Tuesday, November 21, 2006

A Bit More Than Yesterday

Living in a small community a few miles east of Dallas means that everywhere I go there are clusters and clumps of people speaking some form of spanish. They--way too often--look angrily at me and my wife for being near them, or disdain for being two more stupid gringos having the gall to invade their space, or with one of those "looks" of racial superiority glared at us because we are not brown and Mexican, not a part of "La Raza", not a part of "The Race".

I have spent years assuming these "guests" would eventually assimilate into the American fabric, get that "Latino" chip off their shoulders, start speaking English and--as a final sign of assimilation--consider me my wife and I as just another couple shopping at Wal-Mart. No nasty looks, no slurred "Pendejo gringo" remarks as I pass with my shopping cart, no curled up lip at the sight of an average legal American citizen wanting to use the same store aisle as them and their little covey of spanish jabbering offspring.

But apparently this is not to be so. It would seem these Brown Berets, these Latinos, these La Raza supporters, these "Mexican Americans", want me and mine to be gone, to just vanish and take my language, family, ethics, laws and heritage with me, while signing the deed to my house and property over to any handy and deserving Mexican victim of white injustice or aggression.

Even notables like Lou Dobbs lets these anti-American invaders spout off ceaselessly on national TV with their drivel about being the original and true owners of the entire American southwest, that the estimated 12 to 20 million illegal aliens who have jumped our borders, stolen our identities and social security numbers are not really breaking any laws, that they really deserve all the free medical, welfare, schooling and social goodies being dished out by the legal American citizen taxpayer.

Then, to top it off, I have to endure the likes of George Bush with his attitudes and actions on this "North American Union" debacle, and how this despicable man is--and has been-- turning his back to the American nation and the American people for years in his efforts to give away all the things we and our forefathers have created in our efforts to improve our lives, and leave our children(not some foreigners) something better and greater than what was left to us.

Everyday, in the news and on TV, I see this great fool George Bush continue his efforts to disassemble the American dream, loudly supported by the horde of Mexican flag-waving invaders that have infiltrated our nation.

Each day, just a bit more than yesterday, I get a bit more unsettled and a bit more angry over this Mexican cancer that has invaded the American body. I now worry about what I might do when some gringo-hating Mexican man or woman, jabbering away in spanish, pushes me over the edge. Like everyone, I do have an edge. Force me over it, then there are no more rules. I realize this... and worry.

Maybe that's how real revolutions start, when the average man in the street(and I could hardly be more "average") gets enough, flips his wig, picks up his shotgun and--rightly or wrongly--starts doing something himself.

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Galt-In-Da-Box said...

Unfortunatly Bob, that's probably and exactly what it will take. "The limits of tyrants are prescribed by the endurance of those whom they oppress."
We just elected a Congress that will in all likelihood let more Papist cucarachas in rather than keeping them out, and brand anyone with the guts to stand up for America a "racist"...Why do you think Dubya's so enamored by them? They want cheap votes, his OMFR backer pals want the cheap labor.
In the Libertarian Party, the "all men are basically good" FOOLosophy has blinded the leadership to real life as well, and far too many embrace some kind of atheistic globalism as well.
NOT at all good.