Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Water, Water, Everywhere

A "major" international report by the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, soon to be released, claims that:
Billions of people will suffer water shortages and the number of hungry will grow by hundreds of millions by 2080 as global temperatures rise... that between 1.1 billion and 3.2 billion people will be suffering from water scarcity problems by 2080 and between 200 million and 600 million more people will be going hungry.
Since the latest reports on global warming accurately put the blame on repeating sun cycles of increasing and (eventually) decreasing solar radiation, perhaps those hundreds of millions of unfortunate people going hungry and thirsty in 2080 will be caused by the massive increase in world population staring us in the face, causing a huge strain on Earth's limited resouces of food and fresh water.

Instead of trying to shut down all our power plants and outlawing every car on Earth--something that would put us all back into a new stone age--Al gore and his alarmists should get to work on handling our upcoming population crisis.

That's a real crisis we face, and avoidable.

But there's not a damn thing we can do about sun cycles. Somebody go tell Al Gore.

Clean Air... You Bet

A San Francisco suburb, Belmont, is considering a total ban on smoking anywhere in their city except in single unit detached homes in their fair city by the bay.

Well and good, one supposes, but a few questions arise.

Smokers who already live in the area... will they be grandfathered in and excluded from the ordinance? After all, when they moved there, smoking was legal, so if the city decides to now outlaw smoking--the national practice of using a legal, federally supported product--will they compensate the smokers they are forcing their new rules on? Will the city buy--at fair market prices--the businesses, townhouses and condos presently owned by smokers? Will they pay for the "quit smoking" programs that Belmont smokers will need to kick the habit in order to stay legal?

I'm not a smoker, no one in my family is. But these people who want to ban smoking for the good of my health worry me, special-interest groups who create "laws" without consideration of the consequences, particularily the legal ones.

One Belmont resident, a 51 year-old woman with asthma, says:
"We have a right to breathe clean air. I think it's a great ordinance …"
Give me a break. That's the bay area they're talking about. They haven't had a whiff of clean air since the dawn of the industrial revolution.

I live a ways outside the Dallas/Fort Worth megaplex in the wide open spaces. When my wife and I drive into the city, smells of all manner assault our nostrils. Garbage, automobile exhaust, chemicals, dog poo, you name it, it's there. Same with the Bay area, I've been there many times.

The people who live in areas like that become accustomed to it all and notice nothing. That's the way our noses work. Get away from it for awhile--come back--and then you'll smell it all. That's the real deal with second-hand smoke, there 's so little of it by comparision, your nose notices it immeadiately, so it gets all the bad press.

I'd be willing to bet that Belmont's number one health problem with unclean air is not second hand cigarette smoke. All they need to do is walk over to the nearest freeway, take a take a big sniff and discover where their clean air problems really lie.

Monday, January 29, 2007

The "Run Home To Momma" Medal

Remember those four Guardsmen who retreated in the face of armed illegals a half-mile within our borders?

They're getting medals for their "redeployment".
The four Tennessee Guardsmen involved in the "tactical retreat," or redeployment, will be honored in Tucson Monday in a closed ceremony. An Arizona Guard spokeswoman refused to identify the medal or ribbon or commendation being given out, and said the press was not invited.
An Arizona Guard spokeswoman.

Is that what the guard has come down to? A bunch of dandies run by wymen who give out medals for cowardice in the face of the enemy?

God almighty, what a shame and embarassment for every real American, men and women both.

No wonder the likes of Bin Laden think they will ultimately win in Afganistan and Iraq... and eveywhere else.

Friday, January 26, 2007

If The Shoe Fits

From the Declaration of Independence:
... But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.
The Bush administration and the entire federal government looks to be edging closer and closer to fit that particular government entity Jefferson was warning us all about.

Take a hard look at any federal government agency and you will see ample evidence of abuses and usurpations, or attempts to reduce us under total Depotism.

Whose right, and whose duty is the Declaration of Independence refering to?

Ours, fellow citizen, ours. Not the few self-serving cretins in Washington who have wormed themselves into the highest halls of government and turned it against us.

If by some miracle the American people do decide to throw out these few despicable life forms infesting our government, it would behoove us all to be far more careful in the future as to who we let vote, who we allow to become Americans, and who we choose to guard our security. We need to set up far better safeguards to ensure that the people we send to Washington operate strictly within Constitutional boundries, and provide a quick exit for those who attempt to overstep those boundries.

