Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Next Time They May Push Back

People are getting tired of being taxed to death:
More than 500 people who are upset with a plan to change Iowa's tax laws were cleared from a hearing tonight at the Iowa House after they interrupted multiple times.
Seems they were voicing their disapproval and the lawmakers didn't like it.

Way to go there, Iowa politicians. Next time those angry voters may push back. Maybe with rotten tomatoes and eggs, or possibly tar and feathers, often followed by pitchforks and torches.

It does seem we are headed in that direction, since politicians no longer listen to the citizens they are supposed to represent.

Monday, March 30, 2009

The Black Fist

Remember those black athletes at the Olympics that clenched their fists in defiance at the world while being honored for their accomplishments?

Now consider Obama. He has been honored far beyond what any black athlete has ever dreamed by being elected president of the most advanced and privileged nation on earth.

But just look at what he is doing. He is confiscating American businesses. He is nullifying legal contractual agreements. He is borrowing more money and driving us into insurmountable debt faster and further than any of us can comprehend. This man is burying us in unpayable debt and is forfeiting the future our nation and our children to the control of unfriendly foreign powers. He has lied to us all repeatedly and continues to do so. He is openly lying to us about the cost of his proposed budget. His administration is already one of the most closed and secret in American history.

This man, who was given the greatest prize of all and elevated to the highest position of power on earth, has clenched his fist and is shaking it in our faces, telling us all the while that he is saving us.

And all this in less than ninety days.

Read the following carefully:
Its five brief paragraphs took the power of legislation, including control of the Reich budget, approval of treaties with foreign states and the initiating of constitutional amendments, away from Parliament and handed it over to the Reich cabinet for a period of four years. While the Enabling Act explicitly permitted the Reich cabinet to enact laws that "might deviate from the constitution," it also specified that the powers of Parliament would be protected.
This is a explanation of Hitler's Enabling Act. That's how Hitler came to power, and it's exactly what Obama and his henchmen - like his treasury secretary - are doing today.

Don't forget the Congress in all this. They will give him what he wants. Congress will willingly sell us all down the river for their thirty pieces of silver.

I am beginning to believe that Barack Hussein Obama - smooth tongue and all - along with this compliant congress, will destroy the United States as a sovereign nation. Whether or not this is intentional remains to be seen.

Obama promised change. America's true citizens are now beginning to realize that they should have demanded what kind of change he was referring to... before giving him the power of the presidency.

Obama may be the first man in the history of the world to destroy a nation without firing a single shot, using only a smooth tongue and a long list of fine-sounding lies.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

World-Class Fear Mongering

Daniel Baker, a space weather expert based at the University of Colorado in Boulder, and chair of the NAS committee responsible for the report has just pronounced:
We're moving closer and closer to the edge of a possible disaster.
What's he referring to?

A predicted possible solar flare of record-breaking proportions that is supposed to happen at midnight on 22 September 2012, which could possibly - within 90 seconds - knock out electrical power to the entire eastern half of the US, just for starters.

The photo above is a of typical solar flare, pretty scary looking... but remember... It's over 90 million miles away, and the photo's enhanced, and not visible light.

OK, losing all that power on the east coast would be bad, and the predicted ensuing calamities itemized in the article would be far worse, so let's look at this disaster prediction a bit closer.

They are peering into their crystal ball over three years into the future at a time when reliable predictions cannot be make two weeks into the future.

Daniel Baker says we're moving closer and closer to the edge of a possible disaster.

That's quite a collection of maybes.

At any rate, it's just the edge he's taking about, not the dead center.

Of a possible disaster, a predicted possible disaster, sorta like standing on the very edge of a predicted cliff, instead of a real cliff when mountain-climbing:

"Bob! Get away from where you're standing! They've predicted a cliff is going to be there in three years!"

No doubt a student of the Bush fear-mongering tactics of yesteryear, he still missed a very important exclamation point: The world is supposed to come to an end on December 21, 2012, NOT September 22nd. Or so says the Mayan calendar.

Well, Ho-hum.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

No Surprise Here

You've all heard about WABC newsman George Weber, who was slain in a struggle so violent that his killer's blood splattered across his entire home? The story was all over TV news yesterday.

His lifeless body, ankles bound with duct tape, was discovered in the bedroom of his apartment.

Now - as Paul Harvey used to say - The rest of the story.

The killer is believed to be a "date" Weber picked up Friday night at his favorite bar, a contact he had made on the Internet.

Same old story, different day. Just one thing... Don't call it a "date". It was one man contacting another for sex. No love, no fondness, nothing but physical lust.

Unfortunately, the man he invited into his home had different ideas. We all see the results.

A New York Society Welfare Case

Marie Douglas-David. Countess. New York socialite. Brutalized victim of a unsuitable marriage.

Just can't get along on $53,000 a week. A 43 million-dollar divorce settlement is just not enough to survive on.

Sound unreasonable? Come on now, let's be fair... Her lawyer has listed her weekly expenses:

-1)Mortgage and maintenance fees and rent for the Park Avenue penthouse, the Hamptons retreat and properties in Sweden account for $27,300 a week.
-2) Travel $8,000 a week.
-3) Clothing $4,500 a week.
-4) Personal assistant $2,209 a week.
-5) Horse care $1,570 a week.
-6) Domestic help $1,480 a week.
-7) Entertainment and restaurants $1,500 a week.
-8) Health and skin care $1,000 a week.
-9) Dry cleaning $650 a week.
-10)Flowers $600 a week.
-11)Trainer $250 a week.

What's so unreasonable about that?

Take No. 11 for example... $250/week for her, um, trainer. That's really cheap. They cost much more than that on Hawaii's sandy beaches... just for a hour.

How about No. 4? Her, um, "personal assistant" that makes $114,868 a year! Whatever for?

