Saturday, February 28, 2009

Tin Foil License

A chip off the old Bloc:
Privacy advocates are issuing warnings about a new radio chip plan that ultimately could provide electronic identification for every adult in the U.S. and allow agents to compile attendance lists at anti-government rallies simply by walking through the assembly.

The proposal, which has earned the support of Janet Napolitano, the newly chosen chief of the Department of Homeland Security, would embed radio chips in driver's licenses, or "enhanced driver's licenses."
You know the old wives's tale about tinfoil in your hubcaps messing up police radar? Or how the "tinfoil hat" would prevent your brainwaves from being monitored? No way those things worked, but if you get stuck with one of these new "enhanced driver's licenses", just wrap it(completely) in aluminium foil.

Embedded chips such as these can be interrogated by remote sensors operated by anyone with a desire to do so. But the aluminium wrap around of the license will create a perfect Faraday Cage* and prevent the radio signal transmitted by the interrogating unit from activating the chips response, making those not-too-seriously intelligent federal agents think their unit is broken.

So there you go. An easy win to set the bastards back a bit. But expect a new federal law making such a maneuver illegal, and subject to fines, imprisonment, public humility, loss of employment and ridicule by the news media bimbos.

*A Faraday cage or Faraday shield is an enclosure formed by conducting material, or by a mesh of such material. Such an enclosure blocks out external static and electrical fields.
An external static electrical field will cause the electrical charges within the conducting material to redistribute themselves so as to cancel the field's effects in the cage's interior. This effect is used, for example, to protect electronic equipment from lightning strikes and other electrostatic discharges. It also prevents RF radiation(a transmitted signal from any source) from affecting equipment protected inside the cage, and in this case, the embedded chip

There you go... Your very own stealth drivers license.

The Real Hillary

Jews are upset about Hillary Clinton not being the "Hillary we used to know".

Back in February of 2000, Hillary had said:
I'm a very strong supporter of Israel.
But then she spent eight years in the White House, where unsanitized reports poured in continually about the Israeli aggressions and human rights abuses perpetrated against the Palestinians. On top of that, she has spent time as a New York Senator. New York is a great place to observe and ultimately understand Jews, and the Senate is over half-full of Jewish apologists and sympathizers, who have put Israeli interests ahead of America's 100% of the time, and have funded Israel since it's "creation" by UN Resolution 181 back in 1948.

Unlike the American public, who have been kept completely in the dark about Israels horrific conduct by our Jewish-controlled media and Congress, Hillary has had first-hand knowledge of what the Israelites were, and are, doing.

She doesn't like them anymore - and with good reason - after a decade of exposure to the unvarnished truth about this supposed Middle East "ally", she understands their real nature.

That's why she doesn't like them anymore.

Also consider: Neither she nor her husband no longer need Jewish money and support to further their political ambitions, so now she can be truthful.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Reusable Toilet Paper

Alright," you say, "You've convinced me about cloth diapers, and I understand using cloth gift bags and napkins. But toilet paper??" For some people, making the switch to cloth toilet wipes is a huge leap, that's true. But it doesn't need to be

Using cloth toilet wipes actually has many advantages. For one, it's a lot more comfortable and soft on your most delicate body parts. It's also more economical, uses less paper, and saves you those late-night trips to the store. And cloth wipes can be used wet without any of the sopping disintegration that regular toilet paper is prone to. For a discussion of the practical aspects of using cloth toilet wipes, please check out our page detailing How to Use Cloth Wipes.

Let's look a a few obvious disadvantages:

-1) Used wipe storage:

You'll need an airtight and vermin-proof storage container next to every toilet to hold these things until washday.

-2) Preliminary cleaning:

After you have flushed down your "deposit" and used your cloth wipes, you'll need to rinse out the things(just
like a cloth diaper) in the toilet and flush a second time.

-3) Sharing appliances:

You will need to wash your clothes in the same washer that just washed a load of your buttwipes. Oh hell yes... sign me up right now! Try to imagine the the laundry room aroma.

-4) Educational opportunities:

You get the unique experience and privilege of instructing all your visitors, friends and relatives, on how to use your new green toilet wipes.
Be certain to remind them to wash their hands - thoroughly - after using your new planet-saving facility.

So. Long-time storage of smelly, nasty rags, dozens and dozens of them, unless you wash them every time the toilet is used. Smelly, insect attracting rags. Much time and effort cleaning and disinfecting these things. Much greater water usage, more detergent required, and a powerful anti-bacterial disinfectant is highly recommended.

I can just hear it now:

Man on toilet:"Honey, I need some clean buttwipes. Have you washed them yet?"

Woman in another room: ....*

*You can figure her response yourself.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Lead By Example? No Way

It grates to have to listen to this arrogant putz Obama lecture us about spending less, particularly when he just presented us with the largest deficit budget in the history of the world, and that just after he threw away one trillion dollars.

Having an incompetent like Bush the Simple for eight years as President we survived - barely - but Obama? This man - who refuses to provide proof of his American citizenship - has made a grab for almost five trillion taxpayer dollars with less than a month in office, while goonies like Reid and Pelosi are all a-bubble with orgasmic bliss over it. We will not survive this bunch.

We really need to start figuring how to de-fang this certifiable bunch of lunatics before they destroy everything.


Of all the earmarks exposed in this latest Congressional spending spree, the one that shines the brightest to me is the earmark shelling out two million dollars to "promote astronomy" in Hawaii.

Yes, there is a fancy telescope array on a mountaintop on the big island already in operation, and well-funded by tax dollars. It's called the Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope (CFHT) run by a non-profit organization which operates a world class 3.6 meter telescope atop Mauna Kea, a dormant Hawaiian volcano rising 4,200 meters above the Pacific ocean. It is funded according to a tripartite agreement between Canada, France and the University of Hawaii signed in June 1974. And the University of Hawaii gets it's folding cash from guess who.

So what's this two million for? So all of Hawaii's chillin can go out and buy a telescope?

Like everywhere else, Hawaii's power grid is aging, rapidly being overstressed by increasing demands for power. A sensible use of free tax dollars would be to repair and upgrade the grid, but instead, Hawaii's Senator Inouye wants money to "promote astronomy".