Remember that it is not the framework of our government that has failed us, it is the people in it. Get rid of those elitist fools and our government of the people, by the people and for the people will heal itself.

Or perhaps what some are saying is true, that the Great American Experiment has ended.

In that case, start learning how to exist in a world where your personel rights are non-existant, a world where any bureaucrat can destroy your life with the stroke of a pen, a world where any overly sensitive minority can have you jailed because you may have offended them in some way, a world where Big Brother will indeed be watching your every move, telling you where to go and what to do, a world where cameras will be found even in your bathroom--except that it won't be your bathroom--you'll be living in State provided quarters.

But hey! Many Americans will feel secure... finally. And it's the feeling that counts to them, not the reality.

Dang. I'm making myself feel bad. But damned if it doesn't look to me like the whole thing is unraveling... fast.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

The Picture Of Arrogance

I watched portions of Wolf Blitzer's interview of vice-president Cheney and was astounded by Cheney's attitude. His arrogance and conceit is almost measureless.
"I think you are out of line with that question"
... said Cheney about one of the mildly hard questions from Blitzer on the administration's Iraqi policy. No answer, no explanation, just an opinion rooted in the overbearing arrogance of the man.

Cheney went on to say that it didn't matter what sort of "resolutions" Congress came up with, he and Bush are going to do exactly what they want. To hell with Congress. To hell with the majority of the American people.

Did you watch the president's State-of-the-Union propaganda blitz? Did you notice that when Bush was talking about oil and getting prices under control, Halburton Cheney was laughing?

Enough is enough. I say let's be done with both of them. They no more represent America than Tony Blair of the Premier of China. Let's get them out of our government.

And please... don't send them back to Texas. We don't want them here either.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Hillary Rodham

Democratic Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton launched her campaign for the White House on Saturday, with the intent becoming the first female president.
"I'm in, and I'm in to win," she said.
So she wants to be the first woman president, to make history, to go down in the record books forever.

Try to convince me that her "wanting to be the first woman president" is reason enough to vote for her.

She's not running for the office because she has some sort of higher vision for America, or that she has a better way to make America more prosperous, or to make Americans safer... none of that.

She's running because she wants to be first. We should put up with her for FOUR YEARS just so she can grab the gold medal?

No way.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Free Haircuts

According to dailyrotton.com:
Jan 19 1847
A group of Mexicans and Indians enters the Taos home of New Mexican Territory Governor Charles Bent, and scalps him.
Well now! We have some 12 to 20 million partially civilized Mexicans that no doubt claim kinship to those anti-government scalpers, so let's give them tomahawks, send them to Washington and turn them loose!

Gotta love it.

Gorilla Burger And Priorities

Gorillas have been killed for food by rebels lurking in the jungles of the eastern Congo. Soldiers of a local warlord, Laurent Nkunda, are blamed for the latest killing. Nkunda is a renegade soldier who commands thousands of fighters in the vast country's east who have in recent years assaulted cities and clashed sporadically with government forces.

Robert Muir of the Frankfurt Zoological Society says:
"We need to impress on Nkunda and his men that it is inexcusable to destroy national and world heritage of such critical importance...."
Interesting take by Mr. Muir of the Frankfurt Zoological Society.

The idea that Nkunda and his rebels have attacked cities, no doubt killing, burning, raping, plundering--the usual rebel thing--doesn't appear on Muir's radar, but killing a gorilla has his panties in a bunch.

I suppose it's because those gorillas are a "protected" species, and humans aren't.

A good solution would be to send Mr. Muir of the Frankfurt Zoological Society into the jungles of the eastern Congo, find Nkunda and his gorilla-eating rebels, and impress on them how inexcusable their conduct is.

That would be fun to watch.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Con Game

We hear Congressional big mouths threatening to cut off funds for Bush's "surge" unless he complies with the wishes of American voters, or some such drivel.

What a crock.

The money for a troop increase is already in the 2007 budget.

Everybody in Congress--and Bush--knows this, so all this posturing is strictly for show.

What a bunch of suckers we are to let these weasels run rampant in Washington, flesh-eating maggots that drop their pants and moon us--or worse--everytime we look in their direction.

There's only about 600 of them. There's almost 300 million of us.

Why do we put up with it?

