly toxic crap your local retailers are trying to dump on you.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

The Crisis Man Cometh

Wow, this headline is really good news for the upcoming year:

As central banks continue to splash their cash over the system, so far to little effect, Ambrose Evans-Pritchard argues things are rapidly spiralling out of their control

Twenty billion dollars here, $20bn there, and a lush half-trillion from the European Central Bank at give-away rates for Christmas. Buckets of liquidity are being splashed over the North Atlantic banking system, so far with meagre or fleeting effects.
"Rapidly spirialling out of control". When you step back and look at the entire picture, It becomes obvious that the big money boys have just about destroyed the very thing that has made them prosperous beyond imagination. When you see CEO's getting seventy million dollar bonuses for just showing up for a year, you know how out-of-control things really are.

Maybe they think they have almost enough and want to squeeze out that last little drop before they slither away offshore and live the life of luxury forever. Maybe they think the gravy train will never stop. Maybe they are just so greedy they cannot see the approaching brick wall.

Most likely they indeed do have enough and don't care about the coming crash that will obliterate the American economy. Yes, get that last billion of so before the roof caves in....

Who knows?

One thing for certain, if you have all your assets in paper holdings, you're going down with the ship. And it's not waist deep water this time, or even neck deep... we're about to join the Titanic.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Second Time Around

And who is surprised about this?
SAN FRANCISCO (AP) - Americans are falling behind on their credit card payments at an alarming rate, sending delinquencies and defaults surging by double-digit percentages in the last year and prompting warnings of worse to come.

An Associated Press analysis of financial data from the country's largest card issuers also found that the greatest rise was among accounts more than 90 days in arrears.

Experts say these signs of the deterioration of finances of many households are partly a byproduct of the subprime mortgage crisis and could spell more trouble ahead for an already sputtering economy.

"Debt eventually leaks into other areas, whether it starts with the mortgage and goes to the credit card or vice versa," said Cliff Tan, a visiting scholar at Stanford University and an expert on credit risk. "We're starting to see leaks now."
I said it several years ago...

Everybody had maxed out their credit cards. So they got a second on the house and paid off all those cards. Then they started using those cards again for anything and everything - although they had promised themselves they wouldn't - and now the cards are once again getting maxed out. But this time, no chance of a second mortgage to pay them off.

The guy is starting to "see leaks"? It's gonna be a flood any day now.

Crunch time again, and this time... No way out.

Isreal could survive Nuclear War?

Pollyanna is alive and well:
If a nuclear war between Israel and Iran were to break out 16-20 million Iranians would lose their lives - as opposed to 200,000-800,000 Israelis, according to a report recently published by the Washington-based Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), which is headed by Anthony H. Cordesman, formerly an analyst for the US Department of Defense. The document, which is largely theoretical due to the lack of verified knowledge in some areas - specifically in terms of Israel's nuclear capability - paints various scenarios and attempts to predict the strategies of regional powers, as well as the US.
Who the hell are they trying to kid? A place as small as Israel would take less than a half-dozen nukes to remove it from the face of the earth. And on top of that, all those "holy" places would end up glowing for several thousand years and be totally unapproachable without full body rad suits.

Witless fools who theorize that any nation could survive an out-and-out full bore nuclear exchange(which it would quickly become in a matter of hours) have their heads of their asses and have no concept of the consequences of such an action.

To even consider the possibly is beyond rash. Bottom line...there is no problem anywhere in the world that a nuclear exchange would solve.

Maybe the Iranians figured that out- several years ago - when they quit their nuclear weapons program. Now it's time for the Jews to figure it out also, or see the realization of Hitler's "final solution" come to pass.

Israel, with it's 300 nukes and it's supposed Godly destiny, is probably the most dangerous nation in the history of the world. Countless scenarios studying a projected limited nuclear exchange between Israel and anybody has always shown an escalation to total world war.

Should the Jews start lobbing nukes around, more people will die than in all the previous wars in our entire history.

Merry Christmas.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Lieberman goes For Bomb-Bomb

Bomb, bomb, bomb... bomb, bomb Iran McCain has picked up an endorsement from Israel's Senator-In-Residence, Joseph Lieberman.

No surprises here... Lieberman will support any candidate that favors fighting Israel's many wars for them using American lives and money, and McCain is so desperate he'll take endorsements from just about anybody, as we can all see.

Why does stuff like this get publicity?

How's That Again?

Can you believe this?
ORANGEBURG, South Carolina (CNN) –Former President Bill Clinton said Monday that the first thing his wife Hillary will do when she reaches the White House is dispatch him and his predecessor, President George H.W. Bush, on an around-the-world mission to repair the damage done to America's reputation by the current president — Bush's son, George W. Bush.
Let's see now... a dude that gets blow jobs in the White House and a ninety-year-old that jumps out of airplanes are going to improve our worldwide image.

Can someone explain to me just how that's going to work?

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Paint Shop Pro

Alan Blacklock, a photographer with the New Zealand Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research, was certainly surprised when he looked into the afternoon sky from his home in the capital city, Wellington.
A photograph of a cirrus cloud, taken on December 2

'It was Sunday afternoon and my attention was drawn to this cloud,' he said.

'It wasn't a great leap of the imagination to see a reindeer.'

He may be a good photogrqpher, but he appears to be a much better computer user.

How Much Did You Get?

According to the congressional budget Office's latest report, incomes for the top 1 percent of households rose by $465,700 each, or 42.6 percent after adjusting for inflation. The incomes of the poorest fifth rose by $200, or 1.3 percent, and the middle fifth increased by $2,400 or 4.3 percent.
The increase in incomes of the top 1 percent of Americans from 2003 to 2005 exceeded the total income of the poorest 20 percent of Americans, data in a new report by the Congressional Budget Office shows.

The poorest fifth of households had total income of $383.4 billion in 2005, while just the increase in income for the top 1 percent came to $524.8 billion, a figure 37 percent higher.

The total income of the top 1.1 million households was $1.8 trillion, or 18.1 percent of the total income of all Americans, up from 14.3 percent of all income in 2003. The total 2005 income of the three million individual Americans at the top was roughly equal to that of the bottom 166 million Americans, analysis of the report showed.
Earlier reports, based on tax returns, showed that in 2005 the top 10 percent, top 1 percent and fractions of the top 1 percent enjoyed their greatest share of income since 1928 and 1929.

Fascinating. 1928 and 1929. Wasn't that just before a lot of those Wall Street "investors" started jumping out of windows?

Will history repeat itself? Will we learn anything from it? Probably yes, and definitely no.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Money Does Grow On Trees, For a "Chosen" Few

The CEO of Goldman Sachs is receiving a 70 million dollar Christmas bonus this year, an all-time world record that truly exposes the thievery these big corporations practice on a daily basis. Last year this corporate elite got a 53 million dollar bonus for a total of 123 million dollars of bonus in a little over twelve months.

Does he deserve it? Of course not. What has he done to earn 123 million dollars in twelve months? Did he entertain millions of Americans all year long, like a sports hero of movie star? Did he invent a form of transportation that does not pollute? Did he develop a medicine that had eliminated all cancer? No, none of that. What he did do is preside over a corporation that spends every waking second trying to chisel even more money out of our pockets.

This man is invisible to most Americans and prefers it that way. Publicity is very bad for these modern three-piece-suit bandits. The only people who benefit from his activities - other than himself - are a few stockholders/owners/investors who rake in millions and millions on an endless gravy train powered by avarice and greed.

Are you paying almost three dollars/gallon for gas? Who gets all that extra profit from a product that cost a dollar/gallon just a few short months ago? Do you actually believe that production costs have risen over 200%? It has not. Only the prise has risen, and cretins like this Goldman Sachs CEO are on the receiving end.

We are on the other end of this gravy train. While millions of Americans struggle daily to pay their mortgage or the monthly utility bill, these humanoid monuments to greed are shoveling in the dollars/Euro/whatever as fast as they possibly can.

Rampant loss of purchase power by the dollar, massive(but unadmitted) inflation, huge losses in jobs and salaries, a tidal wave of cheap imported junk in every store, millions of illegal aliens plundering our national treasury, federal government spending gone mad, an insane president destroying America's credibility and stature worldwide.... All of this affects us, but not those CEO's and majority stockholders. They are people for whom we must redefine the concept of greed.

But hey! what the hell! Americans still haven't maxed out all our credit cards yet, so let the party continue!

Get yours while you can... before the dollar is finally driven to it's inevitable collapse. Or do like the rich and elite are doing, get a European bank account and convert to Euros or Swiss Franks.


A 70 million dollar bonus breaks down to $33,653.85 for each and every hour he worked, assuming he put in a forty-hour week for 52 weeks.

How would you like a bonus of $33,653.85 every hour, or $1,346,154.00 for each and every week you worked last year? That's bonus, my friend, just bonus.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The Sky Is Falling.. Or Not

Congress has been brought to a grinding halt by hardening Democratic and Republican stances on taxes and spending just days before lawmakers begin leaving Washington for Christmas and New Year’s. This threatens to shut down the entire federal government.

The federal government shut down! The big spending, warmongering, lying federal government shut down! That batch of liars, pedophiles, homosexuals, lesbians, cheaters, con artists and traitors shut down for the duration!