Or how about No.2? $8,000/wk for travel? No wonder her husband wants a divorce... she's never home!

Take a closer look at that photo. Countess or not, would you pay $53,000 a week to keep her in the lap of luxury?

She married her husband seven years ago. He had already made his fortune. When they married, he was sixty, she was 30. He was fabulously rich, she was poor. However, she married him for love. You betcha.

Now - at 37 - she wants(the numbers just changed) $130,000/month alimony and a one-hundred-million dollar divorce settlement. She found her mark by 30 and wants to cash in while she's still young and havable.

Give me that $53,000/week for sixty days. First and foremost, our mortgage will be paid off. My wife will have her new whatever car she wants. I'll have my new pickup truck. We'll have that six-foot fence around the yard to keep the neighbor dogs from crapping on our lawn. We'll have new living room furniture. I can start wearing Docker and Hagar slacks instead of Wal-Mart jeans. I might even buy a pair of real leather shoes.

But.. it's all OK... We'll continue scraping along on our generous income of $1,600/month, because the countess's horse ($1,570/wk) needs proper care.

Hey, we all gotta sacrifice for the greater good... right?

I turned 70 Sunday. Congratulate me on surviving seventy years of this sort of assinity and not throttling anybody.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Another Trillion Today

WASHINGTON (AP) - The Obama administration aimed squarely at the crisis clogging the nation's credit system Monday with a plan to take over up to $1 trillion in sour mortgage securities with the help of private investors. For once, Wall Street cheered. The announcement, closely stage-managed throughout the day, filled in crucial blanks in the administration's financial rescue package and formed what President Barack Obama called "one more critical element in our recovery."
Meanwhile, China’s central bank has just proposed replacing the US dollar as the international reserve currency with a new global system controlled by the International Monetary Fund.

Well there you are. Now we know why the IMF has been amassing that 104 million ounces of gold. Something to back up their new world currency.

And damned if Obama isn't trying to destroy the dollar. We cannot possibly keep our currency viable at the rate Obama is destroying it.

Barack Hussein Obama... IMF agent provocateur.

And Congress, this despicable Congress... his willing pawns.

Punch Drunk and Laughing

Well Ha-ha:
President Barack Obama said he believes the global financial system remains at risk of implosion with the failure of Citigroup or AIG, which could touch off “an even more destructive recession and potentially depression.”

His remarks came in a “60 Minutes” interview in which he was pressed by Steve Kroft for laughing and chuckling several times while discussing the perilous state of the world’s economy.

“You're sitting here. And you're— you are laughing. You are laughing about some of these problems. Are people going to look at this and say, ‘I mean, he's sitting there just making jokes about money—’ How do you deal with— I mean: explain. . .” Kroft asked at one point.

“Are you punch-drunk?” Kroft said.

“No, no. There's gotta be a little gallows humor to get you through the day,” Obama said, with a laugh.
Gallows humor.

A really bad choice of words there.


This interesting little tagline at the very bottom of this article:
Tata is struggling to refinance the remaining £2bn of its £3bn loan it took out to buy the Jaguar and Land Rover brands from Ford in June of last year.
Imagine that... a dot-on-the-forehead Indian firm bought out Jaguar and Land Rover last June. Fom Ford, no less.

Hard to imagine... the Jaguar is now an Indian-made vehicle.

And it took a British news outlet to tell us.

Kosher Riot

It was an all-out kosher kalamity this week at a popular Jewish restaurant in Brooklyn, when a suspected non-kosher hot dog caused a near-riot.

A regular patron says the chaos broke out when he and a rabbi noticed the frankfurters on the grill were non-Kosher, in a restaurant that's supposed to be dishing out the Kosher variety.

That got me curious... Exactly what is "kosher"?

Seems it's food that "fit" for Jews to eat, and a long and tedious explanation about clean or unclean foods attempts to clarify the whole concept.

Actually, even the Jews have a hard time with the concept, since the idea that an animal not killed in exactly the right way becomes unclean. Slaughter must sever the jugular vein, carotid artery, esophagus and trachea in a single continuous cutting movement with an unserrated, sharp knife, while at the same time avoiding unnecessary pain to the animal. Failure of any of these criteria renders the meat of the animal unsuitable.

Yup... without exception, every kosher slaughter house will adhere to this 100%, or at least claim to. Everybody knows that a Jewish businessman would never lie about something that could reduce his profits, like tossing an impure carcass out.

Further: Anything which chews the cud and has a cloven hoof would be ritually clean, but those animals which only chew the cud or only have cloven hooves would be unclean. Talk about splitting hairs.

A casual comment hidden amongst all the clean or unclean blather is this zinger about unacceptable wine:
... wine or grape juice (or their derivatives) produced by only gentiles...
I see... wine made by Gentiles is unfit for Jewish consumption.

A more probable explanation for the original "laws" about what Jews could eat arose from the necessity of trying to prevent a basically ignorant, uneducated and barely out of the stone-age population trying to survive in a resouces-starved desert from eating food that could sicken or kill them. "God will kill you if you disobey" has always seemed a great deterrent for folks who didn't know any better.

As for the wine made by Gentiles? It was probably banned because those inferior Gentiles didn't wash their feet before stomping on the grapes.

To hear of a near-riot over a hot dog nowadays seems a bit archaic, particularly when you know that countless Jews have eaten improperly slaughtered animals. Just how many slaughterhouses are going to toss an entire carcass because it took more than one swipe of that required serrated knife to cut all those organs?

I can hear it now... "Oh yes, we send all our improperly slaughtered(but otherwise perfectly good) carcasses to a Gentile packing plant. Honest."

Sunday, March 22, 2009

SWAT Gets Swatted

OAKLAND, Calif. (AP) - A police officer was battling for his life and three more were dead after a parolee with an "extensive criminal history" opened fire at a routine traffic stop and hours later gunned down members of a SWAT team searching for him.