Monday, January 15, 2007

Bushkin antics

Good old president Bush has said that (his) decisions have made Iraq more unstable.

He also said if we need a scapegoat , use him.


A contrite Bush?

A penitent Bush?

A bush accepting the responsibility for this New World Order neocon distaster?

Nah... just another play in the Bush playbook, a grab for sympathy from his brainwashed base, an amusing try to generate a wave of motherly reaction to protect the downtrodden.

Poor me, says he.

Impeach him, says me.

A man who now admits to disasters of this magnitude does not deserve another single day as a leader of anything.

Send him back to "El Rancho De La Bushkin" and let him lead his cows, his Mexican cowboys and his senoritas around in circles.

Maybe we could re-name his ranch "Two Flags Over Texas".

It would fit nicely.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Trump Discovers A Target Rich Enviornment...Washington

Donald Trump is feeling his oats. For whatever reason, he has zeroed in on Washington's number one lightweight, Condoleezza Rice. Says he:
Americans "want someone that knows how to negotiate, that knows the art of the deal," he said in an interview on FOX News Channel's "Hannity's America."
"In all fairness, I see Condoleezza Rice - she goes on a plane, she gets off a plane, she waves, she goes there to meet some dictator. ... They talk, she leaves, she waves, the plane takes off. Nothing happens, it's a joke, nothing ever happens. I think she's a very nice woman, but I don't want a nice woman. I want someone that's not necessarily nice."
Gotta love it. Bush's favorite pet is being put under the spotlight, and there's nothing there.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

What's A Son Or Two?

I watched a TV interview with an older couple Who had lost their only son in Iraq.

The man flatly stated that he was still 100% behind Bush, even if even if his son been killed by a roadside IED almost three years ago.

The woman said said she believed that this war needed to be fought--just like the president says-- whether or not their son died in the process.

Feeling sorry for them is a waste of time, other than feeling sorry over the loss of their son.

I find it impossible to believe that loving parents would choose Bush's war adventures over the life of their son.

To follow a man like Bush to the destruction of your family is--to me--inconceivable. Bush is as transparant as sheet of glass, yet people like these poor parents go on national TV and tell us how proud they are that their son died in Iraq for Bush. Don't try to tell me their son died protecting America, he didn't. He died driving down a busy street in Bagdad. He wasn't even in Afganistan looking for Osama, the man responsible for the 911 attack, and who is still running about foot loose and fancy free.

Keep in mind this president has mislead us from day one: First this war was because of WMD's about to be used against America, then it was to depose a tyrant, then it was to spread democracy, and right now it's to give the Iraqis an opportunity to determine their own future.

At least this son may have believed that he was protecting America from a nuclear threat when he died because--at the time--Bush, Powell, Rumsfled, Rice, Chaney,Pearle, the whole rotten bunch was telling us that Saddam was about to attack us with nukes, they knew exactly where those weapons were in Iraq (with pictures and everything), and we needed to go get them.

This Iraqi war never has had a thing to do with the 911 acttack, but everything to do with either Bush the Youngers hatred for Saddam, or Saddam's threat to Israel. Maybe both.

Those parents on TV who lost their son three years ago seem not to even realize their families future was destroyed by lies... the lies of those ferrets and maggots in Washington.


Yes, I do know. and so do you. If they accept the fact their their son died for nothing, they may go mad or insane. So it's much easier--and safer--to live in a world of make-believe where the president is right, where they can feel good about their patriotic sacrifice, than risk the consequences of facing the truth.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

More Birds Bite The Dust

Dang... now several thousand birds have dropped dead in Australia.
The mysterious catastrophe has taken place over a period of three weeks in Esperance, about 450 miles southeast of Perth. The area was declared a disaster zone by government officials.
So far, authorities are clueless as to the cause. Autopsies on the birds have shed no light.
The main casualties, according to Australian news sources, are wattle birds, yellow-throated miners, new holland honeyeaters and singing honeyeaters. Some dead crows, hawks and pigeons have also been found.
Some birds were seen convulsing when they died.
Wildlife officers are baffled by what they characterize as a "catastrophic" event. It does not appear to be weather-related.
Now I don't mean to alarm or encourage here, but isn't birds falling dead from the sky mentioned in the bible or the koran somewhere as a sign of something or other?

This could get interesting.

El Patron Bushkin

You gotta give Bush credit for trying...