Whatever will we do?

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Because She's White, That's Why

Look of the photograph of this woman. Her name is Sarah Kreager. She has two broken bones in her left eye socket. She has damaged eye muscles. She has deep lacerations on the top of her head and another above her neck. Her face will never be the same.

This young white woman boarded a bus in Baltimore and tried to sit down. But nine blacks, including three girls, all ages 14 to 15, tell her she can't.

When she does finally sit down, those nine blacks viciously attack her, and end up throwing her off the bus. She is transported to the University of Maryland Shock Trauma Center, according to a police report, having sustained "serious injuries".

If you want to read the whole dismal story, go read Fred's latest.

At the end, Fred says:
I wonder how long things can go on as they are. Nothing gets better. The murderous stewing hatred remains and given a chance will beat more women senseless or, sooner or later, burn another city. Winding this spring is not a good idea. If the worm ever turns, Katie bar the door.

Like it or not, Fred is totally on the mark. I have felt for years that one day - perhaps soon - something like this disgusting incident will repeat itself, and without warning, the worm will turn, and overnight a million blacks will die across this nation.

I have always hoped not to see that day. But I am not optimistic about that anymore.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Those Grateful Israelis

Israeli Minister Yitzhak Cohen of Shas said during a security cabinet meeting Sunday morning:
The manner in which the Americans relate to the intelligence report on Iran is similar to the way in which they viewed those reports they received during the Holocaust on railways transporting hundreds of thousands of Jews to their death at Auschwitz...
Gotta give those Israelis high marks for propaganda, and this is one of the best.

Since it is starting to look like the U.S. won't be attacking another of Israel's personal enemies - Iran - out comes the mud slinging against their only friend and ally on this entire planet.

This kind of vicious ingratitude may be typical of a spoiled brat, but not of a people we have spent untold billions on and spilled vast amounts of American blood to protect.

Like they say... who needs enemies when you have friends like that?

Fever? No. Warm Spell? Yes

Al gore was again on the news just a few minutes ago basking in the attention as he received his Nobel "Peace" prize. During this cozy little ceremony he made that statement that "The earth has a fever, and it's rising". That type of comment projects the idea that the earth is like an infant with a dangerous fever that is rising, and must be reduced... NOW.

The fact is that earth is in a warming spell that it has gone through numerous times before without the assistance of man. These warm spells are in the geological record that provides ample evidence and proof to those who care to look.

These warming trends are part of a normal warming/cooling cycle earth has experienced since before the dawn of man, something we - as a technological civilization - are just beginning to learn of and understand. What need to do now is fully understand this cycle, how it will affect us, and react accordingly.

What that means is we need to place the footprints of our civilization, our cites, our roads, our industries, in places where the possibility of rising sea water or flooding rivers will not destroy them.

Understand that we are already in a warming cycle that caused the ocean levels to rise over two hundred feet. Evidence of this fact is everywhere. This started long before we came along to watch the show and earth is now close to the peak of that cycle. When the downturn starts, polar ice will once again spread, eventually sucking up that extra two hundred plus feet of ocean water.

How long will all this take no one knows for certain. But the geological record shows it has happened time and again on earth. We need to adjust our lifestyles and civilization to sidestep these naturally occurring weather cycles.

What we don't need to do is give out medals to politicians like Al Gore who are misrepresenting this natural occurrence for personal gain.

It is a shame that the Nobel prize is now nothing more than a political tool, given to those who have no business whatever to receive it.

Sunday, December 09, 2007

More Cheap Imported Junk

Last year about this time, we bought ten strings of those icicle style Christmas lights to decorate the house. Mrs. Bobert liked the blue ones, and they did look really neat after installation.

I just got through putting them back up for this season, and guess what? About a third of the lights are now white. turns out the bulbs were painted with a blue tint that is just plain falling off.

So now we have blue/white icicle decorations. The really neat effect of solid deep blue lighting is totally toasted. I could try repainting each bulb by hand, but I don"t have that much time left.

Thank you China, for your cheap crap.

A Federal Judge... Imagine That!

Maybe there are a few Federal judges that have brains:
PHOENIX (AP) - A federal judge has thrown out a lawsuit seeking to block a new Arizona law that prohibits people from hiring illegal immigrants and requires businesses to verify whether applicants are eligible for employment.

The law takes effect Jan. 1.
De judge say there is no evidence that anyone has been harmed by the new law. What the hell that has to do with anything is beyond me. Requiring proof of citizenship is not an issue of harm.

Julie Pace, an attorney for the business groups, said her clients were meeting Saturday to determine whether to appeal the ruling or file a separate lawsuit against the county prosecutors. She said the business groups could pursue both avenues.
These would be American businessmen wanting to profit by getting money from Americans... right? Probably not. Arizona has a LOT of businesses run by incredibly racist Mexican/Americans who make a point of hiring their illegal brethren and wouldn't hire a "f*cking gringo" in a million years.
Alfredo Gutierrez, a spokesman for immigrant rights groups, said they plan to refile the lawsuit after Jan. 1, when they might be able to show damages caused by the law.
Damages to who? The American worker this law is attempting to protect? Not a chance. Having lived in New Mexico for thirty years, I have a pretty good handle on where this Alfredo dude is coming from... he wants only his very brown version of justice... for his relatives and buddies. Us non-Mexican f*cking gringos can go to hell.

If you think I'm exaggerating, go live in Santa Fe for awhile. Your education will be fast and startling. For instant illumination, try living in Espanola.

Saturday, December 08, 2007


Oprah has come out supporting Obama. Well duh... No surprise there. But it got me to thinking...

If Bill Clinton was our first "black" president, what would Obama be?

Our first black-black president?
Our first true-blue black president?
Our first African-American black president?
Our first really truly black president and we can just forget that red-neck pretender to the throne?

Or our second black president?

The mind boggles...

Monday, December 03, 2007

Intelligence, But Not The Bush Kind

What have we here?
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. intelligence has determined that Iran halted its nuclear weapons program in 2003 but believes it is continuing to develop technical capabilities that could be used to build a bomb, a government report said on Monday.
Well now. That's not the Bush kind of propagandistic babble he claims to be intelligence, as in the Iraqi WND case, but a genuine report on Iran and their activities.
The latest National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) also said Iran would likely be capable of producing enough enriched uranium for a nuclear weapon "sometime during the 2010-2015 time-frame."
"Capable of producing". That says nothing about being able to actually use the stuff to make a real, workable weapon. It's like having dry powder, but no cartridge to put it in, no projectile or percussion cap, all those things required to make a bullet, and then having no gun to fire it off in.

The Chinese had gunpowder for centuries and never had a clue how to use it for cannon. It took the Europeans to do that. The Iranians may have their "powder" sometime in the next few years, but they're still a long ways away from having anything usable as a weapon. Don't forget that the Korean attempt to pop off their first nuke was a giant failure.

The report contains a number of differences from findings two years ago in which U.S. intelligence agencies concluded that Iran was
...determined to develop nuclear weapons despite its international obligations and international pressure.
It all depends on who you listen to. If you listen to Bush, Rice and the gaggle of neocons presently leading us down the path it's all war, war, war . But if you actually pay attention to what the intelligence says, it's as different as night and day.

Friday, November 30, 2007

Worldclass Forked-Tongue Doubletalk

Dig this:
PORTSMOUTH — Presidential hopeful Delaware Sen. Joe Biden stated unequivocally that he will move to impeach President Bush if he bombs Iran without first gaining congressional approval.
Gad, even one of today's fifth-graders knows and understands that it will be Israel to first strike Iran. Then, the U.S. will jump in to "defend" it's "ally", with massive congressional approval after the powerful and generous(to congressional members) Israeli lobby calls in its markers.

And - of course - Biden, one of the rock-solid insiders, already knows this.

Nuts... a first-grader can figure that one out. So Biden is just looking for a few votes from the vast pool of the ignorant and unaware amongst us, which unfortunately in America, is a huge target-rich environment.

The stench of the BS emanating from Washington just grows and grows.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Hate Crime Of The Day

How to jump over the rail in one easy leap:
A Glendale elementary school principal has admitted to telling a 9-year old boy that it is OK to have racist feelings as long as you keep them to yourself.

“As we said to (the boy) when he was in here, in your heart you may have that feeling, and that is OK if that is your personal belief,” Abraham Lincoln Traditional School Principal Virginia Voinovich said in a tape-recorded parent-teacher conference.

The boy was suspended for three days this month for allegedly committing a “hate crime” by using the expression “brown people.”
Good grief... brown people, black people, red people, yellow people, and Lord help us all...white people!

Saying any of those is now a hate crime? Brown people. Wowzers. When I was a kid in Santa Fe, I never heard something like "brown people". What I did hear a lot of was stuff like beaner, wetback, spic, greaser, even Chicano. But in those days, Chicano was an insult, as in "friggin' chicano"...

That Glendale elementary school principal should have grown up in Santa Fe. She would have grown up knowing that "brown people" was as close to a compliment as one could get.

But what can you expect? Just another college educated female stomping her way through the tulips.

