Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Kagan: Another GLBT Not Yet Out Of The Closest?

Discussion of Kagan's sexuality can be found easily via a Google search. Here's one comment from a recent NYT thread:
Why are people pretending that Elena Kagan is not a lesbian. She’s not out but that does not change her sexual orientation. She has a female partner. This is an open secret at Harvard Law School among students and faculty. I cannot speak for the broader legal community yet, but I’d have to believe her professional colleagues know as much or more than the students and professors she works with. The real irony would be if she did not get the nomination because she is not open, when the conventional wisdom has always been she has tiptoed through life in the closet for the very sake of winning a confirmation.

Why should this be of any concern?

Because her demonstrated connections with the LGBT crowd is worrisome. The LGBT bunch are - without a doubt - anti-traditional family, anti traditional marriage, and hostile to heterosexuals as a matter of course. The more diplomatic ones hide this animosity well, but only when necessary. As a rule, they are fanatical in their efforts to gain advantage for their lifestyle over the rest of us... Using the courts, the schools and the media.

Having a known GLBT type on the Supreme Court can only mean more skewed decisions that favor GLBT-style sexual behaviour and more assaults on the traditional American family and it's values.

No way can that work out well.

It's not difficult to understand:

The traditional family and traditional marriage are under heavy attack from all directions. At some point we will have to start defending these concepts vigorously or watch our way of life collapse and disappear.

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Ted Amadeus said...

Government is not about protecting America and Americans anymore.
Since the White House Kingpin rejects the Constitution, we are back to the "traditional" Euro-Papist-Khazakh manner of government: Favors and privilege based on support, and those who rise to the top only because shit floats...Feudal monarchy, serfdom - fascist tyranny by any other name than what it is.

Realistically, this is the way it has been for some time now, most have just been blanking it out!