He'll be seeing lots of stars - without a telescope - if the power grid fails.... and that fancy French-Canadian telescope will be blind.

A point to ponder... just how is it that a Hawaiian University could sign a "tripartite agreement" with two foreign powers? Is that not the job the the federal government?

Buyers Remorse

More and more, the TV news bimbos and bobbleheads are starting to look like deer caught in the headlights as they report Obama's true intentions. They are starting to realize that this "great communicator" is not the "savior" they all worshiped just a few short weeks ago.

All of them, from FOX's Hannity to CNN's Meade, are the very people Obama is targeting to pay for his incredible spending spree, and they are starting to understand that they have been betrayed by the very man they thought was their all-new champion.

If Obama was to take 100% of the income of those making over 250,000/yr., it would not be enough to cover the present shortfall, much less even a portion of his projected FOUR TRILLION DOLLAR budget. His idea to increase the taxes on these people is what the Wall Street journal is calling his "2% illusion", a pipe dream carrying disastrous consequences. Obama and this Congress - who will rubber-stamp his "budget" - is going to spend the money, but it isn't there to spend, not now, not ever. This "tax the rich" nonsense is exactly that... nonsense.

Like most of his ilk, Obama must be very bad at math, since almost anybody that can use a ten-dollar calculator has figured out that his numbers don't add up... not even close. His first month in office has resulted in a more than 5 trillion-dollar spending spree. We cannot survive this kind of fiscal insanity.

We are in serious trouble folks, and the man leading this insane charge into financial ruin is the president himself, followed by a bumbling herd of slavering morons, otherwise often referred to as Congress.

Now is really the time for us to start planning - and acting on those plans - as to how we will survive the coming collapse. You have to realize that - for example - a national trucking stoppage* of only a two-week duration would see countless millions on the edge of starvation in cities all across America, and that's just for starters.

A man watching his children starve to death will kill you for a can of beans.

Civilization will not collapse... far from it. But there may be coming a period of time when you will have to rely entirely on yourself and what preparations you have made.

Understand... and prepare, as best you can.

*Trucks bring almost 100% of foodstuffs into our cities. If the trucks stopped rolling, grocery store shelves would empty in hours. Restaurants and fast-food outlets would shut down over night... all their supplies come by truck.

Now, just suppose that the federal reserve dollar collapsed to the point that truckers could not get enough of them for even one tank of fuel. Under those circumstances, credit cards, debit cards, checks... all would be worthless. The trucks couldn't move. It could easily take several weeks for whatever new monetary system cooked up by Washington to become somewhat effective, so be prepared to outlast that time period.

It's not rocket science, it's just common sense. Civilization is not doomed or some such calamity, but we are facing the high probability of a very unstable period of time that could be incredibly dangerous for the unprepared. Don't be one of them.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Homes For Illegals

Just how nuts can it get?
Illegal aliens can apply for mortgage relief under the Obama administration's $275 billion plan, according to immigration experts and a group the government will use to help homeowners modify loans.

Steven Camarota, director of research at the Center for Immigration Studies in Washington, D.C., told WND approximately 1 million households headed by illegal immigrants acquired mortgages through the beginning of 2007, before the housing bubble burst.

"There is no legal prohibition against illegal immigrants owning homes," he said, "and in most cases mortgage lenders will accept a taxpayer ID or a Matricula Consular card issued by a Mexican Consulate office as identification to illegal immigrants from Mexico."
OK. When those one million illegal aliens apply for mortgage assistance, turn them in to the INS and toss their job-stealing, medical-network overloading, public school overcrowding, welfare sucking anti-American butts out. Men, women, kids, Grandma, Grandpa, Tia Rosa, Tio Flavio... The whole blood-sucking illegal lot.

Enough is enough.


NEW YORK – Oklahoma's House of Representatives is the first legislative body to pass a state sovereignty resolution this year under the terms of the Tenth Amendment.

The Oklahoma House of Representatives passed House Joint Resolution 1003 Feb. 18 by a wide margin, 83 to 13, resolving, "That the State of Oklahoma hereby claims sovereignty under the Tenth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States over all powers not otherwise enumerated and granted to the federal government by the Constitution of the United States."

The language of HJR 1003 further serves notice to the federal government "to cease and desist, effectively immediately, mandates that are beyond the scope of these constitutionally delegated powers."
This spells a potential situation where Obama (like his hero Lincoln) will use federal troops on State soil.

Pass the popcorn... This may get exciting.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Heaven On Earth...

Obama Says USA will rebuild and emerge stronger...
Obama vows to increase number of soldiers...
Obama vows to seek cure for cancer 'in our time'...
Obama says bank bailout may cost more than expected...
Obama promises universal EDUCATION THROUGH COLLEGE...
Obama promises universal health care...

Where's the money going to come from? Or is hot air our new currency?

Stupid Is As Stupid Does

Good grief:
WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The United States plans to offer more than $900 million to help rebuild Gaza after Israel's invasion and to strengthen the Western-backed Palestinian Authority, U.S. officials said on Monday.
First, we give the Jews all manner of war machines and weaponry which they use to pound Gaza, and then we give Gaza millions and millions with which to rebuild what our weapons destroyed. That is nuts.

Can you dig it? We borrow money from China so we can send it to both the Jews and the Arabs. Half the money is used for destruction, the other half for rebuilding. Who are the lunatics that set this idiocy up?

Even stupider, did you know we are paying Israel and Egypt over 5 billion dollars each and every year to not fight? They agreed to peace... once we agreed to pay them for it. And the bill for all this? We're sending that to our children.

Well, it isn't "we" doing all this insanity, It's that gaggle of lunatics in Washington we call the federal government. We need to clean house in Washington, or disconnect completely from it before it drags all the States into ruin... if it's not too late already.

Refusing to pay taxes won't help, since this batch of beltline betrayers will just go borrow the money from any nation stupid enough to loan it to them, and then tell them that our kids will pay it back.

What kids? Our modern, career-oriented women, having discovered they can't have it all (like being a career woman AND a good Mom), have chosen career over motherhood and have prevented an entire generation from being born here in America. There won't be anybody to pay back all this debt, and our debtor nations are just now starting to figure this out.

