Thursday, March 30, 2006

Harrison Ford Hates The Internet

Harrison Ford, the actor who played a space jockey in Star Wars and as a archeologist in the Indiana Jones movies hates the internet, according to an article published in today's DRUDGE REPORT.

Says Ford:
"The worst thing about the internet is that anything and everything is up for grabs. How can that be, when I limit my public conversations to about once every couple of years? "Any kind of rubbish goes on the internet and it can have a f**king life of its own."
Like most of the world's puffed up egos, Ford doesn't like anything that allows people to voice their opinions about him.

He allows a "public conversation" about once every two years? For a man who has lived totally off the public for decades, that's pretty close to the highest peaks of arrogance.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

We've Been Asking For It

Mexicans are in an uproar, claiming the American southwest is "conquered land" that really belongs to Mexico, and are demanding it back.

If they get any traction whatever with this from our gutless Congress and self-serving President, no doubt American Indians everywhere will sense the time is right to demand all their "historical" tribal lands back, but they won't sue through federal courts, they will sue through the international court.

Then, look for the International Court and the United Nations to step in with decisions and resolutions that will demand that we honor those claims, because agents of this federal government -- without our consent -- have signed binding agreements that we would.

Well, we've been asking for it for decades.

We, the citizens of the United States of America, as represented by our very own federal government, have established international precedence and validity to such claims by providing unlimited support for over a half-century to a small group who claimed "historical rights" to a spot of land, and took it.

That, of course, was the Jewish "historical" claim to Palestinian lands, along with our unlimited and continued support for that particular land grab. That track record will work against us when the Indians, perhaps along with the Mexicans, claim vast amounts of America using "historical rights" and "religious rights" as a basis, and receive wholehearted support from the Hague and the United Nations, who will in turn demand we honor those claims, or suffer international condemnation. Threats from foreign governments who are UN members that we instantly pay up all the trillions of dollars this federal government has borrowed from them over the years will surface if we fail to comply. Goodbye dollar, hello Euro.

Your new landlord will not speak English.

Wait and see.

"This is Our Continent, Not Yours"

Mexican protesters are really intent on stirring the pot. Marchers say gringos, not illegals, have to go.

WASHINGTON – While debates about guest-worker programs for illegal aliens take place in the corridors of power, in the streets of America's big cities no amnesty is being offered by activists calling for the expulsion of most U.S. citizens from their own country.

While politicians debate the fate of some 12 million people residing in the U.S. illegally, the Mexica Movement, one of the organizers of the mass protest in Los Angeles this week, has already decided it is the "non-indigenous," white, English-speaking U.S. citizens of European descent who have to leave what they call "our continent."
Banners being carried proclaim the true purpose and intent of all these marches.

"This is our continent, not yours!" exclaimed one banner.

"We are indigenous! The only owners of this continent!" said another.

"If you think I'm illegal because I'm a Mexican, learn the true history, because I'm in my homeland," read another sign.
While Washington is focused on speading some form of bastardized democracy around the globe, we Americans are facing a real threat right here in our own borders from radicals and revolutionists who would force us all back to Europe, taking everything we have built and created in the process.

History reads a lot differently than these hot-headed "Latinos" like to think.

Mexicans, as they imagine themselves, did not exist until the Spaniards -- non-indigenous, white, Spanish-speaking people of European descent -- invaded and occupied Central America. In breeding with the native indians, they created the forefathers of this group that think they own it all, but are in fact, just as European as any of the rest of us.

This is my homeland. I am as "indigenous" as anyone in America today. My ancestors arrived in St. Augustine, Florida, way back in the 17th century. If any damned Mexican thinks I don't belong here and wants me out, he -- or she -- are going to have to take me out on a slab.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

An Open Letter to My Senator

Below is an open letter to one of my Senators... Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison.

Senator Hutchison:

I am disgusted by the Senate Judiciary Committee's vote yesterday to allow a six-year grace period for illegal aliens in this nation.

I am angered that the Senators on that committee caved in so easily to a few demonstrations by what must surely be the largest collection of un-American anarchist's in recent history. To see tens of thousands of Mexicans, waving the Mexican flag, carrying signs written in Spanish -- no doubt a large percentage of them illegal aliens -- protesting openly in the streets of America in support of blatant law breaking is totally disgusting.

What's happening here?

