Friday, May 14, 2010

The NYC "Real Time Crime Center"...LOL

What a freaking joke... A Real Time Crime Center.

The officers who handled the Times Square bomb scare received a big "thank you" from the Commander-in-Chief on Thursday evening. President Barack Obama's visit came as local lawmakers said the White House is Slashing New York's terror-fighting budget. Many wondered if the visit was ill-timed. But the NYPD seemed generally touched by the gesture.

A "big thank you". For what?

They did not prevent anything sitting on their butts in their "Real Time Crime Center". The only thing that saved them from being totally exposed as useless was the fact that the bomber was an incompetent idiot. New Yorkers need to wake up to the fact they are on their own, that all these agencies and departments and centers are just places for political relatives to find employment, that police can only respond after something has happened.

The only real time response during all this was from the T-shirt vendor who called in the burning and smoking SUV. Did his call go to the "Real Time Crime Center"? Hah.

"The NYPD seemed generally touched by the gesture".

Probably more surprised than "touched".

If they had any balls, any honesty in their souls, they would have told the Kenyan the true facts of the matter... That they missed the boat, prevented nothing, and will most likely be AWOL for the next bombing attempt. Why? Because it's not their job.

It's not the job of the police to intercept or prevent attacks like these. Ever heard of the FBI? Or the CIA? Stopping bombers is their job, and where the hell were they during all this?

Where were they on 9-11? Where were they during the earlier successful attack on the Trade Center? Where were they when Oklahoma City was bombed? The reality is that for all the money they spent, all the talking they did, all the liberties they suppressed... They prevented none of these disastrous attacks.

Don't even try to talk about how they claim to have prevented horrible attacks in the past and how they are making us all safer, but just can't tell us because of "national security". Their demonstrable track record is littered with the bodies of thousands of dead Americans. Compared to that, their claims of success are a comedy club joke.

And the NYC Real Time Crime Center?

Just more of the same old same old.


In defense of the FBI and CIA, Their jobs have been made almost impossible because of this federal governments longtime political and military interference in the affairs of foreign nations, the present conduct of two illegal wars causing the outright murder of hundreds of thousands of innocent citizens in their own countries, the creation and support of petty dictators in countries that would now rejoice to see us all dead.

All this has created for us enemies worldwide who now hate us without reservation and will try to kill us - and our children - for generations to come. The endless interference and aggression by this federal government is not - nor has it ever been - to promote democracy. That is one of the biggest lies ever foisted on the American public.

We ordinary Americans are going to pay an incredible price for the excesses of our elected representatives in Washington. Physically, financially, economically... Any way you want to imagine.

Consider: There is nothing in this world like a Predator drone strike wiping out a wedding party - where does not matter - to make eternal enemies.

But that's another story.

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