And what has this federal government used as collateral to cover these loans? America itself. So when our non-existant next generation can't pay, we lose the nation.

I live in Texas, a fully functional State that can legally walk away from this Washington-based entity that has run up over 63 Trillion dollars of debt which they expect the states to pay off. Texas, unlike California, has not yet mortgaged its future, and could easily become a self-supporting and independent State needing no federal dollars to survive, and definitely no federal debt to drag it down.

Is that possible? Well, over twenty States are now considering legislation to tell the federal government to back off, that it has way overstepped its Constitutional authority.

To me, that sounds like a first step towards a complete overhaul of Washington, or it's abandonment and dismantling.


DRUDGE'S leading headlines this morning...

TARGET profit falls 41%...
MACY'S reports 59% drop...
OFFICE DEPOT shows $1.5B loss...
Home prices post record decline...

Not only that, it's grey and overcast outside.

Just another typical morning in our all-new Obama-nation.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Clinton (finally) On Her Knees

More like begging:
US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton Sunday urged China to keep buying US debt as she wrapped up her first overseas trip, during which she agreed to work closely with Beijing on the financial crisis.
Here's the deal:

The feds have our communist buddies buy up trillions of our debt and then zero out the dollar, leaving them holding the bag. Then we get our all-new shiny Amero, the Euro's bastard child. Everybody gets the shaft, except for organizations like the IMF, who have been buying up every ounce of gold they can get their hands on. Like I mentioned awhile back, the IMF is the proud owner of 104 million ounces of gold, bought by our money.

None of this happens by accident folks.


That's today's price for 1 oz. American gold eagle.

A simple to understand concept... When gold increases in value, it means the dollar is decreasing in value. It's still an ounce of gold - nothings changed there - it just take more of these less valuable federal reserve dollars to buy it.

Today's stock market closed at 7114.78.

They tell us it's because Americans have lost confidence in the market. Wrong. It's because Americans have lost faith in the market. There is a huge difference between the two. Confidence you can recover, but faith? Once that's gone, it's gone.

Three times in as many decades Americans have seen their retirement accounts get shredded by Wall Street, and as the saying goes... third times the charm.

The real floor for the Dow is around 4500. That floor is created by the few individuals and institutions worldwide that own millions and millions and millions of shares. They never sell. They just sit there, raking it in, as billions of dollars go into 401K's and the like, inflating every stock in existence. As Joe Average takes his retirement money elsewhere, these Wall Street titans watch in agony as their stocks return to their real value. They will eventually see stock profits only when the companies represented by those stocks actually make a profit. What a unique concept!

Getting the average worker to re-invest his cash into the wall street machine, the world's greatest pyramid scheme, may now be hard indeed, since even the hard-headed and ignorant eventually see the light.

You still want to put your money into stocks? OK, pick out a company that you think is going to prosper, and go directly to them and buy company stock directly from them.

Risky? What the hell do you think Wall Street is? 98% of all "investors" in Wall Street are guaranteed to lose in the long term, the exact opposite of what you've been led to believe.... That's the numbers. And if you think it's by accident, you should not be allowed to handle money.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sensor Drift

Feb. 20 (Bloomberg) -- A glitch in satellite sensors caused scientists to underestimate the extent of Arctic sea ice by 500,000 square kilometers (193,000 square miles), a California- size area, the U.S. National Snow and Ice Data Center said.

The error, due to a problem called “sensor drift,” began in early January and caused a slowly growing underestimation of sea ice extent until mid-February. That’s when “puzzled readers” alerted the NSIDC about data showing ice-covered areas as stretches of open ocean, the Boulder, Colorado-based group said on its Web site.

“Sensor drift, although infrequent, does occasionally occur and it is one of the things that we account for during quality- control measures prior to archiving the data,” the center said. “Although we believe that data prior to early January are reliable, we will conduct a full quality check.''
Sensor drift. Yeppers, that sensor drift stuff really throws off our estimates to the point we miss a California-sized chunk of ice while preparing our fear-mongering and catastrophic global-warming predictions. But it's not our fault, it's all that evil technological stuff that is destroying the world... and this malevolent sensor drift is proof!

"A glitch in satellite sensors". "Sensor drift". "Showing ice-covered oceans as open ocean". Crap by the bucketload.

"... caused scientists to underestimate". My money says there isn't a real scientist within rifle range of these rectal zits.

Consider the source... the NSIDC - The National Snow and Ice Data Center, a non-governmental group whose home address is the University of Colorado. In other words, a whacked-out liberal Ivory-towered professor or two, a few post-grads, and a gaggle of wide-eyed wannabe changers of the world, and about as "national" as the septic tank in my back yard.

Walk away from this with a big laugh, a good old Italian "up-yours", and a note to self to ignore these data-manipulating College boys and girls in the future.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Netanyahu Rides Again

Just another ulcer-producing worry:
JERUSALEM (AP) - Benjamin Netanyahu appealed to his moderate rivals Friday to join him after the hard-liner was formally tapped to put together Israel's next ruling coalition,an alliance that would dilute the power of nationalists bent on derailing Mideast peace talks.
Who do they think they're kidding? He's creating "an alliance that would dilute the power of nationalists bent on derailing Mideast peace talks."? That's total B.S. Netanyahu is no more interested in peace talks than Venezuela's Chavez is pro-American. He claims he is, but Israel and her leaders have claimed that for sixty years, while all the time conducting war in all directions, expanding their occupation of lands not belonging to them and continuing to keep the Palestinian people in abject poverty and slavery.

Yes indeed, Netanyahu is a serious kind of hardliner. His only answers are aggression and military action. He loves to talk peace and love, particularily for the American TV audience, but the man's actions show his real character and intent, which is to preserve Israel, no matter the cost to the rest of the world. Good for a tiny percentage of humanity... horribly bad for the rest of us.