Monday, November 26, 2007

District Of Columbia

The first statistics to be collected on HIV in the District of Columbia reveal "a modern epidemic" remarkable for its size, complexity and reach into all parts of the city.
The numbers most starkly illustrate HIV's impact on the African American community. More than 80 percent of the 3,269 HIV cases identified between 2001 and 2006 were among black men, women and adolescents. Among women who tested positive, a rising percentage of local cases, nine of 10 were African American.
The 120-page report shows how a condition once considered a gay disease has moved into the general population.
It blows the stereotype out of the water," said Shannon Hader, who became head of the District's HIV/AIDS Administration in October. Increases by sex, age and ward over the past six years underscore her blunt conclusion that "HIV is everybody's disease here.
Not exactly. A conclusion more "blindered" or politically correct than "blunt".

More than 80% of the cases were "among black men", and among the women, "nine out of ten were African American".

While it's obvious that HIV/AIDS is a major health problem everywhere, in the district of Columbia - according to the above numbers - it seems to be epidemic only in the black population.

That supports a report I recently read that claimed that one had an 800% better chance of getting HIV/AIDS when having sex with a black than any other ethnic group.

Now that's blunt, but apparently true.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Boy, Are We Tough!

Mankind 'shortening the universe's life'
By Roger Highfield, Science Editor, UK Telegraph:
Forget about the threat that mankind poses to the Earth: our activities may be shortening the life of the universe too.

The startling claim is made by a pair of American cosmologists investigating the consequences for the cosmos of quantum theory, the most successful theory we have. Over the past few years, cosmologists have taken this powerful theory of what happens at the level of subatomic particles and tried to extend it to understand the universe, since it began in the subatomic realm during the Big Bang.

Cosmologists claim by observing dark energy the universe has been nudged closer to its death

But there is an odd feature of the theory that philosophers and scientists still argue about. In a nutshell, the theory suggests that we change things simply by looking at them and theorists have puzzled over the implications for years.
Well now. Us incredibly important humans are destroying the universe by looking at it.

Lets see now... in a universe so vast that we still have no idea of it's size or where it came from, the entire human race - which has only been around for the teeniest speck of time - and wouldn't make up the smallest speck of a zit on the Universe's' butt, is destroying it by looking at it.

Consider the source: Two American cosmologists - no doubt educated in some American College or University - which would go a long way to explain things.

How does stuff like that get press time?

It's that college degree. It declares even idiots to be intelligent and wise, a serious - if not fatal - flaw in our national mindset.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

It's Thanksgiving day, and the family will be meeting for a grand get together. Not all of us unfortunately, but enough to make the day more special.

I certainly have plenty to be thankful for. I have everything I need and quite a few things I wanted but really didn't need. One quick look at the condition of the many billions of people on this planet who struggle every day just to survive makes me grateful for the things I have and enjoy in this life. Bill Gates may have his billions, but I'd bet his money he doesn't sleep any better than I.

At any rate, enjoy the day.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Red Planet Earth


That's the headline for a fear-mongering "end of the world" article over at in the INDEPENDENT.

Pollution in the seas is now speeding global warming, says a devastating new climate report. 'IoS' Environment Editor Geoffrey Lean reports from Valencia...blah, blah, blah.

I believe that America has done a fabulous job cleaning up our act to reduce pollution and emissions. We have clean water and clean skies now in places that used to be cesspools. Today's generation has no idea whatever what it was like to live in Pittsburgh - as a typical example - in the 1940's and 50's.

It's the Chinese and other new rising industrial powers that are not doing their bit, and there's plenty of evidence for that. But these sky-is-falling nutcases still want to blame us for all the problems.
Getting agreement on a new treaty to tackle climate change hangs on resolving an "after you, Claude" impasse between the United States and China, the two biggest emitters of carbon dioxide, the main cause of global warming.

China insists – with other key developing countries like India and South Africa – that the United States must move first to clean up. It points out that, because of the disparity in populations, every American is responsible for emitting much more of the gas than each Chinese. But the US refuses to join any new treaty unless China also accepts restrictions.
What a batch of double-talk. We have already done incredible things to clean up the atmosphere and oceans. Satellite photos show CHINA as the number one source of pollution by a HUGE margin, a rather inconvenient truth for the rabble-rousers, so they don't mention it.

Yes, the world is in a warming phase, one that it has gone through many times before - without the benefit of human-induced carbon dioxide - but keep in mind we are near the end of an unusually warm period that has allowed humanity to grow and prosper, a period that may end suddenly.

So instead of a flaming globe or fire, we may just end up an iceball. It has happened before. It all points to the fact that we do need to figure out the world's historical and repeatable weather patterns and prepare to adjust our civilization to those realities, without the yadda-yadda fear mongering rabble rousing noise from the Gore crowd.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Silly Question

WND asks if the below picture is of an angel appearing at a gas station:

No, it's a picture of a cloud of bluish gas. It I were the station owner, I'd be checking for some serious leaks around the place.

Somebody go tell Joe Farah what angels are supposed to look like... semi-human, no sex organs, big feathery wings, white dress-like garments, and they glow in the dark. Not blue, but white.

Color security cameras are known to act up in this manner, a frame from which the above picture is taken. So maybe the whole thing was only on tape, which would reduce the whole incident to BS and nonsense.


The number of stars in the Universe?

The number of grains of sand on all the beaches of earth?

The number of Mexicans wanting to sneak into the United States?


That's the latest estimate of what the Bush wars are costing us to date. One point six trillion dollars. This estimate includes things that Bush and his cronies refuse to discuss or admit to, things like:

-1)The interest on the money being borrowed to conduct these wars.

-2)The cost of medical assistance and treatment to veterans.

-3)The cost to replace all the destroyed equipment.

The fact is... if Bush couldn't borrow money from places like communist China, he couldn't be the war monger he is... we would be at peace with every Muslim nation on earth, except for Afghanistan, a war we can afford and should have already won, but sadly that that damned puppet Bush re-directed most of our war effort to Iraq in order to secure an estimated 30 trillion dollar oil supply for the benefit of the international corporations. Spread democracy my ass... it's all for the oil.

Seems to me it's obvious. If we don't have the money on hand to fight a war - particularly an unnecessary war with a nation that was absolutely no threat to the security of the United States - we shouldn't be fighting it, no matter who thinks we should be, especially the Israelis, who have lost nothing in this war, but have promoted it from day one.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Not Meant To Happen

An early morning attack by four gunmen who stormed and reached the emergency-response control room of a secured nuclear facility in South Africa has left one of the plant's operational officers hospitalized.

The attack at the Pelindaba nuclear facility took place early Thursday morning, reported the Pretoria News.

Anton Gerber, an emergency services operational officer working for the Nuclear Energy Corporation of South Africa, was in the control room with his fiancée Ria Meiring, who is also the control room supervisor, when he heard a loud bang and saw the men coming into the facility's eastern block.

Gerber pushed Meiring beneath a desk for safety and attempted to stop the intruders from entering the electronically sealed control room. Two forced their way through the door and ran straight for the control panel.
Investigators at the Pelindaba plant believe the attackers gained access to the building by using a ladder belonging to the facility's fire department to scale a wall, then forced open a window by pulling out several louvers.
The facility is meant to be safe. There are security guards, electric fences and security control points. These things are not meant to happen," Gerber said.
There is a host of smells coming from this report, but where to start?

Electronically secured control room door, but two guys "forced" their way in. No no no. Those doors are heavy steel and reinforced three ways from Sunday, so the door had to have been open to begin with, no doubt a major violation of security procedures.

One must wonder if Gerber even belonged in the control room to begin with. He must have been "visiting" his Fiancee(the control room supervisor) and had left the door open. Talk about bad timing.

The invaders reportedly used a ladder belonging to the facility's fire department to scale a security wall and thus gained entry..
A police spokesman told Pretoria News there had been no arrests in the attack. Reports make no mention of terrorism as a possible motive.

"A case of armed robbery and attempted murder are being investigated," the spokesman said.
"Not meant to happen." But if you leave things like ladders laying around and doors open, the best laid plans are worthless.

Monday, November 05, 2007


Alabama health officials have identified 212 workers who have tested positive for tuberculosis at a single poultry plant owned by one of the largest processors in the U.S.
In two batteries of skin tests last month, given to 765 fresh processing employees at the Decatur, Ala., plant owned by Wayne Farms LLC by the State Department of Public Health's Tuberculosis Control Division, 28 percent were found to be infected, including one with active tuberculosis disease, which is contagious. Doctors have yet to evaluate X-rays for 165 current workers who tested positive to determine if any more are contagious.
The testing was prompted by an earlier active TB case – a former Wayne Farms worker.

Both employees with active TB are Hispanics born in countries where the disease is prevalent, heath officials said. Scott Jones, interim director of the Tuberculosis Control Division told the Decatur Daily he was not surprised at the large number of employees who tested positive.
"The majority of the folks that we're dealing with in this situation are foreign born," Jones said. "I would expect about 30 percent of them to test positive."
I've said it before... these illegals swarming across our border... the ignorant, the sick, the uneducated and the unwanted poor of Mexico sneaking into our nation are bringing back diseases we had eliminated decades ago.