In recent years, the federal entity in Washington has given away tens of millions of decent-paying American jobs in every industry across America to foreign nations, replacing them with bottom-of-the-barrel, entry-level types of "service" jobs that provide no job security, no benefits and no future. Those Americans who suddenly found themselves in the unemployment line, not because they were fired, but because their job was given away by Washington, have often found these dismal, crappy Washington created jobs as the only choice of employment.

Millions of these now jobless Americans, accustomed to an income in the twenty dollar-an-hour range and living up to the modest standard of living that such a wage provided, quickly realized they could not possibly support themselves, their families, or even pay the rent with such jobs. Bankruptcy is the inevitable result.

How short-sighted or stupid people inside the beltline must be to think those Americans who have been forced into unemployment by the pro-business tactics of the Washington elite would accept one of those new jobs at minimum wage... or worse. Dumb and witless as we may be out here in the hinterlands, we can still figure out that a loss of over half our income just will not allow us to survive.

So Americans refuse those jobs, looking for (and desperately hoping) that they will find somewhere to work that will allow them to keep their home and maintain at least a bit of their previous standard of living.

Meanwhile, they use their numerous credit cards to keep things as normal as possible. You know full well what will happen when this activity reaches it's inevitable result.

Simple-minded people say "Go into business for yourself" and many try. But, they are not trained for such a move and don't have the time or money that would allow them to gain the experience needed to succeed. They just go under faster.

Washington's response?

1) - Repeat endlessly the idiotic claim that illegals are working only the jobs Americans won't do. In defense of Americans refusing to do those jobs, who in their right mind would take a job paying $800 a month when just their mortgage alone is higher than that"

2)- Allow millions of illegal aliens into America to keep the wheels of business -- and profits -- well oiled.

3)- Make the bankruptcy laws stiffer to deny relief to those put in financial peril by you beltline insiders, since you all know that millions of bankruptcies from maxed out credit card users are now coming down the pipeline.

4)- Make new law that gives these illegals a free ride and amnesty. A $1000 fine and a six-year window? Get serious!

5)- Add further insult to injury by allowing record-breaking profits to be made by the oil industry. $2.50 and up for a gallon of gas.. yessir... all those minimum-wage earners can handle that...

Senator, when will Washington own up to their horrid mistakes with all this "free trade" and "open borders" insanity?

Today's corporations are viciously anti-American in their quest for profit. They care not one whit about the condition they have put the average American in with their endless quest for more and more profit.

Senator, who do you support?

American citizens... or the insanely greedy businessmen running these world-wide corporations that have successfully lobbied Washington for massive job transfers, lower wages, no benefits, no job security, open and unprotected borders, no tariffs, no inspections, a massive illegal presence in our midst, and perhaps mortally wounded America's industrial engine in the process?

How insane is the idea that we must depend on China for the microchips used in our fighter aircraft and battle tanks?

This congress desperately needs to bite the bullet Senator, or bite the dust.

Monday, March 27, 2006

"It is Time For Us"

Here is a something rapper Jorge Ruiz said after performing at a Dallas rally that drew 1,500. It clearly demonstrates a mindset lost in inaccuracy and dogma.
"We construct your schools. We cook your food,". "We are the motor of this nation, but people don't see us. Blacks and whites, they had their revolution. They had their Martin Luther King. Now it is time for us."
Let's take this a part at a time.

"We construct your schools".

No, our schools were already built -- schools Americans built with their own sweat and taxes -- and operating long before these illegals started swarming across our borders. Our schools are one of the magnets attracting these law breakers across our unprotected borders and into our nation.

"We cook your food".

There's a laugh. Yes, there are illegal cooks in fast food diners across America, but the vast majority of our meals are cooked in our own homes, by us.

"We are the motor of this nation,...".

Not a freaking chance. To make the claim that the success of this nation is dependent on ten or fifteen million illegals, most of whom cannot even speak our language, people who have broken our laws and live in fear of the border patrol, is just plain gibberish.

"... but people don't see us".

No kidding. You're in hiding. You stay in the background, in the shadows. The reality is that most of us Americans haven't been looking, or paying attention... until recently.

"Blacks and whites, they had their revolution. They had their Martin Luther King".

That's just plain idiotic. Whites had a revolution -- the revolutionary war -- to free themselves from an oppressive ruler, King George of England. Does rapper Ruis want a war? Whites freed the blacks in a conflict that Mexicans had no part in, the War of the Rebellion. Again, does rapper Ruiz want a war?

