Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The Second Coming

A fifteen year-old actress who played Mary in a new Hollywood release on the early life of Jesus has just announced--along with her present boyfirend--that she is pregnant.

CNN says that the parallels are interesting, in a Deja Vu sort of way... a teenaged unwed mother plays Mary, who was a teenaged unwed mother herself.

I now count the hours until some crackpot somewhere announces that this will be the second coming of Christ when this teeny-bopper's kid is born, and start a huge movement of the gullible to worship the kid and it's child-mom.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Of Fools And Kings

In my view, George Bush has fully demonstrated himself to be the King of Fools.

It seems this Texas braggart believes that the world can be united in peace and prosperity by eliminating all borders, creating a common currency, giving the entire world--including our enemies--carte blanche access to American markets, and killing off anybody who doesn't cotton to his idea of democracy and his form of religion, whatever that is.

The man seems blind to the reality of the way it really is. Eliminating our borders only provides easy access to drug runners, criminals and illegals of all stripes, who bring in with them disease and a heavy load of generations-old hatred for Americans and their prosperity, while paradoxically wanting to own a piece of that very success.

Creating a common currency allows people and organizations totally unanswerable to Americans control of our money supply and interest rates.

This free-trade insanity has opened wide the door to American markets without a smidgen of parity with our trading "partners", an excellent way to destroy our economy and the entire middle class, just as we are all now witnessing.

Occupying a foreign nation and killing its citizens by the tens of thousands in a insanely stupid attempt to promote democracy is exactly that... insanely stupid.

Does Bush really believe that his actions on these matters are uniting the world?

He ignores the realities that people are separated and divided by race, religion, ethics and law, to name a few.

For example, our open borders policy with Mexico is not uniting Americans and Mexicans. It is only making Mexicans feel superior because of our stupidity in allowing such a fool thing to happen, and is raising the anger level of vast number of Americans to an unpredictable and dangerous level.

Bush and his cohorts are blind to the fact that it is only White America that believes race no longer is an issue, that color-blindness is somehow a good thing. He ignores the blatent racism demonstrated by blacks everywhere in America, from "blacks only" college grants to "blacks only" job positions. He does not see the boiling pits of pure hatred for whites growing in our American ghettos. He ignores the attitudes of racial superiority constantly demonstrated by Asian and South-0f-the-border governments.

He totally ignores the reality that people are--to their very core--separated by religion and will forever remain so. There will never be a "meeting of the minds" between the competing religions in this supposed winner-take-all race we are losing. Bush and his military roosters may be winning the war for medals and whatnot, but they are completely losing the war for the minds and hearts of people everywhere worldwide.

People with different ethics and legal systems are not going to mix well either. I can't imagine a single American thinking that chopping off a hand for stealing a loaf of bread is acceptable.

So, does Bush really think his policies will unite anybody? I suppose he does, based on his actions.

God almighty, what a fool.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

A Bit More Than Yesterday

Living in a small community a few miles east of Dallas means that everywhere I go there are clusters and clumps of people speaking some form of spanish. They--way too often--look angrily at me and my wife for being near them, or disdain for being two more stupid gringos having the gall to invade their space, or with one of those "looks" of racial superiority glared at us because we are not brown and Mexican, not a part of "La Raza", not a part of "The Race".

I have spent years assuming these "guests" would eventually assimilate into the American fabric, get that "Latino" chip off their shoulders, start speaking English and--as a final sign of assimilation--consider me my wife and I as just another couple shopping at Wal-Mart. No nasty looks, no slurred "Pendejo gringo" remarks as I pass with my shopping cart, no curled up lip at the sight of an average legal American citizen wanting to use the same store aisle as them and their little covey of spanish jabbering offspring.

But apparently this is not to be so. It would seem these Brown Berets, these Latinos, these La Raza supporters, these "Mexican Americans", want me and mine to be gone, to just vanish and take my language, family, ethics, laws and heritage with me, while signing the deed to my house and property over to any handy and deserving Mexican victim of white injustice or aggression.

Even notables like Lou Dobbs lets these anti-American invaders spout off ceaselessly on national TV with their drivel about being the original and true owners of the entire American southwest, that the estimated 12 to 20 million illegal aliens who have jumped our borders, stolen our identities and social security numbers are not really breaking any laws, that they really deserve all the free medical, welfare, schooling and social goodies being dished out by the legal American citizen taxpayer.

Then, to top it off, I have to endure the likes of George Bush with his attitudes and actions on this "North American Union" debacle, and how this despicable man is--and has been-- turning his back to the American nation and the American people for years in his efforts to give away all the things we and our forefathers have created in our efforts to improve our lives, and leave our children(not some foreigners) something better and greater than what was left to us.

