Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Of Fools And Kings

In my view, George Bush has fully demonstrated himself to be the King of Fools.

It seems this Texas braggart believes that the world can be united in peace and prosperity by eliminating all borders, creating a common currency, giving the entire world--including our enemies--carte blanche access to American markets, and killing off anybody who doesn't cotton to his idea of democracy and his form of religion, whatever that is.

The man seems blind to the reality of the way it really is. Eliminating our borders only provides easy access to drug runners, criminals and illegals of all stripes, who bring in with them disease and a heavy load of generations-old hatred for Americans and their prosperity, while paradoxically wanting to own a piece of that very success.

Creating a common currency allows people and organizations totally unanswerable to Americans control of our money supply and interest rates.

This free-trade insanity has opened wide the door to American markets without a smidgen of parity with our trading "partners", an excellent way to destroy our economy and the entire middle class, just as we are all now witnessing.

Occupying a foreign nation and killing its citizens by the tens of thousands in a insanely stupid attempt to promote democracy is exactly that... insanely stupid.

Does Bush really believe that his actions on these matters are uniting the world?

He ignores the realities that people are separated and divided by race, religion, ethics and law, to name a few.

For example, our open borders policy with Mexico is not uniting Americans and Mexicans. It is only making Mexicans feel superior because of our stupidity in allowing such a fool thing to happen, and is raising the anger level of vast number of Americans to an unpredictable and dangerous level.

Bush and his cohorts are blind to the fact that it is only White America that believes race no longer is an issue, that color-blindness is somehow a good thing. He ignores the blatent racism demonstrated by blacks everywhere in America, from "blacks only" college grants to "blacks only" job positions. He does not see the boiling pits of pure hatred for whites growing in our American ghettos. He ignores the attitudes of racial superiority constantly demonstrated by Asian and South-0f-the-border governments.

He totally ignores the reality that people are--to their very core--separated by religion and will forever remain so. There will never be a "meeting of the minds" between the competing religions in this supposed winner-take-all race we are losing. Bush and his military roosters may be winning the war for medals and whatnot, but they are completely losing the war for the minds and hearts of people everywhere worldwide.

People with different ethics and legal systems are not going to mix well either. I can't imagine a single American thinking that chopping off a hand for stealing a loaf of bread is acceptable.

So, does Bush really think his policies will unite anybody? I suppose he does, based on his actions.

God almighty, what a fool.

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Galt-In-Da-Box said...

Bush has been taking his atheo-illogy lessons from the ecumenical profiteers at the helm of his "globalization" party. This school of non-thought teaches that making everyone feel and look good without responsibility is the most important thing, and the only way to unite the world. Hence the bomb-with-love and strafe-with compassion, PC rules of engagement that made our soldiers social workers and fish in a barrel in his clust-Iraq police-action. Another great dogma of this blind-faith is it doesn't matter if you fail as long as your intentions are good. Looks nice on paper, but doesn't fly in the real world; very naive.
Dubya's done a good job of "taking the Democrats' issues away from them"...SO damned good in fact it's hard to tell he isn't one himself (is that possible?)!