What did Martin Luther King have to do with any of that?

"Now it's time for us".

Well. Something I agree with. It IS time for "them". Time to send all those in this nation illegally back where they came from.

Condaleeza Rice has just made the witless claim that they do the jobs Americans won't do. What nonsense. Perhaps Rice and her ilk won't stoop to some of these menial jobs, but millions of Americans were doing them until illegals snuck in and started doing them for less.

Yep. It is time -- past time -- to put a stop to all this.

If they want to immigrate to America, let them do so the way our law provides. Learn and speak our language. These machines that ask us if we want to conduct our business in English or Spanish is just plain idiotic. Learn our history. Take an oath to support the Constitution of the United States. Give up the "ties that bind" them to their country of origin, just as our forefathers did before us. If they refuse to do that, they can stay out, and we need to have the mechanisms and laws to keep them out.

There will be no "Reconquista". This is a flawed and fatal dream of many Mexicans that vast portions of the United States will be "reconquered" and become a part of Mexico.

Like I just said below... "Don't let the news photos of the crowds impress you... they are the people in our midst who are promoting continued law breaking by foreign nationals who refuse to honor and obey our laws."

Friday, March 24, 2006

Thousands of Protesters

Thousands of protesters are hitting the streets to oppose new proposed tougher laws regarding border protection and illegal entry.

OK, just who is out there in the streets protesting our attempts to protect ourselves?

Thousands of Mexicans, that's who.

Maybe a few misguided college students -- which is expected -- are out there also, but I'll bet you won't find very many Americans in those demonstrations.

Just keep in mind that there are tens of millions of Americans who are in favor of this proposed legislation. Don't let the news photos of the crowds impress you... they are the people in our midst who are promoting continued law breaking by foreign nationals who refuse to honor and obey our laws.

Chinese To Check For Nukes

The Bush administration has announced a "no-bid" contract has been awarded to a Chinese firm to monitor for incoming nukes at one of our major import locations.

How about that?

A better example of the Fox-watching-the-chicken-house syndrome will be hard to find.

I am beginning to pay a bit more attention to the voices out there claiming that we are literally being sold out by Bush and his gang of confidants.

Head Shaking

I was watching Laura Bush on a recent TV interview and was intrigued by the excessive head-shaking she did when talking.

She almost constantly shook her head in a no-no-no motion when she spoke.

I have been told that this means that a person is lying or don't believe what they are saying.

Anybody know about this?

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Unanticipated Consequences

A stretch in downtown Orlando gets the bird... cars, benches, sidewalks, plants and even people are being hit and been covered by the white bird waste.

The problem began when city workers removed cypress trees on "bird island" at Lake Eola in Orlando. According to city officials, the trees had to be removed because the bird droppings were polluting the water.

Now, the birds have moved into the city and are covering anything and anyone between Lake Eola and Central Avenue with droppings.

Well, what did the they think the birds were going to do after they removed all the trees?

A classic example of what my Dad used to call the typical results of the "80 percenters", people who just don't think things all the way through, and end up with all those "Unanticipated Consequences".

They are found in government everywhere.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Keeping Track of Legal Cattle and Illegal Illegals

A program here in the United States has been developed by the federal government to keep track of every cow in America, from where it was born to what meat market it finally ended up in, mainly because we need to keep a handle on bad stuff like mad cow disease.

How many cows is that?

According to the USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service, the inventory of all cattle and calves in the United States on July 1, 2003, was 103.9 million head.

So, on any particular date, we have around 100 million cows contentedly munching away in pastures and feedlots around the United States, and we can now keep track of each and every one for 100 percent of its life cycle.

In 2000, The Immigration and Naturalization Service had figured the number of illegal aliens as 6 million. Scholars at Boston's Northeastern University are now suggesting that the actual number might run as high as 13 million.

We can keep track of a 100 million cows, but we just can't keep track of 6 or even 13 million law-breaking illegals?

A response indicating male bovine excreta should be inserted here.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Buy, But Do Not Use

An all new smoking ban goes into effect today in Calabasas, California.

I used to smoke, but kicked the habit January 1, 1986, one of the very few new years resolution I ever kept.

