Friday, April 11, 2014

Waco, Ruby Ridge, and now....

How much longer will Americans allow this sort of thing?

Or this?

It would seem the same kind of heavily armed state and federal thugs are massing for yet another demonstration to show how tough and mean they are, and how we had better not even bat an eyebrow at their unlawful activities, because - they believe - they are large and in charge... and we are helpless.

What they are doing to that rancher is pure thuggery, something you can expect from all those overweight grade school bullies that now sport  an official uniform, a gun and a badge, but the thing that worries me is that now they have snipers stationed at high points around the area.

In my view, if those snipers start killing people like they did at Waco, they may trigger a response far above and beyond anything they can handle. They may find themselves being shot down like rabid dogs.

This incident may escalate into something nobody wants, but what everybody is expecting one day soon. as these federal and state agents become more and more brazen and lawless, as unelected bureaucrats, drunk with power, try to impose more draconian rules and regulations on us, all of which are illegal and unlawful.

What with all the other problems we face: The national debt, a thieving federal bank, the executive branch out of control, an Attorney General that has lost his marbles, bad weather and God knows what else, the last thing we need is another Waco or Ruby Ridge.


What does it say at the top on my blog?

Believe it.


Every time I look at the picture of that piece-of-crap punk spraying that woman I get a bit madder.

It would have been poetic justice if someone had grabbed that asshole by head, ripped off his facemask and shoved that nozzle down his throat.

Sorry for the language, but sometimes it's unavoidable.

Thursday, April 03, 2014


                                             Not only overseas, but on our own bases also.

Once again we are reminded about how unprotected  military personnel on our own bases really are. Although this latest shooting was by a military man authorized to be on the base, had the rest of the place been full of armed and already trained personnel, the incident would have been stopped in short order.

Military personnel, having undergone basic - and often advanced - weapons training, should be allowed to carry, at the very least, sidearms while on our bases.

In my view, the military has also gotten far too casual about how wide open our bases are, allowing just about anybody to come and go as they please. And as far as depending on the local police to provide protection?

Police never show up until after a crime has been committed.

And as for making a military base a "weapons free" zone?

That's light years beyond stupid.

We've been shown that twice now at Fort Hood.

To alter a famous quote just a bit:

"Shoot me once, shame on you. Shoot me twice, shame on me."