Friday, August 11, 2006

New Ideas Tossed Into The Fray

My good friend Richard over Dallas way has made a comment about "all this fighting over small pieces of land that everybody thinks they own, problem is, they do".

Scott Adams (The dilbert Blog) has opined that with this Hezbollah/Israel thing neither side can win, but neither side can afford to look like losers, so they both continue to kill innocent civilans, something they must assume is better than doing nothing. He refers to it as a strange little war that both sides know they can't win.

Then, of course, we have the usual collection of Armageddonites that want to bomb and kill everything.

Richard is right... "The Muslims trace their history back to Ishmael, and the Jews back to Isaac, ...both sons of Abraham. The Christians also trace their monotheism back to Abraham", so in a real sense, everybody involved has some sort of claim on a piece of the action.

Scott's tongue-in-cheek idea to have Hezbollah and Israel join forces and bomb the hell out of some poor putz of a third world county so they can both look tough (you have to go read it to understand it) is a fun read, but not entirely workable...

All these religionists and devotees and fanatics want their piece accessible without being molested or hassled, so let's create a brand-new world supported organization (not the UN) designed to takeover the whole place--toss out all the present squabblers and squatters--and turn it into a museum that everybody can visit. Only agnostics and athiests need apply (no Jews, no Muslims, no Christians), people who are immune to all the claims made by the various combatants, to be allowed to work there or be a part of the agency's controling body.

An added bonus is that the museum's archeological wing could then remove the clutter and debris of today's civilization and uncover--and preserve--all the still remaining undiscovered places and relics so coveted by the present antagonists.

Then anybody from anywhere could buy a ticket (sales to support the museum) and visit their favorite historic holy place from 8AM to Dusk... without getting shot at or bombed back to the stone age.

The whole point being that the world is tiring of the endless misery and discord being created in the Middle East. Something permanent needs to be done... soon.

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