Monday, November 29, 2010

The Wikileak Release

Congressman Peter King, the incoming chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, called for WikiLeaks to be reclassified as a terrorist organisation after the latest release of top secret intelligence documents.

He claimed that the data breach was 'worse than a military attack. Said career politician King:

I am calling on the attorney general and supporting his efforts to fully prosecute WikiLeaks and its founder for violating the Espionage Act.

Whats really happening here?

These releases are exposing a level of deception, thievery, illegal activity and outright lies by our government officials that are astounding in their scope, and the measure of damage to us as a nation caused by these people and their actions is yet to be fully realized.

We need to be very careful before declaring any group that exposes these people and their tactics as violating our "Espionage Act", when these leaks are educating the American public about the absolute level of scumbaggery and outright evil being conducted in their name.

Embarrassing? Yes, for the governmental officials that are being exposed. Just listen to them scream.

Eye opening? Yes, for an American public that has been misled and compromised by individuals and groups that have no conscience, no honor, no allegiance to anything or anyone but themselves.

It is sad that this kind of official malfeasance can only be exposed by foreigners, rather than our own investigative agencies who are obviously asleep at the switch.

So... Before we throw the baby out with the bath water, let's just see which is dirtier.

If we've been played by these people, let's man up and handle the situation. But let's not kill the messenger.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Pushing When It's Foolhardy

YEONPYEONG ISLAND, South Korea – A U.S. supercarrier and South Korean destroyer took up position in the tense Yellow Sea on Sunday for joint military exercises that were a united show of force just days after a deadly North Korean artillery attack.

North Korea and China may believe that the United States has its military stretched to the breaking point already and will not able to confront them in a showdown against South Korea, the U.S. having neither the resources nor equipment to engage in yet another military adventure.

This is most likely true. We have bled our military dry these last ten years fighting no-win wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. We are deep in debt and close to national bankruptcy, and the nation as a whole is sick and tired of these supposed wars against terror, and has had its fill of our youngsters coming back home with missing pieces or in body bags.

This would seem a good time for China and the North Koreans to "re-unite" Korea, force us out of the picture, just as it was done in Viet Nam. This is - and always has been - the ultimate goal for North Korea, a United Korea.

But there is a huge difference in the U.S. military now and the political thinking that directs it. During the Viet Nam conflict we were not stretched beyond our capabilities as fully as we now are, and did not have "tactical nukes" to fall back on as we do today.

We now see in Washington a political mindset that is much more favorable to the idea of "tactical nukes" as a battlefield option. The idea is that using these "tactical nukes" on the battlefield is somehow more acceptable and not the same as blanket bombing an enemy with huge megaton weapons, and that their use will not trigger an all-out nuclear exchange.

The idea of using these weapons is no longer "unthinkable".

Keep in mind that Obama has no military savvy at all. He listens to his advisors who are part of the military-indrustrial complex and his career Generals and Admirals, all of whom prefer endless war.

It is a definite possibility that - if the Chinese and North Koreans launch a full-scale invasion of the South - Those career Generals and Admiral's will see tactical nukes as an only option to "protect" our our 30,000 troops in South Korea.

And this very thin-skinned president that will not allow himself to be pushed around by anybody, may just agree with them.

The Chinese and North Koreans must understand that pushing a maxed-out United States with a president that has a Chicago mobster-style background is far more dangerous than cornering a wounded grizzley.

Much more.

Consider the results if the North Koreans - in response - used a perhaps Chinese-supplied "tactical nuke" on that supercarrier we have steaming up and down their coastline.

All bets would then be off, wouldn't they?

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Quietly In His Sleep

Prince Chunk, the 44-pound cat that was found abandoned and then adopted by a New Jersey family, has died quietly in his sleep.

Prince Chunk’s adoptive owner, Vince Damiani of Blackwood, said the white tabby died in his sleep Sunday. He was about 10 years old. Damiani said a veterinarian had diagnosed the cat with heart disease.

Now I know there's a lot of cat haters out there that would say "good riddance", but they just don't matter in the long run.

Behold The God That Bleeds*

Unvetted President Barack Obama needed 12 stitches in his upper lip after taking an elbow to the mouth during a pickup basketball game Friday morning.

12 stitches. That's gotta be a doozy of a fat lip.

The White House identified the elbower Rey Decerega, director of programs for the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute.

Said Dederega:

I learned today the president is both a tough competitor and a good sport.

That would be on the basketball court of course. Qualities that would be useful in the white House - If he was ever there - Instead of flying around from place to place in Air Force One, jabbering inanely away to very carefully selected audiences filled with adoring zomboids.

Playing games with yet another Mexican politician. That should give you a clue or two about the future of effective border security.

*from an old Star Trek episode.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

"Not If I Could Avoid It"

How nice for her.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton responded to the question, Would she submit to a pat-down?

"Not if I could avoid it," Clinton says. "No. I mean, who would?"

She says she understands "how offensive it must be" for some people to undergo the searches.

Really? The only thing she understands is how offensive it is to her.