It's another one of those hidden costs we are paying for Bush's open borders experiment.
Stan Hayman, sales and marketing director for Wayne Farms, told Huntsville's WHNT-TV News the company was looking for ways to pre-test employees before they're hired but said the law imposed limits on what could be done. Said Stan:
The laws today don't truly allow for pre-employment screening. You know HIV and all of these over the years have built cases where personal information is very guarded. So we struggle a little bit with the laws today to say can we truly implement a pre-screening, pre-employment process
Imagine that. Those individuals with HIV/AIDS have managed to get laws passed that forbid the testing of potential employess for deadly diseases, even in our food porcessing plants.

At what point do we finally decide we've had enough?

Sunday, November 04, 2007


Pakistani President General Pervez Musharraf has tossed out democracy in an apparently successful grab for one-man rule. In the process, he tossed out the Pakistani Supreme Count members that disagreed with him, and then canceled the next round of elections.

Now, police and soldiers, emboldened by this state of emergency powers, swept up hundreds of activists and opposition members on Sunday, dragging away protesters and turning government buildings into barbed-wire compounds, all of this resulting in the creation Earth's newest police state.

The cable news bobble heads are trying to explain all this away by saying the General needed to to this to combat growing extremism and terrorism.

My, my. Makes me think of Bush's latest, National Security Presidential Directive/NSPD 51, which seeks to establish continuity of government in the case of a major disaster. The proposed agenda of this Presidential Directive/NSPD51 includes the postponement of elections, a move which can be triggered due to any perceived increase in extremism and/or terrorism.

Now... try to convince me that the Bush/Chaney/neocon cartel running our government is not going to try the same thing. And I'll be damned if the media won't go right along.

Friday, November 02, 2007

The Ultimate Source

(CBS) 60 Minutes has identified the man whose fabricated story of Iraqi biological weapons drove the U.S. argument for invading Iraq. It has also obtained video of "Curve Ball," as he was known in intelligence circles, and discovered he was not only a liar, but also a thief and a poor student instead of the chemical engineering whiz he claimed to be.

60 Minutes correspondent Bob Simon's two-year investigation will be broadcast this Sunday, Nov. 4, at 7 p.m. ET/PT.

Curve Ball is an Iraqi defector named Rafid Ahmed Alwan, who arrived at a German refugee center in 1999. To bolster his asylum case and increase his importance, he told officials he was a star chemical engineer who had been in charge of a facility at Djerf al Nadaf that was making mobile biological weapons.
So there you are. The source that President Bush and his cronies swore up and down to be credible and totally reliable about all those WMD's in Iraq.

Nothing more than a college student who was getting poor grades in chemistry, who lied to improve his case for asylum in Germany.

His lies have cost us Americans over 3,000 lives and two trillion dollars... with no end in sight.

Keep in mind it's the same batch of idiots that believed Rafid who are now telling us that Iran is building the bomb.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Stahl stalls out

The president of France has some grit:
Lesley Stahl, a 60 Minutes correspondent, was five minutes into what she promised would be a 45-minute sit-down with French President Nicolas Sarkozy. By the third question, which was about the state of his marriage, the French president abruptly got up and walked out. C'est Finis!

"We'd spent days coming up with the questions," Stahl tells TVNewser. "There were many issues that I've been concerned about," Iran being one of them. "That was going to be one of my first questions."
You bet. That's why she started prying into his martial problems by the third question.

I don't blame the guy for walking out. Good grief, he's the president of a nation facing the same problems we are, and this bimbo wants to talk about his problems with his wife.

She got exactly what she deserved. She should be fired for demonstrating gross stupidity on live TV and for embarrassing her network.

But then again, I don't think her network is capable of embarrassment.

Sure, You Bet

Another crack-pot hits the headlines:
SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 28 — Shai Agassi, a Silicon Valley technologist who was in competition to become chief executive of SAP, one of the world’s largest software companies, has re-emerged with a grand plan to reinvent the world’s automobile industry around battery-powered all-electric cars.

Agassi is not planning to make cars, but instead wants to deploy an infrastructure of battery-charging stations in the United States, Europe and the developing world.

The new system will sell electric fuel on a subscription basis and will subsidize vehicle costs through leases and credits.
The reality of the situation is that it all comes down to BTUS', watts, energy consumption... you know, that hard to understand stuff.

Some very smart people have determined that if we all drive electric cars, we will need three times the amount of electricity presently available today. In English, that's three times the number of power plants that we have dotting today's landscape.

And at the cost of oil today, they will have to be coal-fired. Welcome to smog world.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

And Your Position Is?

DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) - Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama accused Hillary Clinton of dodging tough questions about Social Security.

Obama's campaign arranged for him to be introduced at a Des Moines event by Tod Bowman, a teacher from Maquoketa, Iowa, who tried to pin down Clinton during a debate in Iowa earlier this month on whether the government should tax workers' earnings above the present cap of $97,500 to help pay for Social Security benefits.

Obama was quite long-winded during his harangue over Clinton's dodging the questions.

But - and it's a BIG but - nowhere did Obama make his position known on the issues he was criticizing Clinton for not answering any questions about.

Typical political trick... criticize your opponent about their actions before they criticize you for doing - or not doing - exactly the same thing.

Not that it should matter in the long run. They both stink to high heaven of political skulduggery and compromise. Neither one should ever be allowed anywheres near the White House.

Saturday, October 27, 2007


The Al Gores of the world are skittering around in full panic mode because grass is starting to grow in Greenland.

Well now. Why do you suppose the place is called "Greenland"? Because, when the Vikings discovered it and settled the place, it was green and fertile, enough so to support a growing community.

But... as the mini ice age that swept Europe enveloped Greenland, the Vikings were forced to abandon the place. They couldn't grow any crops for themselves and their animals.

Notice one thing... When Greenland was actually Green, the ocean level was not at some disastrous civilization-killing high point. Water did not cover the place, London was not flooded under thirty feet of seawater, nor were any other major seacoast cities.

Seems to me that the earth is still recovering from this recent mini-ice age, that just perhaps Greenland will return to it's previously fertile state, and that ocean-side cities around the world will not be destroyed by a rising flood of sea water, as claimed by Al Gore and his chattering flock of chicken-littles.

So what is the "normal temperature of earth? Is there really such a thing? Or is constant climate change normal? It would be nice if we could establish these things without all of today's panic and fear-mongering.

If climate change is a normal and recurring event, we need to find the limits on both the high and low extremes, and then move our civilization - if necessary - to places that will not be adversely affected.

What A Pity

So cry me a river:
A prison menu offering ham sandwiches has prompted a multi-million-dollar lawsuit by Muslim inmates who claim their human rights were violated.

Officials at the high security prison in Leeds, England, denied they gave any of their 200 Muslim prisoners ham sandwiches. But they admitted a mistake in the special menus printed during the Islamic Ramadan holiday, the London Daily Mail reported.

The Muslim prisoners complained after discovering ham sandwiches were one of three options on the menu. Prison officers on duty explained the menus had been printed in error.
A multi-million-dollar lawsuit... by insulted inmates, over one of three options on the menu.

The way to stop this sort of nonsense is to dis-bar the lawyers who have the lack of sense to accept a case like this.

Disappearing Act

New commercial satellite photos show that a Syrian site believed to have been attacked by Israel last month no longer bears any obvious traces of what some analysts said appeared to have been a partly built nuclear reactor.

Two photos, taken Wednesday, show the site near the Euphrates River to have been wiped clean since August, when imagery showed a tall square building there measuring about 150 feet on a side.

The Syrians reported an attack by Israel in early September; the Israelis have not confirmed that. Senior Syrian officials continue to deny that a nuclear reactor was under construction, insisting that Israel hit a largely empty military warehouse.

But the images, federal and private analysts say, suggest that the Syrian authorities rushed to dismantle the facility after the strike, calling it a tacit admission of guilt.

"It's a magic act — here today, gone tomorrow," a senior intelligence official said. "It doesn't lower suspicions; it raises them. This was not a long-term decommissioning of a building, which can take a year. It was speedy. It's incredible that they could have gone to that effort to make something go away."
A "senior intelligence official". That says a lot all by itself.

A much more reasonable reason why it was cleaned up so quickly is that it was actually only an mostly empty military warehouse as claimed, four walls and a roof, not much to clean up at all.

Another point... I don't believe anyone could build a nuclear reactor in a building only 150 feet square. Where's the containment building? Where's the cooling towers? Where's the absolutely needed pond - or lake - of cooling water?

Maybe it was an unfinished reactor. But the Israelis and our government have lied to us so many times it is now impossible to ferret out the truth in anything they say or claim... and the above "before" picture ceertainly doesn't look like any nuclear facility I've ever seen.

H. G. Wells And The Future

Who would'a thunk it:
The human race will one day split into two separate species, an attractive, intelligent ruling elite and an underclass of dim-witted, ugly goblin-like creatures, according to a top scientist.

100,000 years into the future, sexual selection could mean that two distinct breeds of human will have developed.

