Monday, August 28, 2006


The Democrats are becoming positively positive about taking over the House this coming election, and are greedily eyeballing control of the Senate, something considered as impossible just a few short months ago.

Bush, with his continued march into oblivion with his total lack of... well, everything, has given the Democrats just about every tool they will need to win the Congress. Bless his heart, the man obviously does care about the health of our two party system.

This, of course--means total stalemate-- with good old Clueless George wielding the veto stick.

This is such good news!

Anything that will slow down this federal beast and it's programs that are giving America away to the world is a step in the right direction. Then we need to elect another Republician president to replace the one we are now suffering through to keep the stalemate alive and well.

We had a Chief Petty Officer in our division that--when he recieved his orders for trasfer--we all decided to a toss a world-class departure party for him in Yokosuka, Japan.

We did, and it was quite a party, but the Chief wasn't present. His transfer had been weeks before. We were celebrating his departure--not him or his leadership--because, you see, he was a world-class son-of-a-bitch.

Things like that really do happen... often.

I'm hoping that Bush's "he's gone" party is world-class also, or at least a good as the one that the--still remembered--Chief instigated.

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