Like millions of my peers, I started smoking because it was promoted everywhere... in newspapers, magazines, on television and in movies as being hip, cool, the "in" thing that the beautiful people did.

There were no health hazards mentioned by anybody, anywhere.

I started smoking while in the Navy, and at the time, a carton of Lucky Strikes was less three dollars. When the ship pulled out for deployment, a carton of Luckies dropped to ninety cents a carton at the ship's store just a soon as we passed the three-mile limit.

With all that good-times advertising for tobacco, naturally smoking increased dramatically. Government at all levels -- always on the lookout for more revenue -- started taxing the living hell out of tobacco products. Since users become addicted to tobacco, the tax income was guaranteed, no matter at what level of taxation.

Compare today's cost for a pack of name-brand smokes -- over $4.00 in many places -- to the thirty cents I paid for a pack, or nine cents a pack while at sea. Most of that increase is taxes that government at every level depends on. Eliminate tobacco taxes and government, from local to national, would scream bloody murder.

So, governments of all stripes are addicted to tobacco, just as millions of users are.

If some government entity wants to outlaw smoking, they should first eliminate all tobacco tax revenue and thus demonstrate they too, can kick the habit, before they start slamming citizens who are buying -- and using -- a completely legal product.

And, like I said, I don't smoke, but this is not a smoking issue anyway. It's all about government wanting citizens to buy tobacco products for the tax revenue, but at the same time, outlawing it's use and generating outlandish fines for those people who still smoke.

Friday, March 17, 2006

Oh Yeah...That'll Work

Senator Norm Coleman, R-Minn.,has introduced some legislation on port security.

Says Coleman, "Maritime trade is too important to our nation to continue with the status quo - a dismal 5 percent inspection rate. He says "One hundred percent screening is a goal we should demand".

Percentage of screening is a security issue, not a trade issue. It will become a "trade" issue if we allow only screened cargo into the United States.

The present reality is that we can screen only 5 percent of the incoming total, so we just let the remaining 95 percent slide right on through, since nothing must ever interfere with trade. That uninspected 95 percent allowed to pass must be the real "status quo" he's talking about.

OK, 100 percent is a good goal. Let's all applaud the good Senator for his efforts to secure our ports and provide for our safety.

But wait a minute... there's more in his bill. His bill would also prevent foreign government-controlled entities from managing a national security-related facility or investment, but would permit foreign governments to own and invest in such facilites, so long as they established a U. S. general business corportation.

A foreign government could own and benefit economically from such an investment, it just couldn't control or manage day-to-day operations in the U.S.

Come again? What sort of doubletalk is that?

They "establish" a U.S. general business corporation, which they will own and control, but they won't control the "security-related facility"?

According to the good Senator's proposed bill, Foreign governments can own and take all the profit from our ports, etc., but at least us wide-eyed and innocent Americans will be able to work for them -- for minimum wage, no benefits, no job security -- or not... those foreign owners will most probably hire illegals, who will work for even less.

How's that for a full load?

With friends like this all-American Senator, who needs enemies?

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Eraser Mania

Actress Sharon Stone:

"In America we tend to erase women after 40..."

That's actually good news for the equality bunch. It used to be like 20 or 30.

The other side of this coin is that In America, unless your Bill Gates or the like, we tend to erase men after 50. It used to be like 60 or 70.

So, the gender gap is closing. Isn't that great?


That's nine trillion dollars. A 9 followed by 12 zeroes before the decimal point. Is that what America is worth? Is that what America has in the bank? Is that the amount of money Americans have to fall back on?

No, none of the above.

That's what the federal government will shortly owe to the money handlers around the world. Congress just passed a bill authorizing the national debt limit to reach that mind-boggling sum, and at the present rate of federal spending, we'll reach it in short order.

That's around $30,000.00 per American citizen. Every man, woman and child in America, excluding illegals. When an American citizen brings a new baby into this world, the federal government immediately presents it with a thirty-thousand dollar bill, a bill not created by the child -- or you -- but by bureaucrats in Washington.

Don't be taken in by the fairy tale that we owe it to ourselves. We owe it to foreign governments and banks everywhere, because that's where we have borrowed it, and they will want their money back some soon-approaching day.

Let's give those 12 or 14 or 16 million non-taxpaying illegals hiding here American citizenship. Let them fully share in the America they have broken so many laws to reach, Let them share with us the debt burden that this out-of-control federal government has created.

