Sunday, December 31, 2006

An All New Modern Exodus

From the Associated Press:

Seven states -- Arizona, California, Delaware, Massachusetts, New York, North Carolina and Pennsylvania -- are raising their minimum wage. The federal minimum is $5.15 an hour. The new state minimum wages go as high as $7.50 an hour. "We've made Massachusetts the best state to live in for struggling working families," said Carl Nilsson, an activist for the poor, citing the higher minimum wage and an earlier state law that requires health care insurance for all.
It's hard to imagine a dumber bunch than the polititians in the seven states that passed those new higher wage laws, or the world-class idiots in Massachusetts that passed that incredibly naive "free health insurance for all" package.... if you exclude the fools in Washington, of course.

Two things will happen:

-1) What businesses that are able will leave these seven states on the next bus for states that did not raise their minimum wage, and

-2) Many illegals, typically unable to read, speak or understand English, will flock to the magnificent seven to take all the predicted higher paid jobs that even now are in the process of evaporating--will not find work--but will find their way onto state welfare programs (already run by sympathetic minorities), or increase the crime rate in the areas they infest. In PollyAnna's home state, Massachusetts, many will will stay for the free medical handouts.

Anyone with half a brain will understand that these perks have to be instituted by all the states at the same time, or there will indeed be a huge exodus of businesses and their minimum wage jobs to greener(and cheaper) pastures, eventually dragging their faithful flocks of cheap laborers along with them, a losing proposition all the way around.

The states that raised their minimum wage will lose jobs and tax revenue, and the states where the job makers end up will suffer a influx of non-english-speaking illegals, huge increases in the costs of welfare and medical services, along with a general reduction in the standard of living in those areas that suffer a brown tsunami.

This guy Carl Nilsson, "activist for the poor", is the type of idiot that can bring down a state government in bankruptsy if allowed to run rampant amongst the natives.

Massachusetts is going to be the poster child for stupid ideas with that free medical stuff. Those six other states will be close behind.

But hey! When you think about it... Maybe the leaders those seven states aren't so stupid after all. A really good way to rid themselves of these disease-ridden, law-breaking, anti-American illegals in their midst is to do exactly what they just did... eliminate the jobs by forcing the job makers out.

But I give them too much credit. Getting a handle on their illegal problem will just be one of those "unanticipated consequences".

Saturday, December 30, 2006

Texas Weather And the Trembling Bushes

We had ourselves a genuine, frog-croakin', gully-washin' rainstorm yesterday, complete with sheets of rain, lightning flashes all across the sky, and thunderous rumbling almost beyond description.

Mother nature at her best, it was. Wife and I wandered in and out of the front porch (which is roofed) and watched the show, munching away on some Lay's Original Potato Chips and sipping on those little half-size cans of root beer.

A lightning bolt hit a transformer a bit down the road at around 3:15PM, and we were out electrical power until about 7PM. But no matter, we just sat and watched the show.

When the power can back on, I turned on the news only to find out that our brave and courageous President Bush had grabbed his wife and two dogs, jumped into an government provided armored vehicle which was then driven to and parked inside a bomb (or some such) shelter built especially for dear George somewhere on his property, until the rain quit.

How silly. Didn't he realize that he, his wife and his two widdle doggies could be snatched up by a tornado and end up in the Land of Oz? Just like Dorothy and Toto?

Imagine.... he could then do just like the scarecrow did, and go ask the wizard for a brain.

Friday, December 29, 2006

The Last Days Of Saddam

Saddam has just been turned over to the Iraqi government for his upcoming execution. It may happen as early as midnight tonight, or tomorrow(Saturday), or it may be delayed until after this Muslim holy period which has just begun.

The manicured mannequins and their eunuchs who bring us our national news seem to believe this execution will have no consequences, that it will only close the chapter on this particular period in history, that nothing bad will occur as a result of it.

Either they are simpletons or I am. I have this feeling that the killing of Saddam is going to have enormous consequences.

Millions of Muslims truly believe that we are the enemy, the Great Satan, the destroyer of their nations and cultures. They consider todays' Iraqi government as nothing more than a puppet regime set up and controlled by the United States--which it is--and when this little gaggle of Bushkins execute Saddam, we here in America will be blamed, and sooner or later, they will respond in kind, against us, our people, our cities.