The two motorcycle cops were no doubt totally confident that the two of them - armed, trained, proficient - had the situation under complete control. They didn't, because they weren't pulling over a law-abiding Grandma Moses with a burnt-out taillight.

Criminally stupid judges let more and more felons out onto our streets in an endless stream. Lawyers looking for fame and glory get killers off on a technicality. The government allows drug gangs to wander freely across our borders and into our nation. Our politicians and our business elites turn out to be nothing more than plunderers and thieves. The average guy - watching all this criminality at all levels, grows more angry, and thus more dangerous, closer to the line, closer to snapping.

It is not surprising that the United States grows more deadly every day.

I have always been prepared for the reality that these SWAT teams are not what we think they are, that when they finally run into somebody ready for them, they're going to get mowed down. They've always been great at surrounding and eliminating some drug-crazed or drunk dude armed with a kitchen knife or a .22 rifle, but they are no more ready for some real opposition than the meter lady is.

Sure,they get fancy military training and equipment, get to wear black clothing and masks - all that macho-dude stuff - but they are no way way ready for some real opposition. They are - in reality - just more 8-to-5 cops - playing at being the roughest and toughest dudes on the planet. They no doubt can cow the average citizen, keep total control of an average situation, keep the lid on the average mob. But they are not prepared for real conflict, for someone ready to take them on.

This cop-killer had no training, no tactics, no real plan. He just holed up with a semi-automatic rifle(AK-47, civilian variety), knowing they were coming... and they walked right into him.

Perhaps Obama, regardless of all his faults and failings, actually understands this. Maybe that's why he wants a civilian security force that is as well equipped and trained as the U.S. military.

Perhaps Obama knows better than most of us what is coming.

Unintended Results

Sen. Judd Gregg of New Hampshire also says President Barack Obama's massive budget proposal will bankrupt the country.The senator said Obama's spending plan in the midst of a prolonged recession would leave the next generation with a country too expensive to live in.

Well, if it becomes too expensive for Americans to live in their own country, think how difficult it will be for those twenty million or so illegals hiding in the weeds, doing all those jobs us spoiled Americans won't do.

That ought to send the vast majority of them scampering back across the border... bonus number one.

Bonus number two... Twenty million jobs suddenly available.

Bonus number three... Drugs will become too expensive for even the gun-toting boyz in the hood, wiping out the drug trade.

As Obama and Michelle party their way into our national bankruptcy, look for a resurgence of groups like the Klan.

Methinks it just might get a bit nasty out there.

Saturday, March 21, 2009


Barack Obama was elected commander in chief promising to run the most transparent presidential administration in American history.

This achievement and the overall promise of his historic administration caused the National Newspaper Publishers Assn. to name him "Newsmaker of the Year."

The president received the award from the federation of black community newspapers in a White House ceremony, which was closed to the press.

You need all the facts on this... the predominately white press corps was banned, but the bro's and sistah's representing the black community newspapers were there in force.

The racial bias being demonstrated by this suspected Kenyan pretender is getting serious.

Laugh Or Cry? Flip A Coin

This clown of a president just used YouTube to talk to Iran.

While our supposed highly dedicated, trained, skilled, very elite and expensive diplomatic corps titters itself away at cocktail parties playing their endless word games, Obama uses the Internet to try sending a message to Iran.

Off goes his message on the worldwide web, and then Obama - instead of tending to business in Washington - flies out to California to crack jokes with Johnny Carson's replacement.

Meanwhile, sleeveless Michelle digs up the Party House lawn to start a vegetable garden. Let's keep a 24-hour watch on that veggie patch and see how many times she gets out there to weed and water the thing.

Whats next? A Barry and Michelle "fireside chat" every evening?

Out-of-touch does not even begin to explain it.

This would all be hilarious if it wasn't so sad.

Friday, March 20, 2009


Are we this stupid? That Obama believes we will believe this tripe?
BURBANK, Calif. – President Barack Obama has told Jay Leno he was stunned when he learned of the bonuses that bailed-out insurance giant AIG was paying its employees.
This ludicrous statement is from the man who has just committed our kids to a multi-trillion-dollar debt, a man who thinks all we have to do is print more money, a man who thinks paper money is real wealth.

If Obama was "stunned" by a piddly 165 million bucks, his spending proposals should have induced a massive heart attack.

This hyphenated Kenyan American is sending us all to the poorhouse faster than a speeding bullet, faster than superman could fly, faster than Pelosi can wet her undies while basking in the adoration of her witless fans.

Get ready... the bottom is going to fall out much faster then anybody realizes. I hope you've stashed a bit of gold and silver away, but it's almost too late for that.

Gold went up $75/oz. in 18 hours yesterday when the treasury created that trillion dollars out of thin air. The act of printing massive amounts of money has always been a last-ditch effort by a government to save itself.

It has never worked.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Martian Gargoyle

WaterBoy posted this image over at Astro's place,True Anomaly, saying it was from the Mars Rover Library.

Pretty cool.

Murdoch Goes Balmy

Murdoch gets an award from The American Jewish Committee and proceeds to butter them up with nonsensical babble:
In the west, we are used to thinking that Israel cannot survive without the help of Europe and the United States. Tonight I say to you: Maybe we should start wondering whether we in Europe and the United States can survive if we allow the terrorists to succeed in Israel.
Let that sink in boys and girls... Murdock says that Europe and the United States can fail if Israel goes the way of the dodo.

Utter nonsense.

If Israel vanished tomorrow, Europe and the United states would not collapse under some redirected terrorist threat as Murdoch suggests. The most probable result would be that the Arabs would feel justified by regaining their lost lands and would - as before this UN created Israel - once again continue to let the infidels go their own way to heaven or hell.