The alarming prediction comes from evolutionary theorist Oliver Curry from the London School of Economics, who says that the human race will have reached its physical peak by the year 3000.
In his story, "The Time Machine", H.G.Wells had assumed exactly that. He had created the Eloi and the Murloks, the Eloi being a group of dainty, flowery, fun-loving but useless sweet nothings, while the underground-living Murloks were dwarfish uglies that actually supported - and then ate - the Eloi.

But the Eloi were certainly not the ruling elite. They were quite helpless without the Murloks and would have starved to death without them.

One thing... this guy Oliver Curry is from the London School of Economics. Just how does being from the London School of Economics qualify one to be an expert of the future of the human race?

Friday, October 26, 2007

I Must Be Missing Something

I was just watching the blonde bobble heads on the TV news and they were all excited about the reasonable housing costs to be found in New York.

One of them said - all smiley and giggly - that if you looked really hard you could find a two bedroom apartment in the New York area for a bit under a half million dollars.

Hmmm... a two bedroom in a three or four story hundred-year-old brick building, with hundred-year-old wiring, hundred-year-old plumbing, and a hundred years worth of rats, fleas, roaches and assorted vermin - including mildew and mold - embedded in the hidden nooks and crannies of that hundred-year-old building.

Now, I just recently purchased a brand-new home with three-bedrooms, two baths, a two-car insulated and conditioned garage, with major brand name applicances everywhere, including heating and air-conditioning, all on one full acre, custom built to our own plans. It cost a bit over $107,000.00.

Either I got the deal of the century or those New yorkers are just plain stupid.

Overpaid also. How much do you have to be making to afford a half-million dollar, 900(or so) square-foot walk-up? In all all-brick building that will hit the pavement during the next earthquake?

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Not Amused

Rep. Pete Stark, D-Calif., apologized today for stating during debate last week that President Bush derives amusement from sending young Americans to Iraq to kill innocent people and then "get their heads blown off."

Well, silly him. He should have known that Bush is not amused by the death and destruction he is causing, because Bush just doesn't give a damn.

After all, it's not his kids or his family that is dying and suffering, it's those... people... from the great unwashed out there doing all that stuff, and they just don't matter.

Rep. Pete Stark, D-Calif., should not have apologized, he should have pushed his point home even more forcefully. The sooner America realizes the kind of ignorant puppet we have in the Oval Office, the better.

Didn't Take Long

A letter to the editor over at WND:
Gov. Schwarzenegger can blame himself for California burning to the ground. When he mandates that there are no longer "mommies and daddies" in the public school system, God burns down half his state. Sodomy is a stench in God's nostrils.
A post or two down, it was global warming causing those fires.

My mistake... God started them.

Taxpayer Funded, Of Course

Let's spend some more of our money, Bush style:
RIYADH, Saudi Arabia - First lady Laura Bush helped launch a screening facility in Saudi Arabia Tuesday as part of a U.S.-Saudi initiative to raise breast cancer awareness in the kingdom where doctors struggle to break long-held taboos about the disease.
Big deal. Like the oil-rich Saudis really need busy-body Laura Bush to horn in on the photo-ops.

Speaking of photos:

Weren't those two characters on either side of Ms. Bush extras in a Star Wars movie?

New Man In The Moon?

China has launched its first lunar orbiter, on a planned year-long exploration mission to the Moon. The satellite, named Chang'e 1, took off from the Xichang Centre in south-west China's Sichuan province at 1800 local time (1000 GMT).

They say it is part of a program to land one of their very own Chinese guys on the moon by 2020, only 51 years after we did.

But don't get too excited. That little skyrocket they launched is a long ways away from an Apollo-type vehicle that will actually be needed to go claim the moon for themselves.

Coincidentally, the satellite is about the same size and weight of a nuclear warhead. So all they are really doing is trying to demonstrate that they have the ability to launch ICBM's around the world.

Global Warming

The real culprit:
One reason why we have the fires in California is global warming,” Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) told reporters Tuesday, stressing the need to pass the Democrats’ comprehensive energy package.
According to Glen Beck on his show last night, global warming has caused a 1 degree Fahrenheit increase of the world temperature in the last one hundred and fifty years, none of which has occurred in the last thirty years.

A 1 degree increase is the problem? If that were the real cause, why isn't the rest of the world going up in flames like California?

Did you know that the greens in California have gotten laws passed that forbid property owners to cut back their excessive undergrowth? You know, the stuff that burns like hell once a fire gets started?

You are witnessing the results of that stupidity.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Another Warm California Fall Day

Another home is destroyed in California:

We've seen this many time before. Seems just about every year or so, a huge chunk of California goes up in flames and smoke. For all we know, the house pictured above may have been burned down and rebuilt more than once, thanks to sufficient fire insurance.

I am waiting for the insurance companies to remove fire protection for Southern California residents from their homeowners insurance policies, since it has become a fact that fire is a real and present danger to a California homeowner.

You know, like they won't insure against floods in areas where there is a real potential for water damage? Let the government (the taxpayer) handle that burden.

Actually, I'm a bit surprised they haven't done so already. But don't think that removing fire protection from homes in an area that repeatedly suffers from major fires will reduce your insurance policy costs anymore than not insuring against floods has reduced your insurance costs. That's not the way the insurance companies play the game.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Hurricane Control

Scientists a step closer to steering hurricanes
By Tim Shipman in Washington
Last Updated: 1:07am BST 21/10/2007
Scientists have made a breakthrough in man's desire to control the forces of nature – unveiling plans to weaken hurricanes and steer them off course, to prevent tragedies such as Hurricane Katrina.

The damage done to New Orleans in 2005 has spurred two rival teams of climate experts, in America and Israel, to redouble their efforts to enable people to play God with the weather.
Play God with the weather. Why do we tolerate idiots who make ludicrous statements like that?

And what's with this "rival" crap? Don't things go better when people team up in a group effort?

Science is learning to get a handle on the direction and intensity of a hurricane, nothing more. That's good for all of us. There is no "Let's play God" involved except in the miniature minds of third-string writers like dear old Tim.

But then again, one team is in Israel, the land of God's chosen everything... that just may be the justification for Tim's statement.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Norway Wants To Give Kids A Bit more Freedom

Norwegians woke up Tuesday morning to news that a respected Oslo pre-school teacher, backed by child psychologists, thinks children should be allowed to openly express their own sexuality, not least through sex play and games in the local day care centers known as barnehager, or kindergartens.

The vast majority of Norwegians send their children from the age of one to the kindergartens, where they spend their days until they begin school at age six.

Pia Friis, leader of the popular Bjerkealleen Barnehage in Oslo and a well-known pre-school educator, told newspaper Dagbladet on Tuesday that children should be allowed to express their own sexuality at day care centers. She doesn't want to stifle what comes naturally.

Children, she said,
should be able to look at each other and examine each other's bodies. They can play doctor, play mother and father, dance naked and masturbate.

But their sexuality must also be socialized, so they are not, for example, allowed to masturbate while sitting and eating. Nor can they be allowed to pressure other children into doing things they don't want to.
I'm so relieved, no masturbating in the cafeteria.

When is the last time you heard of a two or three-year-old masturbating? Norwegian kid or otherwise?

Those Norwegians must have really strange kids.

Up-Front Dentistry

And how often does your wife visit the dentist?
WOODLAND, Calif. - A dentist, Mark Anderson, accused of fondling the breasts of 27 female patients is trying to keep his dental license by arguing that chest massages are an appropriate procedure in certain cases. Mark Anderson's lawyer says dental journals discuss the need to massage the pectoral muscles to treat a common jaw problem.

Police say Anderson said during recorded phone calls that he routinely massaged patients' chests to treat temporo-mandibular joint disorder, or TMJ, which causes neck and head pain.
Come here cutie, You need a bit of tempro-mandibular joint disorder manipulation...

A complaint filed by a 31-year-old woman said Anderson had fondled her at least six times over two years.

Six times?

What happened the last time? Was he losing his touch? Or was he losing interest in this particluar patient and managed to get her angry?

I didn't realize breasts had muscles that somehow attached to the jawbone. But with modern science, you learn something new every day.

Of Cruise Missiles And Liars

I just watched - with total disbelief - a multi-starred Air Force General tell us that conditions in the Air Force have deteriorated so badly that nuclear missiles could be mistakenly loaded on a B-52 bomber headed for an airfield that is used to support Middle East operations. Of course, he didn't say that, but that is exactly what he was suggesting.

There is a slim chance he was speaking the truth, but not likely. This president, key people in his administration, his spokespersons, his cabinet members, his advisers, his press secretaries, his generals... All have lied to us so often and so brazenly that I do not believe a word spoken by any of them.

It is my belief that Bush, or someone high in his administration, had decided to move tactical nukes to a forward air base in preparation for the threatened upcoming attack on Iran, but somebody blew the whistle on them.

And now, a few good men - who most likely were just following orders - are being sacrificed, destroyed, drummed out of the service and jailed to cover up this stunt and the real scumbags responsible.

People high up in this Administration, including the president, have lied to us repeatedly in transparent attempts to justify their unlawful conduct. Many of today's generals have shown they will easily lie, betray their troops, destroy their honor, violate their oath to the American people and the Constitution, and do whatever is necessary to get that next star.

