Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Who Owns What?

Russian Premier Putin has notified the world that foreign ownership of the world's largest liquified gas project is to be no more by forcing Shell to turn over it's controlling stake in the venture, and has raised fears that foreign ownership of the nation's resources is a thing of the past.

Russia has decided to use it's national resources as a political weapon...imagine that!

Shell is--of course--Royal Dutch Shell, who, in partnership with the Japanese has been working the project. At the same time, British Petroleum (BP) is being threatened over environmental violations in a BP controlled Siberian field, in what is considered by the Brits as a Russian move to gain control of that Russian natural resource. And who owns British Petroleum? You get one guess.

The stock market crowd is reaching panic levels in their fears that these huge and long-term international resource raids may be coming to an end as nations tell them to take their bags of money and stuff them up where the sun never shines.

In other words, Russia is doing to the Dutch exactly what happened to America, when two-bit countries like Iran, Mexico and Venezula "nationalized" American industries, which are and were--you guessed it--owned by foreigners like the Dutch. The only difference is that the American federal government, full of greedy and traitorous bastards, let it happen, while Russia is backing up it's rights of ownership with their nuclear arsenal.

Stand by while the Hague (which has no army, just reams and reams of paper) screams loudly about violating international law, to which the Russsians will just laugh and walk off, telling them to take their international law and stuff it where the sun never shines.

Any nation that has the power to nationalize any industry it feels like--throwing out the money lenders in the process--is an great example for us to do the same thing. At the very least, we Americans should own and control our own national resources. Places like Holland, Sweden, Norway, Israel and others have made enough money off of us, let's turn off the money spigot.

Having the Hundreds of billions of dollars in profits from our resouces and our large corporations go to places like Holland so they can build insanely huge and expensive dikes to keep the ocean out of their farmlands (a losing proposition if their ever was one) needs to stop.

It's our turn now. As an example, just look at the condition of our interstate highway system, while foreign interests are allowed (by Washington sell-outs) to build more and more TOLL roads in America.

I would have no qualms at all over rounding up these foreign thieves, confiscating their business interests in all things American, and then hanging the whole damned lot. It would be a great thing to do for the world in general, to eliminate a few generations of these despicable money handlers.

And while we're at it, let's not forget their number one supporter... that sell-out fool in Washington.

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Galt-In-Da-Box said...

Why Bobert, it sounds like you're not too happy with the OMFR today.
At least Russia has some semblance of a concept what national sovereignty and interests are.
This "globalization" crap is the biggest bill of goods to be hawked on the sheep-le since global warming, and if something's not done about it soon, we're going to be slaves and prisoners in our own country.