Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Waco, Again

I just watched yet another documentary on the Branch Davidian slaughter in Waco, Texas, that occured back in the ninties.

Finalized analysis of the FLIR (Forward Looking Infared Radar) tapes conclusively demonstrated that there were at least two armed agents on the ground behind the kitchen area (where no TV cameras could see), firing automatic weapons into the Davidian compound when the fire started. They were clearly firing into the section of the building that the Davidian women and children--who had been seeking shelter in the concrete kitchen pantry--would have tried to use to escape the fire. You could actually see them backing away from the increasing heat of the growing inferno, shooting all the while.

To see such a thing on TV... government agents, shooting down American citizens attempting to escape an inferno is almost beyond imagination. To hear a high-ranking Washington FBI offical claim that those agents were only "doing their jobs" is sickening. To hear that same official claim that the government never fired a single shot during the entire Waco siege, in face of all the evidence to the contrary, is astounding. I do recall a Texas Ranger testifying that he had personally recovered around forty spent shell casings fired by the infamous Ruby Ridge sniper Ron Horichi from a specially construted "sniper station" during the final moments of the Davidian siege.

To realize that the federal governmnent confiscated all the evidence and has never allowed open examination of any of it is condemning of and by itself. To understand that the entire site at Waco was bulldozed over after only one week reeks of the rot and stench of coverup oozing from the highest halls of the federal entity.

I won't go into the details offered in the documentary, suffice to say there was more than enough to convince me that agents of the United States Federal Government executed those people in what could only be described as a revenge killing for the death of those first black-clad and ski-masked agents during the intial ATF assault on the Davidian compound, and then helped to cover over and bury any incriminating evidence with the help of the entire federal machine.

Who were those agents shooting down Davidians in the final moments? Who were the drivers of those tanks, and who were the people inside those same tanks, also firing automatic weapons, so clearly seen on the FLIR tapes? They are immoral, amoral and evil beasts that kill in the name of "duty". They are the type of people we need to hunt down, to weed out, to eliminate from amongst us all.

We know who is lying for them, who is betraying their trust to protect the guilty, we see them on TV doing exactly that. We could start there.

Keep in mind that the federal government eventually paid Randy Weaver milllions in compensation for his wife's murder at Ruby Ridge by FBI sniper Ron Horichi, one of those very types I mention above. Horichi has never been tried in court for this murder, he was spirited away by his government pals when a federal warrant was finally issued for his arrest.

The last few words from the commentator in the documentary is quite chilling:

This documentary does not change any official explanations or conclusions about Waco. What it does do however, is demonstrate the type of people who are running our government.


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