Monday, January 31, 2011

Guess Where?

Impressive mosque. Big. Expensive. Multiple domes, call-to-prayer towers, the whole banana.

Saudi Arabia? Iran? Dubai?


Dearborn, Michigan

If you believe there is no Muslim assault on America, you haven't been paying attention.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Blackie "O"

Very un-PC:

Comedienne Joan Rivers revealed she once ditched a joke about First Lady Michelle Obama from her stand-up routine - because she feared she'd be accused of racism.

Recalling the wisecrack to shock Jock Howard Stern, the comedy legend said: "We used to have Jackie O now we have Blackie O!"

That should have sent the Obots into orbit, but since Rivers is a card-carrying member of the Progressive movement and the kinda- inner circle of Hollywood elites, all they could do was sputter a bit, wag a few fingers and dredge up a few lame excuses.

It's hilarious when one of their own sticks their foot in it.

But give Joan some credit for cajones... she must really dislike the woman to bring it up publicly, even in the guise of a "ditched joke".

Don't look for any White house invitations for Ms. Rivers. Dissing the "O" is political suicide... At least for now.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Getting Awfully Close To The Line

The South Carolina NAACP honored Martin Luther King Jr. Day Monday while simultaneously dishonoring the nation’s first president.

An organized rally — dubbed “King Day at the Dome” — protested the Confederate battle flag on display at the State House in Columbia and featured speakers and guests who called on government leaders to address “racial disparities” in education, health care, community development, criminal justice, employment and economic development in the state. But as a number of local and national speakers stepped forward to speak from the capitol steps, a large bronze statue of George Washington was conspicuously hidden.

I don't know about anybody else, But I get the feeling that this kind of conduct is getting dangerously close to stepping over the line, the line that divides peaceful debate from open hostilities.

I can't imagine what the fools who did this were thinking, but it certainly was not helpful towards any sort of peaceful co-existence.

It would be relatively easy for one to read this action as a "slap in the face" of every American by the NAACP and its members.

These people seem to be itching for a no-holds-barred confrontation, but they should reflect on the wisdom in the comment about "being careful what you wish for".

Not good... Not good.

A Skeleton Out Of The Closet

Would his doctors tell the truth?

The real reason behind PRESIDENT OBAMA's shocking weight loss - he's secretly battling stomach parasites, say sources.

Stomach parasites. Hmph.

In today's society, this kind of drastic weight loss is generally connected to advanced AIDS.

As in the case with Apple's Steve Jobs, they say he's suffering from liver failure.

And liver failure is the number one cause of death in people with AIDS.

Of course, those who support and/or favor the homosexual existence would naturally try to keep this kind of news under cover. It's bad press. I'm not saying that either man has AIDS due to homosexual activity, since there are many ways to contact AIDS other than homosexual sex. But just having AIDS carries with it some very heavy political baggage.

If one cuts through all the hype and disinformation one will realize that there still is no cure for AIDS. It has been brought under a degree of control that allows the victim a marginally longer life, but it is still the inescapable death penalty it always has been.

Just how would the American public react to the reality of a sitting president in the process of dying from AIDS? How long should such a president be allowed to rule?

If Obama is stricken with AIDS, you can bet we'll not be told during our lifetimes.

Sorta like the Warren Commission report on Kennedy's assassination - sealed for 75 years.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

How Much For The Pentagon?

Fred just posted that we spent $720 Billion dollars on the Pentagon's military expenditures last year, plus another $120 Billion dollars for the ongoing wars.

OK, how much is that compared to say, Russia or China?

It took a bit over 30 seconds to find out.

Look look at the below chart:

The United States? 46.5% of the total military spending worldwide.
Russia? 3.5%
China? 6.6%

Holy crap! And they're trying to make us fear either one of those nations military?

I'll bet some serious money that neither China nor Russia spend two billion dollars for a single airplane that isn't even supersonic, the totally defenseless B2 sub-sonic bomber.