That multi-starred general on TV was right about one thing... things in the air Force have deteriorated badly, not in the rank and file, but at the highest levels, where a gaggle of high-ranking officers who will do and say anything to further their miserable little desk-bound careers.

Black Gold... Refined

Ok, here we go...
REPORT: A fuel tanker truck carrying 7,100 gallons of diesel fuel was stolen at gunpoint at around 5 a.m. on the 3100 block of Vera Street, Baltimore City Police spokesman Sterling Clifford told ABC News.
Not just Baltimore:
ORLANDO, Fla. -- Several arrests involving custom-built trucks with hidden trapdoors used to siphon hundreds of gallons of gasoline may be linked to an organized crime ring targeting stations.
With the cost of oil products going through the stratosphere, look forward to a lot more of this.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

90 Bucks A Barrel... And Climbing

That $100/barrel mark is just around the corner, and when it reaches that level, we all have a right to ask Mr. oil man Bush just how his wars of aggression against the oil producing nations has protected our oil supplies. It's not just about supply, it's also about cost.

Seems to me that if we had just left the Arabs completely alone - just let them keep picking at Israel like a itchy scab - oil would most likely still be less than half the cost it is today.

But nooooo, Bush just had to go stir up all the oil producers in the Middle East, and now they are retaliating with prices that will eventually break our backs.

You think it is reaching $100/barrel due to shortages? Silly you. The world is awash with oil... you've been listening to our federal government and their lackeys in the media.

We need to get rid of Bush and his wars, completely bail out of the Middle East, and let the Arabs cool off for a bit so oil can settle down to a more reasonable price.

Still don't get it? Oil is their greatest weapon against us... and they are using it well. They can't beat us militarily, but they can bankrupt us.

In the meantime, Bush is busy borrowing so much capitol from China to play his war games with that China is starting to buy up huge chunks of America with their mountains of excess American money.

In my view, the Bush gang and their one-world policies are some of the greatest dangers America has to face - and overcome - today.

It is beyond incredible that America has a president that is so profoundly betraying us all, and getting away with it, but he has had plenty of help from the American Congress and American businessmen.

It's all insanity at it's highest level.

Daddy, Can I have An Airport?

Both Kennedy and Kerry have managed to snag millions of taxpayer dollars to spend on airports that can only be described as their private little runways.

The airports involved are - without question - uniquely useful to those two Senators, but have no national importance involving traffic or security, and don't have enough daily takeoffs and landings to warrant a wind sock.

While those two big spenders are a part of the Washington crowd that has put us into a situation where we need seventy billion dollars each and every month just to cover our deficit(see below), they appear to have no problem spending a few million taxpayer dollars so they can more conveniently fly to work and back, over the crowds, above the traffic jams, you know, all that poor peasant stuff.

Vote them back into office you dummies, at least we will know where a bit of our money is going.

Mexican Trucks

Bush administration officials held a news conference with Mexico's transportation secretary yesterday to respond to criticism of a program allowing Mexican trucks on U.S. roads, but critics in Congress who helped pass counter-legislation are unmoved.

"It is difficult to understand how a program that opens our roadways to virtually unregulated cross-border vehicle traffic can be safely regulated," said Republican Rep. Duncan Hunter's spokesman, Joe Kasper, in a WND interview.

Which brings up a question:

We have had two really bad accidents lately involving semi-trucks. The one thing nobody is telling us is... who were the drivers?

The absolute blackout on this information makes me suspicious that there were Mexican trucks and/or Mexican drivers involved, and a part of Bush's drive to open our borders and roads to these unregulated and uninspected vehicles and drivers.

Maybe so, maybe not. But I wouldn't be surprised.

How Much?

This from the UK Telegraph:
Japan and China led a record withdrawl of foreign funds from the United States in August, heightening fears of a fresh slide in the dollar and a spike in US bond yields... Data from the US Treasury showed outflows of $163bn (£80bn) from all forms of US investments. "These numbers are absolutely stunning," said Marc Ostwald, an economist at Insinger de Beaufort.
Fears of a dollar collapse grow as Saudis take fright and
China threatens the `nuclear option' of dollar sales.
The US requires $70bn a month in capital inflows to cover its current account deficit.
That would be a seventy billion a month deficit. Stunning is not the correct word.

Asian investors dumped $52bn worth of US Treasury bonds alone, led by Japan ($23bn), China ($14.2bn) and Taiwan ($5bn). It is the first time since 1998 that foreigners have, on balance, sold Treasuries.

Anybody who thinks the bastards in this federal government have been looking after American interests is a confirmed simpleton or is totally unaware of what is happening to us.

In the meantime, that unspeakable fool of a jackass Bush goes around tossing out suggestions of WW3 like Halloween candy.

We gotta do something, and soon, before we wake up one fine morning to find radiation drifting down from the skies, the banks all closed and locked up tight, with all our politicians and esteemed American elite perpetrators hiding somewhere in Europe or South America... just for starters.

Try to remember that the Bush clan owns over 40,000 acres of land south of the border... and not just land. Sounds like a hideaway to me, and a carefully planned one at that.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Bush Saber-Rattling... Again

US President George W. Bush said Wednesday that he had warned world leaders
they must prevent Iran from getting nuclear weapons "if you're interested in avoiding World War III."
"We've got a leader in Iran who has announced that he wants to destroy Israel..."
Well, hot-diggity-dog. We've got a leader in Washington who destroyed Iraq and now wants to destroy Iran warning the world about somebody that hasn't destroyed anybody.

I am a bit more worried about Russia's warning to Bush over Iran than I am about Israel being obliterated again, a repeatable historical event that occurs every now and again.

I am a bit curious as to who would actually start this WWIII if Iran got itself a reactor. Bush, the Jews, or the Russians? Since the Jews do like to bomb their neighbors reactors while still under construction - they have done so twice now - I put my rapidly failing and mostly worthless federal reserve money on the Jews.

The interesting thing is if Israel destroys Iran's nuclear facility, Russia just may drop a few dozen nuclear ICBM's around Israel -we've been warned - an event neither we nor the Jews could prevent, and there would be absolutely nothing left.

The scary thing is that we actually believe Russia won't do exactly that.

Interesting times ahead, as God's little warrior tries to save the world before he gets voted out of office.

Monday, October 15, 2007

The Terminator "Self-Terminates"

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has just signed into law a bill that outlaws anything that may perceived as "negative" to gays.
"Mom and Dad" as well as "husband and wife" have been banned from California schools under a bill signed by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, who with his signature also ordered public schools to allow boys to use girls restrooms and locker rooms, and vice versa, if they choose.
No more "Mom and Dad"? No more "Husband and Wife"? Boys using the girls restrooms?

That's enough. That's more than enough. Time to stop this totally unacceptable assault on genuine parenthood.

What's a kid to say now when Mom shows up with the car after school? "My parental unit, species human, sex classified, has just arrived, see you later".

Or, "My male parent won't let me spend the night", or perhaps "My female parent won't let me wear lipstick. Kids are going to put the sex of the parent into the conversation one way or another.

It's just to damn bad if a kid being raised by two Mommies or two Daddies can only say "Mom and Mom" or "Dad and Dad". Feel sorry for the child, not the mentally disordered and sexually abnormal "parents".

The California Legislature needs to veto this incredibly stupid bill. It is nothing less that a declaration of war against normal parents everywhere, by those those who just love our kids... but despise us and our way of life.

Arnold has just signed into law a bill that will be perceived as "negative" by a lot more people than the entire world population of these mentally unbalanced individuals. In my view, Arnold has just destroyed himself. The terminator has self-terminated.

And if they want a war, let's give it to them. Let's finish this.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Now I Understand

Well now:
Teddy Kennedy underwent an hour-long procedure at Massachusetts General Hospital on Friday morning to repair his left carotid artery - a major supplier of blood to the neck and head. WBZ has learned that artery was 70 percent blocked.
"Neck and head"... Read "brain".

That explains a lot about his conduct and activities... almost half the blood supply to his brain was blocked off.

With only half the needed blood to operate his brain, what we've been listening to and watching is a half-brained and half-witted defective.

But.,. he did fit in so well with the rest of those idiots in Washington. Whatever will he do now with his brain operating on an adequate blood supply?

Scary, isn't it?

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

The Sound Of Silence

About that outstanding achiever of a female that won those five gold medals? The one who now admits she cheated? And went on TV, crying and sobbing, about how shamed she was? How sorry she was, that she had cheated, lied and betrayed everyone?

It's hard to find any news about her. I suppose it's because she's female, black and a once-upon-a-time role model, and the bimbos on all the news outlets just can't stomach having to talk bad about one of their supposedly world-class heroines.

Every second of coverage this sobbing fraud gets in the media today is disgusting. She should be blackballed and blacklisted.

Well... she did get her money, her fame and now her notoriety. So she still wins, and we still lose.

Monday, October 08, 2007

To Protect And Serve

CRANDON, Wis. (AP) - The residents of a remote northern Wisconsin community struggled to understand Monday how a sheriff's deputy who killed six young people and critically wounded another could have become a law enforcement officer.

Or how about the cops who shot this kid burned and naked down in the street after his car wrecked and caught on fire?

