Sunday, January 18, 2015

Lies,Lies And More Lies

Everybody's headlines proclaims how the world leaders marched at the head of 3.5 million protesters over the French massacre at the cartoon factory, and showed giant photos/videos of this glorious event.

Well, take a look at the gathering of these notables from a vantage point other than the street view:

This photo has an attached explanation:

"Once again the mainstream media peddled the spoon-fed propaganda that world leaders "led the march" to honor the victims of the Paris shootings last week. Glorious photo-ops of Merkel, Hollande, Poroshenko, David Cameron (oh, and not Barack Obama) were smeared across front pages hailing the "unity in outrage." However, as appears to be the case in so many 'events' in the new normal managed thinking in which we live, The Independent reports, French TV has exposed the reality of the 'photo-op' seen-around-the-world: the 'dignitaries' were not in fact "at" the Paris rallies but had the photo taken on an empty guarded side street."

Thanks to Vox for this revealing photo of the lying scum referred to as "world leaders".

Do not take anything offered by the media - or any of its people - at face value. They are all agenda driven liars.

Sunday, January 11, 2015


I check my blog stats  every now and again - mostly out of curiosity - and my last check a few minutes ago said I had passed 101,000 page views.

I suppose 100,000 would have been a reasonable benchmark to mention... had I bothered to check often enough.

However, in the real world, that number is small potatoes compared to many, many other blogs, so I'm not getting very excited about it, but it does surprise me.

According to those stats, I have readers from  ten different countries, including the Czech Republic and the Ukraine.

Gotta wonder what the heck am I posting what would interest folks in those two countries,

Thursday, January 08, 2015

Don't Die Like This

The final seconds of a  French policeman who chose not to carry a weapon:

You gotta take more than a pacifist attitude to a gunfight.

Yes, in some areas of France, police can choose not to carry a weapon.

Everyone seems so shocked at this. But why? It's already been happening here in America,  The slaughter at the army base,  the Boston Marathon bombing, the execution of two New York cops as they sat in their patrol car, just to name a few incidents.

There will be more of this, much more.

Never forget: When seconds count, the police will be there in minutes. They will be too late to save you.

So arm yourself. These animals already have their weapons, you definitely need yours.

And if it turns out that it's your time to die, don't die laying in the street begging for your life like the poor misguided fool in the photo.

Take a few with you. Show the world your life meant something.