A dismal thought is that "Remember Saddam" or some such incitement may become in the Arab world as popular as "Remember The Alamo" was in the United States.

Or maybe the Iraqis will sneak him away... execute one of this body doubles, and then tell everybody he died.

It ain't over till it's over.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Memory Lane

I just re-visited a very early post by Fred Reed entitled "A Codpiece for Clinton". I was struck by the idea that one could change "Bush" for "Clinton" and "Iraq" for Kosovo", and the piece would become accurate and up-to-date.

While bush is into fighting horridly expensive and deadly wars to prove his macho maleness, Clinton only bombed a few targets and then got the hell out, his macho-dudeliness apparantly satisfied.

Maybe it was because Clinton was also into diddling fat chicks in the Oval Office that his maleness required so much less war and death.

Perhaps the answer to the mess in Iraq is just another fat chick, but maybe a Mexican Senorita this time. Ole!

Another Bad Idea

I visit several blogs daily, generally not to get more informed, but to be entertained. One I do recommend is called "Vox Popoli", posted by a very astute and intelligent individual. Vox Day (nom de plume), has posted many excellent articles on everything from politics to feminism with his own particular touch of satire and sarcasm, both quite welcome in today's feminized PC enviornment. It's a blog where you get informed while being entertained, quite rare, since most blogs are nothing more than ego filled rants like this one.

Problem for me is that it's--in essense--a "born-again" Christian type of blog that has snookered me into commenting on religion in general, something I usually never do. When you ask those folks why they believe in an all-powerful but invisible and entirely absent entity (often angry and jealous, prone to mayhem and destruction of us and our entire enviornment), the response is always quotes and more quotes from the Bible, or the Torah, or the Koran, but never an answer, other than some vague mention of "faith" or just "because". Mentioning that the bible (and all other religious tomes) were written by men, you are informed that those writers were "inspiried" by God, as if that's supposed to end the debate. And who told them that? More men, each and every one with agendas and all with a large bag full of "issues".

Vox's most interesting intellectual gyrations are his efforts to use logic as a tool to support his religious views. Without a doubt, logic and religion are mutually exclusive, but he gets an A+ for trying. After all, any born-again Christian is nothing if not a salesman.

So, the bad idea is discussing religion at all on any blog, including this one. I can't imagine another entry here on the subject... it's back to politics and the scummy weasels we can find in all levels of our "democracy".

Or not...

I just may drop politics entirely and just make comments on the human condition. that's a field full of juicy targets, or--as Vox says--a "target rich enviornment".

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Go donkeys!

It is somehow amusing to see the Democrats so rapidly revert into the same old mold so quickly after the elections.

The dust hasn't even settled and the newly empowered donkey boys and girls are going right back to the same-old same-old, and the sonzabitches aren't even in office yet!

Election promises, all forgotten.

The fence will not be funded . Wetbacks are to get a fast-track to citizenship, even if they don't want it for anything but a job.

The war will remain Bush's private property with no oversight by congress.

American jobs and opportunites will continue to be sold overseas

The Treasury will continue to print Federal Resevre notes ( but no real money) 24/7, or until the printing presses meltdown.

Pelosi refuses to seat a Republician winner, based on a 1984 Democrat-controlled House stunt on the same nature.

"Nothing is off the table" says the all new and improved house leader.


Everything we were promised is off the table... trashed, gone, history.

I did say "somehow amusing" because this sort of conduct from that Washington pack of weasels is no longer alarming.

It was "alarming" when we could still do something about it, but now it's way to late. Even the idea of dragging them out into the street and hanging them all from the nearest lamposts--although a satisfying gesture--would no longer help.

I imagine one of the last things the forward lookout on the Titanic said was "I told you so".

Didn't help nary a soul, nor the ship either.

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Oh Yeah, That's Just Great

I just watched a couple of Asain chicks on CNN tell us that 1,800 people someplace in Europe won an estimated 2.2 billion dollars in a lottery, and would be getting around 400,000 bucks each.

Multiplty 1,800 times 400, 000 and see how close the answer is to 2.2 Billion. Somebody is keeping a huge chunk of that 2.2 Billion for themselves.

These Asian talking heads then went on to tell us that big shots at Goldman Sachs were getting Christmas (they didn't say Christmas, of course) bonuses of 10, 20, 50 and even 100 MILLION dollars for a years work of robbing and fleecing ordinary Americans.