Netanyahu is a kind of man who will not consider the world-wide consequences of any of his aggressions committed in the name of the Israeli "State", if you consider that speck on the map a real state. Israel has no resources and no income other than donations and giveaways from larger and more powerful nations, they are no more independent or self-sustaining than Haiti or Easter Island. Their god is not protecting them, the United States is. They are able to stir up vast amounts of trouble only because we have given them huge amounts of up-to-date and modern arms with which to do so, and the fact that we have prevented(to date) the rest of the world calling them to task for their actions in and against Palestine. Their human rights record towards the Palestinian people is horrible, on a par with the Nazi atrocities committed in WW2.

And now they put this Netanyahu back in charge, a man far more dangerous to peace than Iran's Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, whose claim to fame is loud and empty threats. Ahmadinejad uses words, Netanyahu uses bombs and rockets.

I predict Netanyahu's upcoming and dismally predictable attack on Iran's nuclear facilities will re-ignite massive war in the Middle East, a war the rest of the world will not escape.

Netanyahu may become a disaster for us all, and America's Jews and Christian Zionists must - sooner or later - come to realize that they have been supporting not the realization of some claimed biblical prophesy, but a group of armed and vicious fanatics intentionally going down a path that will bring great grief to us all.

Friday, February 20, 2009

401K? Get Serious

For years, I've harped on the fact that people who spend their entire careers "investing" in a 401K and the like will not retire with all those expected millions so sincerely promised.

See for yourself... What's happening today is exactly what has happened before. Millions of Americans have watched with disbelief as their retirement funds vanish into what seems to be thin air.

It's happened before, it will happen again, like clockwork, and predictable as sunrise. It's all in the records, if you just take the time look it up and quit listening to the wall street bullsh*t that will ruin your retirement years. Wall street is worse than any Ponzi scheme ever hatched.

All those trillions of dollars have not just vanished. They have gone into the pockets of those few at the top of this giant pyramid scheme called the stock market.

A pyramid scheme? Yes... The biggest and most successful ever created. Take a real look at how the stock market is structured. You will find yourself at the very bottom, and you will stay there, splitting a few paltry dividends amongst millions of others just like you.

But, you say, I'm still young and have 30 years until retirement. My stocks will have recoved and prospered in that time period, and will be worth gazillions! No they won't. The market will have gone through at least three upheavals during those thirty years, wiping out the values of many stocks, destroying many others. And - believe it or not - there are still some folks alive today that actually believe this all happens by accident.

True, a few lucky "investors" with incredibly lucky timing will get out with some money, but how many times do you have to be told that the facts are: Only 1% of all investors will make money, 1% will break even, and the remaining 98% will lose their shirts. Anything else you hear is bullsh*t.

The 1% that makes all the money? they are the descendants of the ones who got into the market a hundred years ago, own all the common stock, and have millions of stocks due to the numerous stock splits over the decades. They are the ones that make all the money. And how will you fare with your few hundred shares of AT&T or whatever down there on the bottom rung?

Not worth a damn.

Nuttier By The Minute

Now the clueless nimrods in Washington want to reduce house payments by $1,000 a month - for FIVE years - for those people who can't afford the house they bought.

That's just plain idiocy. That kind of nonsense will tempt many otherwise responsible homeowners to just walk, leaving their now-upside-down mortgage in the rear view mirror.

Upside-down mortgage? That's where a homeowner now owes MUCH more than their house is worth because the collapse in the housing market has dragged down the value of their home, a loss caused by this federal government and this Congress, and initiated by dear old Bill.

People who should have NEVER qualified to buy any kind of home were given those now-toxic loans that the government(read Bill Clinton) forced the banks to pass out.

Does everybody who wants a home deserve to own a home? Sure... why not? Can everybody afford a home? No. Should the taxpayer be forced to provide them with a home they can't afford? NO.

It's time to cut to the chase here. Nobody talks about it, but it got to be discussed.

Bill Clinton, while president, decided too many blacks - and a few other minorities - did not own homes. He decided that was unacceptable. So, with the power of the presidency to back him up, he devised a plan that literally forced bankers to make loans to any minority that walked in, allowing them to purchase a home that was typically far above the affordability of the average American. The banks were NOT ALLOWED to check creditworthiness, job history, nothing. So, with the might of the federal government to back them up, these people went out and bought half-million dollar mansions, in upscale neighborhoods that you and I can only drive by and look at. Subsidized government housing at it's very best.

The bankers(they're really not that dumb) knew there was not a chance in hell these people would ever be able to keep these homes, but they made the loan because the government forced them to. Penalties for refusal were quite severe.

Bush came along and did nothing to remedy this situation for eight years, and now we see the results of this massive stupidly coming home to roost. Literally millions of otherwise totally unqualified mortgage holders are losing the houses Bill Clinton provided for them, forcing the banks into this government-created disaster.

And now this government wants to give each and every one of these unqualified "homeowners" $1,000 per month so they can stay in their government subsidized housing. By that they actually mean that the government will pay the lending institution - with taxpayer money - $1,000/month/per homeowner... to make up the difference.

Congress knows the real cause behind this is Congress itself. That's why they leaped at the chance to dole out almost a trillion dollars of your money to "save" the banks... and their hides. But the banks gleefully used the money for other purposes, so now Congress wants to give them another trillion or so, but this time with some strings attached. Whoopee.

That's the root of this banking disaster we're watching. But is it the root cause of our economic collapse? NO. It's a side effect. People need good jobs to buy things like houses.

We are going down the tubes is because this federal government - this Congress - gave away millions and millions of our good-paying jobs, along with thousands and thousands of our industries to overseas interests, jobs that cannot be replaced, industries that are gone forever, while allowing twenty some million mostly illiterate illegals to sneak in and gobble up the low-paying jobs that were left.

No government on earth can give away millions and millions of it's citizens jobs, thousands and thousands of its nations industries, allow an army of mostly illiterate peasants from foreign countries to swarm in, and expect that nation to survive. A government can't expect to give billions and billions worth of real property to one group of citizens and expect another to foot the bill. But the mindless fools in Washington seem to think so, and they will bankrupt us all trying to prove it.

The cretins in Congress know all this, that they created and provided the wherewithal for this to happen. That's why they leaped at the opportunity to rescue the banks, to pull them out of the hole that Congress put them in. It hasn't worked, since the banks gleefully did other things with the money. Now Congress has given them vast more amounts of money, but this time with a few "strings" attached. Should we expect different results?

