Sunday, August 06, 2006

The Six Month Experiment Ends

I decided to have a go at it with this blog for six months, not for your benefit or education, but for mine.

It required paying far more attention to day-to-day politics, what the politicians did, how the public reacted, and, how the politicians responded to public scrutiny.

It has been quite an education. Watching Day-to-day politics is a continuous exercise in observing greedy and often treasonous people daily conduct greedy and often treasonous activities to the peril of a nation full of people who don't give a damn.

Most of the time the general public is not even aware of the events and actions that are harming them and continuously eroding away their way of life. They see a new building being built, a road being re-paved, or a bill passed to help the needy, and think all is well... things are fine. Well, maybe not perfect, but OK.

Most of the time, the general public is just not interested. Way too many are too self-absorbed in their own hedinistic pursuits of whatever pleasures them. Many more are convinced that some God or another will come make things all OK if they just go to a place of worship once in a while and mouth a few half-hearted prayers.

A few raise hell about whats going on. They talk, they write, they go on TV, they stir up the pot occasionally, whatever, but they don't DO anything... and they change very few--if any--minds. Like everything else, they are just another form of entertainment to most Americans.

It's obvious the federal government--and all governments--from city to state, do exactly as they please. They operate above any law. If something stirs up the public, government bureaucrats everywhere just hunker down until the storm blows over, as it always does, since the avegage American has the attention span of a two-year old.

The American federal government--for all intents and purposes--consists of a cadre of bought-out or greedy, self-serving traitors that are selling out America at furious pace for reasons we all suspect, but can't quite come to face. Why? Because we are not the type of people that would do such things, and find it difficult to acknowledge that those smooth-talking, fine-sounding, smiling, hand-shaking, baby-kissing, born-again sons-of-bitches can, and do... every day.

Those who would--if they could--destroy our Consitutionally based America, watch gleefully as today's federal government does the job for them... better and faster.

Americans sit on their asses, watch their TV's, and get angry--right on cue--over things that mean nothing, and change nothing. Americans tremble in their easy chairs, fearful and worried that they might be labeled as anti-this or anti-that should they actually stand up for themselves, their Consitutuion, their heritage, or even their way of life. Other nations and other peoples have no problem standing up and demanding for what they believe is theirs by right. Why not us?

We can blame the government.

We can blame the media.

We can blame the schools.

Problem is, most Americans won't blame the people most responsible... themeselves, since Americans have learned the fine but fatal art of dodging responsibility.

So, to today's average American, it's always--ALWAYS--somebody else's fault, somebody else's mistake, somebody else's stupidity.

And I'll bet that when the cows finally come home, the average Amercian won't have a clue as to what happened.

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