Imagine how many shirts and dresses you have to sell to get enough profit for just one of those bonuses.

Imagine how stupid we are to keep buying from these thieving sons-of-bitches and lining their greedy little pockets year after year after year.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Morons Leading The Blind?

A federal raid has resulted in the arrest of over 1,200 Mexican illegals in six states working in meat packing plants. The illegals had stolen identies and social security numbers of tax-paying Americans.
Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff said Wednesday the investigation uncovered a "disturbing front" in the war against illegal immigration, in which illegal immigrants are using the identities of U.S. citizens to obtain jobs.
The head of America's Homeland Security has just now uncovered this? Good grief, how isolated are these buffoons in Washington?

To add insult to insult, Swift Meat Packing company spokes"persons" acted surprised to learn they had been employing illegals. Give me a freaking break.

If these stories are true, then both Homeland Security and the Swift Meat Packing Company are headed by witless morons in charge of a bunch of fools blind to reality... or sell-out traitors.

Oh, I forgot... Chertoff is a Bush man.

And Swift is in it strictly for the money.

"I Reject Those Ideas"

El Presidente Bush just made the statement "I reject those ideas" on TV about the ideas recently presented to him on the issue of Iraq. In other words, he will continue to "stay the course", and kill off many more of our sons and daughters in this insane Iraqi civil war brought about by his misadventures as the big bad Commander-in-Chief.

The little leader of the three monkeys republicians actually called this war in Iraq a "fight", and added that he will not be pressured into making a decision.

Perhaps he meant "good decision", since just about every decision this pious spokesman of the tree-swingers has made has been a bad one.

He went on to say that we are making progress in Iraq, that just last week, we killed over 5,000 terrorists who wanted to harm America.

For those of you who have reading comprehension challenges , that's actually over 5,000 Muslim husbands, fathers and sons killed by America last week. That's over 5,000 Muslim familes who now hate us, and will so so for generations.

Well, three cheers--for all you three monkey idolators--and your defiant little leader on his "progress".

Don't get me wrong, I don't give a damn what happens to the Muslims and Jews over in the Middle East. They have willingly created this mess throughout the passing centuries and are most welcome to it. I just don't believe America has any business poking it's nose into any of it. There is no positive outcome for us in this thing, only bad and worse.

Time to pull the plug on our little saber-rattling general and send him back to watching his Mexican hired hands punch his cows.

May we all live through it, and may America survive these dark days created by the unwise actions of a foolish man.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Futile Is As Futile Does

fut-tile\ fyut-l\ 1: serving no useful purpose 2: occupied with trifles. FUTILE may cannote completeless of failure or unwisdom of undertaking; usually implies simple failure to achieve a desired result.


That's what griping about Bush and company, or politicians and politics in general is... futile.

Today's politicians don't listen to and don't give a damn about the ordinary man or woman. They do not get into politics to serve the greater good. They are where they are for the power and the glory. They are where they are to feed egos of unimaginable size. They are where they are to get rich and stay independently wealthy from now on--forever--until the end of time, but not the second coming... they don't believe any of that. They say they do, but they lie.

They have gotten where they are by lying to, cheating on, stealing from, and doublecrossing everybody and everything. Some have even killed to get or stay where they are. A select few have left a trail of corpses behind them.

Behind our backs, on our backs, over our backs, whatever it takes to get what they want, and to get it they will smile, they will promise, they may actually act concerned, even kiss babies, but it's all lies.

Once we vote them in, they vote us all off the island. Come election time again, out come the smiles, the promises, the lies, all designed to make us believe that democracy really works.

Over and over. We all vote over and over, somehow expecting a different result, but getting the same thing, over and over.

Isn't that the explanation of insanity?

I read hundreds of entrys on blogs and websites raising hell about the doublecrossing scumbags in Washington, but none of it makes a real dent. Not a scratch. Not a ripple.

Yes, Yes, a few get all bug-eyed and angry over whatever it is that has been exposed, go on national TV and threaten all manner of nasty something-or-other on the evildoers, but it's all an act, just part of the job. As soon as the spotlight goes elsewhere, it's back to the usual skullduggery.

Pointing any of it out, raising hell about some real scummy stunt may feel good at the time, but it's just a waste of time... it's futile.

Bombs? What Bombs?

