Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Afghan Officer Kills Nine Americans

With friends like this, who needs enemies?:

KABUL, Afghanistan – Eight American troops and a U.S. contractor died Wednesday after an Afghan military pilot opened fire during a meeting at Kabul airport —

Get our troops out. Now.

These Americans were not killed on the battlefield, or in a firefight, or in an attack on one of our bases. They were killed at the Kabul airport, a place where they most probably were unarmed, for certain the contractor was unarmed.

The airport! I am so sick of this madness I could puke. How much longer will we just be stupid sheep?

All we are doing over there is making more and more lifelong enemies.

According to Bush the Lessor, we went there to get Osama Bin Laden. We didn't get him. When Osama got out, we should have also... Ten years ago.

Get out troops out. Now.

We've been there for ten years, killing Afghan men, women and children. We have bombed their homes, their businesses, their cities, none of which had a thing to do with getting Bin Laden. Bin Laden has been gone since the assault on Tora Bora, almost ten years ago.

Those people will hate us till the end of time, and deservedly so.

And while we are at it, get our troops out of every other country they are in. No more of this "world police" insanity for us. No more protecting countries that vote against us in the UN. No more "empire building". No more of this "democracy" garbage the neocoms are so fond of stuffing up our keisters. No more of our money to anybody.

Get out of everywhere. Stay out. Let the rest of the world sink or swim on it's own merits. Why in hell should we be responsible for how the rest of the world acts?

If someone hurts us, strike back with everything we have, destroy them, their infrastructure, their ability to make war... And then leave.

And don't rebuild anything.

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