Thursday, August 31, 2006


Iranian President Ahmadinejad just said:
"Sanctions cannot dissuade the Iranian nation from achieving our lofty goals of progress. So it is better for Europe to be independent and to settle problems through negotiations".
Independent from the US and the UN.

Iran has not only successfully defied US president Bush and the UN, but is now advising Europe to cast off from those two entities and make its own decisions.

That says only two things to me: First, that Iran is now powerful enough--and has enough international support--to confidentialy tell us to kiss off, or... that the US is so weakened now that it has become a true paper tiger, making only loud noises in the night, and can safely be ignored.

Either way, it's not a good sign for us ordinary folks, since both Bush and Israel still want to try to bomb Iran back to the 12th century.

And that worries me, since Bush, silver spoon-fed innocent that he is, has never learned that actions have consequences, often dire consequences.

You Think?

The Washington Post received an e-mail from a Special Forces soldier posted "overseas", in which he commented on coverage of Israel's war against Hezbollah, an "Iranian sponsored terror group".

Said the soldier in his e-mail:
"The only TV I have where I am is CNN International and BBC. Jeez, I had no idea how evil the U.S. and Israel are. The progaganda is staggering."
You Think?

Maybe we're not being told the truth? One thing for sure, somebody's lying:
-a) The soldier
-b) The Washington Post
-c) CNN and BBC
-d) The government
-e) Everybody is lying, there's no war, it's a plot to keep us in line.
The "who's lying" list is potentially endless... insert your favorite dart target where applicable.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

The Gathering Nuclear Storm

A commentary in the Washington Times today by Amaud De Borchgrave speaks of the "Gathering nuclear storm". He speaks in length about Iran's new heavy water reactor that bypasses the difficult enrichment process in creating plutonium while at the same time giving the west the Iranian version of "the bird".

He makes a point that Iran has years worth of oil reserves with which to produce electricity instead of nuclear power, while the Iranian president says these nuclear facilites are for desperately needed--and pollution free--electical power. De Borchgrave says that Iran is continuing to move ahead with it's nuclear programs because it is convinced that neither Russia nor China will support UN sanctions against them. Bush, with his huge ego, will not tolerate this slap in the face. This--in De Borchgrave's view--is the trip wire for a nuclear confrontation.

He reports that leading conservatives have claimed that World War III--the clash of civiliztions--has been underway since September 11, 2001. He also reports that some neocons say it started when the mullahs forced the Shah out of power in 1979.

He is wrong on both dates. The real "Clash of civilizations" started in 1948 when the United Nations--with United States support--created the modern State of Israel. The last chance we had to avoid the fast approaching worldwide disaster was when the UN voted on R181, the resolution creating Israel in the territory of Palestine (as defined by the League of Nations--which the United States was an active member--afterWW1). Since that very moment, the Arabs have been planning for their revenge.

What is happening now is a logical consequence of that 1948 resolution. What is about to happen is the price we are going to pay for this poorly thought out experiment in nation-building.

We allowed the Jews--based solely on their unique religious claims--to move in and displace hundreds of thousands of Arabs, to chase them at gunpoint out of their homes, off their property, and into permanent exile. The Arab world fully intends to rectify this affront to their people and their culture. Time or cost is not a concern to them, only the face-saving destruction of the Jewish state is all that matters.

Because of his beliefs and his personal commitments to the Jewish state, Bush will move against Iran, before--or with-- Israel. That we don't have the money or manpower to support the resultng conflict will not matter. His reasons and excuses will be the subject of discussion for generations of survivors to come.

The 900 pound bear in the living room is the real possibiilty that Russia, or China--or both-- will take sides in this thing... with the Arabs, since both those nations would love to see us humbled and subdued.

Bush has flatly stated that we will "never allow the wrong weapons to get into the hands of the wrong people". So there's the timetable, it will happen before Bush leaves office.

Our government should be preparing us all for the coming holocaust--particularly since they are going to start it--but since they aren't, you should be preparing yourselves.

Nobody is going to "win" this clash. Most probably the survivors will curse the likes of Bush and his ilk for the next ten thousand years.

Monday, August 28, 2006


The Democrats are becoming positively positive about taking over the House this coming election, and are greedily eyeballing control of the Senate, something considered as impossible just a few short months ago.

Bush, with his continued march into oblivion with his total lack of... well, everything, has given the Democrats just about every tool they will need to win the Congress. Bless his heart, the man obviously does care about the health of our two party system.