One of Israel's jabberwockies let slip that Isreal is a nuclear power. Well, surprise, surprise. That has been pretty well established since the time the Jews raided an American military convey transporting some of our weapons-grade nuclear material and made off with a few hundred pounds of the stuff. That was years and years ago, supposedly all forgotten.

However, the Israeli government has decided to continue denying any nuclear capability.

In other words, they have decided to continue with something they are very good at, puttng on their little beanies, looking us all in the eye, and lying through their teeth.

What the hell, it's worked in the past. Why not now?

Who Owns What?

Russian Premier Putin has notified the world that foreign ownership of the world's largest liquified gas project is to be no more by forcing Shell to turn over it's controlling stake in the venture, and has raised fears that foreign ownership of the nation's resources is a thing of the past.

Russia has decided to use it's national resources as a political weapon...imagine that!

Shell is--of course--Royal Dutch Shell, who, in partnership with the Japanese has been working the project. At the same time, British Petroleum (BP) is being threatened over environmental violations in a BP controlled Siberian field, in what is considered by the Brits as a Russian move to gain control of that Russian natural resource. And who owns British Petroleum? You get one guess.

The stock market crowd is reaching panic levels in their fears that these huge and long-term international resource raids may be coming to an end as nations tell them to take their bags of money and stuff them up where the sun never shines.

In other words, Russia is doing to the Dutch exactly what happened to America, when two-bit countries like Iran, Mexico and Venezula "nationalized" American industries, which are and were--you guessed it--owned by foreigners like the Dutch. The only difference is that the American federal government, full of greedy and traitorous bastards, let it happen, while Russia is backing up it's rights of ownership with their nuclear arsenal.

Stand by while the Hague (which has no army, just reams and reams of paper) screams loudly about violating international law, to which the Russsians will just laugh and walk off, telling them to take their international law and stuff it where the sun never shines.

Any nation that has the power to nationalize any industry it feels like--throwing out the money lenders in the process--is an great example for us to do the same thing. At the very least, we Americans should own and control our own national resources. Places like Holland, Sweden, Norway, Israel and others have made enough money off of us, let's turn off the money spigot.

Having the Hundreds of billions of dollars in profits from our resouces and our large corporations go to places like Holland so they can build insanely huge and expensive dikes to keep the ocean out of their farmlands (a losing proposition if their ever was one) needs to stop.

It's our turn now. As an example, just look at the condition of our interstate highway system, while foreign interests are allowed (by Washington sell-outs) to build more and more TOLL roads in America.

I would have no qualms at all over rounding up these foreign thieves, confiscating their business interests in all things American, and then hanging the whole damned lot. It would be a great thing to do for the world in general, to eliminate a few generations of these despicable money handlers.

And while we're at it, let's not forget their number one supporter... that sell-out fool in Washington.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Here Kitty, Kitty...

CORAL GABLES, Fla. - A four-year-old girl was mauled at a children's birthday party by a cougar that had been brought in by a wild-animal business to entertain the children, authorities said.

The girl was attacked at the home of Goya Foods president Francisco Unanue during a party for his seven-year-old child.
Where to start on this one?

Maybe having lots of money really does make you stupid, like feeling you're above the normal scheme of things, and that bad things just won't happen to you and yours, or that wild animals are really and truly soft and cuddly as depicted by Disney and crowd.

Wouldn't allowing a leashed cougar in amongst small children be considered as child endangerment?

We don't eat any of Goya's stuff anyway, and this sure won't help us start.

And The Beat goes On

Now that the election is over and American voters have made their voices heard, what is Congress doing to acknowledge they have received the message?

The incoming new House speaker, Nancy Drew-girl wonder, has announced she will not support any bill that would punish or censure the president for his deliberate misleading of America about Iraq, but she intends to smile a lot.

The House Ethics committee has announced that no one will be punished for the Foley Page debacle, only that some members acted "inappropiately" by not telling what they knew of Foley's homosexual advances towards the youngsters in the Page program, and just might get their hands slapped (gently) if we scream loud enough.

Bush has notified us he intends to ignore the key recommendations from the Iraq study group report, that he is "distancing" himself from the real solid suggestions that disagree with his personal ideas and attitudes about Iraq, and that we'll just get more of the same clueless course charting.

The Republician controled Congress is trying to pass the largest budget-busting, pork filled abortion of a bill in history, maybe just to get even with the taxpayers for voting their despicable butts out of power.