Think you still have rights?

Wow.. just posted and checked the above links and it appears that the youtube link is already pulled. It was a video, complete with pictures of the two cops(and their stories) who shot the kid, apparently because their tazer gun failed, and the kid, clothes burned off and naked, sitting on the ground covered with blood and in shock, his body burned and charred from the waist up(according one of the cops in his statement), refused to comply with their "orders".

So these two wild west cowboys shot him dead.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

What's Next for Israel?

Joseph Farah, editor of WND, has just asked the question, "What's next for Israel?"

About time somebody asked that question. the answer is simple, and is easy to see, although it seems a bit odd that a Zionist puppet would be the one to ask.

The answer? Ultimately, it's destruction, followed by the inevitable persecution of Jews worldwide, in a world where it has been made easy to track anybody, anywhere.

Modern Israel has existed only at the pleasure of England and the United States. Jews worldwide have enjoyed and prospered under the power and protection of these two nations.

But, these two nations are being destroyed. Their power, influence and effectiveness are being eroded away more and more each and every day, their citizens dumbed down, disenfranchised and made impotent. And when the day comes - and it will - when the rest of the world just laughs and walks away, when the English and American populace have allowed their governments to be overrun and controlled by foreigners, Israel will find itself alone.

It will be facing a determined enemy who will accept death on an unimaginable scale to see the Jews destroyed, an enemy who will see that their longtime support from a dying western civilization has vanished.

Israel's non-existent nukes will not save them. All of Israel's pillaged monies will not save them. England and America will not be able to save them. It will even become illegal - by government edict - for Brits and Americans to aid Israel. American and English Jews will be jailed for trying to send money or aid to Israel. And the Jews, in the end, will finally realize their god will not save them, although I suspect they know that already.

It's really a sad tale. Jewish moviemakers, Jewish writers and TV producers, Jewish bankers, Jewish businessmen, Jewish financiers, Jewish Senators, Congressmen and politicians of all stripes are the primary movers and shakers behind England and America's demise. It is they who have engineered this great train wreck. And a train wreck - once started - must go to completion.

The Jews have had a great century. But history has shown that they have it in themselves to repeatedly destroy all they accomplish.

So, once again, they are destroying themselves. No one- even the very smart Jews - have learned a thing from history.

And the Christians? Without their Jewish mentors and masters, they will just aimlessly mill around in the ashes of their nations, wondering what happened, as the Mexicans, the Muslims, the Chinese, even the Indians, step in and take everything.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Get Real

Associated Press Writer, NEW YORK
A gay police officer has filed a discrimination suit against the city and the New York Police Department, saying he was threatened with violence, called vulgar names and treated unfairly by supervisors because of his sexuality.
The poor thing. How will he be able to function ever again? His feelngs must be crushed. His emotions devastated. He even has a lawyer now, George D. Rosenbaum, who says:
The hell he's gone through is heart wrenching.
Gad, what crap. When stuff like this is headline material, you know we're reaching the "zero" in our final countdown.

John Edwards Tries Truth

John Edwards dares to tell the truth when asked what to do about "inner-city kids partaking in violence":
“We cannot build enough prisons to solve this problem. And the idea that we can keep incarcerating and keep incarcerating — pretty soon we’re not going to have a young African-American male population in America. They’re all going to be in prison or dead. One of the two.
Well, there goes his share of the black vote. One thing African Americans cannot tolerate is the truth. Jesse Jackson and The Rev. Sharpton - Two of America's foremost race-baiting African Americans - are going to go predictably ballistic.

I can hear it now:

It's all whitey's fault, it's always been whitey's fault, and it will always be whitey's fault. Now give us our $5,000 dollars per kid that Hillary suggested.

Mind you, I said "African Americans". Americans who just happen to be black are not part of the problem.

So Long Fred

One of my most favorite authors is bailing. Fred over at Fred On Everything is pulling the plug, maybe permanently. Says Fred:
People write columns in the (faint) hope of changing things. No, a web site will not alter the majestic course of the planets in their orbits. It was once possible, however, to believe that enough people hollering in the electronic town hall that is the web might push things in a desired direction. In the past, this has worked—not cleanly, nor quickly, nor quite as the senior-civics texts said. But it has sort of worked.

Now it doesn’t. Today the United States is politically and socially constipated. Nothing moves, or at least not in a desirable direction. Crooks, frauds, revivalists, the over-empowered under-brained, believers and mouth-breathers and unabashed lunatics—all of these have so firmly gummed up the gears that improvement founders. Someone seems to have poured glue into the political kaleidoscope. Little point exists in curmudgeing at the bastards.
Well, he's right. Nothing is going to change where we're headed, so yelling about it and getting the attention of the jack-booters is not only a waste of time, but dangerous.

I fully agree with Fred.

Now, where did I put that parachute?

Thursday, September 27, 2007

No Surprise Here

A warning, they call it:
A major homebuilder warned this morning of the growing problem of "surplus inventory" as another month of weak sales of new homes left the inventory of unsold new homes at 529,000, and the total number of homes for sale in America at a staggering 5.1 million.
What did they expect? All those bastards who have been plundering America?

The cost of new homes go through the roof(no pun intended)and the money boys offer ARM's which now have interest rates skyrocketing, and 5.1 million homebuyers want out.

Add to that the reality that so many of America's good-paying jobs have vanished overseas, that Washington's insane spending spree is killing the purchasing power of the dollar and that the tax base is shrinking due to the fact that millions of illegals have taken millions of American jobs and do not pay the taxes those jobs once provided.

And yet, they just keep on, pillaging and plundering . I'm beginning to believe those responsible here in America will just squeeze the last possible drop out of us and our country before they bail to some European, Middle Eastern or South American haven somewhere, to join their fellow thieves and cretins who have recently bailed, or live overseas anyway.

That may make it much harder for us to chase them down and string them up when the time comes.

We Americans are in for a rough ride, and those responsible will most likely never see a instant's worth of stress or regret from the things they have done to destroy us and our nation.

But... It's what we deserve for allowing ourselves and our children to be dumbed down to the point we see nothing, we hear nothing, and ultimately... Do nothing.

Go watch the game(any game), you idiots out there, it's all you're going to have left.

What Good Are They?

Word was that Bin Laden was back in Tora Bora, so:
For three days and nights — between Aug. 14 and 16 — U.S. and Afghanistan forces pounded the mountain caves in Tora Bora, the same caves where Osama Bin Laden had hidden out and then fled in late 2001 after U.S. forces drove al Qaeda out of Afghanistan cities. Ultimately, however, U.S. forces failed to find Bin Laden or his deputy, Ayman al Zawahiri, even though their attacks left dozens of al Qaeda and Taliban dead.
For almost six years our intelligence community sits around, intercepting everybodys radio messages, reading everybodys e-mails, listening to everybodys phone calls, waiting for Bin Laden to expose himself, and then they miss him again.

What about our multi-billion dollar internationally operating spy agency, the CIA? Don't they have a few trained operatives that could just sneak into Pakistan and take this creep out?

If they don't - or can't - What the hell good are they? Why are we spending all that money on them? So they can just sit on their asses by the thousands in their great big expensive building and stare at computer screens? And network? And play online games?

Great deal for them - no results required - but a really bad deal for the rest of us.

Maybe - for just a fraction of the cost - we could hire out the KGB to get the job done, and then throw these computer dandies out into the street, which is where highly paid spies are supposed to be in the first place.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007


I just watched President Bush slam the democrats for wanting to spend money on some medical coverage for children.

He babbled on about how it would raise taxes on the American working people and would cost "twenty or thirty billion dollars".

At the the same time, his flunky Gen. Gates asked for two hundred billion dollars to keep his war, his personally owned debacle, going for another year.

This cretin is unbelievable. The cost of his war in Iraq is approaching a trillion dollars. What must we do to rid ourselves of this mad lunatic and extricate ourselves and our nation from this insane man's cockamamie "war on terror"?

I am hopeful that we never elect a born-again lunatic to the office of president again, that this unmitigated disaster of a president has been lesson enough, even for the fundies and thumpers that seem to go totally stupid when somebody claims to be one of them.
But Homer, He's a God-fearing man... he said so himself... all those horrible things they are saying about him must be untrue!
No they're not, Edna.

It's highly discouraging to realize that so many Americans have been so stupid for so long, and frightening beyond comprehension to realize that most of them haven't learned a thing, and may just vote another raving - but smooth talking - and supposedly God-fearing lunatic into office next time.

There's no place left for us to go, to try again, to start over. The American continent was the last place to create a new nation, to build a decent future, a place with freedom of religion, and just as importantly, freedom from religion. Unfortunately, religion has gained a death grip on this nation and is leading it down the path of oblivion. There will not be any God or gods coming to the rescue. This is our own stewpot, and welcome to it.

I would love to believe there is a Hell, because if there was, This forked-tongued snake-in-the-grass Bush would have a first-class ticket for a place of honor in the very bottommost feces-filled pit, right along side every treasonous son-of-a-bitch in Congress today.