Murdoch's speech to the American Jewish Committee was full of Israeli supporting but flawed arguments. Let the Jews enjoy the moment, but don't you fall for the blather.

Israel would indeed collapse without our unending and limitless support. On the brighter side, such a collapse would see this "war on terror" fade away like mist in the morning sun.

Murdoch's babble was no doubt generated by his desire to have rich Zionists continue to invest in his operations. Like all those with power and wealth, everything he says - or does - is for his own personal self-interest.

Brutal, but true.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My Dad's 1938 World Atlas

For those of you who believe there never was a Palestine... Full of Palestinian villages and people, look at the map below, printed in 1838:

(left-click to enlarge)

This was - of course - ten years before UN Resolution 181 in which the UN dissolved Palestine and created today's Israel in it's place.

The map is bigger than my scanner , so I had to cut off the bottom of the map. sorry 'bout that.

Constitutional Reminder

An invitation to soldiers and peace officers across the United States to pledge to refuse illegal orders – including "state of emergency" orders that could include disarming or detaining American citizens – has struck a chord, collecting more than 100,000 website visitors in a little over a week and hundreds of e-mails daily.

An organization called Oath Keepers" has the goal to remind military members their oath of allegiance is to the U.S. Constitution, not a particular president.

It is sobering to the extreme to realize that we citizens of the United States are resorting to such measures... measures that are becoming necessary to protect us from our duly elected president and Congress, the federal government.

East, west, north, south... there are dark clounds on every horizon.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Say What?

Ahead of Pope Benedict XVI's May visit to Israel, the rabbi of the Western Wall, Shmuel Rabinovitch, has said that it is not proper to come to the site wearing a cross.
Hmmm.... If that's the case, perhaps it is not proper for Jews to wear the star of David or their little beanie caps when visiting our wall, the Vietnam Memorial.

The more you learn of those Israelites, the more you realize they have gone off the deep end with their "God's Chosen" delusion.

Beyond Insanity

Can you believe this?
WASHINGTON, March 16 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The leader of the nation's largest veterans organization says he is "deeply disappointed and concerned" after a meeting with President Obama today to discuss a proposal to force private insurance companies to pay for the treatment of military veterans who have suffered service-connected disabilities and injuries. The Obama administration recently revealed a plan to require private insurance carriers to reimburse the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) in such cases.
No private insurance, no treatment.

Unbelievable. The federal government(under Obama) wants to send a soldier into harm's way... and then duck out of being responsible for the consequences.

Forget to pay your monthly premium because you were out in some godforsaken desert fighting the president's private war and getting shot at by some 12th century primitive using a Russian AK-47?

ooooooooooo... too bad. Better luck next time.

Change we can all believe in?

Be A Kaishkunin

IOWA CITY, Iowa (AP) - Iowa Sen. Charles Grassley suggested that AIG executives should take a Japanese approach toward accepting responsibility for the collapse of the insurance giant by resigning or killing themselves.
Good idea... it will save us the trouble when the revolution starts.

SEPPUKU, or Hari-Kari:

Seppuku (only gaijin refer to it as "hari-kari") is a highly ritualized performance, as complicated as chado (tea ceremony). The principle difference is that at the end of chado, one is merely nauseated from too much green tea, whilst at the end of seppuku, one is dead.

The first thing to do is to recruit an assistant, a Kaishkunin. Contrary to what is thought, almost all forms of seppuku do not technically involve suicide, but merely inflicting fatal injury upon oneself. A kaishakunin does the actual killing. One should ask a great iaijutsuka, (practitioner of the technique of killing with a single sword stroke) or a close personal friend to be one’s kaishakunin. If asked out of friendship, one may refuse on the grounds that one’s waza (sword technique) is inadequate; if the request is repeated, however, one should consent gracefully, as flaws in technique will be forgiven (by the living).

I'll promise to practice and get my waza in good shape.

But first, pry the secret Swiss bank account number they have out of them. Might as well get our money back in the process.

Monday, March 16, 2009

R Is For Reverse

Israel is headed in the wrong direction:
Egypt's Foreign Minister Ahmad Abul Gheit voiced concern Monday for Middle East peace hopes after an ultra-nationalist party signed up to be part of Israel's new government.

Israeli prime minister designate Benjamin Netanyahu took the first step toward forming a right-wing government by inking a coalition deal with the Yisrael Beitenu party of Avigdor Lieberman.

Lieberman is a controversial firebrand who has been slammed as a "racist" by critics.
With the likes of Netanyahu and Lieberman at the helm, look for Israel to return to the slash-and-burn tactics of yesterday.

And Obama could give a sh*t. That's what really worries Egypt.

Dead Cat Bounce

Read this.It should help anybody understand the stock market a bit better, and why the recent upswing is not worth a tinker's damn.
... nothing short of the nuclear destruction of New York City, will prevent the media whores of the financial markets from doing their best to convince Americans to keep sending more of their money to Wall Street. If they cannot obtain it directly, through stockbrokers pitching deceptive investment marketing pitches such as "dollar-cost averaging" and "buy-and-hold," they will turn to the federal government to obtain it for them, either through indirect mechanisms such as the 401(k) or direct transfers of the sort that both the Bush and Obama administration have executed.
That should tell you something.

Obama Chicken Fingers Collectible Box

A German frozen food company hopes to raise sales with a new product: Obama fingers. The tender, fried chicken bits come with a tasty curry sauce. The company says it was unaware of the possible racist overtones of the product.

Racist overtones? Hell yes... Those chicken fingers are obviously made from white meat!

Every hyphenated American in the United States should get instantly outraged and sue Germany for this racist slur.

Into the streets of Washington all you outraged hyphens... a million-finger march is needed!