That, or just get rid of this federal entity that has so horribly mismanaged our interests for decades, and revert to the "sovereign state" status that each state really is, That would let this nine trillion dollar debt just vanish into thin air, sort of like your credit card debt when you file for bankruptcy.

Fair? No, but what are our options? Realistically, we will never pay this debt off, so we either write it off, or ultimately default everything we now own to the ownership of foreign banks and nations.

This Dubai port deal is just the tip of the iceberg, and only the beginning.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Recommended Reading

In Overland Park, Kansas, the Blue Valley board of Education is fighting tooth and nail to keep "Beloved" and other similar books in schools for their kids to read.

Below are two excerpts from the Blue Valley BOE recommended "Beloved":

Do not read any further if you do not like the Blue Valley BOE recommended Children's books reccommended for Kansas schools
Chapter 1:
"As she raised up from the heat she felt Paul D behind her and his hands on her breasts...desire in them had suddenly become enormous, greedy, more savage than when they were fifteen...Behind her, bending down, his body an arc of kindness, he held her breasts in the palms of his hands... What she knew was that the responsibility for her breasts, at last, was in somebody else's hands."

Chapter 10:
"Kneeling in the mist they waited for the whim of a guard, or two, or three. Or maybe all of them wanted it. Wanted it from one prisoner in particular or none--or all. Breakfast? Want some breakfast, n*gger? Yes sir. Hungry n*gger? Yes, sir. Here you go. Occasionally a kneeling man chose gunshot in his head as the price, maybe of taking a bit of foreskin with him to Jesus....Convinced he was next, Paul D retched...the engaged one decided to skip the new man for the time being lest his pants and shoes got soiled by n*gger puke."

Pretty juicy stuff, eh?

And that's just the milder stuff blogger will let through their decency filters.

Additional "recommended" reading can be found at if the mood for reading more kiddy stuff hits you.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Guess Who's Coming (Back) To Dinner

The White House has reportedly invited Mary Carey to dinner with the President for a second time.

Before you click on the above thread, be aware that this brand new republican is also a porn star.

She actually ran for governor of California, so perhaps in the eyes of the White House, that makes her a valid guest on the dinner invitation list.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

The Old One-Two Punch On The Way?

An unknown calling himself Rakan Ben Williams has announced the coming of great horror to the "States of America".

In the article, recently posted on WND, he claims two very nasty things are about to happen that the entire Washington gang -- Bush, Homeland Security, etc. -- are helpless to prevent, or even delay.

I prefer to believe, but without any justification or real conviction, that he is totally wrong. However, I have only Bush's word that we are safe.

He does bring up a point that I have been wondering about myself:

"Your country is comprised of many states that should not have anything to do with Muslims. Take the state of Arizona for example; what does this state have to do with killing Muslims in Palestine, Afghanistan and Iraq? What interest is it of theirs serving, helping, and siding with the Jews and Israel? If some members of your Congress and Senate are being used as Jewish tools manipulated by Israel, why do you bear the consequences? Why do you bring death and destruction to your homes and lives in an apparent sacrifice for a handful of dishonest men and women?"
What does Arizona -- or any state -- really have to do with any of that?

So is he warning Arizona to "duck and cover"?

With our borders totally wide open to incusrions by anyone, I can't help but wonder if Al-Qieda hasn't successfully smuggled a nuclear device across the Mexico/Arizona border and has stashed it somewhere like Phoenix.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Yet Another Federal Milestone Reached

The federal government's endless quest to bankrupt us all and ruin the financial health of our nation has reached an all new "high" in disgusting conduct by starting to rob the retirement funds of their own people.

The Treasury department has started tapping civil service retirement funds to keep the federal government from going over its own imposed debt ceiling.

Once Congress (again) raises the debt limit, Treasury Secretary John W. Snow said the Treasury will "restore all due interest and principal" to the pension fund as soon as possible...

I particularly liked the part, "as soon as possible". That's as close to saying "never" as anybody in Washington can seem to get.

One other thing... who gave the Treasury the authority to do something like this?