This, of course--means total stalemate-- with good old Clueless George wielding the veto stick.

This is such good news!

Anything that will slow down this federal beast and it's programs that are giving America away to the world is a step in the right direction. Then we need to elect another Republician president to replace the one we are now suffering through to keep the stalemate alive and well.

We had a Chief Petty Officer in our division that--when he recieved his orders for trasfer--we all decided to a toss a world-class departure party for him in Yokosuka, Japan.

We did, and it was quite a party, but the Chief wasn't present. His transfer had been weeks before. We were celebrating his departure--not him or his leadership--because, you see, he was a world-class son-of-a-bitch.

Things like that really do happen... often.

I'm hoping that Bush's "he's gone" party is world-class also, or at least a good as the one that the--still remembered--Chief instigated.

Sunday, August 27, 2006


Nancy Pelosi, big tough beltliner broad that she is, just said that "Anybody who's dealt with me, knows not to mess with me..."

She also said that "If people are ripping your face off, you have to rip their face off." Good Christian woman there, loaded with Christian values.

I suppose I'm impressed, but not the way she intended.

A Democrat's Democrat, she sees the Republicians as the enemy to be destroyed, their ideas and visions ground into the dust, their memories perverted, their children violated, their gravestones spat apon.

I just realized something after reading her macho tirade on toughness.

She may be a Democrat, but she's not an American. She so very typical of the professional politician in Washington that puts party way before country.

I'm not being sexist, or bigoted, or whatever here... we have plenty of Republicians in Washington that fit that mold also.

Makes me realize we have way too many of that ilk, and I'm sick of the entire bunch.

What we need is a lot more Americans.

The (non)Natives Are Restless

In Farmers Branch, Texas, around 300 Mexicans showed up to protest the city's proposed new regulation prohibiting landlord's from renting to illegals.

Around two dozen Americans showed up in a counter-protest to support the new law. That's about twenty-four Americans who most likely lost their jobs to some border-jumping illegal, since one of them, a 48 year-old citizen of Farmers Branch, made the statement that she lost her job to an illegal, a Mexian woman who was bilingual.

Which brings up a point not too often discussed.

Many jobs, advertised here in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, requires that the applicant be bi-lingual, meaning you must speak and understand not only English, but you must speak and understand fluent Spanish, Mexican variety.

Bi-lingual does not mean English and Chinese. It does not mean English and French. It means English and Spanish, Mexican variety.

Those 300 Mexican protesters made the claim that the new city law was "Racist" and singled out Mexicans. Well now, that would mean that your local ATM is racist also, since it singles out Spanish as a second language to communicate with.

So now we have American citizens--looking for work--finding out that they don't qualify for a job, because they don't speak the language of this invading army of uneducated, unskilled and disease-ridden law-breaking illegals who are swamping our health system, stealing our jobs, lowering our wage base, crippling our standard of living and filling up our prisons.

Thanks, Bush.

And our esteemed employers--nation wide--are now requiring we learn Spanish, Mexican variety, before we apply for work.

So you speak English and Russian, or English and French, or even English and German. Too bad sucker, you learned the wrong "second" language.

If we're going to have to tolerate ten or twenty million illegals cluttering up our cities and destroying our health systems so business can make more profit, let's at least demand that they learn OUR language, not the other way around.

Require that anybody advertising for workers, state that English must be spoken and understood. It's a start... and a good one.

It's still our country... for the time being.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

What's That? A Train Whistle?

Reading the headlines is more like checking off the list of America’s upcoming disasters. It’s like reading a menu of what’s happening, and what’s about to happen.

I have recently concluded that we ordinary Americans are powerless to prevent what’s happening to our country, so I intend to just sit back and watch the show, sort of like I did when the Twin Towers were destroyed. Couldn’t do anything then but watch and comment, since the events were already in motion when I learned of them.

The deeds—or acts—that will change this this nation to a third-world status backwater are already in motion, way past the time to be able to do anything about them. All we can do is watch and comment, which is exactly what we’re all doing, you included.

Bush has sold us out. The federal government has sold us out. Congress has sold us out. The courts have sold us out. We have been delivered into the hands of the internationalists. The bankers and the mega-corporations... All owned and/or controlled by foreigners, if you care to look.

So what if Americans have 300 million guns and a zillion rounds of ammo. They have taken everything without firing a shot, while we plunked away at tin cans or blasted all manner of game onto the dinner table, while "bringin' home the bacon, man..."

