Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A Reminder... One Trillion Plus

Obama and Congress want to print and spend trillions of dollars like you and I spend twenty-dollar bills.

A trillion dollars... A trillion anything... is unimaginable by any of us.

For example:

Can you imagine even a million of anything? Of course not.

But seconds... we all understand seconds.


A million seconds = 11 1/2 days.
A billion seconds = 32 years... pretty big jump.

We should all live for around 2 1/2 billion seconds.

Now for the BIG jump:

A trillion seconds - 32,000 years.

They say we're in debt(the national debt clock) around 12 trillion 932 billion(as of a few seconds ago).

12 trillion seconds = 384,000 years.

And our unfunded liabilities? Over 100 trillion.

100 trillion seconds = 3,200,000 years.

If you made one dollar/second, sixty dollars/minute, or 3,600 dollars/hour, it would take you 3,200,000 years to pay of the debt.

$28,800 a day, or $144,000 a week.

You would be debt free in only 3,200,000 years, assuming - of course - that that crazy Kenyan and our insane Congress do not spend another single penny.... Ever.

And maybe you still think that the lunatics in Washington are not stark, raving mad? That they haven't destroyed this nation?

Look at the numbers again.

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