Thursday, August 24, 2006

Future Generations...Oh Goody

Syrian President Bashar Assad reportedy said last week that "future generations of Arabs will find a way to defeat Israel".

That's probably true, even if it was reported by WND's Jerusalem Bureau, not exactly a piller of unbiased information.

The Arabs have been broadcasting their intentions to obliterate Israel for years now, actually since 1948, when the Jews took over Palestine by force of arms, so they might actually mean it. Since they fully realize that Israel's continued existance depends on being propped up by the American federal government, it also means that Arabs just might use atomics on American cities to convince Americans to get out and stay out. With our totally open borders, I am mostly convinced that the atomics for the deed are already in America, waiting.

I am totally convinced that the Muslims, perhaps in our near future, are going to use atomics against Israel. Where or how they acquire them is not the issue, since they most probably already have them. They certainly have had the money to buy them at any time in recent years. Three or four devices will end the Jewish State, totally and completely for the next thousand years. Israel-- with it's last gasp-- will use it's moderate stockpile of atomics against all it's neighbors. The consequences are dire indeed.

Which is why I believe the United States absolutely needs to disconnect itself from this miserable debacle being played out in the Middle East and start the process of mending fences with those billion and a half Muslims. Far better for us and our children if we can cultivate a neutral stance with the Arabs than one of eternal enemy.

The American federal government has no business supporting any kind of religion, anywhere. The American government's attitude and policies should be one of total neutrality toward the combatants in conflicts generated by opposing religious beliefs.

One might reasonably conclude that the Arab terrorist threat facing America today will eventually fade away on its own, if we quit helping to kill hundreds of thousands of their family members. You know... Moms, Dads, sons, daughters, husbands, wives, next door neighbors... those sort of people.

If you want to sell your house and send all the money to support Israel or Iran--go for it-- but don't even think of asking for any of my tax dollars .

If you want to go to the Middle East and die for the glory of Israel or Iran--be my guest-- but if you want to drag American youngsters along with you to bleed and die in those most certainly damned few square miles of sand and rock... no way.

I prefer that America, it's federal government, and Amercan citizens in general keep their noses out of such squabbles. The price we are paying for being an invloved busybody is awesome, and it's not yet paid.

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