Thursday, August 24, 2006

Going It Alone

Israeli government people have just announced that Israel may "go It Alone" against Iran.

Sounds reasonable from Israel's viewpoint, since the Jews know that the Arabs/Muslims fully intend to--sooner or later--eliminate Israel from the face of the earth. This year, next year, next century, no matter... sooner or later. It took them two hundred years to get the Crusaders out, so time is their ally, not Israel's.

Maybe the Arabs/Mulsims are biding their time--watching gleefully as America destroys itself from within-- after which they will bulldoze Israel into the sea, getting payback for all the thousands of Palestinian businesses and homes the Jews have bulldozed into rubble.

Back to the point: If having the total support of the American federal government, backed by billions of American dollars and being endlessly re-supplied with American military hardware and ammo is "going it alone", I must have the wrong idea what "alone" means.

No peace between the two camps will ever hold. As an example, the Camp David "Agreement" between Egypt and Israel is just something to allow the Egyptians to re-arm in peace, while allowing the Israelis to concrentrate on slaughtering Arabs in other places, like Lebanon.

Kindly remind yourself that Lebanon and Israel had an "agreement", but that did not prevent Lebanon from being recently bombed into dust by Israel. Yes, yes, Bush and his cronies love to parrot the idea that Israel has the right to defend itself. Well, so did Lebanon, but they didn't have any American tanks, rockets, Artillery, jet fighters and attack helicopters with which to do that little thing, so they paid the price for depending on an "agreement" with Israel.

Lebanon did not attack Israel. Terrorists within her borders did, but Lebanon has paid the price.

Think back... when Apache raiders attacked American communities from safe havens in Mexico, did we attack and destroy Mexico? No. Only when Pancho Villa (yet another illegal alien) attacked a New Mexico community did we send in the troops, and even then we didn't go raze Mexico City to the ground.

Maybe we should have, seeing how things are turning out.

Even you should know and understand that Israel is not our friend, we are their friend... huge difference. And our children are going to pay the price for this lopsided arrangement.

The Arabs don't want peace. The Jews--especially the American Jews--don't want peace. Both sides want to slug it out. I say let them, but no more outside "superpower" help to either side.

Survival of the fittest, all that sort of thing. The world would be much better off. They're all going to die sooner or later anyway, so they might as well die in a final battle to settle this endless mess.

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