Everyday, in the news and on TV, I see this great fool George Bush continue his efforts to disassemble the American dream, loudly supported by the horde of Mexican flag-waving invaders that have infiltrated our nation.

Each day, just a bit more than yesterday, I get a bit more unsettled and a bit more angry over this Mexican cancer that has invaded the American body. I now worry about what I might do when some gringo-hating Mexican man or woman, jabbering away in spanish, pushes me over the edge. Like everyone, I do have an edge. Force me over it, then there are no more rules. I realize this... and worry.

Maybe that's how real revolutions start, when the average man in the street(and I could hardly be more "average") gets enough, flips his wig, picks up his shotgun and--rightly or wrongly--starts doing something himself.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Of Sinking Ships And Rats

The promoters and supporters of the Iraqi debacle are abandoning the Good Ship LollyBush like the rats they are.

Adelman has broken with the Bush team. He had an angry falling-out with Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld. He and Cheney are no longer on speaking terms.He believes that "the president is ultimately responsible" for what Adelman now calls "the debacle that was Iraq."

Perle says he still believes the invasion was justified. but he resents being called "the architect of the Iraq war," because "my view was different from the administration's view from the very beginning" about how to conduct it. How sad, this poor little promoter is now feeling "resentful".

However, Joshua Muravchik, a neoconservative at the American Enterprise Institute, said he is distressed "to see neocons turning on Bush" but said he believes they should admit mistakes and openly discuss what went wrong.

Says Muravchik: "All of us who supported the war have to share some of the blame for that...There's a question to be sorted out: whether the war was a sound idea but very badly executed. And if that's the case, it appears to me the person most responsible for the bad execution was Rumsfeld, and it means neocons should not get too angry at Bush about that."

Thats really nice of Muravchik... he wants to share "some fo the blame" for the loss of almost 3,000 Americans, the hundreds of billions of dollars wasted, the growing deep and intense hatred of America and all things American by billions of people worldwide.

That's a world-class red herring... the "execution" bit, since the true purpose of the war was to eliminate the Iraqi threat to Israel, which was quickly accomplished. Shortly after the statue of Saddam Hussein fell, Kenneth Adelman and other promoters of the Iraq war gathered at Vice President Cheney's residence to celebrate. The invasion had been the "cakewalk" Adelman predicted. Cheney and his guests raised their glasses, toasting President Bush and victory. "It was a euphoric moment," Adelman recalls.

Perle, Adelman and others advocated a robust use of U.S. power to advance the ideals of democracy and freedom, targeting Hussein's Iraq as a threat that could be turned into an opportunity... or so they are now claiming. Not so. It is a disaster that has been forced on America by these sons-of-bitches for no other reason than to prevent Isreal from having to face a serious enemy and absorb unacceptable losses in the process. Far better that America absorb them.

Those who have been using American power and wealth to promote the Israeli agenda in the Middle East took advantage of a shallow-minded, self-absorbed and delusional man to do so, and through him, used US power to eliminate a real threat to the existance of Israel.

Just how much should the United States do to protect Israel from the enemies it has made by creating a Jewish state in the middle of an Muslim hotbed? The claims being made by Perle and others of his ilk that the Iraqi war was to promote democracy is ludicrous... it was to protect Israel, no other reason.

Bush provided them with a perfect patsy, a man who wanted to bloody Saddam for his own personel reasons. Now, as this Iraqi disaster unfolds, these Jewish traitors are all pointing fingers at Bush for having misconducted the war, even though the real purpose of this war was quickly accomplished. Now it is America--not Israel and its supporters--that has to face the unsolvable mess we have been suckered into.

Yes, this Iraqi disaster is all really about Israel. America faces real and growing hatred world-wide because of the actions it has taken in the support of the Jewish state. It is Jewish money and Jewish political influence in Washington that has put us where we are today. American citizens, and particularily American Christians, are going to have to find an answer to the critical question of what to do about Israel and its role as "puppet master" of the American federal government.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Train Wrecks And Brakes

Well now.

The donkies have taken both the House and the Senate. This will finally (I hope) put the brakes to this train wreck of an administration.

Unfortunatley, the Democrat solution to anything is to make the federal government mimic the Titanic... full speed ahead into the fog.

The one saving grace for the dems is that we've already hit the iceberg--thanks to Caption Bush and his crew of neocons--so the worst they can do is steal the lifeboats.

Get ready for that cold, cold water.