Where can I get a box of these? This will obviously be a true Obama collectable to sell on E-bay next election.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Citizen Obama

Obama is definately a citizen.

But the question is... of what country?

Obama's brick-wall refusal to produce his birth certificate is more than suspicious, since the act of releasing the document would put the question to rest instantly. What is he hiding?

If a local INS officer accused you of not being a citizen, how long would it take for you to produce your birth certificate? Not a certificate of live birth, but a real birth certificate?

How words are put together is important. Just as "accidental death" is not the same as "death by accidental means", "birth certificate" and "certificate of live birth" are entirely different documents.

Perhaps we will learn sooner than later, since Supreme Court Chief Justice Roberts has just agreed to look at the issue.

A "Generalized And Severe Epidemic"


Washington DC, now one of America's premier places to expose yourself to HIV/AIDS:
At least 3 percent of District residents have HIV or AIDS, a total that far surpasses the 1 percent threshold that constitutes a "generalized and severe" epidemic, according to a report scheduled to be released by health officials tomorrow.

"Our rates are higher than West Africa," said Shannon L. Hader, director of the District's HIV/AIDS Administration, who once led the Federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's work in Zimbabwe. "They're on par with Uganda and some parts of Kenya."
Three percent. That's just the percentage they're willing to admit.

It's astounding how we are continually assured that HIV/AIDS is under control and not a worry, and yet every time we hear of it, it's much worse.

Now if AIDS only worked as fast as the black plague in Europe did, perhaps we could rid ourselves of all those dirtbag politicians before they ruin us all.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Space Shuttle Replacement

What is going to replace our present space shuttle fleet?

At one time, the vaunted X-33, a subscale technology demonstrator prototype, was the leading candidate for the job.

Unfortunately, NASA truly fumbled the ball when they awarded the entire contract for a replacement shuttle to one lone provider (Lockheed Martin) back in 1996.

That contract was based on a "cost plus" system, wherein the contractor is compensated for the costs of the project, plus they also receive an additional percentage of the gross sales price, or their profit. The higher the costs, the bigger the "profits".

This - of course - absolutely guaranteed gigantic cost overruns which ultimately killed the X-33.

So, NASA galloped off in a new direction, this time betting on the Ares rocket and Orion crew capsule as a shuttle replacement.

Unfortunately, the Ares and the Orion vehicle are hardly more than a revamped version of the Apollo being developed as a vehicle with which to return to the moon some fine day.

Since the Ares/Orion vehicle has no re-usable components, every launch would require a brand-new spacecraft, all portions of which would be lost in the process of completing the mission.

The space shuttle was designed to eliminate this throw-away concept with a fleet of re-usable vehicles. The X-33 was also meant to be reused over and over. But - thanks to NASA's one contractor approach and Lockheed-Martin - the cost overruns for the X-33 killed the project.

This has forced NASA to return to a decades-old technology to remain at least somewhat viable as a space agency, thus the push to sell the Ares/Orion as a shuttle replacement, which it is not.


US President-elect Barack Obama's NASA transition team is asking US space agency officials to quantify how much money could be saved by canceling the Ares 1 rocket and scaling back the Orion Crew Exploration Vehicle next year. ... The questionnaire, 'NASA Presidential Transition Team Requests for Information,' asks agency officials to provide the latest information on Ares 1, Orion and the planned Ares 5 heavy-lift cargo launcher, and to calculate the near-term close-out costs and longer-term savings associated with canceling those programs.

So what will replace the space shuttle? At this point in time, it looks like nothing, particularly since Obama doesn't give a tinker's damn about NASA or our space effort.

NASA may soon be joining the Do-do.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Then Leave Already!

WASHINGTON (AP) - The White House objected Thursday to U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon's description of the United States as a "deadbeat" donor to the world body.
Ban used the phrase Wednesday during a private meeting with lawmakers at the Capitol, one day after he met with President Barack Obama in the Oval Office.

White House press secretary Robert Gibbs said Ban's "word choice was unfortunate," given that the U.S. is the largest contributor to the United Nations.
If the leader of the UN thinks we are a deadbeat nation, then we should invite the UN to get the hell off our property and turn the UN building into a bunch of condos.

Just who is this Ban Ki-Moon guy anyway?(pic below)

Well, he's a citizen of the "Republic of Korea", more often referred to as South Korea, a nation wholly dependent on the United States for it's very existence.

And this putz has the gall to call us deadbeats. This just after that hyphenated American AG called us a nation of cowards.

How much longer do have have to put up with this kind of thing?

Where Did They Get All Those Billions?

NEW YORK (AP) - Bernard Madoff pleaded guilty Thursday to an epic fraud that robbed investors worldwide of billions of dollars, avoiding eye contact with swindled investors before he was led out of court with his hands cuffed behind his back.
Billions of dollars.

Step back and think about this. Madoff's circle of investors was quite small because it was practically impossible for the average investor to get involved. One had to be recommended, one needed to be invited.

It was a small group of people with billions of dollars they had amassed, investing in what they thought to be an engine of even greater wealth production.

So how did they get their billions? I would bet even money on the fact that most of them are as thieving as Madoff himself. True, TV news has highlighted a few small fry that got caught up one way or another, but none of the big boy victims have stepped up to the plate to complain. That would put the limelight of public scrutiny on them and their activities, something they perhaps cannot afford.

Maybe this is just an example of a circle of greed and theft that brought itself down, and the real victims are those forever unknown and unnamed people who were cheated and robbed by thieving vultures as guilty as Madoff himself.

Predictable As Sunrise

Surprise, surprise:
A wave of energy companies has in the last few months announced plans to move to Switzerland -- mainly for its appeal as a low-tax corporate domicile that looks relatively likely to stay out of reach of Barack Obama's tax-seeking administration.
Obama, who is likely to be the greatest tax-and-spend president ever, is about to find out all that tax revenue he is depending on to fund his multi-trillion-dollar spending spree, is not - and will not- be there.