Here you are, boys and girls, the two-billion dollar sub-sonic airplane. Two billion dollars a copy.

You can build a modern Nimitz-Class aircraft carrier($4.5B) for just a bit more than two of these unbelievably overpriced superpower relics.

One ship or two sub-sonic bombers. Must be a hard choice for those Pentagon deep-pocket big spenders to decide which...

Two billion dollars each. How stupid can we get? Particularily when you realize that the B2's can be used only at night, and that supercarriers (thanks to satellite tracking) are now just giant floating targets.

Go ahead, you round-eyed fools, keep spending.

Complete Idiocy

West Virginia's General Assembly is making great strides in making themselves the laughing stock of America.

West Virginina State Sen. Erik Wells has introduced a bill to yank your driver's license if your kid misses 10 or more days of school. You'd get a warning after the fifth unexcused absence.

You don't lose all your driving privileges. You can still drive to work, to school, to the store, but you just can't drive any damn place you please. You see, you will be issued a "provisional license".

Just try to imagine the nightmare of police interference, the road blocks, the spot check spots on the highways, the manpower and paperwork needed to establish if a car - any car - on the freeway has a properly licensed driver or not, and whether that driver is out just joy-riding around.

Maybe they'll just paint a big scarlet "P" on your trunk. Or make you put a special florescent red license plate on your car.

No matter what they do with drivers, it won't solve their truancy problem.

But that ain't all, folks....

This doofus wants to punish perpetually absent kids by forcing them to lose their ability to participate in band, play sports or enjoy other extracurricular activities. That'll really help... make school even less appealing. What an ass.

Said West Virginia State Senator Erik Wells:

There needs to be some consequences.

West Virginia's General Assembly has more genius ideas, like adding five to 10 minutes to the school day. Lawmakers say this will impress upon parents the importance of education. I wish I had the name of the idiot that came up with that.

Speaking of consequences, idiots like this State Senator is a consequence of allowing uneducated morons to vote in general elections.

If anything, West Virginia Senator Erik Wells is a poster child for why voters need to pass some sort of government and political knowledge test before being allowed to elect their "leaders".

If idiots vote, idiots rule.

Sunday, January 09, 2011

America's Enemies Open Up With Another Barrage

Good grief...

The shooting of a congresswoman, a federal judge and many bystanders by a lunatic is bad enough, something that should bring us together in some sort of common bond of decency as it happened after 911, but what are we seeing in the headlines?



New York Times Paul Krugman blames shooting on GOP, HATE-MONGERS BECK AND LIMBAUGH.

Keith Olberman

You get the idea....

At a time when everyone should be trying to defuse the situation, the above hate-spreaders are doing all they can to incite anger by spouting disgusting bilge about those they despise. In true Liberal fashion, they try to gain during a time of misfortune with deceit and outright lies.

So who are real hate mongers?

I point to four of them above.

I am no fan of Palin... she is just another "Israel first and always" neocom that would have us fight Israel's wars forever.

Beck? He endlessly urges his listeners to remain calm and peaceful, not to resort to any kind of violence, saying that the left's plan is to prod the right into open violence.

Olbermann? Who the hell believes the news as delivered by a cable network comedian?

As for " "VIOLENT RHETORIC COMES EXCLUSIVELY FROM THE RIGHT"? What a freaking joke. It is , from Kent State to the present, the left and their ilk that have taken to the streets and promoted extreme violence.

Don't think so? Then you are either ignorant or stupid. But you can fix the "ignorant" part. Read up on the riots that have happened in America, who promoted them, who participated. Check it out for yourself, or just keep tuning into the likes of Socialist Progressives Eugene Robinson, Paul Krugman, or that so-so comic Keith Olbermann.

That'll keep your blinders on.


The Headline should have actually read "The Republic's Enemies Open Up With Another Barrage", since America will always be called "America", even if it's controlled by these anti-Constitutional Socialists and Marxists.