Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Futile Is As Futile Does

fut-tile\ fyut-l\ 1: serving no useful purpose 2: occupied with trifles. FUTILE may cannote completeless of failure or unwisdom of undertaking; usually implies simple failure to achieve a desired result.


That's what griping about Bush and company, or politicians and politics in general is... futile.

Today's politicians don't listen to and don't give a damn about the ordinary man or woman. They do not get into politics to serve the greater good. They are where they are for the power and the glory. They are where they are to feed egos of unimaginable size. They are where they are to get rich and stay independently wealthy from now on--forever--until the end of time, but not the second coming... they don't believe any of that. They say they do, but they lie.

They have gotten where they are by lying to, cheating on, stealing from, and doublecrossing everybody and everything. Some have even killed to get or stay where they are. A select few have left a trail of corpses behind them.

Behind our backs, on our backs, over our backs, whatever it takes to get what they want, and to get it they will smile, they will promise, they may actually act concerned, even kiss babies, but it's all lies.

Once we vote them in, they vote us all off the island. Come election time again, out come the smiles, the promises, the lies, all designed to make us believe that democracy really works.

Over and over. We all vote over and over, somehow expecting a different result, but getting the same thing, over and over.

Isn't that the explanation of insanity?

I read hundreds of entrys on blogs and websites raising hell about the doublecrossing scumbags in Washington, but none of it makes a real dent. Not a scratch. Not a ripple.

Yes, Yes, a few get all bug-eyed and angry over whatever it is that has been exposed, go on national TV and threaten all manner of nasty something-or-other on the evildoers, but it's all an act, just part of the job. As soon as the spotlight goes elsewhere, it's back to the usual skullduggery.

Pointing any of it out, raising hell about some real scummy stunt may feel good at the time, but it's just a waste of time... it's futile.

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