We citizens have been sitting on the tracks, watching the train barreling closer and closer, some of us making great noises about what’s going to happen. Yet here we are, still on the tracks, making the same old noises. Nobody wants to move, to get off, to get out of danger.

It’s almost like we are all deaf and blind. But really, we’re just uneducated and ignorant of how things are. Thank all those nice, caring, concerned and motherly school teachers for that. Thank all those blonde bimbos on the TV news for that. Thank all those greedy traitors in Washington for that... ALL of them, including the ones YOU voted for.

Good luck to all of you poor dumb clucks who repeat endlessly like Chicken Little that “the sky is falling, the sky is falling”. It is, but who cares? Keep clucking away, if it makes you feel good, but don’t for a second think that the engineers of this coming great American train wreck will pay a bit of attention.

Cluck, cluck...

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Future Generations...Oh Goody

Syrian President Bashar Assad reportedy said last week that "future generations of Arabs will find a way to defeat Israel".

That's probably true, even if it was reported by WND's Jerusalem Bureau, not exactly a piller of unbiased information.

The Arabs have been broadcasting their intentions to obliterate Israel for years now, actually since 1948, when the Jews took over Palestine by force of arms, so they might actually mean it. Since they fully realize that Israel's continued existance depends on being propped up by the American federal government, it also means that Arabs just might use atomics on American cities to convince Americans to get out and stay out. With our totally open borders, I am mostly convinced that the atomics for the deed are already in America, waiting.

I am totally convinced that the Muslims, perhaps in our near future, are going to use atomics against Israel. Where or how they acquire them is not the issue, since they most probably already have them. They certainly have had the money to buy them at any time in recent years. Three or four devices will end the Jewish State, totally and completely for the next thousand years. Israel-- with it's last gasp-- will use it's moderate stockpile of atomics against all it's neighbors. The consequences are dire indeed.

Which is why I believe the United States absolutely needs to disconnect itself from this miserable debacle being played out in the Middle East and start the process of mending fences with those billion and a half Muslims. Far better for us and our children if we can cultivate a neutral stance with the Arabs than one of eternal enemy.

The American federal government has no business supporting any kind of religion, anywhere. The American government's attitude and policies should be one of total neutrality toward the combatants in conflicts generated by opposing religious beliefs.

One might reasonably conclude that the Arab terrorist threat facing America today will eventually fade away on its own, if we quit helping to kill hundreds of thousands of their family members. You know... Moms, Dads, sons, daughters, husbands, wives, next door neighbors... those sort of people.

If you want to sell your house and send all the money to support Israel or Iran--go for it-- but don't even think of asking for any of my tax dollars .

If you want to go to the Middle East and die for the glory of Israel or Iran--be my guest-- but if you want to drag American youngsters along with you to bleed and die in those most certainly damned few square miles of sand and rock... no way.

I prefer that America, it's federal government, and Amercan citizens in general keep their noses out of such squabbles. The price we are paying for being an invloved busybody is awesome, and it's not yet paid.

Going It Alone

Israeli government people have just announced that Israel may "go It Alone" against Iran.

Sounds reasonable from Israel's viewpoint, since the Jews know that the Arabs/Muslims fully intend to--sooner or later--eliminate Israel from the face of the earth. This year, next year, next century, no matter... sooner or later. It took them two hundred years to get the Crusaders out, so time is their ally, not Israel's.

Maybe the Arabs/Mulsims are biding their time--watching gleefully as America destroys itself from within-- after which they will bulldoze Israel into the sea, getting payback for all the thousands of Palestinian businesses and homes the Jews have bulldozed into rubble.

Back to the point: If having the total support of the American federal government, backed by billions of American dollars and being endlessly re-supplied with American military hardware and ammo is "going it alone", I must have the wrong idea what "alone" means.

No peace between the two camps will ever hold. As an example, the Camp David "Agreement" between Egypt and Israel is just something to allow the Egyptians to re-arm in peace, while allowing the Israelis to concrentrate on slaughtering Arabs in other places, like Lebanon.

Kindly remind yourself that Lebanon and Israel had an "agreement", but that did not prevent Lebanon from being recently bombed into dust by Israel. Yes, yes, Bush and his cronies love to parrot the idea that Israel has the right to defend itself. Well, so did Lebanon, but they didn't have any American tanks, rockets, Artillery, jet fighters and attack helicopters with which to do that little thing, so they paid the price for depending on an "agreement" with Israel.

Lebanon did not attack Israel. Terrorists within her borders did, but Lebanon has paid the price.

