Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Where's The Truth?

Some disturbing news, loaded with conflict:
MOSCOW – Russia's space chief said Wednesday his agency will consider sending a spacecraft to a large asteroid to knock it off its path and prevent a possible collision with Earth.

Anatoly Perminov said the space agency will hold a meeting soon to assess a mission to Apophis, telling Golos Rossii radio that it would invite NASA, the European Space Agency, the Chinese space agency and others to join the project once it is finalized.

When the 270-meter (885-foot) asteroid was first discovered in 2004, astronomers estimated the chances of it smashing into Earth in its first flyby in 2029 were as high as 1-in-37.
Let's see here...

The Russians want NASA, the European Space Agency, the Chinese Space Agency (and others) to join in a effort to push aside this asteroid called Apophis, about three football fields across, although the latest estimates of impact have changed from 1 in 37, to 1 in 330,000.

So what's the big deal? We read comments like "consider sending", "hold a meeting" and "assess a mission", all statements that sound plainly ho-hum.

Then we read "join the project once it is finalized". That's a bit more cast-in-stone than you would expect for a few meetings about an impact with a 1 in 330,000 chance of happening.

What do the Russians know that we are not being told? Or has our federal government decided(again) that we dunderheads just can't handle the truth?

The massive cost and world-wide effort it will take to reach this rock and change its course will make Obama's budget look puny.

Regardless of the all-new publicized estimate of 1 in 330,000, the effort underway to push this thing off it's present course tells me that the odds are really more like 1 to 1.

Yes, yes, the above picture is of a much, much larger meteorite than the one being talked aobut, but it's still a neat picture.

Monday, December 28, 2009

McNugget Attack

From Joe Kovaks "Funniest News Stories of 2009"

Latreasa Goodman: I deserve a break today

The feathers flew in Florida in February when a Fort Pierce woman phoned the fuzz because McDonald's ran out of Chicken McNuggets.

"This is an emergency. If I would have known they didn't have McNuggets, I wouldn't have given my money, and now she wants to give me a McDouble, but I don't want one," Latreasa Goodman reportedly told police.

Goodman actually called the cops three times over the flap, and eventually was charged for misuse of the 9-1-1 system. As expected, some poignant comments from the reading public:

"Talk about a case of dumb and more dumb. They should have arrested the clerk as well for suspicion of stupid."

"And when I think I have heard the story of the stupidest person in the world, someone comes up with another one. Question..... can one get welfare for no common sense? I sure hope we taxpayers don't have to pay to keep this idiot in McNuggets."

"What does she expect? Did Obama say he was going to put McNuggets in every pot?"

I report... You decide.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Mall Casinos

You had to know this was coming:
Plans to put a slots casino at a Maryland outlet mall moved far closer to reality Monday night when the Anne Arundel County Council approved zoning for the 4,750-machine facility, breaking a stalemate that threatened to sink the project.
Well howdy... Let's trot down to the mall and play a few slots.

But before you do, learn a bit about slot machines.

First, they have computers in them as advanced as the one you're using now.

Second, how they pay, and when they pay, are strictly controlled by the State and casino master computer.

All casinos, except for Indian casinos, are strictly controlled by the state the casino is in. In Atlantic city, those casinos must pay back 85% of what they rake in. In Colorado, casinos must pay back 80% of what they take in, and in Las Vegas, a dismal 75%. Indian casinos can - if they choose- pay back 0%, since they do not have to comply(really) with state regulations.

A slot machine has two ROM chips supplied by the state. One guarantees that the machine pays off a least one true jackpot in its estimated three-year life. Once a slot pays that jackpot, forget ever getting another one on that machine.

The other chip monitors the machine for its required pay-back percentage. If either one of these chips, or the computer they are in, are messed with, the casino looses its license immediately.

How much does the house decide to pay back? That's determined by the point players start leaving the casino in droves. At around a 93 to 93.5 percent payback, customers will stick around. Less than that and the casino empties rapidly, because the machines start playing "cold".

