Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Long Live The King

Here you are... the man who would be King:

And so he is.

When Obama talks of bypassing Congress with his nifty little pen, he knows he can do it with confidence because Congress will do nothing to stop him. That gives him  the absolute power or a king or emperor.

Congress - both the Democrats and the Republicans - are in bed with the same behind-the-scenes manipulators that put this smooth-talking clown into office.

So, just who are these mysterious behind-the-scenes manipulators?

A simple question will a really simple answer:

Just follow the money. Who has the money nowadays? Who controls the money nowadays? and who wants even more?

Obama, a total package of ego, arrogance and ignorance put into a position of great power, may even understand his place in all this. He does what is required of him and then goes on vacation, plays golf, and flies around the country in Air Force One, pontificating to highly selected audiences about how great he really is.

For years we were misdirected into being upset over his actual birthplace, as if it mattered. It never did. What really mattered was that a president of the United States is required by the Constitution to have American citizens as parents, which Obama does not have.

His father is a Kenyan and a British citizen by birth. He was only in the United States for a college education when he hooked up with Obama's Kansas-born mother.

Obama was never - ever- qualified to even run for the office of president. But so what. He was the one trained and primed for the job from puberty on, promoted by the money boys and declared  "The Chosen One" by the lapdog media.

He has done what he was supposed to do: transform America. It is no longer the America the world once knew.

All us old duffers that knew better all along will soon get the chance to sit back and say "I told you so". but it will do no good whatever,  because Obama's adoring Obots will never blame him.... never. Why? Because then they would have to admit that they were wrong, something they just cannot do.

I gotta admit that being alive and around to watch as the greatest nation ever created in the history of the world is embarrassed, humbled, bankrupted and then destroyed by just a few hundred cretins and their puppets.

What will the history books say?

Whatever it is, it won't be the truth. It will be whatever the rich and powerful want them to say.

The history books will never say that Obama was the man they were waiting for. So was Clinton, Bush I, Bush II, even Reagan. but none of them could quite pull it off.  This Congress was the Congress they were waiting for...  a small but greedy batch of selfish men and women who would sell out everything for a bit of money and power.

History does repeat itself, including the part where it says we never learn.