It will not be just energy companies bailing, but every corporation that has the ability to escape this approaching tax monster. The rich will leave with them, leaving only the American middle class to tax, since Indians, minorities, low-income and illegals pay next to nothing, or nothing at all.

But wait... America's middle class has been destroyed, their jobs and factories shipped offshore by the very same federal government that still thinks they're still capable of paying the bills.

When all this runs into the brick wall of reality, it will be the crash heard round the world.

I used to say this was a great century to be born in. But it was the last century I was referring to, not this one. This one is going to be a real gut-ripper.

Monday, March 09, 2009

Secret Deal With Israel

Obama has made a secret, under-the-radar deal with Israel to keep the federal government's 100% support of Israel unchanged, regardless of public pronouncements that may indicate anything less.

How Do I know?

Joe Lieberman suddenly likes Obama.

Government Action

The below sign is a sad commentary on just how our government is responding to the sea of Mexican Nationals converting themselves into illegal aliens.

Warn us with a sign:

I'll bet you're wishing this was just a joke.

A Little Proof Would Be Nice...

More cage-rattling from the Jerusalem Post:
In a chilling indication that Iran's arms program is advancing steadily, Israel acknowledged for the first time that Teheran had mastered the technology to make a nuclear bomb on the same day that the Iranians announced they had successfully tested a new air-to-surface missile.

Iran has "crossed the technological threshold," and its attainment of nuclear military capability is now a matter of "incorporating the goal of producing an atomic bomb into its strategy," OC Military Intelligence Maj.-Gen. Amos Yadlin told the cabinet on Sunday.
Jews read this sort of propaganda from this rag every damn day. So do I, but I don't swallow it hook, line and sinker.

This "General" says how Iran is "incorporating the goal of producing an atomic bomb into its strategy".

Hell, according to all the previous blather in the JP, Iran has had that strategy for years.

The Jews know full well that Iran is not going to risk an attack with one untested A-bomb. That's suicide. But they love to keep us all terrified of a nuclear war. It's a very profitable strategy for Israel.

Sunday, March 08, 2009

One Trillion Dollars

How big a stack of money is one trillion dollars?

This big

Keep in mind that what's shown is a stack of hundred-dollar bills. If it was one-dollar bills, it would be a hundred times larger.

Obama's Plan Is Failing

How do I know that?


The TV news shows are tripping over themselves now... Trying to tell us it isn't Obama's fault, that he inherited all this. Just a few days ago, they were all grinning ear-to-ear as they told us that our newly-elected saviour was now... well, just saving everything.

Political bullcrap like Obama's now obvious endless stream of it is par for the course for when the economy and the country is stable enough to shake it off. But we're in a disasterous nosedive, and Obama does not understand - or doesn't care - that words mean something, that when people actually depend on what a president says, empty words and unfulfillable promises uttered only for votes and ratings... can kill a nation.

Well, at least we can all watch as he chalks up the miles on Air Force One and parties his way through his one and only term, while is wife re-decorates the "peoples" house to her particular tastes, whatever they may be, and - of course - using our money for it all.

Friday, March 06, 2009

What Next?

WASHINGTON -- Senate Banking Committee Chairman Christopher Dodd is moving to allow the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. to temporarily borrow as much as $500 billion from the Treasury Department.
When will this insanity stop?

500 billion more dollars authorized by the government, borrowed by the government from who knows where, which we will have to repay with interest, to protect bank accounts in banks destroyed by government monetary policies.

Bet none of you ever relized just how fabulously wealthy we Americans are... to be able to have our governmnet just run up trillions and trillions of dollars of debt... and then confidently claim us ordinary citizens will be be able to cover it all.

Pity the poor fools who are going to have to pay the piper for all this. That would be our kids - of course - but wait, we've aborted 35 million of them, so it'll have to be our grandkids... but wait, there's no kids to pop out a generation of grandkids, so I guess it's us on the hook after all.

No problem... We'll just print more money. But wait....

Watching Obama

Just watched Obama give a stirring pep talk to some police recruits.

He had hopped into Air Force One, flew off to some police academy where his "stimulus" package has supposedly saved twenty-five jobs.

Let's see here... Obama's huge multi-billion-dollar stimulus package has just saved 25 jobs, in a month where we just lost another 640,000 jobs.

Now if this stimulus package of Obama's can save another 639,975 jobs today, we'll break even for the month.

Flying this misguided amateur around in Air Force One on this one trip has cost us more money than those 25 cops will make in their entire lifetimes.

At this rate, saving just the 2.5 million jobs lost since he was elected is going to take a mountain of money so high it will reach to the next galaxy.

Oh yeah... since he was elected, the stock market has lost over 3,000 points. Real vote of confidence there.

Thursday, March 05, 2009

More Great News

Who would have guessed:
March 4 (Bloomberg) -- Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. Chairman Sheila Bair said the fund it uses to protect customer deposits at U.S. banks could dry up amid a surge in bank failures, as she responded to an industry outcry against new fees approved by the agency.
Of course, that means that $250,000 FDIC insurance on your bank account will belly up about the same time as your bank will.

Better stash a few bucks under the mattress... If you want to keep eating.

96 Miles

There''s an ad on TV telling us that a square, 96 miles to the side, full of solar panels, would re-power America.

OK, what's the cost of a 96 mile square full of solar panels?

96 miles is 506,880 feet.

The average solar panel takes up an area of roughly 2 feet by 4 feet.

It takes 126,720 4 foot panels to cover the 96 miles. That's one row of panels, 2 feet thick, in a say, east/west orientation.

The other dimension of the panels, 2 feet, means that 126,720 panels will cover only half the distance in the north/south orientation.