Think back... when Apache raiders attacked American communities from safe havens in Mexico, did we attack and destroy Mexico? No. Only when Pancho Villa (yet another illegal alien) attacked a New Mexico community did we send in the troops, and even then we didn't go raze Mexico City to the ground.

Maybe we should have, seeing how things are turning out.

Even you should know and understand that Israel is not our friend, we are their friend... huge difference. And our children are going to pay the price for this lopsided arrangement.

The Arabs don't want peace. The Jews--especially the American Jews--don't want peace. Both sides want to slug it out. I say let them, but no more outside "superpower" help to either side.

Survival of the fittest, all that sort of thing. The world would be much better off. They're all going to die sooner or later anyway, so they might as well die in a final battle to settle this endless mess.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Empowering The Enemy

We hear and read about how Israel's withdrawal from southern Lebanon is encouraging the Arabs to conduct more resistance and agression.

Talk about not seeing the forest for the trees.

The United States, with what is considered the most powerful military on earth, has been stopped cold in Iraq and is losing ground.

How's that for encouraging the Arabs?

Every Arab on earth knows that Israel would not last a month without the total support of the United States, so to see America foundering on the rocks of Arab resistance in Iraq is what is empowering those guys, not Israel's withdrawal.

If Ameirca bails, Israel disappears...plain and simple.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

$12,000 American Dollars, Imported From Asia

The Middle East dog-and-pony show just keeps getting more and more nuts.

While Israel and Bush continue with the "bomb them back to the stone age" approach to winning friends and influencing people in the Arab world, Hizbollah steps in and gives every Lebonese who lost their home/apartment/decorated cave/cardboard box under the overpass, twelve thousand American Dollars--cash, tax free, in the form of American one hundred dollar bills--which would be about a million dollars to each one of us.

Pop quiz:
-1) Who won the propaganda war?

-a) American backed Israel, who just about flattened all of Lebanon. using American provided bombs, rockets, artillery shells, tanks and money.
-b) Iran backed Hizbollah, who passed out individual fortunes to just about everybody with two hands out.
-c) Both, since it's the UN who will now keep the two seperated.
-d) Iraq, who figures that American troops will leave to go bomb Iran... real soon now.

-2) Where did all those millions of American hundred dollar bills come from?

-a) From Iran, who got them from us by selling us insanely overpriced oil.
-b) From North Korea, who has been counterfeiting hundred dollar bills for years.
-c) Both.
I can only suppose that the next step in this insane little war is for Israel--with America's blessings-- to finsh leveling Lebanon so nobody can ever again accuse them of backing down from a bunch of street thugs armed with oversized bottle rockets.

American bombs and rockets--deliverd by Israel--has turned huge amounts of Lebanon into piles of 911 style rubble, and yet it is American cash--delivered by Iran--that is is helping the Lebonese to rebuild.

Find something nuttier than that.

We're losing this one folks. Just as Lou Dobbs said last night, it's time we Americans started taking a real look at this government's foreign policy.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Where's The Connection?

I've been wondering...

Perhaps a few of you Christians can answer.

What do the events in todays's Middle East have to do with anything Jesus said?

No quotes from the old testament now, Jesus supposedly said his teachings replaced all that came before him.

And no arguments accepted from the Jews. They cannot speak for Christ, since they deny his Godly birthright, and have a religious structure that was totally constructed long before the coming of Jesus.

I'm asking because I am curious as to why Christians support a supposedly "select" group of people who have always turned their backs to the Christian Lord and Savior.

Do As I Say...

Senator Barack Obama, while at his 50th town meeting, droned on about gas-guzzlers, global warming and how people should buy and drive fuel-efficient vehicles.

He then left the meeting in his SUV, a vehicle he says that he "Personally favors".

What an ass.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Turning Blue

I've been anxiously holding my breath for news about all the bomb-making material and rock-hard evidence the Brits have found to support their actions a few days ago that caused so much widesperead disruption worldwide.

In the meantime, I've noticed that the muppets on TV news keep refering to the "alleged plot" to blow up aircraft, a wildly out-of-step cautious approach to their usual Chicken Little sky-is-falling delivery of news on terrorists.

Maybe they already know something we don't? That the whole thing was/is a giant screw-up?

Or maybe it's the governments new method--theirs and ours--to add more restrictions, more loss of personel freedoms,without the horrid dismal process of having to make new law... legally?

But don't me sway you... I haven't trusted the national news and their gods of government since I learned to read and listen.

My wife says I never listen anyway.

