Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Late To The Party... Again

The NYC bottle bomber almost slipped the net, and - predictably - the government blames somebody else:

(the)Obama administration says Emirates Airlines Dropped the Ball.

Additionally, the 9/11 Commission Vice-Chair Says U.S. Govt Is Dropping the Ball.

That's just the tip of the finger-pointing, because the reality is that the bomber succeeded in his efforts to plant a bomb, but luckily, the bomb did not explode.

The government, at all levels, with all it's snoops, cameras, informers, manpower, satellites and who knows what else, did not have a clue this guy was planting a bomb until a T-shirt vendor turned him in.

The government foiled nothing. The government, with all its billions in assets and fancy ultra hi-tech equipment, failed, just as they did on 9-11. They foiled nothing, they prevented nothing.

All the government is doing now is blowing smoke in an attempt to make us believe they actually had a hand in preventing this attack. Truth is, the attack was successfully carried out, totally undetected except by a T-shirt vendor. Same with the underpants bomber. Both attacks were successful, only the detonators failed.

A sobering lesson here... When an individual decides to take action, government can only react. If a group of individuals, dedicated to their cause and thus immune to infiltration, takes action, the results are identical.

The government will always be late to the party. The way it operates guarantees this. Only on TV does the likes of Jack Bower save the day.

Expect the government to claim they have prevented "countless" attacks in the past. Be suspicious when they offer no proof because of a myriad of reasons, national security, classified information, need to know, etc.

Bumbling incompetence has always been covered up and buried by such tactics. Expect no less in the future.

As I've said before, we will not see the next serious attack coming. Our intel infrastructure is far too dependent on satellites, computers and 8-to-5 desk-bound analysts to ever get ahead of a real attack.

I think we'll be learning this the hard way.

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Galt-in-Da-Box said...

This is because union-labor bureaucrats, or work-farers, as they aught to be known, are lazy, ignorant, mostly culled from politically favored demographics, and usually - with the military being a marginal exception - couldn't find their butts with both hands, a map, a compass and a 5-cell mag-lite (This information should be of note to any Sons Of Liberty reading).
The only problem with counterpunchers is, they have a habit of flailing away madly and hitting everyone except the actual attacker!
EX: The terrorists that allegedly pulled off 9-11 for example were all Sauds, but because Bush was bed-buddies with ARAMCO Sauds, we wound up retaliating in Iraq and Afghanistan...WTF!?