And the new House Majority leader bypasses the entire security setup. He is given the kid glove treatment and escorted around the TSA agents, right past their blue gloved zombies, and all that radiation-producing, horrendously expensive "hi-tech" machinery.

At least the old House majority leader Pelosi avoided the issue by flying privately on taxpayer-owned aircraft.

Boehner could have instantly collected millions of more supporters nationwide by simply enduring one televised public pat-down.

But what does he do? He flips his permanently tanned middle finger at us and plays his "I'm special" card.

What an IDIOT. But then again, he's part of the Republican elite. How could one expect anything else?

I was once a Republican, but when the Republican party served up that dopehead idiot Bush the Younger for president, I jumped ship... Forever. Did I then go vote Democratic? Get serious. Just look at the narcissistic (but smooth-talking) simpleton they gave us.

And now... And now... The Republicans are serving up that "Let's fight all of Israel's wars" Zionist puppet "Momma grizzly" Palin, and the Democrats - bless their unionized and corrupted progressive souls - are having second thoughts about their unvetted hero, and whoever they replace him with will be even worse... guaranteed.

The Republic's chances without a full scale and incredibly bloodly revolt?


Thursday, November 11, 2010

Body Scans Et Al

Get exposed to radiation, large doses of it, or get their titties twisted and their clits pinched. Now there's a great choice for our women if they want to fly anywhere.

A growing number of airline passengers, labor unions, and advocacy groups say the new procedures--a choice of full-body scans or what the TSA delicately calls "enhanced pat-downs"--go too far.

Yup... Way too far.

Ever wonder how many terrorist bombers have been caught at American airports since we started putting up with all this idiocy imposed on us all by pervs with badges? How many terrorists have been caught trying to fly from say - Denver to Chicago? 1000? 10? 1? Zero?

Americans flying from one American destination to another shouldn't have to put up with any of this foolishness.

For all the money we have thrown down the rathole on all this airport security, did it stop the Christmas underpants bomber?

Quite a few of these TSA terrorist hunters that fondle our women with their supposed "pat-down" need to have the shit kicked out of them... More than once if necessary.

But this being modern America, there may not be any men left with the balls to do it.

Sunday, November 07, 2010

Hello Terrorist

Beyond sanity:

A former leader of a '70s protest group responsible for bombing the U.S. Capitol, the Pentagon, police stations and other targets is worried that "racist, armed, hostile, crazy-making" tea parties pose an "unspeakable" threat to America.

Bernardine Dohrn, who with her husband William Ayers were leaders of the communist revolutionary Weather Underground, had been tied to so many acts of protest violence in the '70s that she was placed on the FBI's Top 10 Most Wanted List.

It seems to me that a society that wishes to protect itself and survive would quickly remove lunatics like Bernardine and William from circulation and not allow them any influence whatever over the general public.

But... America today is not such a society. America is on a suicidal path to oblivion and so allows psychopaths like these two free rein everywhere.

When the Ayers - and their ilk - get the world they have bombed and destroyed for, I am certain it won't be anything like what they discussed in the day when their drug-induced euphoria led them down their path to a unbelievable state of intellectual-sounding insanity.

All of us who have paid little or no attention to the Ayers of the world need to pay attention now. They are nothing more than a thorn in our side that has caused a festering wound. However, if we do nothing, the wound will eventually be fatal.

So... Yank them out, get rid of them. The world will not long mourn their passing.

Thursday, November 04, 2010

Hi Ho Silver!

Silver and gold rushed to new highs as the fed announced it will print 600 billion more dollars to buy a bit more of the federal government debt.

How many realize that when Obama took office, that there was only 800 billion dollars in circulation? Worldwide? Now, with this additional 600 billion, the fed will have printed over 2.6 TRILLION new dollars to add to that 800 billion already in circulation.

There is now three times as many dollars chasing the available goods and services that there was just two years ago.

How do you spell I N F L A T I O N?

Coming soon to a wallet near you...

H Y P E R - I N F L A T I O N.

Wowzers, folks.

The very minute China quits buying our debt, the game's over, and then a wheel barrel full of cash won't buy you a decent meal.

You're gonna love it... Ask the Germans.

But Obama and his buddies will have the solution... A new world currency!

You're gonna really love that.

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Step One

Nancy Pelosi is on the way out.

Once considered as one of the most powerful women in America, she is now being returned to her ho-hum position as just another debt-loving big government tax-and-spend Progressive in the house. Look for her to retire... If she can even consider - for an instant - leaving those halls of power and influence. Probably not.

It's a good sign... At least one of the lunatics that have been running the asylum has been put back into her cell.

Remember what she said when appointed House speaker? "No more deficit spending!" Five trillion dollars worth of additional deficit spending later, we finally boot her out of the drivers seat.

But it's just a start. There's still plenty of her fellow lunatics running around the halls of Congress that need to be reined in... Barbara Boxer, Barney Franks. Harry Reid... It's a long list.

But round two, the 2012 elections, is just around the corner, and there's a much bigger target than Nancy or Harry this time.

No slacking off now, the job is far from finished.