Thursday, August 31, 2006

You Think?

The Washington Post received an e-mail from a Special Forces soldier posted "overseas", in which he commented on coverage of Israel's war against Hezbollah, an "Iranian sponsored terror group".

Said the soldier in his e-mail:
"The only TV I have where I am is CNN International and BBC. Jeez, I had no idea how evil the U.S. and Israel are. The progaganda is staggering."
You Think?

Maybe we're not being told the truth? One thing for sure, somebody's lying:
-a) The soldier
-b) The Washington Post
-c) CNN and BBC
-d) The government
-e) Everybody is lying, there's no war, it's a plot to keep us in line.
The "who's lying" list is potentially endless... insert your favorite dart target where applicable.

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