So there will be 253,440 panels for each four foot distance covered in the east/west direction. Thus, we need 126,720 columns comprising of 253,440 rows each, of panels to fill up the 96 mile square.

How many 2' x 4' panels is that total? Multiply 253,440 by 126,720.

My calculator says that amounts to roughly 32,131,000,000 panels. The average cost of a 2' x 4' solar panel is about $300.00. Now multiply 32,131,000,000 by 300 dollars. You do it... my calculator craps out with numbers like that. Roughly, that's 32,131 times ten to the sixth, times 3 times ten to the third, or 96,393 times ten to the ninth.

That's 96,393 followed by nine zeroes.


And that's just for the panels. No power grid, no mounting units, no distribution centers, no wiring, no construction costs... just the panels.

Far larger than the entire world GNP. Even bigger than Obama's budget, that uninformed simpleton pushing for solar and dissing coal.

Go solar.

Even if the panels were only ten bucks each, who can we get to build 32 billion, one hundred and thirty million units? And how long would that take? So if my math is off and it only takes 3.2 billion panels, the same delivery dilemma rears its ugly head. The entire world has not produced 3.2 billion TV's since the invention of television.

And don't forget, half the time it's nighttime in America, so we would need batteries to store the energy. I'm not even going to try to figure out how many billions of batteries that would take, or how much they would cost.

We still need our coal plants, and a lot more nuclear. Solar will NEVER cut the mustard, not with today's technology.

Those solar people are just ignorant of reality. Ignore them.

Wind? The numbers come down roughly in the same ballpark.

The Theft Continues

Unbelievable, unacceptable:
The Fed refused yesterday to disclose the names of the borrowers and the loans, alleging that it would cast “a stigma” on recipients of more than $1.9 trillion of emergency credit from U.S. taxpayers and the assets the central bank is accepting as collateral.
It wasn't "the Fed", it was Bernanke. When asked if he would release the names of the institutions and people who got all these billions, he flatly said "NO".


"We haven't finished plundering this nation yet, we have billions to go, and we need more time so everybody involved can get out of the country and beyond your jurisdiction with the loot before you find out anything.

Cast a "Stigma" on recipients. Yeah right. Those "Recipients" have already cast on themselves as much stigma as is possible to cast.

You can just bet - with 100% confidence - when the facts finally come out, that hundreds of billions will have vanished, untraceable, unrecoverable, unaccounted for. But it will be somewhere... In offshore banks, European banks, Israeli banks, and private vaults scattered around the globe.

And Bernanke(if he's still here) will say he regrets not having required sufficient oversight of the money, and Congress will most likely award him some sort of Congressional medal created exclusively for the occasion.

We are being so screwed by this federal government.


All the smiling bimbos, bobbleheads and buffoons on TV keep asking why has John Q. Public lost confidence in the stock market.

John Q, who has been pumping vast sums of money into the market as the way to retire on easy street, has just had the rug pulled out from under him and his plans... again. 401K losses from 20 to 50 percent have been common to date, and predicted to get much worse.

This is not the first time. These market "contractions" have happened more than once, each time obliterating retirement accounts, requiring them to re-start at square one all over again.

John Q is starting to realize that this has indeed happened more than once, is always caused by the same players, and that none of this happens by accident. John Q is beginning to realize that he will not retire with a lucrative nest egg to fuel his golden years, that financial titans around the world will step in on a regular basis, skim the profit off his accounts and then reset the game, a game John Q has zero chance of winning.

What these titans seemingly have forgotten is that you can't pull the rug out from under these millions of small-time investors more than once a generation without being exposed. But greed and avarice are dangerous bedfellows, they can cause even the very cautious to overstep.

So, poor old John Q has been burned - big time - at least twice now. It's not confidence he's lost, it's the belief that he was in a fair game, one that would deliver on it's promises, not the rigged and thieving shell game the market is today.

So you say the market will recover. Well of course it will. New cycle, new game, new promises. And then it will be collapsed again, ten, fifteen years from now, as the big boys skim the cream of the top, leaving John Q - once more - holding the bag.

None of this happens by accident. Every step is planned, every step is conducted with military precision. When you realize that trillions of dollars are involved in each "contraction", you will realize that what happens to that kind of money is never left to chance.

Just imagine how much more money will be skimmed off in these "contractions" if Wall Street gets its hands on your Social Security account. Their lobbyists have been romancing Congress for years to get that very thing to happen,

Wall Street, as it exists today, is the biggest con game in the history of the world. But will enough of us ever realize that to change it?

Probably not. It's like I said, greed is a dangerous bedfellow. And as long as we think we can get something for nothing, Wall Street - and the financial titans that control it - will prosper.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Full Circle

Science marches on:
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Scientists have created a strain of the human AIDS virus able to infect and multiply in monkeys in a step toward testing future vaccines in monkeys before trying them in people, according to a new study.
How many people realize that HIV (Human immunodeficiency virus) is a crossover from SIV (Simian immunodeficiency virus)?

The origin of HIV is now generally attributed to SIV from African primates. HIV-2 is most closely related to SIVsm, the SIV strain that primarily infects Sooty Mangabeys, while HIV-1 is closely related to the chimpanzee strain of SIV, designated SIVcpz.
Apes and monkeys have had SIV for generations, and even if primitives hunted them for food, the disease was not one that affected humans. The moment SIV was successfully altered into HIV occurred in a Johannesburg, Africa research lab by "scientists" looking for a CURE for SIV.

So now our scientists have successfully created a strain of HIV that can infect monkeys. Wowzers. Full circle... with stupid but well-meaning scientists responsible for 100% of the causes and the consequences, just like the idiot in South America that released the African killer bees onto the entire American continent. He was another well-meaning but criminally careless scientist looking for ways to increase honey production, but ended up causing hundreds of deaths and forcing the expenditure of billions in efforts to combat the spread of these insects.