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

I Joined The Navy To See The World, Not Get Shot

Going "over the hill" still seems to be a problem, even if the Commander-in-Chief gets his orders directly from God:
"WASHINGTON — At least 8,000 members of the all-volunteer U.S. military have deserted since the Iraq war began, Pentagon records show, although the overall desertion rate has plunged since the Sept. 11 attacks in 2001... Since fall 2003, 4,387 Army soldiers, 3,454 Navy sailors and 82 Air Force personnel have deserted. The Marine Corps does not track the number of desertions each year but listed 1,455 Marines in desertion status last September, the end of fiscal 2005, says Capt. Jay Delarosa, a Marine Corps spokesman."

By Bill Nichols
I can understand the 82 USAF desertions, those 82 most likely being the offspring of politicians who needed an adequate service record for their future politicial careers, but decided to give up politics rather than a leg or two.

3,454 seems an inordinate number of sailors bailing out, considering sailors are usually out on ships and miles from any sort of action or danger from things like the IED's.

Perhaps the dire shortage of Army troops has forced the powers that be to take sailors off the ships and put them in the front lines.

Being an ex-sailor, I know that sailors are not trained for ground combat. In boot camp, we marched, did a few pushups, scrubbed clothes, shot a .22 rifle and then an M1 carbine for a few minutes at a target range, put out a couple of staged fires, and watched lots of films on venerial disease (STD's to you moderns) and naval history.

With that sort of preparation for a ground war, I can see perhaps why a high percentage of AWOL's are navy folks.

Monday, March 06, 2006

Lucas Speaks

George Lucas has announced the end of an era:

"BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. — Leave it to "Star Wars" creator George Lucas to pronounce the death of the Hollywood blockbuster.
"The market forces that exist today make it unrealistic to spend $200 million on a movie," said Lucas, a near-billionaire from his feverishly franchised outer-space epics. "Those movies can't make their money back anymore. Look at what happened with 'King Kong.'...."
I assume he was referring only to "the Hollywood blockbuster", since movies like the "Harry Potter" and "Lord of the Rings" series were made elsewhere, and made gobs of money. I hasten to add the earlier Harry Potter films -- where the kids were still required to wear school uniforms, show respect and keep their rooms clean, keeping in mind that the series was recently bought out by big Hollywood interests.

Perhaps a more accurate announcment would have been on the death of "the crappy Hollywood blockbuster".

Where Have These People Been?

WASHINGTON - With controversy still swirling over America's possible port deal with a company owned by the United Arab Emirates, a major oil power with terror connections, new concerns are being raised among defense and security analysts about the threat of a nuclear weapons being delivered to the U.S. aboard an oil tanker..."

I do recall when China joined the nuclear club the thought was bandied about that the Chinese -- not having any ICBM's at the time -- could just as easily use freighters to deliver nuclear bombs to just about any port in America.

The fear was that a Nuclear device could easily have been secreted away in any nondescript vessel, with the crew having no knowledge of the fact. When the ship reached the target port and docked, the weapon would be detonated by timer or radio control, taking the ship and crew up with it. It could have been any number of ships in any number of ports.

Well, now that Communist China is our "friend" and shipping millions of tons of products to us, the idea that they could use freighters -- we now call them container ships -- as a weapons delivery system has been quietly suppressed.

But Lo and Behold! Now that the Arabs are the bad guys, it's suddenly oil tankers that could be the weapons delivery system.

But that's OK, you are supposed to have forgotten all about the freighters by now.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Us leave? You Must Be Joking!

I'm missing something here: Military Denies Withdrawal Plan. I was under the impression that getting out was the whole idea, but now we have military people getting upset over the idea that we may be gone by Spring of 2007. What The military is actually saying there are NO plans whatever for pulling out.

Telling us that pulling our troops out is entirely dependent on how the new and improved occupation imposed Iraqi government is doing is like telling us that Iraq has been re-named Neverland, and that the battle between Peter Pan(us) and Captain Hook(everybody who disagrees with us) is actually a never ending one... just pay your taxes and shut the hell up.

The part about ".... a representative Iraqi government that respects the rights of all its citizens..." has got to be a joke. Our own government doesn't do that, and now we're expecting that this U. S. imposed Iraqi government will?

I suppose what I'm actually missing is truth from this administration.

As Lt. Savak said, "It is time for total truth between us", but this is not a movie, so don't expect it.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Terrorists Using IFD's On The Border

Illegals are tossing rocks at Border Patrol officers.

