Saturday, August 19, 2006

$12,000 American Dollars, Imported From Asia

The Middle East dog-and-pony show just keeps getting more and more nuts.

While Israel and Bush continue with the "bomb them back to the stone age" approach to winning friends and influencing people in the Arab world, Hizbollah steps in and gives every Lebonese who lost their home/apartment/decorated cave/cardboard box under the overpass, twelve thousand American Dollars--cash, tax free, in the form of American one hundred dollar bills--which would be about a million dollars to each one of us.

Pop quiz:
-1) Who won the propaganda war?

-a) American backed Israel, who just about flattened all of Lebanon. using American provided bombs, rockets, artillery shells, tanks and money.
-b) Iran backed Hizbollah, who passed out individual fortunes to just about everybody with two hands out.
-c) Both, since it's the UN who will now keep the two seperated.
-d) Iraq, who figures that American troops will leave to go bomb Iran... real soon now.

-2) Where did all those millions of American hundred dollar bills come from?

-a) From Iran, who got them from us by selling us insanely overpriced oil.
-b) From North Korea, who has been counterfeiting hundred dollar bills for years.
-c) Both.
I can only suppose that the next step in this insane little war is for Israel--with America's blessings-- to finsh leveling Lebanon so nobody can ever again accuse them of backing down from a bunch of street thugs armed with oversized bottle rockets.

American bombs and rockets--deliverd by Israel--has turned huge amounts of Lebanon into piles of 911 style rubble, and yet it is American cash--delivered by Iran--that is is helping the Lebonese to rebuild.

Find something nuttier than that.

We're losing this one folks. Just as Lou Dobbs said last night, it's time we Americans started taking a real look at this government's foreign policy.

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