A lot of people would call that going back to square one... or worse.

Or, as others put it... the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

Monday, March 02, 2009

What Fools These Mortals Be

The news is telling us that a protest in going on right now in Washington over their coal-fired electrical plant. They want it shut down.

What sort of idiots are these people? Out in a snow storm, protesting global warming, and wanting their source of electricity shut down. When they finally get cold enough, it's back into their nice warm homes and apartments for a cup of hot coffee or tea, provided by the electricity from their coal-fired plant. And when it gets dark tonight, they will turn on the lights powered by their coal-fired electrical plant, watch TV or play music, all made possible by the electricity from their coal-fired electrical plant.

Well then, do they want us to build a nuclear plant to replace it? Nuclear has no carbon footprint and pollutes nothing. Why hell no... nuclear is eeeevvvillll.

Why does stupidity like this get on national TV?

While water made life possible on this planet, electricity has made our civilization possible. These idiots must want us to return to the days of no flush toilets, no automobiles, no hospitals, no modern medicine, no retail outlets, no prepared food, nothing but hand-made wool clothes and candles for lighting, because even them - as dumb as they are - must realize that wind and solar cannot possibly replace our present electrical plants, no matter how hard they wish it so.

I get my electricity from a coal-fired plant and if these stupid Gumps are successful in blackballing coal-fired plants, my electrical bill will go through the roof. If that happens, I will grateful beyond description if somebody hunts these jackasses down and kicks their teeth in.

So laugh in their stupid faces, ridicule their idiotic ideas, but above all, get them the hell off national TV, before they actually do any real damage to the rest of us.

Party Time

No, not the Democratic or Rebublician party... Real party:
Since the presidency changed hands less than six weeks ago, a burst of entertaining has taken hold of the iconic, white-columned home of America's head of state. Much of it comes on Wednesdays.
Too many parties to list on this blog, so go read this.

Let the good times roll.

And don't you know, we pay for all of it.

Crush Depth

Remember how the may-sayers and doom predictors were saying that the "Ship of State" was heading straight for the rocks?

Wrong. Turns out the "Ship" of State is actually a Submarine, commanded by a crew of Keynesian Economists which believe that government intervention - as massive as necessary - will achieve full employment and stable prices.

With these Keynesians in charge, we have become the greatest debtor nation in history, running up a crushing debt that is relentlessly forcing us towards financial meltdown and total disaster. And now the Keynesians are telling us that more massive government intervention, with trillions and trillions of dollars we have to borrow tossed everywhere - will fix everything. It's never worked and it never will. Simply put, you cannot spend - or borrow - yourself out of debt. But the Keynesians - in defense of their bankrupt theories - will simply tell us that we haven't spent enough.

As a result, the Submarine of State, with the stock market being a convenient depth gauge, just went below 7,000.

Question... what is the crush depth? At what number does this all implode? I have often said the real floor of the stock market is around 4500. Below that, it's straight to the bottom. But today I heard economists saying the bottom will be 3500. As the dive downwards continues, next month they may be predicting - with heads inserted solidly up their butts, a floor of around 2500.

We have an entire generation of economic theorists all taught to believe that economist John Maynard Keynes and his theories are the holy grail of economics. For them to admit otherwise, they have to admit they have been wrong from day one. Never going to happen, so down we go.

Have we already passed the crush depth? Probably. Is any of this stoppable? Probably not, since the government is still clinging to the Kenyesian idea that spending and borrowing will get us out of trouble.

We may still have an upwards swing in the stock market, perhaps back up to the heady heights of the 8500 or 9000 range, but it will be a short-lived spike, a last gasp as it were, and then... as Gandalf said to the Hobbits - as the last Elvin ship, crewed by starry-eyed liberals (and full of Kenyesians running for cover) was preparing to head into the sunset - "So here at last, we come to the end of all things".

Epic Hollywood stuff... except for the fact that this is real life.

Sunday, March 01, 2009

This Is Fair And Balanced?

Racist blather from the president:
Acknowledging that "tough times for America often mean tougher times for African-Americans," US President Barack Obama on Saturday called for more local and national engagement by fellow blacks.
"You know that tough times for America often mean tougher times for African Americans. This recession has been no exception," Obama told the 10th annual "State of the Black Union" gathering, noting that the unemployment rate among African-Americans is five points higher than the national average.
Let's take this apart and look a bit closer.

Tough times for America often mean tougher times for African-Americans.

How so? Out-of-work blacks have it worse than than out-of-work whites?
Blacks that can't feed their family are somehow worse off than whites who can't feed their family?
A black that has lost his home to foreclosure is in worse shape than a white that has lost his home to foreclosure?
A black that can't find a new job is somehow worse off that a white that can't find a new job?

You know that tough times for America often mean tougher times for African Americans.

I know no such thing. Neither do you. Neither does Obama.

10th annual "State of the Black Union" gathering.

Say WHAT? State of the Black Union? What in the hell is that? Was he actually addressing Louis Farrakhan's "Nation of Islam"?

Is this president going to address the "State of the Mexican Union" gathering?

Will he address the "State of the Asian Union" Gathering?

Not only no, but hell no.

Try to imagine the reaction if whites had themselves a "State of the White Union" gathering.

Blatant racism, encouraged by the president no less.

The unemployment rate among African-Americans is five points higher than the national average.

The drop-out rate of blacks from school is far higher than the drop-out rate of whites from school. Think that has something to do with their higher unemployment?

This president is creating more and more racial division every time he opens his mouth in front of any gathering of blacks. Is this intentional? Is it pandering to blacks, uncaring of the consequences? Is he really that stupid? Or is his true agenda one that will create misfortune and grief to non-blacks everywhere?

Unfortunately, time is going to tell.