But... they're going to get away with it. Too bad.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The Butcher Says He's A Baker Also

I just listened to Bush's speech to the United Nations. It was a frightening demonstration of a powerful warmonger talking to a bunch of fellow human rights violators and self-serving profiteers holding powerful national and international political positions

Listening to what he said one would think him one of the world's greatest humanitarians. But all you need to do is see what he has done to realize it's all words, all smoke and mirrors, designed to fool not the eye, but the mind.

He talked of how every human being has the right to work, yet he and his fellow conspirators have given away millions of American jobs and allowed millions of aliens to take jobs from Americans who need them.

He talked about creating farms in Africa to feed the hungry, but did not mention how American leaders sat on their butts while Whites in Africa were robbed of their farms and occupations by ignorant and uneducated blacks with their "government's" blessings, farms that had been feeding Africans, farms that were once prosperous enough to even export food.

He talked about open borders and security, two mutually exclusive concepts. But we all know about his stand on America's borders, so we know his claims about American security are all lies.

And... he said that all Americans were OUTRAGED over what was happening in Burma. Burma? Did the road wash out?

He talked of billions of American tax dollars spent in Africa trying to combat HIV/AIDS, but said nothing about trying to convince those dumb bastards to quit screwing everything that moves, the only known way not to get AIDS.

He talked of how America has fed so many millions of starving people in Africa. Come to think of it, most of the help he was bragging about was help he had sent to Africa. Maybe that's the type of help you concentrate on when when you have a black activist female as Secretary of State.

To me, it was the perfect picture of a warmongering profiteer talking worldly peace and love to a body of warmongering profiteers, all professional politicians, all liars and thieves, all of them screwing their own people and nations, and every last one of them out to bury America.

It would have been be hilarious if it wasn't so sad. It almost looked like a "Saturday Night Live" parody of himself.

Monday, September 24, 2007

$14,500 Chocolate Delight

The Fortress Sri Lanka, an award winning luxury resort in Galle has created the most expensive dessert in the world. Priced at $14,500. It's called "The Fortress Stilt Fisherman Indulgence", and is available on special request. The dessert’s inspiration comes from the resort’s logo of the "stilt fisherman".

A combination of a gold leaf Italian kasata, flavoured with Irish cream and served with a mango and pomegranate compote and a bubbly-based sabayon enlighten.

The finishing touch is the 80-carat aquamarine stone nestled on the handmade chocolate "Stilt Fisherman".
The "Stilt fisherman". Around the area where this luxury hangout for the filthy rich and jaded buy this delight is a community of fishermen who live in huts perched up on stilts, the kind you saw in National Geographic once, except that they still exist. Some idiot hotel employee named the world's most expensive dessert after some of the world's poorest and most disadvantaged people. Way to really rub it in.

I imagine an American equivalent would be some kind of chocolate concoction called something like "Sharecropper Cottonpicker", with a darky - handmade in dark chocolate of course - on top holding an 80 carat bloodstone for sweet little Miz Scarlett(modern version).

As one of the retired poor here in America, I am really curious as to who would buy such a thing... who would actually pay $14,500 for a damn dessert.

Not a response like corporate CEO, or oil magnate, or crooked politician, or OS developer... but a name and a photo.

As an old coot who has been trying to scrape up enough cash for a riding mower for over two years (try mowing an acre of weeds with a push mower), I would just like to see who buys such an insane bit of high-calorie bling... and the reason(s) behind the purchase.

I know it's along the lines of the $50,000 bottle of wine one can buy and drink up in many places around the world, but this useless bit of news about a $14,500 dessert rubs the salt in a bit deeper than normal.

How much production, work and effort effort is required... How many hundreds of hard-working serfs laboring away does it take to make enough money for some lecherous creep so he can buy his trophy bimbo a $14,500 dessert?

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Find Your Candidate

Skip over to VAjoe and see who your candidate really is.

I ended with a score of 61.19% in favor of Ron Paul.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Give Them A Fiddle

Must be something in their water:
Canadians cheered Friday for their beloved loonie, reaching parity this week with the US greenback for the first time in 31 years, but consumers are not yet benefiting, and manufacturers are reeling.
The loonie, a sobriquet given to the Canadian dollar, worth a mere 62 US cents five years ago, reached parity with the US greenback in morning trading Thursday, amid soaring commodity prices and fears of a slumping US economy.
No way has the Canadian "loonie" gained strength against the dollar. the dollar is collapsing, and those idiot Canadians are cheering.

Consumers are not benefiting and manufacturers are reeling. You'd think they could take a clue from that. If our economy tanks, the Canadians will follow right along. But they must think being second in line down the toilet is something to cheer about.

More WND

Must be WND day here on the SS Gundeck...

They have another headline on "The Rise of Atheist America".
Why almost half of voters polled say they'd support a God-denier for president
It's one of Joes' "Whistleblower Magazine" specials, and it seems that Joe is certain that it's because there's so many God-haters out there.

But, as usual, Joe misses a very important point... Why did almost half of the voters in the poll say such a thing? Think it over... most likely at least 80% of those polled were religious people of one stripe or another, since most Americans, something like 90% of them, say they are religious, so why did they say they would prefer a "God-denier" for President?

BECAUSE, we have a God-fearing president right now this very minute, and he's been an unmitigated disaster.

Keep in mind that it was indeed George Bush, born-again something-or-other, who told the French president that the Iraqi war was a Gog-Magog thing.

That's scary.


I still read WND almost every day, although I now often wonder why.

For example, today they have a headline:
Did Noah's Flood Really Spark Global Warming?
Stuff like that just makes me turn the page.

Joe started off with some really good reporting, but now he's gone round the bend.

Old age catching up I suppose.

Not that it's a bad thing, I'm already old and went round the bend years ago. but I do't try to BS people like Joe does, I just bitch and gripe for the fun of it.

Hitchcock's "Birds" Revisited

Israeli fighter pilots scrambled warplanes on Friday after radar spotted a potential airborne enemy flying from Syria only to discover the culprits were migratory birds, army radio reported.
Israeli radar picked up the birds over the Syrian border but officers were unable to rule them out as enemy aircraft from the screen, the radio said.
I worked with radars of many kinds for a lot of years, air search, height-finders, fire control, deepspace trackers, even police radar units, and never once did any of the operators I knew mistake a bird for a warplane.

For starters, warplanes scoot along pretty fast, hundreds of MPH, while birds - migratory or not - plod along at a very leisurely 20/30 MPH. For most trained and proficient radar operators, a target screaming in at 30 MPH is not mistaken for a warplane.

If it were me, I would take those idiot "officers" out of the radar centers and put them to peeling potatoes, and get some trained and proficient personnel in there before they start another war because of a seagull or two.

But then again, it is the Israelis, and they never need much of an excuse to open fire, so for them, maybe a Syrian seagull invading Israeli airspace is sufficient cause to let loose.

Friday, September 21, 2007

World-Class Fool... Or just Another College Educated Idiot

An MIT student no less:
(WBZ) BOSTON An MIT student with a fake bomb strapped to her chest was arrested at gunpoint Friday at Logan International Airport and later claimed it was artwork, officials said.

Star Simpson, 19, had a computer circuit board and wiring in plain view over a black hooded sweat shirt she was wearing, said State Police Maj. Scott Pare, the commanding officer at the airport.

Simpson was "extremely lucky she followed the instructions or deadly force would have been used," Pare said. "She's lucky to be in a cell as opposed to the morgue."

No kidding. Imagine walking into an East Coast airport with a gadget made of a computer circuit board, batteries, blinking lights with a wad of play dough attached to it strapped visibly to your chest.

And then calling it "art". With publicity like this, this highly privileged MIT elitist moron will go far in today's world of feminism and girly men.

The Wrong Room

This from another of GW's undying fans":
... if GW Bush can get out of Sunni and Shiite Iraq with their promise not return the mosaic image of his father to the Rashid Baghdad Hotel floor for people to walk over, and not to have one also installed of himself, he will be fortunate....

Never knew that Bush senior had his face planted on the lobby floor of a Baghdad hotel. Helps to explain junior's jubilant willingness to stomp on Iraqis from now until the end of time.

When junior finally leaves Iraq, I suggest they put mosaics of him and his one-worlder daddy on the floor in front of each urinal.... in the same hotel, once it's rebuilt.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Pure, Raw insanity

How bad can it get?
OREM, somewhere in Utah - Betty Perry pleaded innocent Tuesday to charges she failed to water her lawn and resisted arrest when an officer attempted to cite her.
Perry appeared in 4th District Court in Orem to enter her plea in a case.
Perry's next appearance will be on Oct. 11 for a pre-trial conference.
In July, Perry was cited by Officer James Flygare of the police's Neighborhood Preservation Unit for failing to water her lawn. Perry refused to give her name to the officer and, when Flygare tried to stop her from going back inside her house, the 70-year-old great-grandmother reportedly tripped and injured her nose.
She was arrested and taken to police station but released shortly afterwards.
An investigation by the state Department of Public Safety cleared their world-class asshole of an officer Flygare of any wrongdoing, and city officials pressed charges against Perry on the landscape violation, a class C misdemeanor, and interfering with a police officer, a class B misdemeanor.

When do we start taking these bastards out and start horse-whipping them?