Saturday, December 09, 2006

And The Beat goes On

Now that the election is over and American voters have made their voices heard, what is Congress doing to acknowledge they have received the message?

The incoming new House speaker, Nancy Drew-girl wonder, has announced she will not support any bill that would punish or censure the president for his deliberate misleading of America about Iraq, but she intends to smile a lot.

The House Ethics committee has announced that no one will be punished for the Foley Page debacle, only that some members acted "inappropiately" by not telling what they knew of Foley's homosexual advances towards the youngsters in the Page program, and just might get their hands slapped (gently) if we scream loud enough.

Bush has notified us he intends to ignore the key recommendations from the Iraq study group report, that he is "distancing" himself from the real solid suggestions that disagree with his personal ideas and attitudes about Iraq, and that we'll just get more of the same clueless course charting.

The Republician controled Congress is trying to pass the largest budget-busting, pork filled abortion of a bill in history, maybe just to get even with the taxpayers for voting their despicable butts out of power.

Yep, they got a message all right. Not the one we sent, but one that tells them we just don't matter.

Go stock up before the sporting goods stores get closed forever.

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