Tuesday, August 29, 2006

The Gathering Nuclear Storm

A commentary in the Washington Times today by Amaud De Borchgrave speaks of the "Gathering nuclear storm". He speaks in length about Iran's new heavy water reactor that bypasses the difficult enrichment process in creating plutonium while at the same time giving the west the Iranian version of "the bird".

He makes a point that Iran has years worth of oil reserves with which to produce electricity instead of nuclear power, while the Iranian president says these nuclear facilites are for desperately needed--and pollution free--electical power. De Borchgrave says that Iran is continuing to move ahead with it's nuclear programs because it is convinced that neither Russia nor China will support UN sanctions against them. Bush, with his huge ego, will not tolerate this slap in the face. This--in De Borchgrave's view--is the trip wire for a nuclear confrontation.

He reports that leading conservatives have claimed that World War III--the clash of civiliztions--has been underway since September 11, 2001. He also reports that some neocons say it started when the mullahs forced the Shah out of power in 1979.

He is wrong on both dates. The real "Clash of civilizations" started in 1948 when the United Nations--with United States support--created the modern State of Israel. The last chance we had to avoid the fast approaching worldwide disaster was when the UN voted on R181, the resolution creating Israel in the territory of Palestine (as defined by the League of Nations--which the United States was an active member--afterWW1). Since that very moment, the Arabs have been planning for their revenge.

What is happening now is a logical consequence of that 1948 resolution. What is about to happen is the price we are going to pay for this poorly thought out experiment in nation-building.

We allowed the Jews--based solely on their unique religious claims--to move in and displace hundreds of thousands of Arabs, to chase them at gunpoint out of their homes, off their property, and into permanent exile. The Arab world fully intends to rectify this affront to their people and their culture. Time or cost is not a concern to them, only the face-saving destruction of the Jewish state is all that matters.

Because of his beliefs and his personal commitments to the Jewish state, Bush will move against Iran, before--or with-- Israel. That we don't have the money or manpower to support the resultng conflict will not matter. His reasons and excuses will be the subject of discussion for generations of survivors to come.

The 900 pound bear in the living room is the real possibiilty that Russia, or China--or both-- will take sides in this thing... with the Arabs, since both those nations would love to see us humbled and subdued.

Bush has flatly stated that we will "never allow the wrong weapons to get into the hands of the wrong people". So there's the timetable, it will happen before Bush leaves office.

Our government should be preparing us all for the coming holocaust--particularly since they are going to start it--but since they aren't, you should be preparing yourselves.

Nobody is going to "win" this clash. Most probably the survivors will curse the likes of Bush and his ilk for the next ten thousand years.

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