Tuesday, April 28, 2015


This is beyond sad:

"Protester" getting his reward for participation

Yeah. Go ahead and tell me this is all about a kid who died getting his spine almost severed by out-of-control animals - high on adrenalin - in police uniforms.

Yup... a package of paper towels and a CVS shopping bag with perhaps a few drugs, or maybe some toothpaste and mouthwash, whatever was left on the shelves. Apparently, all the tennis shoes were already gone.

The authorities in Baltimore are intentionally allowing this looting and destruction to happen.  They say it's because they don't want to inflame the situation.

Really? What a joke.

In my view, what we have is a situation where the leadership is paralyzed. We have a black female mayor in Baltimore, a black female General in charge of the local National Guard, both apparently frozen into inactivity because it's their people, their race, their brothers and sisters creating all the mayhem.

The original problem - lawless cops - has been lost in the fire and smoke.

There are some hard lessons to be learned here, lessons our leaders will refuse to learn.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

The Baltimore Riots....Oh-Oh

According to the liberal media, this didn't happen.

Rioting blacks in Baltimore started tossing stuff at mostly white customers quietly sitting at a sidewalk Bar and Grill, and guess what happened?

Some of those white customers started fighting back.

What's this? Maybe some whites aren't the fear-filled cowards most blacks seem to believe they all are.

Maybe some whites are finally reaching the point where being passive in the face of hate-filled lawlessness, rioting and looting - which did happen in Baltimore in spite of the liberal media refusing to mention it - is coming to and end.

Rioting blacks in their trademark hoodies  are going to discover this type of conduct will not go on forever. It looks as if law-abiding men are about to put aside the law-abiding part and put a stop to this insanity the old-fashioned way.

Life in America gets more and more interesting every day, a place where the national media ignores black misconduct and lawlessness because it doesn't fit their agenda, Whites fighting back doesn't either.

The pot is boiling and the lid is about to blow off, and our astoundingly stupid liberal media - overburdened with  SJW's - has no intentions to quit stirring the pot, or to turn down the flames their endless racially biased agitation is fueling.

America today is like a huge fireworks factory, chock full of very explosive stuff, and the national media is running around inside with a flaming torch, foolishly believing they can - once all the fuses are lit - control the outcome.

A word to the wise (sort of like spitting on a forest fire nowadays): Those unintended consequences are always far, far worse than imagined.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

I'm Not Fat...

My short shorts still fit!

Gotta wonder what people like this are thinking when they head out the door in the morning.

Friday, April 17, 2015


Push... push.... push.

Dudes like this are going to start stuff they wish they hadn't.

Granny Gets One Right

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