It's the Congress again. They are the cupable party here, and they will fight to last breath... to save themselves.

So it's down the tubes folks... just keep watching the stock market for your daily clues, while that sincere-sounding but clueless lightweight in the White House tries to devise new ways to throw away your money.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Who Would Have Guessed...

Let's see here...

A hundred-pound woman with a two-hundred-pound ape for a pet. Guess which one thought it was at the top of the pecking order?

The one that literally tore the face off the woman's friend.

Yes, there is a law against having that kind of pet. No, she didn't have a license for it. Yes, she thinks the laws are for everybody else, but not her.

What does she deserve for all this?

The Man Says We're Cowards

From our brand new Attorney general:
WASHINGTON (AP) - Attorney General Eric Holder described the United States Wednesday as a nation of cowards on matters of race, saying most Americans avoid discussing unresolved racial issues.
In a speech to Justice Department employees marking Black History Month, Holder said the workplace is largely integrated but Americans still self-segregate on the weekends and in their private lives.
Still self-segregate? Is that not a natural thing to do? Just look at nature... birds of a feather, etc., and if you actually stop and check it out, blacks, given the wherewithal and opportunity, have conclusively demonstrated that they are far more segregationist than whites today.

And what are these unresolved racial issues? After over a hundred years of working on this, what is still unresolved? Is he referring to restitution? Restitution would have been appropriate for the freed slaves after the Civil War, the ones who lived the experience, but not their progeny, generations removed from the actual events.

This man's direct slap in the face about most Americans(read Whites) being cowards? That shows that in America today, a black man can say anything racist or bigoted without fear of reprisal. Imagine the uproar if the previous AG had publicly stated that American minorities were cowards. This man must be clueless, or really trying to stir up a race war.

The reason whites avoid discussing blacks and race is because it can cost you your job, or get you tossed in jail and heavily fined.

You want whites to talk race? Then level the playing field.

Cowards? No... just adverse to being tossed into jail and fined for no good reason.

I have no problem discussing the issue, because I feel no guilt about slavery, or events that happened decades or centuries ago. I didn't do it, none of my family did it, we were not responsible for any of it.

If blacks feel they deserve a better shot at life and its rewards, then do like every successful person has done... Get out there and work for it. Can't get a good job in America? Try finishing school first.

By the way, do we have a White History month? Or a White Congressional Caucus? No? Why not? Would you believe it's against the law? That belonging to something like a White Congressional Caucus would - according to our screwy laws - constitute a hate crime? Could that be just a teeny bit racist?

Just what else can be done to keep whites silent on race? Seems like it's all been done.

A word of caution to the man who thinks we are cowards... White conversation on race has been heavily suppressed by law. If the law will not allow frank and open conversation, which can sometimes get quite heated and contentious, the alternative is quite fearsome. If non-violent confrontation is prohibited, what is left?

If this is an indication of how this new AG feels about Whites, then the United States Attorney Generals' Office has just abandoned the concept of equal justice for all.

Toilet Paper for Money

Ted remarked in the comment section:
Meet the new boss...Same as the old boss."
In 10 years, they'll print our money on toilet paper, so as to more accurately reflect its worth.
Our currency is toilet paper already. A good way to see this is the price of gold. A fifty-dollar gold coin (one oz.) will cost you $1,068.12 as I write this. That would be fifty United States dollars versus one thousand, sixty-eight federal reserve dollars, a stark comparison that clearly points out the value of one of today's federal reserve "dollars".

You get the exact same product, or value - one ounce of gold - but it takes over twenty times as many federal reserve "dollars" to do it.

The cost of gold is climbing and has passed the $1,000/oz. mark. One gold eagle is listing today for $1,068.12 at Blanchards. What does that really mean? It's still a fifty-dollar U.S. gold coin. What it means is that these federal reserve dollars are rapidly heading towards their true value, which is zero.

How about a U.S. mint silver dollar? It plainly says "ONE DOLLAR" on it. So how many federal reserve notes does the mint want for one? As of this moment, S14.23... In federal reserve currency.

If you had purchased say, 100 gold eagles in January of '04, you would have spent around $380.00 for each, or a total of $38,000. Today you could cash them in for about $100,000, and at the end of this year, most likely double that. But most people that had the opportunity to do so, did not, convinced that the present monetary system was sound and durable, even with its ups and downs.

Always remember that the Federal Reserve is a privately owned corporation, contracted by the federal government to print our money, something expressly prohibited by the Constitution. The federal reserve is NOT a part of the federal government. The fed charges us a fee to print that money and they charge us interest on all their currency in circulation. That interest alone has run to billions and billions of real dollars.

A point to ponder... When the fed was created, you could actually take fifty of their "dollars" to the U.S. treasury and buy a fifty-dollar U.S. gold coin. Try that today.

You would be astounded as to how much money we owe the fed for printing and circulating our money, a job the U.S. Treasury Department was created to do... And is supposed to be doing.

The Fed is a collection of international banking manipulators, mostly from Europe, soulless cretins who have found a fool-proof way to plunder America's pocketbook endlessly.

And fool-proof is the correct term. The fools we fools send to Congress has allowed this privately owned corporation to manipulate our money for generations. You now see the results. A good first step out of our financial misfortunes would be to eliminate the federal reserve, and have the United States Treasury - once again - print and distribute our money.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Begining Of The End

Very few people throughout history have had the unique privilege to witness the one singular event that signaled the destruction of a nation or an empire, so I feel uniquely privileged today to have witnessed the one single event that has destroyed a once great nation.

Today, I watched as a suspected non-American, a Socialist with Fascist ambitions, Barack Hussein Obama, sign away what was left of the America created by Washington and Jefferson, the America that once valued the uniquely singular concepts of freedom and individual rights that were enshrined in our Constitution. The American Congress, once a bastion for freedom and liberty for the entire world, is the entity that gave this man the tool to destroy us.

For better of for worse, this is what the majority of today's Americans have wanted and desired, and now they have achieved it.

