Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Arrogance Gone Wild

These two poster examples of arrogance gone wild are hosting a state dinner in the east room for El Presidente Mexicano.

It's a totally private little gig. They will allow for only one reporter to take a look at the dinner set-up for a few minutes and then out the door.

It's a taxpayer paid house.
It's a taxpayer paid dinner.
It's a taxpayer paid everything.

And these two narcissistic self-anointed elites are shutting out everybody except for their hand-picked collection of Progressives, Socialists, Marxists and Communists.

I can assure you that - at this private little get together - Obama will be making an under-the-table deal with the Mexican that will betray all the citizens or Arizona, the Citizens of Texas, California, Nevada, Colorado... actually every American citizen.

This deal will be illegal, unlawful and unconstitutional, but Obama will demand that Congress approve it all. And it will demand more taxes from every American.

I recommend a national recall vote of this man.It is way past time we were rid of this festering boil on the fabric of America.

He is not an American. He does not represent America. He is the biggest liar to ever gain the White house. He is betraying America.

And he is trying to destroy America.

Nullify every action he has instigated as president, every bill he has signed, every appointee he has made. Examine those he has placed around him in positions of power and influence for treasonous conduct and if they are found guilty, hang them. That's what other nations do with traitors.

Recall him and deport him to his real native land, Kenya(his wife says so) or Indonesia, whichever will take him, but get him to hell out of here.

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Galt-in-Da-Box said...

Amen brother, preach it hot!
There's not a breathing body with a pulse in this whole freaking Admin. that's not a card-carrying Commie at heart. It would send "Tail-gunner" Joe into cardiac arrest.
Now that slut Pelosi wants to get the churches on board or else. Most people are trying to blank out how screwed we really are...I don't blame them!