Sunday, August 27, 2006

The (non)Natives Are Restless

In Farmers Branch, Texas, around 300 Mexicans showed up to protest the city's proposed new regulation prohibiting landlord's from renting to illegals.

Around two dozen Americans showed up in a counter-protest to support the new law. That's about twenty-four Americans who most likely lost their jobs to some border-jumping illegal, since one of them, a 48 year-old citizen of Farmers Branch, made the statement that she lost her job to an illegal, a Mexian woman who was bilingual.

Which brings up a point not too often discussed.

Many jobs, advertised here in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, requires that the applicant be bi-lingual, meaning you must speak and understand not only English, but you must speak and understand fluent Spanish, Mexican variety.

Bi-lingual does not mean English and Chinese. It does not mean English and French. It means English and Spanish, Mexican variety.

Those 300 Mexican protesters made the claim that the new city law was "Racist" and singled out Mexicans. Well now, that would mean that your local ATM is racist also, since it singles out Spanish as a second language to communicate with.

So now we have American citizens--looking for work--finding out that they don't qualify for a job, because they don't speak the language of this invading army of uneducated, unskilled and disease-ridden law-breaking illegals who are swamping our health system, stealing our jobs, lowering our wage base, crippling our standard of living and filling up our prisons.

Thanks, Bush.

And our esteemed employers--nation wide--are now requiring we learn Spanish, Mexican variety, before we apply for work.

So you speak English and Russian, or English and French, or even English and German. Too bad sucker, you learned the wrong "second" language.

If we're going to have to tolerate ten or twenty million illegals cluttering up our cities and destroying our health systems so business can make more profit, let's at least demand that they learn OUR language, not the other way around.

Require that anybody advertising for workers, state that English must be spoken and understood. It's a start... and a good one.

It's still our country... for the time being.

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