But is this new majority really Americans? No. This new "majority" is actually a gaggle of minorities, which loudly proclaim that they are either Indian Americans, or Mexican Americans, or African Americans, or Chinese Americans, or Vietnamese Americans, or Liberal Americans, or Socialist Americans, or something-other Americans, all sub-groups and cultures with their own agendas, their own goals, their own desires, all of which - realistically - are not in the interests of America as a nation. In this last election, there were enough of them to change the course of the American government, and they have done so.

So be it. Will it work out? History has repeatedly demonstrated that it will not, and the liberal mantra that they "didn't do it right" will soon be silenced by the realization that there is no right way for what Obama and Congress are creating.

But it's all OK. Other nations and other peoples have conclusively shown that we all have to learn the hard way. So to, will future Americans have to struggle, perhaps for generations, to recover what they have lost today at the hand of this federal government.

The present generation of Americans, too consumed with self, will not learn, will not protest, will not even comprehend what is gone for many years... if ever. But the next generation perhaps will, and may start the process to regain some of what is now lost.

It will take a bit of time... An agent of the national civilian police force will not be knocking on your door today, but wait... one will.

America's "Red Dawn" did not begin in a school yard in rural America. It began in the halls of Congress.

Enjoy the show... It's going to run for the rest of your life.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Geez... It's Only Money... Ours

Somebody wants 28 new presidential helicopters. They want them to be able to deflect missile attacks, be capable of waging war from the air, and fly farther, faster and more safely than the current craft.

OK, but wage war from the air? What the heck for? Who thinks that the presidential helo - with the president onboard - is going to flutter it's way onto a battlefield? And why do we need 28 of them? Do they anticipate us having 28 presidents at one time? One - and a couple backups - is plenty.

The program's original cost estimate was $6.1 billion. GOOD GRIEF! $6.1 billion for 28 helicopters! But wait, now the estimate is $11.2 billion for these things! We can get at least two or three brand-new super-modern nuclear aircraft carriers for that sort of money, you know, an AIRCRAFT CARRIER, a thousand feet long, weighing 100,000 tons, a crew of 4,000 plus, and capable of carrying way more than a hundred of those itty-bitty helicopters with their two-man crews.

INCREDIBLE... Three or four of these...

Or 28 of these...

What a difficult choice to make for those Washington big BIG BIG spenders.

Gimme a break... this is just another giant ripoff by our defense contracting industry. EACH of of these helos would cost more than the present already incredibly expensive presidential 747.
The Obama administration now must determine if the project is essential to national security and if there are alternatives that would cost less.
Alternatives that would cost less? Are they serious? There a probably a thousand alternatives that would cost less - billions less - and still do the same job... But these nimrods are too stooopid to realize it, or too bought-off to acknowledge it.

Let's just have an aircraft carrier steam up the Potomac River anytime the pres needs a lift. It's got radar, anti-missile everything, 100 fighter aircraft for protection, and a half-dozen or so helicopters on board for personal transportation. We would save billions.

We are being so screwed by this federal government.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

"Free" Money

Some stimulus package details:

Each working person will receive a $400 check from Uncle Barak, the Pelosi Plunderers and the Reid Redistributors. Each non-working person - out of work, all those "immigrants", or retired - will receive a one-time check of $250.

If they really mean EACH person, that means my wife and I will see $500 out of this trillion-dollar giveaway. If they do what they did with the previous refund/rebate, they'll treat us as a "unit" and we'll only get $250.

I wasn't expecting this sort of thing, but no way will we turn it down. Since our "picture tube" style TV has blown up, we will be able to replace it with either a $250 picture tube style TV, or a $500 flat screen. Both would be around a 30" unit.

How will us buying a new TV help the economy? It won't, since all TV's are made in off-shore factories(in Mexico, Bangladesh, Japan, South Korea, China and others) that the federal government helped to create in our continuing giant job giveaway program supported by our once-American businesses and our all-American Chamber of Commerce.

But what the hell... I'll be able to keep watching those CNNFOXNBC bimbos tell us all how to get another job, which is far funnier than any sitcom on TV today.

House Cleaners Needed

No, not the kind of house you live in, the kind where a batch of scurrilous cretins go and vote to rob us blind, and then walk away laughing and self-satisfied, without ever having a clue what they just voted on. In Nancy Pelosi's case, we have been told she wanted to rush the vote so she could go get an award from the Pope! The Pope for crying out loud... what the hell has pro-abortion Pelosi ever done that would even grant her an audience with the Pope?

One thousand pages of bill, with more pork than a pig farm, voted on less than eight hours after it was presented to these bought-off sleezebags. Have you ever read a thousand-page novel in eight hours? Other than one of those speed-readers, who has?

It seems our Congress is mostly populated with a herd of shifty used-car salesmen kind of people, the kind that can really talk up a great sales pitch when selling you a pig in a poke... namely themselves as honorable politicians(oxymoron), the kind that could give half a hoot what happens to you, as long as they get the money.

The blacks, the reservation Indians, the Mexicans, the Vietnamese, the Cuban exiles, etc., etc... they all love these guys, because they get loads of endless handouts that the rest of us have to pay for.

When do we put a stop to all this "free lunch" insanity?

Bottom line... we don't. Working taxpayers are now outnumbered by a vast army consisting of those "diverse" groups in America, everyone of them with hat in hand, represented by well-taxpayer funded groups like the ACLU, LULAC, ACORN, AIM(the list is long and dreary), begging - no, demanding - anything they can get for having been "mistreated" or short-changed a few weeks or a few centuries ago.

These people will gleefully drive this nation into the ground, taking everything there is, until there's nothing left. And our dedicated servants in Washington will help every inch of the way.

But hey... CCN tells us things are looking up.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

yuD Ha'DlbaH niS Hop

I'm referring to the cretins in Congress. The ones who have sold us down the river. The bitches and bastards that have ruined America, the ones that exported millions and millions of our jobs, the ones that have allowed millions and millions of ignorant aliens to sneak into our nation, the ones who just forfeited our children's futures.

Is there one person - male or female - in Washington that has not betrayed us all? If you think so, name them... And prove it.

yuD Ha'DlbaH niS Hop?