Yes, a slot player can sense when a machine goes "cold". When a player hits a BIG jackpot in a casino, the house computer - which is monitoring every slot and its performance - Resets payback for all slots to the minimum the state allows, 75% in Las Vegas, 80% in Colorado, 85% in New Jersey. They stay there until the house recovers it's losses. At those percentages, the slots are ice cold, except for the few in high traffic areas the house has set at say, 103% payback, to excite potential players walking by.

You can tell when a big jackpot has been hit... Your machine turns into a nice place to keep beer chilly, and the seasoned players head for the door.

Can you beat them at their own game? Of course. but you gotta understand how the house manipulates the machines, learn when to play, when not to play. for example, never play during dinnertime... ever.

The year the above photo was taken, I won over $18,000 on the slots. I put a bit over $7,000 into them and paid about $4,500 in taxes on the winnings.

$6,500 profit for the year... on slots! But you gotta know the house, the machines they use, and what percentages of profit they are happy with.

Whatever people may tell you, slots DO have hot streaks and cold streaks. And yes, you can have a jackpot follow a jackpot. The randomizer circuits in the machine guarantee that. And rest assured that no casino will ever mess with a slot machine computer. They have no desire to lose their license.

Except maybe for Indian casinos.

Required Reading

You absolutely MUST go read this:

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Oh, Obama

Sung to the tune of "Oh Suzanna":

Oh I went to Copenhagen
For the climate jamboree
To find out what to do before
We sink into the sea

It snowed all night
The day I left,
The sun was in the sky
Sun so hot,
I froze to death.
Obama don't you cry.

Oh Obama
Oh don't you cry for me
For I froze my big fat a-- off
At the climate jamboree.

I heard a speech the other night
Al Gore preached to the room
He said there's little time to waste
Before the coming doom

He said the atmosphere was hot
I think I've heard enough
If that is really true said I
What's all this frozen stuff?

Oh Obama
Oh don't you cry for me
For I froze my big fat a-- off
At the climate jamboree.

Joachim Bromet

Thanks to WND

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A Sad Truth

Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez accused Barack Obama of being "imperial, arrogant" and dishonest during last week's global climate conference.

Said Rodriguez:
He lies all the time, deceives with demagogic words, with profound cynicism. In this summit there was only an imperial, arrogant Obama who doesn't listen, who imposes positions that even threaten developing countries.
Now before you lite off with remarks about how it's a just a other Cuban blowhard, stop and reflect on how Obama has indeed lied to us all repeatedly... On incredibly important subjects:

He promised a "transparent" Government. However, this health care bill was created by the White House and Senate leaders behind closed and locked doors.

Obama demanded - and got - passage of the stimulus bill without allowing any examination of the bill by anybody.

He promised that before he signed any bill into law, he would have it posted on the Internet for five days.

He promised that his health care bill would not raise taxes a single penny. What the joke. The bill - in its present form - contains over a half-trillion in new taxes to support it.

He promised that his health care bill would not raise the cost of health care to anybody. However, his bill requires the increase of co-pays, deductions,and premiums.

Those are just a few of his more obvious lies. How about his promises on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan? All broken, all lies.

The sad, sad truth is that the Cuban is right. The President of the United States is a bald-faced liar, lies publicly and repeatedly, and makes no effort to hide it.

If the Cubans can see this, it's obvious the rest of the world knows and understands this also, which means that - as long as this liar remains in office - no country on earth will negotiate a single thing with us in good faith, because they do not believe this president.

What a dismal state of affairs America faces today, being lead down a path of disaster by an arrogant, imperialistic lair that has surrounded himself with Progressives, Socialists, Marxists and Communists.

We all are in for a horrid next few years, starting with the soon-to-arrive depression and financial collapse that has been knocking at our door for months, a new and far worse housing collapse, the destruction of the dollar along with massive inflation.

But, no doubt you will dodge the bullet, right? Somehow or another you will not be affected.

So go watch Avatar, a story about pagan, animalist natives who are clearly shown to be the "good guys", communing with Mother Nature, or "Eywa," as they call her, by literally weaving their hair in with trees, animals and other "energy" sources, beings who fly around on birds and jump around on tree branches, and are invaded by us polluting and evil humans searching for minerals.