Friday, August 11, 2006

New Ideas Tossed Into The Fray

My good friend Richard over Dallas way has made a comment about "all this fighting over small pieces of land that everybody thinks they own, problem is, they do".

Scott Adams (The dilbert Blog) has opined that with this Hezbollah/Israel thing neither side can win, but neither side can afford to look like losers, so they both continue to kill innocent civilans, something they must assume is better than doing nothing. He refers to it as a strange little war that both sides know they can't win.

Then, of course, we have the usual collection of Armageddonites that want to bomb and kill everything.

Richard is right... "The Muslims trace their history back to Ishmael, and the Jews back to Isaac, ...both sons of Abraham. The Christians also trace their monotheism back to Abraham", so in a real sense, everybody involved has some sort of claim on a piece of the action.

Scott's tongue-in-cheek idea to have Hezbollah and Israel join forces and bomb the hell out of some poor putz of a third world county so they can both look tough (you have to go read it to understand it) is a fun read, but not entirely workable...

All these religionists and devotees and fanatics want their piece accessible without being molested or hassled, so let's create a brand-new world supported organization (not the UN) designed to takeover the whole place--toss out all the present squabblers and squatters--and turn it into a museum that everybody can visit. Only agnostics and athiests need apply (no Jews, no Muslims, no Christians), people who are immune to all the claims made by the various combatants, to be allowed to work there or be a part of the agency's controling body.

An added bonus is that the museum's archeological wing could then remove the clutter and debris of today's civilization and uncover--and preserve--all the still remaining undiscovered places and relics so coveted by the present antagonists.

Then anybody from anywhere could buy a ticket (sales to support the museum) and visit their favorite historic holy place from 8AM to Dusk... without getting shot at or bombed back to the stone age.

The whole point being that the world is tiring of the endless misery and discord being created in the Middle East. Something permanent needs to be done... soon.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

The Six Month Experiment Ends

I decided to have a go at it with this blog for six months, not for your benefit or education, but for mine.

It required paying far more attention to day-to-day politics, what the politicians did, how the public reacted, and, how the politicians responded to public scrutiny.

It has been quite an education. Watching Day-to-day politics is a continuous exercise in observing greedy and often treasonous people daily conduct greedy and often treasonous activities to the peril of a nation full of people who don't give a damn.

Most of the time the general public is not even aware of the events and actions that are harming them and continuously eroding away their way of life. They see a new building being built, a road being re-paved, or a bill passed to help the needy, and think all is well... things are fine. Well, maybe not perfect, but OK.

Most of the time, the general public is just not interested. Way too many are too self-absorbed in their own hedinistic pursuits of whatever pleasures them. Many more are convinced that some God or another will come make things all OK if they just go to a place of worship once in a while and mouth a few half-hearted prayers.

A few raise hell about whats going on. They talk, they write, they go on TV, they stir up the pot occasionally, whatever, but they don't DO anything... and they change very few--if any--minds. Like everything else, they are just another form of entertainment to most Americans.

It's obvious the federal government--and all governments--from city to state, do exactly as they please. They operate above any law. If something stirs up the public, government bureaucrats everywhere just hunker down until the storm blows over, as it always does, since the avegage American has the attention span of a two-year old.

The American federal government--for all intents and purposes--consists of a cadre of bought-out or greedy, self-serving traitors that are selling out America at furious pace for reasons we all suspect, but can't quite come to face. Why? Because we are not the type of people that would do such things, and find it difficult to acknowledge that those smooth-talking, fine-sounding, smiling, hand-shaking, baby-kissing, born-again sons-of-bitches can, and do... every day.

Those who would--if they could--destroy our Consitutionally based America, watch gleefully as today's federal government does the job for them... better and faster.

Americans sit on their asses, watch their TV's, and get angry--right on cue--over things that mean nothing, and change nothing. Americans tremble in their easy chairs, fearful and worried that they might be labeled as anti-this or anti-that should they actually stand up for themselves, their Consitutuion, their heritage, or even their way of life. Other nations and other peoples have no problem standing up and demanding for what they believe is theirs by right. Why not us?

We can blame the government.

We can blame the media.

We can blame the schools.

Problem is, most Americans won't blame the people most responsible... themeselves, since Americans have learned the fine but fatal art of dodging responsibility.

So, to today's average American, it's always--ALWAYS--somebody else's fault, somebody else's mistake, somebody else's stupidity.

And I'll bet that when the cows finally come home, the average Amercian won't have a clue as to what happened.