Three and a half years ago a senior citizens group filed for some documents at the Social Security Administration on some crackpot plan to give illegal aliens SSI benefits.

They met brick walls at every front, finally filed a lawsuit, and just recently the courts ordered the SSA to fork over the info.

Guess what?

They want to give Social Security benefits to ILLEGAL ALIENS after they have been in the United States for eighteen months.

What sort of crap is that?

Americans are REQUIRED to work for forty quarters--or ten years--before they can even qualify--much less receive-- any SSI benefits.

And now this senorita humping little Texan wants to give our tax dollars to criminals who have been breaking our laws for eighteen months. What a deal!

This administration--full of scumbags, liars and cheats--has been trying to slide this travesty past us in secret, because--just like kiddies in the cookie jar-- they can dimly comprehend that there just may be consequences.

Only in America... where the Dutch and the Jews own everything, where the feminists make the rules, where the hopeless American Christians keep adjusting their blinders to full "rapture mode", and where a weasely little Texas cockroach can attack the world with with impunity and give away the nation he is supposedly leading.

Gotta love it. Nobody could create all this insanity by accident.

I really hope to live long enough to see these people go the way of Saddam, only yelling and screaming, peeing and dumping in their pants, telling us all that it was a mistake.... begging, begging, begging for their worthless hides.

What a warm and fuzzy solution that would be.

Monday, January 08, 2007

Today's Headlines At A Glance

I logged onto DRUDGE to see the latest headlines for something to holler about. Here's just a few:

-) Dems shut down House for fooball game
Well, they got the ball now, they want to play!
-) Iran threatens to stop oil flow
Particularly if Isreal drops nukes on them.
-)Killer bees found near New Orleans
Plenty of places to set up house now.
-) Dems getting ready to raise taxes
On the count of three now... 1-2-3 SURPRISE!
-) Bush to announce new Iraq plan on Wednesday
He wants this war to last longer than World War Two. It's that "legacy" thing...
-)Dallas food chain to accept Mexican Pesos
Used to be we said that things were going to the dogs, now things are going to the Mexicans.
-) Angelina speaks out against Madonna's 'illegal' adoption
Could I possibly care less? NO.
-) Border web cam test mostly a failure
No kidding. You mean cameras won't stop the brown tsunami of law breakers?
-) Tazer to offer weapon for us commoners
Wow. Every feminist armed with a Tazer gun. That's MUCH scarier than Bush's so-called terrorist threat.
-) New York smells
Well, duh...

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Scary Women

Neil Stienberg, a Sun-Times Columnist, asks "Is America frightened by women in power?"

Says Neil:
The issue was glimpsed last week, lurking in the shadows, when Rep. Nancy Pelosi took up her gavel as our nation's first female speaker of the House, though we haven't begun to confront it yet.
I thought we worked this all out in the 1970s. But women leaders must still be scary, at least to a portion of the electorate. Why else would the Drudge Report keep posting that photo of Pelosi brandishing a black leather whip? As if some have a hard time imagining a strong female beyond Catwoman or Mistress Helga.
This dithering babbler thinks we had it all worked out in the seventies. Maybe a few did, with their long-haired, pot-smoking, mocassin wearing, peasant-dress attired, free-love hippy leftover from the sixties.

It's not women in power that scare me, they can get shot dead as easy as any man. It's what they want to do with the power: To restrict every man on Earth to something equivalent to a ballless lap dog--or lap cat--devoted to it's mistress... or else.

If women in power tended to the business at hand--like handling the things they were put in power to handle--things would most probably go along fairly well. But noooooo.... they always end up wanting to put a leash on every man in their enviornment, which they assume is everywhere. Men are not much better, but at least all they usually want is money and sex, not put half the human population into bondage and servitude, a premier feminist goal.

It's really too bad that Cat Woman is a pretty accurate depiction of the average woman with some power, except that most of them don't look that good... not even close.

Come to think of it, why was Nancy Pelosi brandishing that black bullwhip in the first place? And allow a picture taken?

Could be an in-your-face message for men with a bit more depth than poor old Neil.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Oh Goody Goody

According to Drudge, Isreal has drawn up plans to use tactical nuclear weapons against the Iranian enrichment facility.