Watch how yet another human in a position of power and influence(and prodded by sexual arousal), turns traitor.

It may help you to understand our federal government a bit better.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Mostly Speechless

As I watch the outright lawlessness being perpetrated by Senate Majority leader Reid and the Democrats, I find it hard to express myself without a lot of name-calling and cursing.

But I'll try.

Let's sort this out a bit:

The Louisiana Senator sold her vote for $300,000,000.00, to be paid by the taxpayers of the other 49 states.

The Nebraska Senator sold his vote for a sweetheart deal where his state will never again have to pay a penny for their due share of the Medicaid expenses. Those expenses will now be paid for by the taxpayers of the other 49 states... forever.

They even threatened the wife of a sitting Senator to get his vote.

Our Constitution states that taxation will be shared equally and equitably amongst all the States. Reid and the Democrats have violated this law by giving Nebraska a one-of-a-kind forever exemption from taxes they legally owe.

There are Representatives and there are Senators. Representatives are expected to represent the selfish interests of their particular State.

But the Senators are supposed to represent the nation as a whole. The Senators from Nebraska and Louisiana are not doing that. They are selling their votes for unique benefits provided to their States only. They should not be Senators. They are betraying their duty to the nation as a whole. At best, they should be Representatives. In reality, they should be prison inmates, since they have accepted bribes for their votes.

And Senate Majority leader Harry Reid should be in prison with them, since he's the one that allowed and supported those bribes.

And now, to top it all off, Reid is demanding a final vote on this 2,000+ page health care bill nobody has read or understands at 1am Christmas Eve. The dead of night. Another example of that Chicago clowns "transparent" government.

Only crooks, thieves and evildoers are generally found afoot in the dead of night. This will not be an exception.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

EPA: Co2 A Dangerous Pollutant

Co2... A Dangerous Pollutant.

Let's see here... Humans exhale Co2. Things like trees worldwide need Co2 to grow. As they do, they release oxygen, the stuff humans breathe. No Co2, no trees, no worldwide source of renewable oxygen for us humans to survive on.

Take a look at the photo below, it's the new EPA boss, Lisa Jackson.

She's a shiny new government official that has decided Co2 is dangerous to living things. She's most likely a college graduate and no doubt learned many valuable things in college: Self-esteem, elitism, socialism, feminism.

But one thing she obviously missed... How living things actually work together on this planet.

Good grief, just how stupid can you be and still be able to work for the federal government?

Research the woman in the photo above for a unsettling answer.

Reset All The Clocks... AGAIN

I was just sitting here, happily reading various news websites, drinking my cup of instantly brewed "Newman's Own" Special Blend Fair Trade Certified Organic coffee made in my fabulous Keurig coffee maker, when our electricity went off AGAIN.

Although we have an uninterpretable back-up power supply for our computers and network stuff, it only works about half the time, so everything - AGAIN - shut down.

We must have one of the crummiest power suppliers in modern history. Power glitches - where the lights just flash off for a second - occur daily, often three or four times a day, and ones like the one that just happened - that knock everything back into the dark ages - occur at least weekly.

We have several power "companies" vying for our electrical dollars. They may offer cheaper rates, or discounts for contractual commitments, you name it. But none of them offer more reliable service, since they all must use the same power lines, the same transformers, the same meters, the same power sources, the same everything.

The only difference between them is the Post Office box where you send your money each month.

None of them take responsibility for these endless outages. "We just lease the lines"... blah, blah, blah.

I kept a log for three months, recording the date and time of day each failure occurred. There were over a hundred failures during that time period, but the disinterested, gum-smacking office professionals at the customer service center didn't give a damn... None of their practiced responses included how to respond to a written log full of failed service.

I envision some flea-bitten illiterate illegal somewhere in some building deciding to switch generators while they are still out of sync, or some other such idiocy, for which my electronic equipment pays the price.

There are times - and this is one of them - when I would just like to take these idiots out and drown them in their own spittle.