Yep, they got a message all right. Not the one we sent, but one that tells them we just don't matter.

Go stock up before the sporting goods stores get closed forever.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Waco, Again

I just watched yet another documentary on the Branch Davidian slaughter in Waco, Texas, that occured back in the ninties.

Finalized analysis of the FLIR (Forward Looking Infared Radar) tapes conclusively demonstrated that there were at least two armed agents on the ground behind the kitchen area (where no TV cameras could see), firing automatic weapons into the Davidian compound when the fire started. They were clearly firing into the section of the building that the Davidian women and children--who had been seeking shelter in the concrete kitchen pantry--would have tried to use to escape the fire. You could actually see them backing away from the increasing heat of the growing inferno, shooting all the while.

To see such a thing on TV... government agents, shooting down American citizens attempting to escape an inferno is almost beyond imagination. To hear a high-ranking Washington FBI offical claim that those agents were only "doing their jobs" is sickening. To hear that same official claim that the government never fired a single shot during the entire Waco siege, in face of all the evidence to the contrary, is astounding. I do recall a Texas Ranger testifying that he had personally recovered around forty spent shell casings fired by the infamous Ruby Ridge sniper Ron Horichi from a specially construted "sniper station" during the final moments of the Davidian siege.

To realize that the federal governmnent confiscated all the evidence and has never allowed open examination of any of it is condemning of and by itself. To understand that the entire site at Waco was bulldozed over after only one week reeks of the rot and stench of coverup oozing from the highest halls of the federal entity.

I won't go into the details offered in the documentary, suffice to say there was more than enough to convince me that agents of the United States Federal Government executed those people in what could only be described as a revenge killing for the death of those first black-clad and ski-masked agents during the intial ATF assault on the Davidian compound, and then helped to cover over and bury any incriminating evidence with the help of the entire federal machine.

Who were those agents shooting down Davidians in the final moments? Who were the drivers of those tanks, and who were the people inside those same tanks, also firing automatic weapons, so clearly seen on the FLIR tapes? They are immoral, amoral and evil beasts that kill in the name of "duty". They are the type of people we need to hunt down, to weed out, to eliminate from amongst us all.

We know who is lying for them, who is betraying their trust to protect the guilty, we see them on TV doing exactly that. We could start there.

Keep in mind that the federal government eventually paid Randy Weaver milllions in compensation for his wife's murder at Ruby Ridge by FBI sniper Ron Horichi, one of those very types I mention above. Horichi has never been tried in court for this murder, he was spirited away by his government pals when a federal warrant was finally issued for his arrest.

The last few words from the commentator in the documentary is quite chilling:

This documentary does not change any official explanations or conclusions about Waco. What it does do however, is demonstrate the type of people who are running our government.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

One New Shopping Catalog

My wife and I have been getting all manner of brochures, magazines, catalogs and flyers for just about anything one may want to buy for the upcoming gift-givaway gala.

There a catalogs for almost anything you can imagine.... cars, tools, jewelry, food, candy, toys, clothes, electronics... the list is endless.

So, why not a catalog for presidential contenders? A catalog at least as nice and colorful as the Hickory Farms catalog everybody gets. List every candidate, every potential candidate, provide photographs, descriptions, histories, how and what they do versus what they claim, and most importantly, what they will cost us in the long run.

I can just see the upcoming elections catalog. Clinton, McCain, Juliani, Obama,the whole rogues gallery of losers being paraded out for us to select from.

If I got a catalog like that in the mail, I'd put it in an outhouse for toilet paper, and would enjoy it everytime I used it.

Good Idea

Devout muslims want prayer rooms set aside for them in our airports. That's a great idea! The rooms can be rigged up with bomb sniffing equipment, chemical detectors and x-ray machines to check them out while they pray for their virgins in heaven, or whatever it is they need to pray for about ten or twelve times a day.

That way, there will be no obvious "profiling" so all the idiot moron liberals here in america won't get all offended at such a cruel and unusual procedure. It would be the "out of sight, out of mind" style profiling, a sneaky and "under-the-carpet " sort of thing, thus below the liberal radar.

We can provide these prayer rooms for all those sensitive and devout Muslims just as soon as we provide rooms at the airports for all the Christians, but not one second before.

If the muslims don't like this solution, they can follow the lemmings right over the cliff, and try using their little prayer mats as flying carpets.