That's Klingon for "dishonorable animals need removal".

And Now For Reid...

More and more insane porking...
In late-stage talks, Obama and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., pressed for $8 billion to construct high-speed rail lines, quadrupling the amount in the bill that passed the Senate on Tuesday.

Reid's office issued a statement noting that a proposed Los Angeles-to-Las Vegas rail might get a big chunk of the money.
Las Vegas. That's in Nevada, the state that elected Harry Reid to the senate, the man who wants eight billion - EIGHT BILLION - of our dollars to build a railroad to Las Vegas, so - one must assume - all those Los Angeles illegals won't have to drive their '57 Chevy low-riders to Vegas to blow their welfare checks.

By comparison, Pelosi and her 30 million dollars for her pet vermin in San Francisco(see previous post) is hardly worth mentioning.

The Mouse That Porked...

Nancy Pelosi's true rat-like colors have been exposed.
Lawmakers and administration officials divulged Wednesday that the $789 billion economic stimulus bill being finalized behind closed doors in Congress includes $30 million for wetlands restoration that the Obama administration intends to spend in the San Francisco Bay Area to protect, among other things, the endangered salt marsh harvest mouse.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi represents the city of San Francisco and has previously championed preserving the mouse's habitat in the Bay Area.
Like they say, birds of a feather flock together, and it looks like Pelosi wants to keep her little bay area "flock" well taken care of. I would find it far more appropriate if it was a bunch of San Francisco rats she's wanting to throw away thirty million tax payer dollars on.

What the hell does San Francisco need a marsh full of mice for anyway? Will this thirty million dollars of our money Pelosi is stealing create new long-term high-quality American family-saving jobs? No, but it sure as hell will create more mice.

30 million dollars for more mice, folks. Thirty million dollars of our money. Thirty million dollars of our money for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's little hand full of San Francisco marsh mice.

I can assure you I do not want to pay a cent for Pelosi's pork, money she wants to blow on a damned marsh, nor do I want any of my children - or my children's children - to be stuck with the bill for Pelosi's pet vermin.

Did I hear someone say it's time to rid ourselves of these insane nutcases in Washington?

I agree.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

300 More Million Down The Drain

Yessir, 300 million in the stimulus package for "green" golfcarts.

That would battery-operated carts... instead of gasoline-operated carts.

Don't those idiots understand that for every speck of energy saved saved by using batteries means that a power plant somewhere has to generate that much more energy to charge the damned batteries?

Now tell me that a coal-fired electrical plant is the place to find green golfcarts.

Reminds when Apple claimed they had gone green with their computers by no longer manufacturing printed circuit cards, etc. How'd they do it? They contracted somebody else, somebody else to make the cards, somebody that created the same amount of toxic waste to do the job. All Apple did was pass the pollution off on to someone else and then brag about going "green". What crap.

300 Million to put batteries(like the one in your car) and an electric motor(like the one in your refrigerator) in golfcarts?

We are being so screwed by this Congress and this administration.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Netanyahu Talks TOUGH

This from a guy who wants to lead a teenie-weenie little blob of a country that depends totally and completely on the good will, the money and the military equipment of the United States:
Feb. 9 (Bloomberg) -- Even before Benjamin Netanyahu finds out whether he will be Israel’s next prime minister, he is sending a message to President Barack Obama that he won’t be pushed around.
The idiot better be more careful with his public rantings against America and it's policies. The existence of Israel depends totally on the Israeli lobby in Congress. If that lobby is rendered ineffective by people like Netanyahu making stupid public statements, Israel vanishes.

Netanyahu seriously needs a realty check if he wants Israel to survive. And so does Congress on it's mindless support of this teeny little country that has created so much grief, misery and death in the middle East, all of it with our money and our military equipment. If we back away, Israel is no more.

That would be pretty tough on all those Jews who have hung their hopes on Isreal's long-term survival. They need to tell their leaders to knock off all the saber-rattling and start making peace with their neighbors.

The reality s that Israel has only two choices. Learn to live with their Arab neighbors, or destroy themselves. And it may be too late for peace... They have almost become what they tried to escape from in WW2... Oppressors that know only force, a sad end for what was supposed to be a Godly endeavour.

Great, Just Freaking Great

So sayeth the treasury dude:
We're not going to put out the details until we get it right...
He also said it would take much more money(than you ever imagined) and that they would have to try new ideas and new things, and that some of them probably would be wrong and not work, and that it's going to take a LOT longer than you hoped... Because they're going where no man has gone before... And dragging us along for the ride which we are picking up the bill for, while these dickwads try to guess their way out of this mess.

Translated: We're going to stumble around in the damn dark - tossing money every which way - until somebody finds the light switch, and then we'll tell you how we did it.

That's assuming that somebody will actually find the switch.

You gotta remember that's these are the exact same people that got us in to this mess to begin with.

Hooray for all this massive change there, Bammy.

Meanwhile the stock market is tanking again, because those boys mess in their bitches at the thought of transparency and accountability about what they're doing with other peoples money.

This would all be a rip-roaring comedy if it was a TV sitcom. But it''s real life, and that makes it beyond horrible. These sons-a-bitches have been robbing us blind and plundering our treasure for decades, and now we are relying on the same of cast of characters to fix it all.

Good luck with that.

Friday, February 06, 2009

How Did This Happen?

California is on the brink of disaster.

More than 200,000 state government employees are expected to stay home without pay this Friday as California begins its first-ever furlough, expected to be two working days a month to stay home, without pay.

California's unemployment rate is 9.3 percent, a 15-year high.

The state is $42 billion in debt, and the chances of paying it off are about zero.

Take a look at California. It has a huge agriculture industry. It has vast amounts of lumber. It has oil. It has a huge tourist industry. It has Hollywood. It has incredible vacation destinations... Yosemite, Death valley, Disneyland, San Francisco, a long coastline peppered with fantastic beaches. It has some of our largest and most profitable shipping ports, and a massive airline industry,

It has Silicon valley, once the greatest hi-tech place in the world.
It has some of our once finest Universities and colleges.

California has more and better resources than most Nations on earth. It has - or had - some of the brightest and dedicated workers anywhere. California's ability to generate prosperity is almost unmatched anywhere on earth.