Let's follow the line of thought here:

a)- Iran may be on the verge of producing a small nuclear device. If tested, it may work as well as the one the North Koreans tried... which was a gigantic flop.

b)-The Jews are worried that Iran will bomb them right out of occupied Palestine--often refered to as today's modern Israel--if they actually get a workable bomb.

c)-The American government is aghast at the thought that the Iranians might try to use a nuclear device (if they had one) on Israel. That's why we're in Iraq, there was a rumor that Saddam had a nuclear bomb, and ten of thousands have died as a result.

d)-Therefore, Iran MUST be prevented from possibly committing such an inhumane and vicious act against the peace-loving Israelites.

e)-So, the Israelites are going to nuke the Iranians first, in a preemptive strike to prevent a nuclear holocaust which would be started by the Iranians with their non-existant bombs.

The Jews are fully aware that one mushroom cloud in the Middle East will blossom into many... and spread across the world. The chances are around 100%, based on every war game simulation on the Middle East ever undertaken. One hundred percent. But what the hell, they're Gods chosen, whatever they do is right, and they're supposed to kick off Armageddon anyway. Read their little book, it says so.

Some of those lunatics are actually looking forward to it. If it takes ten million troops from every nation on Earth, something like three armed soldiers to watch every Jew in Israel 24/7, we need to do it, until we get our hands on the Jewish nuclear weapons and remove them. They are dangerous toys... religious fanatics should not be allowed to play with them.

But not to worry. It's all a big joke--scaring the hell out of the entire world with this nuclear stuff--so we'll all be grateful when the Jews do swarm in, bombing the hell out of everything in Iran using good old American made smart bombs and aircraft, instead of one of their precious nukes, which can then be held in reserve for future fear mongering.

Expect it.


Never forget we Americans--under the great leadership of George Washington Bush--were supposed to go into Iran and do the job, but there's been just too much opposition to the idea, so now the Jews will have to do their own dirty work.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Fred Soars Again

Fred ( http://www.fredoneverything.net/index.html ) hits the nail on the head again.

In his latest entry, he comments on the people running this county and how they have no clue about the country itself, or it's people, or the world we all live in.

He says:
It bothers me to have policy made, and wars started, by those who have never seen the country they rule, or the world they play with, who have never had to make a living, to carry a rifle or worry about snipers, who have never run the back alleys of Taipei or anywhere else and, god help us, can’t serve their own potatoes.
He--of course-- refers to the likes of George the Younger, Rumsfeld, Pearle, Rice... all the other clueless rich or overeducated fools that got us into these diststerous messes we are currently trying to extricate ourselves from.

Sorry, I inadvertently included George the Younger on that list. He--without a doubt-- does not suffer from the effects of over-education.

You need to read his piece to understand the potatoes part, even if it does expose an embarrassingly disgusting aspect about the lifestyles of the rich and clueless.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Troop Boost

Word is out that President Bush will be making an announcement soon on his "new" Iraq policy, it's called "troop boost".

In reality, it's his tired old "stay the course" attitude on steriods.

That means he intends to send more American sons and daughters into harms way to be maimed or die in a war already lost. The main theme of his upcoming speech will be about sacrifice.

Ours... not his.

This president would have us all endlessly sacrifice more and more to save his face, to massage his ego, to advance his legacy. He just can't let go of this war, no matter the cost to America.

A man of honor would admit that this war has been a horrid mistake, resign in shame and disappear, but Bush is driven by ego, not honor.

We can't afford his policies, we can't afford him. Far better we just get rid of him and get out of the Middle East. Let the Jews and the Muslims settle this thing.

After all, this is just an extension of their war, a millenia-old war that re-heated up in 1948, when the UN let the Jews re-occupy the "lost " Jewish homeland that had been in Muslim hands for a thousand years.

Why on Earth should we Americans have anything to do with any of it? All we're getting out of this is a huge black eye... or worse.

Yes, pulling out will be a world-class disaster, but not nearly the disaster we face by "staying the course". Bush, an easily duped simpleton, has never had a plausable grip on the realities of this war. He--prodded by his neocon advisors (all gone, like the rats they are)--plunged us into this mess on a wave of jubilant emotion and now has no way to get us out without destroying his legacy in the process.

Well, it's destroyed already. No sense in killing more Americans in a futile attempt to save it... Sort of like kicking a dead horse.

Best to put bush league president back out to his Texas pasture, into this tax paid rain shelter, and get somebody in that will just flat give the order to pull out and return home... lock, stock and barrel, and then concentrate on trying to mend up this mess.