"So-called "rockings," as Border Patrol officials describe incidents like Thursday's, have become so prevalent in recent years that the federal agency has erected high-impact plastic glass barriers in spots along the Rio Grande where agents can park their vehicles in and around El Paso. Agents in some parts of the border are even starting to see "flaming rocks" - rocks wrapped in cloth, soaked in alcohol and lit on fire.

Flaming rocks? How about IFD's? Improvised Flammatory Devices?

And here Bush is off fighting terrorists clear on another continent.

The Pitfalls of Blogging


They have become a hugely popular internet pastime. Blogs have given us all a place to be heard, a place to tell the world how we feel about things. They are places you can use to state your very own personal opinion on anything and everything. Some are even using a blog as their personal diary, a most probably dangerous experiment in excessive exposure.

A whole lot of these folks don't seem to realize, or care, that personal opinions -- if they differ from yours or mine -- are about as universally accepted as personal advice... which is hardly ever. That being said, it would seem that a decent blog is going to need a bit more than the often artistic or intellectual mouthery about what one thinks how the world is, or should be.

Those blogs we like to visit and read (admit it) are merely expressing what we already believe in, perhaps providing a new (but supportive) point a view, or some new evidence that we are -- and have been all along -- totally correct.

I'm not referring to the blogs, books, articles, or comments by professional writers. Folks like that are trained and paid to entertain us, or change our minds, or to push one button or another. As long as you realize those people always seem to have a pet axe to grind, you'll be fine. Commenting on a blog posted by a professional writer is often amusing, since their egos demand that they alone introduce all the good stuff. But fair warning, they can be quite caustic in their arrogance.

This is in reference to all these internet blogs by us ordinary folk.

I have no gripes whatever about the blogs what are in reality just a collection of opinions and attitudes of the writer. That may just be all they needed... an otherwise unattainable outlet for expression. If that's what floats their boat, fine and dandy. I've visited many of those, some even more than once.

There are plenty of blogs out there where the writer is expressing his or her own opinions and attitudes and is prepared to debate those positions against all comers. Well and good, but it doesn't take long for a blog like that to become nothing more than a repetitious mantra of personal opinion supported only by the comments of the like-minded.

From what I have seen while blogging is that facts, evidence, or proof are not going to change very many minds -- probably none -- since what people consider as fact, evidence or proof always amusingly supports their own particular point of view... your facts aren't really facts and don't count, you ignorant dunce.

Accordingly, I think I'll try to just post subjects that are of interest to me and perhaps a few comments on the subject by folks currently commenting on same, a few threads that a reader can follow... or not.

Sounds good. Hope I can really pull it off.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

One For The File Cabinet

Here's one you should file away for future reference:

WASHINGTON – Two Americans believe they have spotted Adnan el-Shukrijumah, the al-Qaida operative identified as "the next Mohamed Atta" at a location near Bakersfield, Calif., but have been unable to get the FBI or Homeland Security to investigate.

An official report of the sighting of el-Shukrijumah or his "dead-ringer" was filed with an anti-terrorism unit in Kern County.

The local enforcement officers, including the county sheriff, reportedly neglected to conduct an investigation, despite the $5 million bounty on Shukrijumah's head.
Several federal officials, including U.S. Sen. Arlen Specter, R-Pa., when notified of the incident, opted to turn a blind eye to the situation, even though they were aware that the suspect in question has been described as the most dangerous al-Qaida agent on American soil.

Remember the name: Adnan-el-Shukrijumah.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Border Security

The uproar over the Dubai port fiasco brings into sharper focus the entire issue of national security. America has neither border nor port (seaport and airport) security.

The proof is simple.

If we did, there would be no drugs smuggled into the United States.

Not to say that drugs still wouldn't be around, there's plenty of the home-grown stuff readily available.

The objections raised over providing improved security are primarily over increased cost and delivery delay. Kick-backs and pocket lining bribes from drug dealers to local officials of all stripes are also objections, but not openly discussed.

Estimates of twenty billion dollars for a truly effective border barrier (wall) with properly manned check points and patrols have been bandied about. Big deal. Compare that to the hundreds of billions Bush has squandered in Iraq.

Delivery delay? Tough. I'd much rather wait an extra week for my "made in China" whatever, knowing that a nuke didn't come in with it. I'm positive heads-up businesses would simply adjust their schedules to accomodate a delay at the presently non-existent port inspection centers.

At least with a wall, we would have something to show for our money.