So what happened to California?

If you can figure that out - what happened and who did it - you'll understand what's happening to America everywhere.

Here's a clue... Pelosi is a Californian.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009


I just read a piece that stated "If you, the citizen, take out a loan from the government bank and the money inflates, there is a little clause that allows the government bank to adjust up your payment amount to meet inflation."

In other words, if inflation hits 10%, your mortgage payment will be "adjusted" up 10%. A $1,000/month mortgage payment becomes a $1,100/month payment.

If inflation explodes - as predicted - to say 100%, a $1,000/month payment becomes a $2,000/month payment.

Everybody today - in the United States - that has a mortgage with a government-bailed bank, will lose their homes, not just the Clinton era ARMed - but actually ineligible - home buyers that caused all this present-day turmoil.

Can this be really true?

If true, there is no doubt that this - if triggered - could signal the start of a revolution.

Dumber Than Soap

Nancy Pelosi, esteemed Speaker of the House, said that 500 million Americans lose their jobs every month we don't have a Pelosi-backed stimulus package.

500 million a month. Wow, that's 6,000 million Americans each and every year! According to Pelosi,. there are more Americans than there are humans on planet Earth.

We used to say, dumber than a crowbar.

At least a crowbar had some redeeming values attached to it.

"I Screwed Up"

President Obama, speaking in reference to the Tom Daschle comedy said, "I screwed up" by nominating him.

As you no doubt know by now, Senator Tom Daschle was nominated by Obama to become an important big-wig in his administration, was subsequently exposed as a tax cheat, and withdrew himself from the process.

As I previously stated, Daschle has made millions while serving as a United States Senator. Obviously, the man is not stupid. No way will a man who is intent on making millions going to inadvertently make hundred-thousand-dollar errors on his taxes. That's just total B.S.

So... has Obama - as the bimbos on CNNFOXETC suggested - set the "bar too high"?


What the Daschle fiasco has demonstrated is that it is almost impossible to find a Washington insider honest enough to serve.

That's the real message we should be taking away from all this.

Monday, February 02, 2009

Just another Damned Crook

Another one is exposed:
WASHINGTON (AP) - Fighting to salvage his Cabinet nomination, Tom Daschle apologized Monday for failing to pay more than $120,000 in taxes and appealed to former Senate colleagues to approve him all the same. President Barack Obama said he was "absolutely" sticking with his nominee for health secretary, and a key senator added an important endorsement.
The White House both underscored the magnitude of the problem and tried to downplay it in the space of seven words. "Nobody's perfect," said press secretary Robert Gibbs. "It was a serious mistake. ..."
Serious mistake my butt. The serious mistake was he got caught. But what the hell, he APOLOGIZED! Well then, that must make it all OK.

Thieves, crooks, liars. That's what we have running our nation today. Along with power-mad nutcases like Pelosi and Clinton, who will say and do anything for that Adrenalin rush that ruining lives brings to the beltliners. American lives that is... They trip over each other trying to be the first to help out foreigners and illegals with our money and our country.

And Obama? He's turning out to be no different.

Speaking of United States Senator Tom Daschel, did you know he's made millions playing the stock market while in the Senate? Brings to mind Hillary Clinton's 100,000 dollar overnight profit playing with cattle futures.

Payoffs come in many disguises, and our esteemed Washington elite have turned getting them into an art form.

So What The Hell Is The Navy For?

Can you dig it...
PORTLAND, Maine (AP) - With an alarming number of tankers and cargo ships getting hijacked on the high seas, the nation's maritime academies are offering more training to merchant seamen in how to fend off attacks from pirates armed not with cutlasses and flintlocks but automatic weapons and grenade launchers.
Good grief... what the hell do we have a multi-billion-dollar navy for... If it's not protecting our merchant marine and the products they carry that are so vital to our economy? Like oil? Like everything in Wal-Mart from China?

Sorry, I forgot... we use our multi-billion-dollar aircraft carriers to go bomb third-world nations back to the stone age.

Forget I even mentioned it.

Magical Negritude

Quoting vox:
While the stock market is on the verge of another breakdown, official GDP figures have finally reported an official recession. Job losses abounded in the fourth quarter, and both business executives as well as the mainstream economists who completely failed to predict the current contraction are forecasting that economic recovery will begin in the second half of 2009. One year ago, the American Enterprise Institute published the report "Fine in 2009 (Not So Great in 2008)," while just last month, Business Week reported:"The idea that the economy will start to recover in the middle of 2009 has really taken hold.

This isn't surprising, since Keynesians who subscribe to the notion of "animal spirits" being the foundation of the economy – or "confidence" as today's Neo-Keynesians describe it – believe that the election of Obama will create the missing sense of American optimism that is required to arrest the contraction and start the economy growing again. This is complete nonsense, of course, and while such childish faith in the unbounded power of magical negritude is touching, Obama himself appears to be perfectly aware that his Hooverian stimulus program is unlikely to succeed. His statement that economic recovery "will take years, not months" is not political hyperbole or an attempt to reduce expectations, it is probably the most intelligent and straightforward declaration he has ever made in public.
More down-to-earth predictions about this economic freefall is that it will not stop until around 2012. By that time, the federal governments war against its own citizens will be in full swing, destroying whatever chance there is for a recovery beginning in 2012.

It's getting worse. It will get far worse. And even as we stare blankly at the disaster facing us, the plunderers, the thieves, the sons-a-bitches running our financial institutions continue to rob us unabated... As the likes of Reed, Pelosi and the rest of the despicable cretins in Congress cheer them on.

Oh, the coming war? It will be the federal government against America and it's legal citizens, supported by the military we have paid for, and all those lettered organizations designed to protect the politicians. We may even see thousands of foreign and blue-helmeted UN troops on the streets of America.

If you think this is all tinfoil hat nonsense, just wait. What I have on my side is the inevitability of all this - since today's Americans simply refuse to face reality - and time.

Another point to ponder... You know about that thousand-year-old Mayan calendar that predicts the end of all things on December 21, 2012? Definite tinfoil hat stuff, but eerily close to the mark.